Glenn reveals the details on The Man in the Moon, a new way to celebrate the birth of America’s freedom

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This morning on radio, Glenn revealed the details behind this summer’s exciting Man in the Moon stage show which will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on July 6th at the USANA Amphitheatre. Glenn promised that this event would be a new way to celebrate the Fourth of July with your family, something that offered more than empty fireworks displays and hot dogs. Tickets go on sale next Tuesday, February 18th and can be purchased at the Man in the Moon website.

“This summer we begin a new adventure together,” Glenn told listeners on radio this morning.

As a prelude to the announcement, Glenn discussed how Fourth of July celebrations have become focused on all the wrong things. It’s all about having the biggest firework display, games in the pool, hot dogs and hamburgers.

“Hot dogs, maybe water skiing during the day, fireworks at night which includes Bruce Springsteen and James Brown and a Celine Dion song, and we go home.  And that’s all it is.  It’s beer, it’s outdoors, sunshine, have fun, and fireworks,” he said. “We’re not passing on anything to our children, except the tradition of going out and having hot dogs and fireworks.”

For the past several months, Glenn has been working with a dedicated team of experimental storytellers to develop new forms of live entertainment. While Restoring Love was Glenn’s first attempt to create a new way of doing spoken word live events by combining music, video, and more – Man in the Moon will take things to the next level for a truly spectacular stage show.

“This last year I’ve been talking to Imagineers, I’ve been talking to people who are the best in Hollywood, the best in stage.  We have looked for the people at Cirque du Soleil and I’ve gone to a couple of their shows to kind of see exactly how they are doing things,” Glenn explained. ” And I’ve hired some really amazing people in the American Dream Labs.  The American Dream Labs is all about storytelling, and this year we are going to item the American story but from the point of view that you’ve never heard it from before.  It’s not a historian’s point of view, not my point of view.”

“Who knows the history of America better than anybody else?  Somebody who would know the history of the entire world and has watched men make the same mistakes over and over again.  And has waited, waited for somebody to just keep continuing to look up even in the good times.  This year we’ll tell the American story from the perspective of the Man in the Moon.”

Glenn has already revealed that the show will feature a gigantic replica of the moon itself which would come to life with special effects. The event will also feature giant, robotic men walking through the audience and a fireworks display to recreate World War II.

“It will be unlike anything your family will have ever experienced in the past.  It is something that you will have fun, you’ll cheer.  It’s not a fireworks show, although pyrotechnics are involved,” he said. “At one point the fireworks are to recreate World War II.”

“This is unlike any Fourth of July celebration ever done,” Glenn said. “We have selected Salt Lake City as our city that we will be performing for the first time the Man in the Moon. ”

Tickets go on sale for the event on February 18th. There are Gold, Silver, and Bronze VIP packages as well as Reserved and Lawn seating.

Watch the trailer for The Man in the Moon below:

  • landofaahs

    Start by getting every liberal R and D and replace them with Teaa Party candidates and replace welfare with workfare and everybody get off their butt and go to work if you can.  As Colonel Sanders once said “A man will rust out long before he wears out”.

    • Anonymous

      How’d that work out for ya in the last election?

      • Sam Fisher

        Ladies and gentlemen liberal tolerance. 

        • Anonymous

          Lol. Sam learned a new talking point phrase, but hasn’t learned how to use it correctly. Hilarious.

          • Sam Fisher

            Dude I was just picking this guy is even crazier than you are just watch him flip out and call the majority of the country shit.

      • landofaahs

        People voted for Jimmy Earl the squirrel Carter and that movie ended so badly that a generation learned what the democrats were about. We now have a generation who never experienced it but is about to see the sequel to that bad movie called “obama administration and debt crash”. It seems the young people have to learn the lessons the hard way and learn they will. They are starting to confront the hopeless reality of liberalism. The failure in Chief will be jusged by history for the anti american he is.

  • Anonymous

    sounds really cool. probably can’t afford it, though.

  • Draxx

    Glenn, the Real Problem is that People of America only celebrate the Liberation of this Country from Tyranny ONE or TWO Days a Year…

    Instead, We Need To Learn How To Celebrate It Everyday Of The Year!!!

  • Anonymous

    As long as you make it clear that the moon landing was a liberal hoax.

    • Sam Fisher

      Ladies and gentlemen liberal tolerance. Besides that is more OWS belief than conservative.

      • Anonymous

        Lol. Do you know what the word means? I guess not. My post has absolutely nothing to do with tolerance or intolerance.

        Now tell us how tolerant you are of women who make their own reproductive choices and people who fall in love with others of the same gender.

        Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        • Sam Fisher

          Let’s here you liberal ignore sex slaves being taking from their families in Mexico and forced to have sex with Democrats in Washington or the enslavement of Mexicans for jobs liberals don’t want to do. Now for same sex marriage my stance is as long as they don’t tell my church what to believe is a sin or not I really can care less if another church marries them because under constitution both sides have a right to be protected. If a h=church wants want to marry people from the same sex that is their beliefs but I have every right to follow the Bible as he word of God and go to a church that does not support it. but the government has no right to force the one to do the others biding.

    • ConservativeRep

      We landed on the moon.  The hoax “facts” are full of holes and the evidence we did is overwhelming.   Mythbusters did an episode on it – You can’t take several bits of information that seems to contradict the fact to prove it is a hoax.  Same with 9/11.  You look at small facts that seem to point to another conclusion and decide the whole thing was a government operation. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Sounds fun to bad I don’t have money or live anywhere near Salt Lake City.

  • Dorothy

    Great idea, but Glenn, you have to change the guy’s picture coming out of the moon. He looks a little too much like Vladimir Lenin. You know, the Russian Communist. Too creepy.

  • Anonymous

    Please check/proofread your TEXT so it agrees with your show GRAPHICS. 
    “Man in the Moon” … not “The Man in the Moon” …. use lowercase “t” in text.

  • Scott Todd

    I know it’s generally not proper to mention another talk show host’s idea on a site like this (though he’s not on against Glenn, just Pat and Stu), but Dennis Prager has suggested a 4th of July Seder as a commemoration.  That’s something anyone who can’t make it to SLC can do.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    This will be the first Glenn Beck event that I’ve missed. I lost my healthcare coverage a year ago and promptly broke my ankle. I have been hobbling around for a year and the darn thing just won’t heal. I can’t see spending the money to go to Salt Lake City when I can’t even afford to put a cast on my leg. It does sound fun and I’d sure love to go. Maybe next year.

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno



  • Anonymous

    Another great spectacle coming up for all who idolize Glenn Beck. It’s funny how Glenn points out the follies of July 4 celebrations and yet incorporates same in his show. Maybe that face of the man in the moon should be his own.

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  • Garth Haycock

    I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my 50th birthday (July 6) than piling my family into the SUV and making the 25 minute drive to the USANA Amphitheater. 

    Lucky me!

  • Anonymous

    A little disappointed in his choice of Utah. Live in Florida and sat on my lanai and watched the shuttles, still watch the rockets. We are the Space Coat and our residents, were the reason that “Man got to the Moon”,

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