Can you believe Ted Nugent is going to the State of the Union?

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Ted Nugent may be the last person you would expect to attend the State of the Union, but he’s going to be there front and center when Obama delivers his big speech to the rest of the country. He called into the radio show this morning and discussed how he ended up being invited and why he ultimately decided to attend.

Nugent explained that he was asked to attend by Congressman Steve Stockman as a counter to all of the “props” that he believed President Obama was going to use as mascots for gun regulation.

“That’s a simple explanation.  It’s much deeper than that.  I believe as we the people, I have the right to be there and I think that I represent the logical productive, conscientious, law‑abiding Americans not just in the gun‑owning community but overall, and somebody’s got to stand in opposition to President Obama.  And I understand that I’m going to be right straight out in front of him.”

Full Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: The one, the only Ted Nugent is on the phone and he’s on his way. Are you in Washington yet? Are you going ‑‑ you’re going today, Ted? Line 12, please. Somebody seize Line 12 for me. There you are. Ted?

NUGENT: Yeah, you got me?

GLENN: Yeah. Are you in Washington?

NUGENT: No, I ‑‑ Glenn, I decided I’d much rather go fishing. Would you go for me please?

GLENN: Nope. I will not.

NUGENT: No, I’m just about to leave Texas and I’m looking forward to a wonderful rendezvous with my fellow Americans.

GLENN: All right. Now, what are you wearing tonight?

NUGENT: Mrs. Nugent is so frustrated.

GLENN: I bet she is.

NUGENT: I don’t own a tie. She doesn’t know what the hell I’m going to wear. But I said, honey, it’s going to be okay. I have clean camo I haven’t dirtied up yet. There’s no blood on it.

PAT: Camo?

GLENN: Ted, you can’t wear camo. We want you to look like ‑‑ we want you to look respectful and still be you. Maybe a camo tie. Can we make ‑‑ can somebody make him a camo tie and get it to ‑‑ I mean, you ‑‑

NUGENT: I was going to run out and shoot a rattlesnake and wear it around my neck this morning.

GLENN: No, let’s don’t put that there.

NUGENT: No, you know, I’m sure Mrs. Nugent will pick out a nice clean shirt and nobody can see my jeans and I think I have a couple of jackets. I’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about my fashion statement.

GLENN: All right. You’ve got to ‑‑ when, you know, you’re going into ‑‑ you’re going into the lion’s den. Dress like a lion.

NUGENT: And not only that, but it’s a very important place ‑‑

GLENN: Hang on just a second. Hang on just a second. I’m talking to Ted Nugent. Don’t actually dress like a lion. Because he’s like ‑‑

PAT: I can see him wearing one as he walks in. I can see that.

GLENN: “I’ve got one down on the floor in my living room. I’ll just ‑‑ I’ll just put my hands and wear his claws like gloves.”

NUGENT: Wouldn’t that be great if I went out and shot a mountain lion today and slammed it on the railing right there in the room?

GLENN: Unbelievable.

NUGENT: Unbelievable.

GLENN: All right. Okay. So who invited you? Can you say?

NUGENT: Yes. Congressman Steve Stockman from here in Texas, and he articulated why I should be there and I concurred and here I go.

GLENN: And why did he say you should be there?

NUGENT: He says based on this president’s performance and his masterful scam artist fraud delivery in the last State of the Union and every time he opens his mouth and how he will stack the audience with his props and maybe children who got hit in the head with a large capacity magazine or ‑‑ and he wanted someone there who has trounced the antigunners every time they dare debate me, and he wanted me to have a presence there to counter the president’s props.

GLENN: All right. So I was ‑‑

NUGENT: That’s a simple explanation. It’s much deeper than that. I believe as we the people, I have the right to be there and I think that I represent the logical productive, conscientious, law‑abiding Americans not just in the gun‑owning community but overall, and somebody’s got to stand in opposition to President Obama. And I understand that I’m going to be right straight out in front of him.

GLENN: I have to tell you ‑‑ that’s fantastic. Did wear the lion. I think I am ‑‑ I would rather have you, quite honestly, Ted, I’d rather have you as a neighbor or a mayor than ‑‑ in the town that I lived in than almost anybody in Washington because I know you’re going to be, “Hey, Glenn, leave Glenn alone. Leave all our neighbors alone. Just let us do what we do. And as long as we’re not killing each other or, you know, robbing one another.”

NUGENT: Or harming someone else.

GLENN: Right.

NUGENT: I’ve always said, Glenn, that the pursuit of happiness should be observed and adhered to that if you live upstream of someone, you can’t do into the water what you wouldn’t want them to do to you downstream. So your pursuit of happiness is limited by logic and goodwill and decency that whatever you choose to do, it doesn’t harm others’ pursuit of happiness.

GLENN: You know, I think Jesus might have said something similar to that without the ‑‑ without alluding to peeing in water.

NUGENT: Or maybe what someone does in the water.

GLENN: So now are you going to be on ‑‑ because afterwards is anybody going to be interviewing you? Because you know whoever he puts in the audience of little, you know, Sally No‑Face who had her face ripped off by, you know, a high‑capacity magazine, she’s going to be on TV. Are ‑‑ is anybody lining anything up for you to be on the other side?

NUGENT: Well, number one, and you know this: Since the 1960s I don’t believe a day has gone by in my life from my management or my booking agencies or my different associates where I haven’t been requested to do some interviews, to do media. I’ve stood against the grain in the world of rock‑and‑roll and the world of politics, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. Since it was announced, I just said yes to Congressman Stockman yesterday about noon. I was picking my dog up from the vet. And already we were contacted by every imaginable media. I’ve already done dozens of interviews. The requests and demands on me prior to the State of the Union and following the State of the Union, there’s no way I can do more than 1 or 2% of the requests that have come in. But I will take a deep breath and I will try to represent “we the people” accurately, honestly and in upbeat.

GLENN: And in a suit and tie or at least a jacket and tie.

NUGENT: I still don’t understand the tie thing. Is that for people that drool? What is the tie?

GLENN: I don’t know ‑‑ I can’t explain the tie. Just wear a tie. You’re at the ‑‑ you’re at the State of the Union. Wear a tie.

NUGENT: I’ll find something.

GLENN: All right. Thanks a lot, Ted.

NUGENT: All right. Well, God speed, Glenn.

GLENN: God bless. Bye‑bye.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good for him, the Democrats are already frothing at the mouth like a rabid mutt due to him being there and are laying the ‘guilt by association’ on the Republican leadership for not curbing their party members.

    I can imagine Obama will, or already has, ordered the Secret Service to ensure that Nugent is not allowed entry. THAT would be typical of the leftist uttermost hypocrisy.

    • landofaahs

      The POTUS is a LSOS.  I have better stuff to do with my time than listening to a lying teleprompter. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn I have to disagree if I was going into a lion’s den I would want to wear camo.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what this nut job will do, Secret Service needs to keep an eye on the kook.

    • Sam Fisher

      He is not of the left so he can control himself unlike you occupy poopers.

    • Anonymous

      He’ll be the most polite and articulate guy in the room.  The guy behind the podium poses a bigger threat to the Office of the President than Ted does.

    • Strat4jazz

      Critten, How bout we keep an eye on you, Ted has his marching orders and like a patriotic American will complete his mission.  Besides sitting in a lounge chair and letting the TV wash over both of the brain cells you still have working, what’s on your social agenda ? 

    • Mike Oconnell

       he is extremely educated both in higher education and weapons and by no meens a kook

    • Anonymous

       You are right, of course, critten–there is absolutely no telling what Obama might do. The Secret Service is sworn to protect him, so of course they will be keeping an eye on him, regardless that he’s a nut job. But a Nation of Nitwits elected the kook, so we’re stuck with him until he gets egregious enough that his supporters begin to realize what a charlatan he is.

    • Mary K Pike

       Yes, by all means, the secret service should always keep their eyes on the kook, after all, he is the President…

  • Donnie Pangborn

    We know Obama is going to talk about Gun Control. It confuses me on why the president would take the guns out of law abiding citizen’s hands to were we cant protect ourselves. A week ago a small town not to far from mine a guy was shot on accident by a friend “Who was a convited felon”. I may be wrong but I think it was already illegal for him to have a fire arm. But he had one. Illegally. Because he was a Criminal. Because Criminals don’t follow the law.

    • Anonymous

      No need to be confused about why he does the things he does–he’s a nitwit. An articulate nitwit. An eloquent nitwit. A nitwit with a huge follower-ship of other nitwits. But in the end, a nitwit.

      • Anonymous

        Not low information? just a nitwit! How about a capitol NITWIT?
        When you collect your thoughts together get back to us. 

  • landofaahs

    I’d love to see conservatives walk out on this LSOS of a president when he goes on the political attack like he always does.  I would not even want to go to the SOTUA and listen to an hour and a half of constant lies. 

  • Linda Clark Setters

    I would imagine the leftwing media has already been instructed Not to address him…the only media that will address him will most probably be the conservative media folks

  • David Dyer

    I bet Ted would make one hell of a president!

    • Anonymous

      We would always know where we stand, and that would be much freer than where we are now.  I like the camo tie idea, congress wouldn’t.  Some body PLEASE stand up to goofy, cheating Gov’t officials who have value-compromising ideals from all sides.  We need to slow and stop the nations rapid decline.  GO TED!! 

  • Jim Wehr

    Damm  was not going to watch but will have to now to see what they try to do to Ted. damm it Glenn it all your fault..

    • paulie11

      I know, me too.  I was adamant about no one in the house watching the teleprompter king lie his way through the whole event…but now…Gee thanks Ted, I will have to watch! Can’t wait for the after Bulls*it of the Union address where Ted explains to all the morons out there what the American people really stand for.

    • Anonymous

       Even with Ted there, I will not watch, I refuse to watch that liar telling us more lies.

      • Canadianlady

        I won’t either.

      • Anonymous

        Me too… No way, I can’t… I will just check it out on youtube tomorrow, someone will save us the agony of watching the anointed one. Thank God.

  • Mike Ryan

    wow really, I think Ted being their is his right. Saying that I also believe it is not the democrats fault that we are in this situation, remember it was passed to a democrat, but people seam to forget that, also gun control? Something has to be done, its not the law abiding citizens that everyone is afraid of. But something has to be done, know one else is stepping up to the plate with any suggestions, he at least has balls to try something. And it is well known that their is an pact that everything no matter how big or small the president suggest be turned down that is nothing but childish and irresponsible. You may think I am a democrat, nope Im for the people, hell I dont think their should be a party, what good has it done but cost us money, from both sides. You should just vote for the right person who has the people in mind. 

    • Anonymous

      “Something has to be done, its not the law abiding citizens that everyone
      is afraid of. But something has to be done, know one else is stepping
      up to the plate with any suggestions, he at least has balls to try

      Not trying anything new, so no balls required. What he has proposed has been tried and failed before. The NRA has far more practical suggestions. They have balls and get criticized for stepping up to the plate with realistic suggestions that have been proven over and over to work.

      As far as any pact to derail the president, you may not be a democrat, but you sure spew their fabrications as if you were. Get an education from reliable sources, or learn to think for yourself. Neither is evident in your post!

  • Justin Tierney

    anytime somoene comes along and says that everyone else in the country is a nitwit because they elected someone they don’t like must be in a grand state of denial.  When will you wake up and realize you are the one with a problem lol.

  • George Murrey

    Just having Ted there will give the pres the shakes, just like when Dr. Carson did when he spoke at the National Day of Prayer. BTW trolls, the pres didn’t go to the first one, he was afraid he would offend somebody. He was wrong, he offended all of us and those presidents before him. 

  • jerome ennis

    I generally do not watch or listen to anything Obama when he is on one of his propaganda soapboxes talking about “I did this, I did that, I will do this, I will not do that, etc.” and all the other “I” speeches he makes which are nothing more than lies and propaganda being played to the idiots, ignorant and illiterate, know-nothing masses which makes up the base of the Socialist-Marxist-Democrat Party.  I turn the dial on radio and change channels on TV every time I see his arrogant voice or see his smug, smart-assed face.  But, I may make an exception just to see Ted Nugent, who is a courageous and great American, one of my heroes and one of the best guitar players in the world.  Worth a watch, but will not believe one lie that Obama tells as he uses The Chil-Ren, The Poor, Women, People of Color, People of Perverted Sexuality and all the rest of the Props he uses when he makes his Propaganda speeches in an effort to turn this country into a totalitarian fascist dictatorship with him as the Emperor.

    • paulie11

      Hey Jerome, next time tell us what you really think buddy, haha!  Good (and very accurate) post. 

  • Scott Toni Rockhold

    I think Ted should do everything possible to standout. Wear the camo! By Ted standing out that means he is standing up for all of gun owners that otherwise may not have a voice.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Maybe the good ol Republican boys club will also take notice of Ted! 

    Ted isn’t going just because of Obama’s Lies of the Union Address.  He’s going because this entire government, including all the RINOs who are currently in office, are taking this country down the highway to hell and Ted wants to put them all on notice!!!!

  • Guest

    “Regardless of attire, the left is expecting a tantrum from Ted Nugent tonight.”

    Now Glenn Beck can read minds? The left is shocked that someone as hateful as Ted Nugent has been invited. Tea Party Congressmen, you can elect them, but you can’t make them grow up.

  • Barbara L Sutton

    maybe he was invited so more would watch

  • Anonymous

    So is tonight Nugent’s night to get to “‘dead or in jail” since Obama was re-elected?  Seems odd to me that there are Americans who disrespect the President of the United States and glorify Ted Nugent, a draft dodging pedophile who had to be forced to pay child support for his out-of-wedlock children.  All that is okay since he’s a conservative, right?

    • notalib

       Based on the lies and lack of respect the President has for our citizens, our country and institutions Nugent is very mild mannered.  The man-child has broken more promises and lied to us like Pinocchio ever could.  He is incompetent and he is doing his best to harm our country.  No–I’ll take Ted Nugent over the man-child anytime.  One is a patriot and the other is a——use your own terminology.

      • Anonymous

        What does “man-child” even mean?  President Obama graduated college, graduated law school, married and fathered two children who he obviously loves and supports financially.  He’s intelligent, articulate and sincere.  He’s exhibited a high level of maturity throughout his adult life.  How did draft-dodging Nugent become a “patriot” in the conservative mind?

        • Anonymous

          You are wondering how Ted became a PATROIT. Well, he stands for our 2nd Amendment Rights. More power to him. How did the President win the Noble Peace Prize? He doesn’t know what peace is for our great country AMERICA. Dr. Ben Carson made his stand for us.We as true Americans need to make our stand for our rights. Obama doesn’t have a clue about anything except jetting here and there and being seen. He needs to be in our shoes as retires and have to live on our pay. He wouldn’t last long. Oh, where is all the good grades he made in college. He is a mystery man of American. God Bless All Of US.

        • Anonymous

           Prove to us that Obama graduated from college. He had his records sealed and you have no idea what kind of man he is. Your adoration of a n admitted drug addict is typical of a lemming.

        • Anonymous

          Ya, I really like that picture of him smoking weed with the fedora hat on.  Oh and the fact that he has never even had a job that wasn’t tax payer funded-I beleive we the tax-payers support his children and their upper private education. You are right he is quite articulate when he is reading that telepromter too. Forget pedophelia when you can just demand that a child can not be saved from a botched abortion, don’t forget how he supports that.  Ya you are right he is a ‘GREAT’ guy!

          TROLL GO HOME!

    • Anonymous

      I much prefer Mr. Nugent to all of the Hollywood suck ups such as Eva Longoria, Beyoncé, et al.  And since when did you Liberals have a problem with pedophiles?  After all, to you people its a “lifestyle choice”.  And by the way, the young lady in question (Pele by name) was 17 when they met. In a lot of places that is over the age of consent, usually 16.

      • Anonymous

        You’ve been seriously misled (“lied to”) if you believe liberals support pedophilia.  Why did Nugent have to “adopt” Pele if she was legally an adult?  Courtney Love, by the way, was 12 and Nugent 28 when he introduced her to oral sex.  He has referred to his adulterous behavior on the road as “alternative flesh management” and is proud of the fact that he likes girls under 18.  Nugent has a filthy attitude and mouth.  Are you even familiar with the garbage he spouts?

        • Anonymous

          I’ve heard some of his music, and I have heard him stand up and be proud of this country, which is something the Hollywood liberals won’t do. They hate the US more than any other place, unless it is Israel.  And as for filthy attitude and mouth, again, check out the Libs.  Especially the so called ladies. Of course Pelosi, Hillary, Jolie, and company get a pass because they are Dems, right?
          Isn’t there a bridge or something you are supposed to be guarding, troll?

        • Anonymous

          Ever heard of Roman Polanski????  The child rapest that fled the U.S to avoid prosecution for raping a 13 year old girl who he drugged???? Don’t you know??? So many liberal celebrities were rallying around him trying to justify and defend what he had done.  So who is misled???? As for adultry? I am sure you are a Bill Clinton supporter too.

      • Anonymous

        This last post and I’m outta’ here.   I fail to understand how any decent person (particularly if they identify as a Christian) can read or listen to the things Nugent has to say and support his behavior or his beliefs.  Here is just a sampling:  

        • Anonymous

          Bye bye.  Go watch your Master on t.v. now, obamabot.

        • Anonymous

          Of course he posts something from media matters!

    • Tom Freeman

       RustysR, it’s not odd.  The difference is Ted Nugent did not run for the highest office in the land, Obama did.  I don’t know the history of Ted Nugent, but I’m sure you and your socialist pals will give me your version of it, over and over as you press-on with your discredit Nugent campaign.  Frankly I don’t care about Nugent’s history as it does not affect his position on the Second Amendment.  I do know the history of candidate Obama and all Americans now know his propensity to lie and deceive as we have suffered through four plus years of his arrogant incompetence.  As he spends our nation into financial oblivion he’s stealing the hopes and dreams of my hard working, over taxed family.   

    • Sam Fisher

      Uh dumb ass if that were true then why is he not in prison? I
      mean one person coming out and saying that he forced me to do something at 12
      would be enough for convection but then again liberal lies cannot be used in
      the court of law as proof. Also you attack him for dogging the draft even tho
      he was on the left back then and even tho you liberals worship draft doggers
      but now it is evil to you guys can you get anymore hypocritical. See I know
      that your claim of pedophilia is false because you liberals paint everyone here
      that disagrees with you all types of sick names in the hopes something sticks
      instead of standing on your lies or liberal talking points. Roman Polanski is
      the liberal’s sweet heart and yet he raped a 13 year old but you liberals
      worship him as a God and want him forgiven of his sins so yes you liberals support
      pedophilia and at the same time bring charges out of our side doing it with no
      proof at all. 

      • Anonymous

        Gosh, I got so many ridiculous responses I hardly know where to begin.  Nobody “worships” Polanski “as a god”.  When you say things like that, you just look like a fool.  Most of what I’ve said is based on Nugent’s own words.  If you don’t trust Media Matters, try googling his quotes – you won’t ever see them posted on conservative media, but they’re quite easy to find.  I see that Nugent was seated in a corner of the balcony and was very, very quiet at the SOFU.  Did you morons (that’s a quote from another post, btw) enjoy his explanation of the SOTU?  “My reaction? I’m not allowed to do that because I’m supposed to keep my pants on,” he told CBS News after the speech.  In an interview with the conservative website, Nugent said the Republican establishment does not fight back against Obama “because somehow they have lost their [deleted].”  (If you want to see what Republicans have lost, check it out at Breitbart.)  Such class.  Decent people would be embarassed to support him in any way, shape or form, but carry on, y’all. 

        • Sam Fisher

          I was talking about the rape moron or did you forget that lie. Gee I am going to be like you Obama raped a 12 year old boy. What is my proof here is a web site that has nothing to with lie I am spreading around about a guy I don’t like to prove my point that Obama is a monster. if you don’t like that than Google it Obama said it in his own words.

          • Anonymous

            That doesn’t even make sense.  Who’s the “rape moron”?  I suppose you can make up nonsensical lies all day long, but that doesn’t change anything about Nugent’s filthy mouth and ugly behavior.  If that’s the kind of person you want to emulate and have your children look up to, just own it.  I don’t have any hopes of changing minds around here – just trying to get you to take an honest look at the draft dodger you’ve proclaimed a True American Patriot.   

          • Sam Fisher

            You said that he raped a 12 year old on this very page but now you’re lying about it. Gee shocking!

          • Anonymous

            For some reason I don’t have any option to reply to your latest post, Sam Fisher, but will insert it here.  Perhaps you have a reading comprehension problem? I said “Courtney Love, by the way, was 12 and Nugent 28 when he introduced her to oral sex.”  That’s called pedophilia.  I didn’t say he raped her nor did I call him a “rape moron” and I haven’t lied about what I said, so I still don’t know what you’re ranting about. 

  • Gail A. Delio

    YEAH!!!!!  GO TED!!

  • Gail A. Delio

    Thank God that we have someone representing the 2nd Amendment and our Constitution.  Praise God for this.  !!!

  • david

    Uncle Ted Should Be Our President……What do you say Ted 2016 ….Let’s get this rolling…
    He won’t need a teleprompter for anything that he has to say !!

  • Anonymous

     Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing an unusual number of
    killings that were using assault rifles, and the shooters committed
    suicide when their killings were done. In the vision you are seeing
    microwaves and voices controlling a killer with a chip implanted in
    their body. This technology is already available, and it has been used
    by the military and secret agencies. Some assassins are purposely given
    two identities to hide their killing intentions. If some one world
    people want to create crimes against innocent children to get gun laws
    passed, this technology could be used on anyone that was chipped on
    purpose. Some of these crimes have been committed, and the killer was
    killed to hide any evidence. When you look at the eyes of these
    killers, you can see that they do not look normal. The one world people
    are known for their technique of create the problem, and then create
    their desired solution. By controlling people with chips, they can be
    used as robots to serve these evil masters. This is why these same evil
    people want to put chips in everyone to control them against their free
    will. This is why My faithful need to refuse any chip in the body,
    even if they threaten to kill you. I will warn My people when it is
    time to come to My refuges so the men in black cannot capture you.
    Rejoice that I am protecting you from the ruthless one world people who
    want to kill all Christians and patriots.”  check out the John Leary web site

  • LaVerne Velasco

    It would be very nice if Ted could get close enough to Osama Hussein Obama, the PUNK MUSLIM TERRORIST to strangle him. What a party WE could throw. Osama Obama is a PUNK and LIAR. JUNK is what that person is. I wouldn’t call him a man. His BEASTY wife looks more like a man than he does. I truly feel sorry for the two girls. LARRY VELASCO, AMERICAN, something Obama is NOT.

  • Anonymous

    At least, we may see some logical questions tonite. I just hope that Nugent gets a chance to say the right things that will humiliate Obummer, if that’s possible.

  • vanessa Simmons

    I am watching with the hopes that Ted does something that causes the the guards to shoot him dead on live tv.  That is what I would call must see TV… Go Ted!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Another sick liberal!

  • Jack Pac


  • Jack Pac

    American 4 Sure!

  • Anonymous

    Do the fawning Obama cult members know he is making us all poor? The ones I have met don’t even know why they voted for him. I keep preaching about Obama bering a Marxist based on my 5 years in fhe USSR where 99.9  of the supressed citizenry were destitute rather than poor. We need more Teds and Glens. Oh, and like the USSR we will eventually have no middle class, just a massive bureaucracy that told you what to do and when to do it..

  • Anonymous

    Ted Nugent has zero class, highlighted by what he said about Jim Langevin, Nothing more than obnoxious loud mouth.  Go Home Ted!

    • Jerry Kountz

       WinstonWashington, Repent now and maybe Jesus will forgive you because, I am having a hard time doing it! OH, and by the way, Your STUPID is showing!

      • Anonymous

        repent? surely the repenting should be the person that called a quadriplegic “brain dead”.

  • Anonymous

    Did not watch Obama and his lying tongue.  Can’t even stand to look at him and vile only spews out of his mouth.  I did however, watch Senator Rubio – wow what a difference a party can make.  I will most certainly vote for him if he runs for President.  What a breath of fresh air.  Washington is a stagnate,old and lifeless Government – everyone needs to go and we need some fresh young people to lead us.  Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, etc. just to mention a few.  I would have not problem in voting for any of them.  Let’s get going and get Obama and all those people out.

  • Take 2

    State of the Union was (of course) full of half truth’s. No new

    twist for Barry (global order) Dunham
    et al.,

    He wants the ‘BANK’ to put all the Bridge and Road monies in /

    Oh Health Care Stimulus Cap and Trade etc., etc., !

    One of THE new BILLS will have it in it…! New name but same

    old use to eliminate Congress…!

  • suz

    i love that idea w/the camo tie.  i will send him one.  it won’t get there on time BUT…next time!

  • Bruce Clapp

    Ted should wear the tie.  The tie can be autographed and then auctioned off for Ted’s charity of choice.  Talk about a rare piece of historical Americana!  The brass plaque on the oak and glass case would read: This tie was worn to the State of the Union Address 2013 by Ted Nugent.   Now it might be that there is a brass plaque on an urn that reads: the are the ashes of the tie that was worn to the state of the union address by Ted Nugent.  ~  Now that, that would be pleasant for Ted. 

  • Anonymous

    Ted Nugent should have attended Rubio’s speech, standing off camera beside him with a glass of water ready to quench an apparently parched speaker.

    Marco Rubio: not quite ready for prime time.

  • Anonymous

    I am glad he went.Glenn Beck should not be afraid to go to Washington either.regardless of how we feel of those there.Washington is more the peoples than it is theirs.But i hear in the president’s speech he wants to raise minimum wage.Some like that.But don’t realize more taxes will eat it up.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad Beck refuses to question, with boldness, Sandy Hoax, or even 9/11.  As a Mormon, I have zero respect for Beck.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about – are you just now crowling out from under a rock??
      what kind of a nonsense are you spewing  – Sandy a hoax  –  why are there still 100s of thousands still in jeopardy up there huh?  Have you been helping them??  Oh just another big fat mouth talking?  Shame on you  !  And 9/11 you jerk watch too much Jessy Ventura. That guy has one hell of a screw loose. (Got dropped to many times on his head.  Stop typing you Nutcase! As a Christian I have zero respect for you!!

  • Brian Skrocki

    Did he bring Piers Morgan as his ‘date’?

  • Anonymous

    All you need are these Psycho-pharma-pill you can get at every walk-in clinic.
    Even give some dopehead a super good drug-cocktail and tell them to go and play their Videogame and of they go !  They all look like they are totally out of it.  But wait til their day in court – if it ever happens – super suits clean- cut $100 shoes for the scum! I am so sick of this!

  • Ed Phillips

    Obama just threw down the glove at the speech he let all Americans know the he would break the law to get his way -now its our turn to say break the  law-go to jail.

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