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Stu and his wife Lisa welcomed their 2nd child into the world over the weekend. The happy couple announced the arrival of Ainslee Faith Burguiere, their first daughter, on Saturday the 9th. Like most good husbands and family men, Stu is taking some time off to assist his recovering wife and spend his first ever week with a daughter — with his daughter. Strangely, Glenn took issue with this choice.

“Stu had a baby girl over the weekend and we’re all happy for them,” Glenn said this morning. But despite the praise for the new baby, Glenn didn’t understand why Stu couldn’t make it into work when the baby was born on Saturday.

“He is an example of everything that’s wrong with this country right now,” Glenn said. “You want to take a day off. Okay. A week?”

Pat joined in on the criticism, “I have six kids. You have four. Jeffy, you have three? Have any of us taken more than the day of the birth ever?”

Glenn claimed that when Jeffy’s wife gave birth to their child at six in the morning, Jeffy was in his producer’s seat that same day at nine when the radio show started.

“She went back to sleep, the kid was fine,” Jeffy said.

This isn’t the first time Stu has shown an incredible lack of dedication to his job. In 2011, Stu stayed home during Restoring Courage because he was too scared to go to Israel for the event. Meanwhile, Glenn was hospitalized and told to stay in bed for three days, but Glenn took off a few hours later because he had an event to do.

Stu also takes off every year for the Superbowl, leaving Glenn, Pat, and Jeffy to scramble in attempt to put on a decent show without their Executive Producer.

Sources close to Stu have noticed him complaining about an increasingly busy schedule. He co-hosts and produces five hours of live television and radio every weekday, routinely fills in for Glenn’s TV show, and has created a new show called “The Wonderful World of Stu”.

Despite Glenn and Pat’s claims to be dedicated to work at the expense of their family, many anonymous sources within Mercury and TheBlaze team have pointed out some pretty stunning hypocrisy on their part. Pat will be taking off from “Pat & Stu” Thursday and Friday to attend his daughter’s wedding in Salt Lake City. Glenn will also be attending the wedding and will have a fill-in host for his Friday television show as a result.

One employee who wished to remain anonymous told, “The hypocrisy is amazing.”

In response to the accusations, a spokesperson for Stu Burguiere issued the following statement exclusively to

Like Glenn Beck when anyone says anything he doesn’t like, Mr. Burguiere has decided to make a pointless announcement about his future response to add needless and manufactured drama for no reason that a rational person can calculate. Therefore Mr. Burguiere will respond upon his return Monday.

In the meantime, who would you choose to spend your time with?

These guys?

Or this angel?