Chris Kyle is an American hero. He saved countless American lives while on the battlefield. And when he came home, he gave everything he had — including his time — to his foundation and other returning military vets. He probably thought he had plenty of time to worry about saving for college, etc, but as it turns out he was robbed of that chance. Chris Kyle stepped up for America, it’s time for America to step up for him.

Chris Kyle’s Memorial Service will be held today, Monday, February 11, at 1:00pm CT at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Here’s a couple really cool ways you can help: buy 1791’s Heroes shirt or donate directly through Mercury One. Mercury One has already reading over $525,000 dollars to honor Chris Kyle, by supporting the Chris Kyle Memorial and FITCO Cares, a foundation started by Chris Kyle. 100% of funds raised through donations will go to support these two efforts.

On Monday morning, Glenn put up his personal copy of “American Sniper” autographed by author Chris Kyle up for auction to raise money for Chris Kyle’s family. You can bid on it HERE.

You can also send a check to Mercury One by mail at: Mercury One, PO Box 140489, Irving, TX 75014. Be sure to put “Chris Kyle Fund” in the memo line.