Immigration Official: We have been shunned by President Obama

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President Obama and his administration have demonstrated some questionable judgement and gross incompetence on matters of national security. Drone strikes on American citizens, running guns to Mexican drug cartels and Syrian rebels who also just happen to include members of Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups. And now the union representing the officers who lay their life on the line trying to secure the dangers Mexican-American border ridiculed union boss Richard Trumka and the Obama administration for ignoring their concerns about the dangers on the border.

Many in the media ignored Chris Crane, National Immigration Council 188 president, the American Federation of Government Employees, and his testimony last week where he blasted national union leaders and the White House.

On January 30th, he said in a press release, “We went directly to the Obama administration as well as the AFL-CIO with real matters of life and death for unionized American law enforcement officers and they shunned us…we’re talking about 50,000 AFL-CIO affiliate members. We asked both the AFL-CIO and President Obama for help with corruption within our respective Federal law enforcement agencies, climbing officer suicide rates, assaults against officers, and perhaps most alarming, offenses against pregnant female employees. Following the White House meeting, the Obama Administration cut us off. Cecilia Munoz refuses to correspond with us, and President Tumka hasn’t so much as made one public comment fighting for the safety of AFL-CIO federal law enforcement officers. He just doesn’t speak on behalf of our union workers.”

Glenn wondered why no media outlets were reporting this story, especially when President Obama has been pushing for immigration reform. He is expected to address the issue in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.  

Human Events reported:

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka this week angered the rank and file members of the National ICE Council when the labor giant denied the contentious issue had divided many members.

“Unions did have at one point some differences on the [immigration] issue, but the entire labor movement is entirely behind this now. We’ll be at the table the whole time this thing is being developed to make sure it meets the needs of workers,” Trumka said in an interview with Yahoo! News.

Chris Crane, president of the ICE Council that represents 7,600 border and immigration employees, blasted Trumka and the White House for downplaying their concerns.

“We went directly to the Obama administration as well as the AFL-CIO with real matters of life and death for unionized American law enforcement officers and they shunned us,” Crane said. “We’re talking about 50,000 AFL-CIO affiliate members.”

Crane reiterated that this isn’t the first time border and immigration officials have been excluded from the process. Last February, and top Obama aide Cecilia Munoz ignored the workplace dangers they faced, Crane said.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Of course Obama ignores the immigration officials. He wants the unions to continue funding the Democratic party and depends upon them for part of his power base; thus the unions matter more than immigration officials.

    Obama and Reid want the amnesty to come and soon, so they can gain a lifetime base of 20+ million immigrants for the Democratic party, and by enslaving them to their will by ‘promises, benefits, free stuff, etc’ ensure their children will become good little party followers of the left as in all communist state systems.

    The third reason Obama wants the borders opened for immigrants, and closed for all Americans who seek to leave the nation, is the ‘World Without Borders’ of Obama’s boss, Soros.

    Why for that matter has no one mentioned of the new, seize w/o suspicion any electronic devices of anyone within 100 miles of the US borders?

    • jen

      Truly – you have no credibility.  Show your love and respect for your Republicans a bit more here – why ignore them and give them credit as well?  Time put Rubio on the cover because his plan for amnesty mirrors that of Obama’s.  Levin/Limbaugh/Hannity and others have applauded amnesty to over 11 million illegals with Rubio’s plan.

      Hence, what you write above is correct about Obama, and also correct about Republicans – that means you. 

      Why are you being so disrespectful to Republicans and not sharing their truth just as you have done with Obama? 

      In future posts, please mention obama right along with Republicans, otherwise it would just be too rude of you.

      • femme savante

        Wrong Jen, Obama doesn’t even really have a plan at all, other than just giving them all amnesty. He seems to think our border is secure. Also, Rubio’s plan is not exactly amnesty for all, there’s much more to it, and if had been paing attention you would know that. You’d also know that many of us are not completely happy with his plan, but at least he put the time and effort into working up a plan, something Obama just can’t seem to bring himself to do. He seems to be willing to do just about anything, except actually work.

        • Anonymous

          …yes for they believe in chaos…kaos wins

        • Mike Nelson

          I’ve been a subscriber since the first week of GBTV, and have kept up with these forums since that time.  In my opinion, snowleopard’s posts are in fact sycophantic in nature and are usually lacking in any revelation not already (expansively) extrapolated upon in the video clip on any given page/issue.  She’s just hard to believe any longer as anything other than a mind-numbed, fish-eyed, groupie.  I now see her similarly as I do Sean Hannity: usually right, but NOT HELPING, and odious to experience (again and again and again…).

          Now, when I see snow post the first thing I think of is the subversive Statists, always talking but never saying anything, talking about how they “just want a conversation,” or how everyone is “reaching out to the other side,” or how any “budget cuts mean less cops and firemen.”  Cliches.  Empty demagoguery.  Low-thought repetition of obvious facts that don’t need to be explained further to this audience.  To quote the Tasmanian Devil’s father, she says a lot of “Blah Blah Blah Yakety Schmackity.”

          I’m just tired of the propaganda from her, and despite the (imo artificially) inflated tally of “likes” her posts often get, I get only the feeling of someone wanting to bask in the adulation of the current fanboy crowd (of which I, as a subscriber, may accurately be construed a member).  But whatever you are, you have to own it, all the time, and jen’s critique is spot-on in this case.  To fail to hold both sides to the same standard = State media = George Soros = The Obamanation.

          And that said, I usually agree with the essence of what she writes.  I’m just sick to death of the teacher’s pet condescending to lecture me with mealy-mouthed “duh!” statements.  Give it a rest, eh snow?  Everyone knows who you are and what side you’re on.jen, you’re wrong in only one way that I see: you need to use a small “r” instead of the party-affiliated capital letters.The Republican party is no longer representative of the views of those who vote for them, and those persons are at this time entirely disenfranchised by the political system, the politicians themselves, and the Government-Media Complex with their special interest groups and the litany of FAILURE that is our political legacy.  There’s just nowhere else to turn – unless you get to know the other candidates.  I voted Gary Johnson because Mitt was a wet noodle from the start and I couldn’t, couldn’t, couldn’t vote for anyone else on the ticket.  That said, if Ron Paul had been the Libertarian candidate, I couldn’t have voted for him, either.  My favored “contestants” in the 2012 reality TV show “Who Wants to be the President” were Palin and Bachmann, because I thought they might – MIGHT – have a chance to change our direction.  I could even have stomached a vote for Rick Santorum, once it was down to the dismal choices in the final four.

          I’m glad to see jen here, because it means there’s yet hope and fire in the bellies of at least some who will stand, and who are holding true to the tenet of REAL change, because if we all just listen to snow, well, it’s going to stay a 2-party system.

          And now: back to your regularly scheduled litany of failure.

          • Anonymous

             I disagree with you, respectfully.  You seem to
            be quite fond of hearing yourself speak.  You forget that there are many
            people who do not read every post on the site.  I am one of those; I just
            don’t have time for that.  I have not noticed what you are complaining
            about. When I see Snow postings, I read them, and they are often news to me,
            and the opinions are interesting.  I don’t always agree, but I do hope the
            posts continue to come. You should not make the assumption that you speak for
            everyone else. Nor should you claim that another person should stop posting
            because you don’t like what they say. If you don’t like what Snow says, don’t
            read it.

            I have formed the opinion that those who voted for the candidates who had no
            hope of winning, then brag about it, are part of the problem, and do not
            accomplish whatever they are trying to do. In the first place, I only know who
            you voted for because you told us; I don’t have any way to verify what you say,
            nor to find out who you voted for in the first place.  Secondly, what is
            accomplished by the “protest vote”?  I don’t know offhand how
            many votes were given to candidates who didn’t have a prayer of winning, but,
            if it was enough to allow Obama to win, then those who voted that way in effect
            voted for Obama.  When the day ends, that is the fact that matters. 
            And I don’t believe any of you really believe Obama is a better President than
            Romney would have been.

            I don’t know Romney personally, but I did have the chance to see up close the
            effects of what he did when he ran the winter Olympics in Utah.  He was
            criticized by some for being one way, then by others for being the
            opposite.  Overall, he did a great job of managing the mess and turning it
            from a disaster to a historic success for Olympic tournaments.  I don’t
            think he set out to be popular, though he was with those who knew him. He just
            doesn’t pursue popularity, which probably cost him the election, if he ever had
            a chance against the Obama cult machine. It bothers me when people judge his
            potential as President by looking only at his ego, which he by nature tries to
            keep under control. If Romney had won, and Obama had permitted the election to
            count, the country could look forward to steady progress against the disasters
            which Obama’s masters are dictating to him, then they are forced on us often
            WITHOUT DUE PROCESS AS SPECIFIED BY LAW.  If Americans were even a little
            like their ancestors, they would impeach him now. But then, we’d just have
            another disaster in the White House, who would also do the bidding of Obama’s
            masters, so I guess there isn’t much point now. 
            We can’t impeach the entire Democratic Party, after all ……. Wait a
            minute, that is really a GOOD IDEA!

            “And now: back to your regularly scheduled litany of failure.”
            Sheez, why must you pass judgement on everyone who posts here?

        • Shane

           Wrong, Rubio’s plan is another mass amnsety for illegal aliens. Rubio has sold us out for his beloved La Raza.

          • Patsy Mahar Smolka

            I believe Rubio is a good man and wants the best for the republican party. He has realized that if we don’t talk like a democrat the republicans will no longer exist. Remember Obama doesn’t do anything he promises but they still like him. It doesn’t matter what they say, only the color of thier skin and that is ashamed. It has always been that way we are just finally ready to put it into wards.

      • Anonymous

         Respectfully, Jen, I disagree completely.  I don’t need to refute what you’ve said, as others have already done that.  Just placing my vote.

    • tryingtomakeit

       40 million and counting..every day…and let’s not leave out Hamas, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda members who are also sauntering over the border.

    • Anonymous

       I enjoy reading your comments.  I don’t believe it is necessary for you to be required to pass three levels of editing and proofing, place superscripted reference indicators which link to documents or other authoritative sources which support your position, make sure everything you say is original and unknown to any other reader, as seems to be required by some here.  You should only be asked to post your true beliefs and opinions, just as everyone else.  I hope you don’t let some of the criticisms here affect what you write, as there are many people who look forward to your comments.  I for one do not have time to follow the news and trends as much as you do, so it is good for me to be able to read about some things from a point of view I can often agree with.  The current tactic today is to attack individuals whose opinions are not identical to your own, and that seems to be creeping in to this site more and more in the comments posted here, and that will continue to be used against you.  I hope you will continue to post just as you wish to.  I will read your posts whenever I can.

  • Sam Fisher

    Good luck with that Chris Crane liberals hate you guys. 

  • Sam Fisher

    So instead of helping people Obama wants to continue to side with sex slavers and the slavery of Mexicans in jobs liberals are too lazy to do but yet we are the racist wanting people not to be forced to have sex and have equal working rights in this country.

    • tryingtomakeit

       As long as he gets HIS share of the male prostitutes..Why should he care.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe these union guys should just concentrate on doing their job which is enforcing the law. A good place to start would be checking into the background of the president.

    • Anonymous

      I’m still waiting for Donald Trump’s investigators, aren’t you!

    • Lorraine

      The pres isn’t letting them enforce “the law”. Pres has told them how to conduct their job. From what I’ve read, they are not to imprison illegals, not detain them, not do their job. Trumpka is following Odumbo’s wishes – he’s looking out for himself and enriching himself like other union bigshots.

    • Shane

       That’s not the job of the Border Patrol or ICE. Obama has betrayed the American people, but then, I guess that’s what the people who voted for him wanted.

    • Patsy Mahar Smolka

      Amen to that. I hate when I hear someone say it doesn’t matter.  It states if you want to run for a government office yo have to show you are an American citizen. It took him 3 years to show his birth certificate. I guess it takes a long time to have the best created.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t have the will to take them on so we might as well accept it. Obama with ICE and DHS and all their fire power will not do anything to stop the flow of illegal aliens into this country. It’s been going on for years and hasn’t stopped yet so why do we think it would be resolved now. The border guards have been given an impossible task with no support, and Congress is determined to ignore the problem. The only solution is for the states to take over from the feds and let them know that state sovereignty trumps federal authority in this case.

    I just wish that the border states would get off their duffs and start ignoring Obama for a change and start protecting their own borders.

    • Anonymous

      Fire power? You think we should be shooting them?

    • Anonymous

      A week ago, Janet Napolitano announced in a press conference here in El Paso (across the Rio Grande from Mexico) that “Our border is secure”. Arizona has been trying for over a year to enforce what should be FEDERAL laws on immigration. It’s gotten them shunned, officials of that state sued by the feds and people boycotting the state. By their actions, our federal government doesn’t want the current immigration laws enforced!  

    • tryingtomakeit

       Every state is a border state…read the works of Michal Cutler. Check him out online.

  • Anonymous

    Here you have a perfect example of unions today. Even if you belong to a union doesn’t guarantee anything for you. The bigger the union the worse it is. It is a power grab just like the government itself, working for the elite who run the union from union dues of its workforce. I bet the union thugs also threaten their own members if they don’t support their cause.

    • tryingtomakeit

       Unions work with every dictator in the world.

      • Anonymous

        …including Our Resident Evil Narcisisst,Dictator-in-Chief!!
        as Thatcher says,”the reason socialism doesn’t work, you Always Run Out Of Other’s Money”

  • Anonymous

    Pass the word to all union members – Trumpka says the 20 million illegals stay &
    will permanently replace US citizens (at considerably lower wages and working
    conditions than citizens were paid)! The 20+ million citizens unemployed
    because of cheap illegal labor will just have to move over & slide down the
    ladder to permanent poverty!

    The rest of working Americans are getting used to part time work where it costs
    more to drive to work than salary – a couple of hours at a time – maybe waiting
    for something to happen on a street corner, several different employers to get
    a week’s worth of wages, etc.

    Pass the word on – working Americans are paying $800+/- billion a year in debt
    driven illegal alien taxation, to give illegal aliens preference over taxpaying
    citizens!     (20 million illegals plus 20 million citizens =
    40 million people times a minimums of $20,000 each = $800 billion.)    We could add the individual decline in savings
    & wealth people lose trying to survive to that???     Maybe
    a trillion total, but that’s peanuts when progressives can simply print more money
    & more bonds!     It means no job, no opportunity, & a suck
    butt life of crime & poverty just like it is south of the border!    The wolves
    are calling the sheep to dinner! (Obama & Rubio& now Trumpka)

  • Scott Todd

    Time for these workers to go on a union dues strike- just quit paying them!

  • Anonymous

    “Drone strikes on American citizens”, Glenn? You mean the Al Queda traitors he took out? Pray tell, how exactly is that “bad”? And you call Democrats idiots. And as far as running guns, could you like, exaggerate a little more? Perhaps if you had a good cry for us.

    • Anonymous

      You really do leave a bad stink wherever you go…

  • Anonymous

    History can teach us a lot about immigration.  Take Rome, an important factor in its demise was a wide open immigration policy.  Originally, Rome would allow captors to immigrate one at a time, giving them time to assimilate into Roman culture.  But toward the end, the Germanic tribes were allowed to immigrate in mass numbers, they did not assimilate, but rather kept their culture and leanings, eventually, fighting for their independence and overthrew the government.

    I fear history is repeating the same mistake on the US borders.

    • Anonymous

       You make a good point.  Have you read “Fall of the Roman Empire”, or perhaps a summary of it?  We are doing most of the things which have been credited with bringing about the fall of that empire.  Since we aren’t an empire (are we?), I wonder if the same rules apply.  Probably do…

  • Blaine Melville

    It seems this is the way Obama works-cuts military family and active members benefits-after election.Cuts new weapon sys,and shifted millions from Medicare but check it-Union poeple who helped stump for Obama have been given a “Benghazi” See the trend? Media see the trend?

  • Soulphoenix

    If it’s embarrassing to Obama, it won’t be reported. It will, however, be covered up and the perpetrators smeared and/or deep-sixed.

  • tryingtomakeit

    Time for BLUE FLU on the Border!

  • Anonymous

    And Brian Terry is still dead and there have been no answers for his family.  In fact, the records are still sealed by….Oblabla, Crappy Nappypolitano and Smolder-Holder.  And now there is another military man killed and all you hear is the sound of crickets chirping.   There are too many of these types of things happening and it is going to get worse, much worse.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Sure It Is Still Another Ploy King HusseinObama’s Plan To Destroy from Within!If He Could Get Unions Mad Then Something Will Happen and They Could Blame Repubs To Crackdown.
    We The People Stand Down The Ghandi,MartinLuther,Bonhoffer,Jesus Way…NOT the violent way they are waiting for!!! GOD Bless You Glenn and May GOD Bless America!!!

  • landofaahs

    “They were expendable” John Wayne movie….Deal with it liberals.

  • Lorraine

    Moving closer to NWO. Spend the economy into oblivion, crashing the dollar so everyone is equally poor. Disarm the citizens by “de-populating” (accomplish 2 goals at 1 time by dropping bombs on rural people thereby de-populating and disarming at the same time). After a few bombs are dropped, most citizens will willingly turn in their arms.  Heads up people.

    • Anonymous

       “After a few bombs are dropped, most citizens will willingly turn in their arms”

      You may be surprised, Lorraine.  Americans are still unlike most other people; once a people has tasted liberty, as many Americans still remember what it was like, they are not very willing to give it up, even at the peril of their own lives.  If Obama or his successors are dumb enough to try this, well, I would not bet on their “side”.

      Besides, why would he need to risk that?  The lazy Americans are willing to do whatever he says NOW, as long as he can convince them of another lie, which he has so far been very good at doing.  Why risk civil war when he gets all he wants now?
      I wonder what I would do.  I think I would rebel, but, when I think of all those who would be endangered if I did, well, I am not as certain.  I think they would want me to, so perhaps it will not be such a tough choice.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it something – he his helping everyone in the world  but his own country.  That goes to show you just how much he hates America and the American people.  Well at least the ones on the right and Christians.  Be strong and we will prevail!!

  • Anonymous

    What else does anybody expect from Obama? It’s just another promise that is broken. He gets all the support he wants from the UNION and to hell with the workers who pay into it. This is so much like all the support he had promissed for the Sandy victims too. Where’s all the help? The photo-ops have been successful and have even swung Christie to vote for Obama, so mission accomplished only for Obama and nobody else.

  • Anonymous

    I live on the Mexican border, and Napalotano is correct when she says our borders are secure as they have ever been because they have never been secure! We watch Illegals cross all the time, and the hills and mountains around us are too dangerous to go camping in because of the drug runners. The Government has curtailed the Border Patrol from stopping and detaining any illegals so it looks as tho the numbers are down, they also are told to let the ones they catch with drugs go if it is under 500 pounds, but if an American in town is caught with more than one individual can use they are thrown in prison. Unfortunately all those coming across the borders are not Mexican but oriental and middle eastern, but our government is not concerned. The only border fence I can see from where we live is closest to the border towns. The rest of the country is wide open – now tell me that is secure!

  • Shane

    Obama has not supported ICE agents because Obama is more concerned about gaining Hispanic votes for the Democrat party, than he is in enforcing our nation’s immigration laws. Obama is the worst President in our history –  :

  • Patsy Mahar Smolka

    We as the american people can do something about that. Stations go by ratings. If we ban together and stop watching their channels the ratings go down. If ABC,CBS,NBC and the others want us to watch them then they need to change. We can do this and it won’t cost us a cent. We have to be together and that means we don’t even watch our favorite shows. I am tired of people saying we can’t do anything. Not only does the government work for us but the TV channels do to. Without us shows disappear every day because of ratings. Start watching Fox News channels if you don’t already. I am not a republican or a democrat but an American and I vote that way. Become the strength of our country again and lets show them who the boss is. Pass this on to friends and family. Obama and his democrats get away with it because we allow it.

  • Patsy Mahar Smolka

    We can take control of the channels and what they show. The government and the news channels work for us. We have to decide if we want to take back our control. Don’t say we can’t do anything. Choose what you want to watch on TV with the thought in your mind if I continue to watch the channels who continue to ignore the important things I am helping them.

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  • Anonymous

    Why is anyone surprised at the actions of the pretender in the White House??SERIOUSLY??Isn’t this the same one who sent guns to the Mexican drug lords?This creature has broken so many laws BUT nothing is done about it.Why is that?He continues to reside in one of the most powerful positions in the world.WHY??The opposition–is not opposing WHY??These are questions no one is even asking,(hate to repeat myself) WHY? How come this in-competent man is still in the White House?He can barely walk and chew gum at the same time!!I mean look at Pelosi and Reid incompetence does not even begin to describe these people!!It would be laughable if it was not so dangerous.These are the world leaders people! If that does not scare you—nothing will.How in the name of anything half way intelligent, did these incompetent boobs ever achieve the positions they have???Please someone please tell me.Foxwoman

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