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While CNN tries to decide whether or not winter storm Nemo was a result of “man made” global warming or not, there are two major stories that should be the priority for every news network.

The first involves a 28-year-old man from San Jose who thought he was working with the Taliban and tried to set of a car bomb in California. Luckily, he was working with the FBI, and was arrested. What was the 28-year-olds goal with the thwarted violent attack? To frame the Tea Party, initiate a government crackdown on guns, thus sparking a civil war across the country.

The second story is one you’re most likely already aware of — Chris Dorner. Dorner is the man who went missing in Los Angeles after killing three police officers.

“Nobody can find him, which is almost inconceivable in this day and age but apparently he’s been planning this for a really long time,” Pat explained.

Pat went on to explain that the cop killer was formerly in the military and a policer officer himself, so he knows what he’s doing. he’s been trained by the people who are now looking for him. The thing that makes this story so outrageous is that there is growing support for Chris Dorner on the internet.

Dorner, whose targets include the leaders of the NRA, wrote a long, murderous manifesto about how he hates the NRA, hates guns (yet used them to kill three people), and holds up people like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and CNN’s Piers Morgan as heroes.

“He said these guys get it. So what he’s doing now is he’s trying to further gun control as well,” Glenn explained.

“By killing people,” Pat added.

Yet, he has supporters — a growing number of them. In fact, they’ve created a Facebook page called “Dorner for president” that states: “We propose electing a man who can no longer sit idly by and watch as malicious tyrants abuse the innocent.”

Nearly 3,000 people now ‘like’ the page “I support Chris Dorner”, and on another page “We are all Chris Dorner”, the description chillingly reads: “Yes, this is war”.

CBS 13 posted a simple question on one of the growing Facebook pages: Why?

Astonishingly enough, there were responses.

“Because something needs to be done about the long known corruption of not only the LAPD but several other agencies,” one comment read.

Another stated: “He’s God for now, and I support him and this page.”

Glenn explained that these stories are related, not just because they both violence from the far left, but because of the reaction they are receiving. Had either of these involved people on the far right, or the car bomb in California had succeeded in framing the Tea Party, the coverage would be incredibly different. But because they aren’t, they aren’t receiving the appropriate amount of attention.

That’s what we’re getting from the left,” Pat said. “That’s the loving, tolerant, peaceful left in this country.”

Glenn reminded Pat that, while yes, the media is missing the point on these stories, these could come from the far right anarchists screaming for revolution like we saw a few weeks ago with Alex Jones. It’s not just the people on the left we have to worry about now.

“Those people who are crying for revolution and Civil War on the extreme right, anarchy, or the anarchists and the communists on the extreme left.”

Glenn went on to explain that this is why it’s so important that there is a group of people that keep their feet firmly grounded, peacefully, in the truth.

“It is important that culture is restored, truth is restored, and that we stick together and become a force for good.”