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Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul confirmed something that Glenn told his audience he thought was going on in Benghazi when the ambassador was killed. Three days into the ordeal Glenn gave his hypothesis that the United States was running guns, and the ambassador was with the CIA in Benghazi, unprotected on 9/11 to reduce the number of witnesses.

“He was meeting and having dinner with, like, the Turkish ambassador or somebody like that. Really, really sketchy stuff,” Glenn said.  “You don’t have that at a CIA safe house, especially on September 11th, especially in the worst part of Libya.  Especially when you’re under attack and you have threats on your life, and you’ve begged the White House for additional security because they’re going to kill you.”

Paul’s statement was the first confirmation that Glenn could remember hearing from the press that this was in fact what was going on.

Sen. Paul: I still think the one question that’s been lost in this whole coverup with this movie being the cause, I really think part of the cause may have been that there was a gun‑running operation going on in Benghazi, leaving Libya, going to Turkey and distributing arms to the rebels.  There are news reports ‑‑

Host:  Now, when you brought that up, Senator ‑‑ excuse me for piping in.  When you brought that up in the hearing with Hillary Clinton, she looked shocked.  She said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  And, you know, we were just talking about Jennifer Griffin who said perhaps, perhaps the tail end of your question wasn’t included that gave it a little more context. 

Sen. Paul:  Well, the thing is that they have interviewed the captain of the ship.  A ship from Libya sailed for Turkey a week before the ambassador was killed.  It was full of arms.  And they interviewed the captain and he actually specifically talks about the distribution of the arms to Syrian rebels.  So it sounds to me as if this is a story that’s been reported in the London times, the New York Times, and really I think the administration needs to answer:  Are they involved with running guns through Turkey to Syria.


Think this is too farfetched? During these hearings, Leon Penetta admitted to being in favor of arming the Syrian rebels. And he didn’t seem to have any problem including the administration with him in this stance.

So who are we arming? Who are the Syrian rebels exactly?

“Who are the Syrian rebels?  Muslim Brotherhood”, Glenn said. “That’s who the Syrian rebels are.  And we have already said that in Jordan when we have been arming the Syrian rebels in Jordan, the ones we have been giving them to is the Muslim Brotherhood, so the Muslim Brotherhood could decide for us because we don’t know the region, where those weapons should go.  That’s already out and on the record.  But again nobody seems to care.  So let’s send more tanks and fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt.  A country and a system completely in collapse, Muslim Brotherhood who says clearly now we’re going to wipe all the Jews out of the region and we’re going to kill all the Zionists and all the Americans that are part of it, we’re going to kill them.  Let’s send them some ‑‑ let’s send them some fighter jets, shall we?  And still hasn’t been stopped.”