Rand Paul on Benghazi attacks: ‘Is admin. involved with running guns through Turkey to Syria?’

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Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul confirmed something that Glenn told his audience he thought was going on in Benghazi when the ambassador was killed. Three days into the ordeal Glenn gave his hypothesis that the United States was running guns, and the ambassador was with the CIA in Benghazi, unprotected on 9/11 to reduce the number of witnesses.

“He was meeting and having dinner with, like, the Turkish ambassador or somebody like that. Really, really sketchy stuff,” Glenn said.  “You don’t have that at a CIA safe house, especially on September 11th, especially in the worst part of Libya.  Especially when you’re under attack and you have threats on your life, and you’ve begged the White House for additional security because they’re going to kill you.”

Paul’s statement was the first confirmation that Glenn could remember hearing from the press that this was in fact what was going on.

Sen. Paul: I still think the one question that’s been lost in this whole coverup with this movie being the cause, I really think part of the cause may have been that there was a gun‑running operation going on in Benghazi, leaving Libya, going to Turkey and distributing arms to the rebels.  There are news reports ‑‑

Host:  Now, when you brought that up, Senator ‑‑ excuse me for piping in.  When you brought that up in the hearing with Hillary Clinton, she looked shocked.  She said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”  And, you know, we were just talking about Jennifer Griffin who said perhaps, perhaps the tail end of your question wasn’t included that gave it a little more context. 

Sen. Paul:  Well, the thing is that they have interviewed the captain of the ship.  A ship from Libya sailed for Turkey a week before the ambassador was killed.  It was full of arms.  And they interviewed the captain and he actually specifically talks about the distribution of the arms to Syrian rebels.  So it sounds to me as if this is a story that’s been reported in the London times, the New York Times, and really I think the administration needs to answer:  Are they involved with running guns through Turkey to Syria.


Think this is too farfetched? During these hearings, Leon Penetta admitted to being in favor of arming the Syrian rebels. And he didn’t seem to have any problem including the administration with him in this stance.

So who are we arming? Who are the Syrian rebels exactly?

“Who are the Syrian rebels?  Muslim Brotherhood”, Glenn said. “That’s who the Syrian rebels are.  And we have already said that in Jordan when we have been arming the Syrian rebels in Jordan, the ones we have been giving them to is the Muslim Brotherhood, so the Muslim Brotherhood could decide for us because we don’t know the region, where those weapons should go.  That’s already out and on the record.  But again nobody seems to care.  So let’s send more tanks and fighters to the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt.  A country and a system completely in collapse, Muslim Brotherhood who says clearly now we’re going to wipe all the Jews out of the region and we’re going to kill all the Zionists and all the Americans that are part of it, we’re going to kill them.  Let’s send them some ‑‑ let’s send them some fighter jets, shall we?  And still hasn’t been stopped.”

  • Anonymous

    Beck continues his obsession with stopping democracy in countries ruled by dictators…..

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Once again Critten you demonstrate your arrogance and ignorance in denying the truth. Obama has failed consistently to aid the democratic movements, and instead has armed the terrorists and radicals in the middle east.

      • Anonymous

        You mean like the democratically elected government in Egypt ? 

        • http://youtu.be/xm1F7ub00gk Sam Fisher

          I am so glad we did not have you as a president in World War two. You would not have declared war with the Nazis until they were driving Tiger tanks down Pennsylvania Avenue because Hitler was democratically elected in Germany.

        • Anonymous

          Who by the way…..will never be voted out….give us a break liberal junky.

    • lilolady

      Here we go …. Obama …. In very high, loud, girl voice, ”  I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthin’ no democracies Missy Scarlet”.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Once again Glenn has been shown to be right on the money – Obama has been running guns to terrorist organizations and arming radical governments who are enemies of America. He has refused to support true democratic movements who desire to be free.

    The mess is coming to the surface fast and hard, and may it finally bring down the entire Obama administration for the treason they have committed.

    • Anonymous

      And you know this, how, exactly? I didn’t see a single verifiable fact anywhere, just the usual right wing pearl clutching.

      • Anonymous

        You want to know how?  By seeing that everything Glenn and his group have been picking up and bringing out into the open has come to fruition.  Wake up!  This scum bag of a president has cohorts are puppets for George Soros who hates this country and wants to run it into the ground.  Again, Wake up and quit being a zombie.

        • jen

          It is too late or almost too late.  Repubs have been doing the same for decades.  So, if you are just waking up now then it is too late for you to get it.

          These same Americans allowed and wanted their gov’t to do as it pleases, and are perfectly fine with lies as long as they have an insane argument that their side is just a bit less evil. 

          • Anonymous

            No, we are perfectly fine with democracy. Barack Obama is the legally elected President of The United States, something you just can’t seem to get over. Deal with it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/barbarahogan.murray Barbara Murray

             Wake up.  The sky IS falling and we’re all in danger from this imbecile of a President.

          • Anonymous

            Are you serious?  Legally elected?  Yeah, right.

          • crazy betty

            you mean illegally.  the usurper in chief.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, like “the riots in the streets” in September 2012 he preicted on Orielly’s show that never happened?  Or the glorious election of President Romney predicted on this website? Google “Beck predictions” and read page after page of quickly forgotten predictions this snake oil salesmen has duped you with, it’s all a load of crap. How about Beck claiming that Romney’s first debate performance was “ordained by God”? Beck insults your God, and yet you still bow to him?


          I’m a zombie, you boot licking idiot? The guy sells books and crap to suckers, that’s his real talent. When are you going to wake up to that, rube?

          • Anonymous

            Is that all you got?  Typical Liberal – Insults, Insults, Insults.  You’ll see, when it’s too late.

          • Anonymous

             Hey Critten…. how do you take it in these ‘chat rooms’  of complete ignorance??  I’m doing a research paper and stumbbled across this chat – and well, lets just say there isn’t a lot of oxygen in this bubble….  maybe that’s what causing the brain damage.  I read that in the  days of the puritans (Beck’s ancestors), that they ate bad wheat – and this caused them to see werewolves and vampires and burn innocent women as witches – I think Beck has bottled this stuff.

            God Bless you Critten – and keep the faith – you need it around here.

          • Anonymous

            And unfortunately, when it’s too late for you, you’ll go to your grave realizing that you were too afraid to ever live.

          • Anonymous
          • crazy betty

            you know nothing about our God since you are a child of the devil.  speak not of Him, you cretin.  heathen.

          • Anonymous

             Hey Critten – I’m doing a research paper and stumbled upon this chat (most of these folks probably think that schooling is evil).  Btw – how can you take it in this place of ignorance?  There’s not enough oxygen in this ‘bubble’… maybe that’s what’s causing the brain damage (haha).  I read that back in the  days of the Puritans (Beck’s ancestors), that they ate bad wheat and saw werewolves and vampires, and burned innocent women at the stake as witches.  I think Beck found a way to bottle the stuff – “Instant fear – just add BS”.

            God Bless Critten and keep the faith – you’ll need it around here.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for proving my point . . . Again – Is that all you got?  Typical Liberal – Insults, Insults, Insults.

      • jen

        Dufus – even NYTimes has long written that the rebels that America supports are al quaeda!!!!  And it is all over the place that the US is arming these rebels.  You know that, but when someone wants to address it out in the open as if arming muslim bro/al quaeda is a bad thing, then that is where you suddenly say that it never occurred.

        Rand just said the same thing in a CNN interview 2 days ago to Blitzer and noone has said Rand is wrong.

        And, Republicans entirely agree with arming al quaeda rebels in syria and elsehwere.  breitbart.com agrees, mccain and graham went over to meet with al quaeda duirng fox interviews as soon as gaddafi was dead, etc.. Fox has been saying Assad needs to go and replaced with these rebels since the rebellion started about 2 years ago.

        • Anonymous

          So which is it Jen, are we purposely arming Al Queda, or shooting Al Queda too much with the drones, does that depend on what day of the week it is?  You people sound ridiculous.

          • jen

            Know it all idiot – I am a libertarian and not in any way part of the GOP, which is virtually same and partners with your Obama.  So if you a Dem, you are also a republican!!! 

          • crazy betty

            exactly.  republocrats and demicans.  cretin doesn’t get it that he is being pimped.  there can be no bigger fool.

      • crazy betty

        you’re the exact type of person who will accept the mark of the beast.

    • jen

      Obama admin is running guns with support of Republicans.  Last CIA director under Obama was a republican.  The US has been running guns to the worst people out there for decades, including Reagan.  And, Americans are perfectly ok with this as long as this is what their politicians want. – and to say anythingelse is a lie.

      • http://www.facebook.com/getmeoutofhere5 Chris Klein

        Bingo Jen! Funny how “patriots” finally hop on board to the facts when it’s a dumbocrat pres.

    • Anonymous

       Glenn Beck is a farce, and the only people who don’t know it are people like you making him a multimillionaire while you all live in your double wides eating spam.  He’s a spin master folks and you all are just his minions making him millions.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So who will become the fall guy to face treason charges so Obama can survive politically, which he will if the leftist MSM and Harry Reid have anything to say and do about it? Or will this be the chain of events that brings down our communist president once and for all?

    • Anonymous

      Ah, no one.

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing how stupid Beck thinks you people are. Just read his article:

    “Paul’s statement was the first confirmation that Glenn could remember hearing from the press that this was in fact what was going on.Sen. Paul: I still think the one question that’s been lost in this whole coverup with this movie being the cause, I really think part of the cause may have been that there was a gun‑running operation going on in Benghazi, leaving Libya, going to Turkey and distributing arms to the rebels.  There are news reports ‑‑”

    ^ so let me get this straight, Beck. Paul has “confirmed” something by stating that he thinks something “may have happened”. How exactly does that work ? How exactly does that “confirm” anything, when his statement doesn’t confirm anything at all?

  • http://youtu.be/xm1F7ub00gk Sam Fisher

    We need to rise up and let our voices be heard make damn short that they know we do not approve of them selling arms to terrorist countries.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BGC7U7QUFEWSSV3H4IFHLAFK54 mudslide

     Ohh I’m more than sure the Obama administration knows NOTHING….just ask Eric Holder.
    Amazing how little involvement this administration takes under it’w ing when it’s to their benefit, but take them to task for deaths or aiding and abetting terrorists and well ‘They were nowhere to be found’.
    Yet, yet, if it were a republican president trying to pull this kind of crap liberals all over the US would be having aneurisms….

    This administration is despicable beyond compare.

  • Anonymous

    The corruption is rampant, and theatrics is sickening. Do they really think everybody is so stupid. They have gotten so much power, I don’t know that the right thing can happen any more.

  • Anonymous

    Obama needs to be impeached he is a traitor, he is sending arms to our enemy, not his enemy but the United States enemy.   How can all the people sit and listen to these lies and bs and do nothing??????????

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps because you’re crazy.

  • mdkrause

    If and I say IF anyone really has the guts to do the right thing is that nothing will be done. The media will cover everything up and try and destroy the person that brings this up. OR they will somehow bring this around to Israel.
    These people will do anything they can to stay in power. And I do mean anything.

  • Anonymous

    The Benghazi “story” told in sworn testimony is just not to be believed. Hey, this was the anniversary of 9/11 in recently “liberated,” yet lawless Libya! Earlier the same night, protesters scaled the walls at our Cairo Embassy while, at the same time in more than a dozen  countries throughout the region, anti-American demonstrations took place with American flags aflame. Obvious conclusion: guard our embassies in all of these places as they were particularly vulnerable on that night?

    During the Congressional hearings, State-Clinton, Defense-Panetta & Joint Chiefs-Dempsey have all agreed on one important fact: that nobody spoke to Pres Obama after he was informed about Benghazi at 5pm, nor did he contact any of them, nor did anyone in the White House contact any of them. I’m aghast!  I was up all night watching as the frightening battle unfolded, waiting to hear word of our Ambassador. How could the Commander-in-Chief–if he had any conscience at all–dine with family, then retire for the night–on a night like 9/11? And upon waking in the morning, fly off to a campaign fund-raiser in Las Vegas? The scenario is unfathomable.

    Common sense tells us there are missing pieces to their “stories.” Is it a clear case of dereliction of duty? The fumbling, evasive answers to many of the questions at the hearings makes us wonder who is covering whose ass?  Something stinks real bad! 

    It’s Benghazi but even much more than that. From the political angle, Benghazi blew the lid off the entire AlQueda takeover of North Africa–in contrast with Obama’s campaign conviction that AlQueda was decimated along with BinLaden.

    • Anonymous

      I’m with you! Look at what they’re doing to protect this cretin we have as POTUS. Also,look at what they did to Scooter LIbby. We didn’t fight them then and we’re not fighting them now…unfortunately!

    • Susie Johnson

      Now you’re telling it how it is! Pres. Obama had to get his beauty sleep before flying to Vegas to consort with celebrities to get more money. He simply could not let a thing like an ambassador being attacked  keep him from campaigning. Ergo the coverup is meant to confuse,  fabricate, and point the people in the wrong direction. It’s the old ‘shell game’ in a new dress…

  • Anonymous

    Every sane person who kept up on the news knows what was going on. After the interview wih the captain of the ship that was smuggling arms from Lybia to Turkey to Syria, how can any sane person deny that there was no proof of anything? Typically, leftists leave out any memory of FACTS that they don’t want as incriminating evidence. The media are doing the same thing. of course.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HSJULSAVFJIJYR6PCTCUPMNXRA Take 2

    2 and 2 is 4 Rand Paul… Note no guns and ammo found in Benghazi. Hint as per Barry Dunham…Fake youtube that never happened. e.g, a cover up of a billion times greater vs Watergate Hotel.

  • Anonymous

    Of course we are getting the coverup spin — remember that Barry said “The buck stops with you.”

    So, our teflon obfuscator-in-chief distances himself from all the dirt, so as to rule ‘righteously’ as he portrays himself.

    Remember Michelle telling us that he doesn’t answer to a higher power, he IS the Higher Power!

    Oh, ain’t it sweet! Such a tangled web we weave, to keep our skirts clean.

    Harry S Truman said “The buck stops here” meaning he took full responsibility, but nowadays the community organizer organizes everyone else to take the buck instead of him.

    “The buck stops with you.”  Oh, yeah….

    Benghazi — who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Glenn postured this theory right at the beginning of this mess, I think. I will say one thing- if this were George Bush, this would be front-page news in all the media, and Dems would be calling for impeachment.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    hillary said “i have no idea what you’re talking about” when asked about gun-running.  however, panetta said “we” did it.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Glen:  What the hell is the use of all this talk?  TALK, TALK, and more TALK.  Why doesn’t somebody do something except ask the same ole’, same ole’ questions over and over – we all know the answer to every one of them – is it too late?  Also, will Obama go for a third term and nobody say “boo?”  Me, as a Canadian, and my US Marine Husband are heartsick – very sad – to see you people with all your heads in the sand – one day, you will find yourselves without property, food or pride.  Just because Rome fell, does not mean your great country (USA) has to – it is up to you, people, it is up to you!

    Pat Merkel

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/GNCQELWYBFVI7ADOKTL33U5L6Y LOU

    I tried to tell people Before Obama was elected that he was a FAKE. He is NOT a citizen, (he’s over stayed his VISA), He’s NOT a Christen,(the ring he wears says”There is but one God,Allah”), Remember the 50,000 muslims he brought into the WH and took off his shoes and had prayer with, as soon as he was elected? He has a cell phone, to communicate with his Muslim Brother Hood buddies anytime he pleases !  They were in Occupy Wall St.,They started the riot in Mich., they were pictured in Ohio, they were in the Cario riots ,tearing up our flag, WATCH for the white masks with the devilish look drawn on them and remember where all you have seen them and you’ll know what I am talking about !

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DYQNFE4FGIMTMVC6AEDPO3B7GM bel

    It’s no secret that he’s supported ALL of our enemies and treated our best allies like crap. Now, may he finally have to answer for some actions that his policies, opinions, and practices have lead to. I really do hope that he WILL be punished for treason.

  • Anonymous

    For a sitting Senator to quote something he heard on Glenn Beck and/or read on the Drudge (Fudge) Report in a Senate hearing as possible fact is pathetic.  Get out of the bubble people!!  It’s listening to each other lies that will continue to cause the American people to laugh at every politician you run for office.  Or better yet, succeed like you want – into Beck’s ‘new city’ – and you guys can be the next North Korea – alone, poor and the laughing stock of the planet.

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