Matt Kibbe responds to Rove, establishment GOP

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Last week Karl Rove made his intentions clear: He’s going to bat for who he and the GOP establishment feel can “win” an election. Rove does not put much value into what the candidate’s actual ideology is, which is kind of a sticking point for everyone who feels betrayed by the GOP (aka actual conservatives). What does Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks feel about the Rove startup?

Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: Freedom Works is a group that has really changed the landscape, and I have to tell ya they have been under attack like nobody’s business from the establishment. And the establishment is very powerful and very, very clever, and I am proud to stand with Matt Kibbe and his crew at Freedom Works. And Matt is on the phone with me now. Hi, Matt.

KIBBE: Hey, Glenn, how you doin’?

GLENN: I’m good. I ‑‑ I will tell you that I am ‑‑ I heard last week about Karl Rove and his plan. Basically he announced an attack on you guys, to stop anybody who’s stopping these establishment members of congress or the Senate, stop anybody who’s trying to take him out. And that’s you. I mean, you guys are the ones who have done it. That’s the TEA Party.

KIBBE: Yeah, he’s specifically talking about some of the candidates who won but also guys like Richard Mourdock who put his foot in his mouth and didn’t quite make it. But no, they’re going after us, and I think that the measure here as uncomfortable as it is, all of us should be a little bit proud that we have the establishment so freaked out that they’ve decided to just come after us straight up. That tells me that we are accomplishing something, we’re shaking things up. I think it’s a paradigm shift and unfortunately none of us, Karl Rove batted zero. We got a few guys over the finish line like Ted Cruz and Jeff Flake.

GLENN: Which is great.

KIBBE: But because there wasn’t a clear winner, it’s a little bit like gang warfare now. They are trying to take us out and we’re trying to defend our position based on the principles you were just talking about.

GLENN: But I will tell you this, man: I think if we play a national game, we lose. But if we play a local game and a state game, we win. I mean, look at the difference in the states. Because people, you know, in the TEA Party, the 9/12 project, Freedom Works, we’re playing it at the state and we’re winning. Look at the gains that conservatives and free market‑minded people have made in the last four years, all on the state level.

KIBBE: Yeah. And if you think about it, it’s very consistent with our principles again. We believe in local. We believe in bottom up. We believe in individual autonomy governing at the local level, not some top‑down dictate from a czar. And that’s ‑‑ when you think about our principles, I draw all my strategic influence from the principles. You’ve got to think locally. You’ve got to respect the bottom‑up power of citizens in an open‑ended democracy and you’ve got to let them make the decisions. And that’s exactly what the establishment is fighting. But I think, you know, it’s not that complicated for us to figure out how to win because it’s very much dictated by the values in the Constitution, the values and individualism, that responsibility that each of us have to hold our politics and our government in check so that it doesn’t steamroll right over us.

GLENN: I know that the mainstream media wants to seem like there’s a war in the GOP, and they’ve been doing this for a while and trying to make us look like the extremists, but we’re just the ones holding fast to the principles. Since when has that become extreme. And they’re trying to ‑‑ they’re trying to stir this war up, but there really is a war in the ‑‑ there’s only going to be one survivor, don’t you think? It’s either going to be the establishment or it’s going to be the grassroots, one of the two.

KIBBE: But they are trying to put the Genie back in the bottle. I don’t think that you can control freedom, and with the Internet and with talk radio and the decentralization of information, there’s no way that grassroots America’s going to sit back down and do as they’re told. And I think that’s ‑‑ that’s the desperation that you see on the other side. They see what’s coming and they liked it the way it was. So I do think that they’re pushing against a string when they try to stop millions and millions of voices who have power that they didn’t have before.

GLENN: That is exactly why the president is issuing his executive order on the Internet tomorrow. He’s asking companies to be responsible and just ‑‑ just answer these few things for us as the government and do these things. And I mean, it is the ‑‑ it’s the beginning gateway to control of the Internet, I believe. But we’ll ‑‑ we’ll see his executive order tomorrow.

I said a couple of weeks ago I’m done with the GOP. I think most people are. They’ve shown themselves to be waste of time and waste of skin really, quite honestly, most ‑‑ most times. When they do ‑‑ when we are strong enough in states and even like Ted Cruz, they spent money against Ted Cruz. They have done this with a lot of Freedom Works and TEA Party candidates. They try everything they can to make sure those guys do not get in. Isn’t it time just to say, “I don’t really care, and it’s time for a third party.”

KIBBE: You know, I think it might be. The only hesitation I would have is that there’s a lot of legal barriers to a third party. The GOP and the DNC have strategic advantages in the tax law and how campaign finance allows them to do certain things that a third party can’t do. But I’m starting to think that it’s possible. Because I used to say we had to take over the Republican Party. I’m open to the possibility that, you know, if the GOP doesn’t want us, we should go somewhere else.

GLENN: That’s right.

KIBBE: But I’m not so convinced that we haven’t already taken over the GOP. And if you look at who we’ve repopulated the Republican Party with purely by accident; we weren’t setting out to create more diversity, we weren’t setting out to create the GOP stars that would show up on the convention floor in Tampa, but lo and behold who did you see? You saw Ted Cruz. Tim Scott, the only black person in the Senate, TEA Party insurgent from South Carolina. Marco Rubio. You go down the list of all these young stars that the GOP has now embraced as their own. Guess what. They were candidates that the GOP opposed every step of the way.

GLENN: Yeah, but you also have people like John Boehner who is just an abomination to freedom. He is a huge barrier to freedom.

KIBBE: Yeah, I think you’ll find establishment guys like that, sort of leftovers from a bygone era in every political party. Politics is not the most beautiful thing in the world and I think if we created a successful party, built a stage that became the new winning majority, all of a sudden everyone would pretend to be us. And I think if you look at John Boehner and Eric Cantor and a lot of the Republicans that are essentially protecting the status quo, at one time or another maybe in their careers, even today they pretend to be us. They talk the talk but they never ‑‑

GLENN: You can see them through them, though. The American people, I’m not really worried about ‑‑ I’m not really worried about cash, quite honestly, because I think the Internet has made people so free and it’s ‑‑ I trust somebody, a friend of mine sending me something and saying, “Hey, this guy is really good.” I trust that much more than an ad, and look how much Karl Rove spent. I mean, you know, the TV ads and all that stuff, we don’t buy that stuff anyway. We want to hear it from our friends. We want to be involved at the grassroots level. We really are doing ‑‑ you know, they accused us of Astroturf. They’ve got all the Astroturf, and the GOP is part of it as well. They are trying to talk the talk. But the good news is we don’t buy it. We don’t buy it. And more and more people are saying, “You know what? I used to be a diehard. I gave money. I campaigned. I’m not going to work for them anymore. I’m not going to give my money to them anymore because I don’t believe them. I think the GOP has a massive wake‑up call coming their way because they will just find themselves alone with a few old people, you know, with lots of money, and what’s that going to get you? That’s going to get you lots of ads on TV that nobody will believe.

KIBBE: Yeah, David Dewhurst, I think he outspent Ted Cruz 5 to 1 and, you know, the TV ads don’t matter that much anymore. This is ‑‑ again this is why they are so freaked out. Freedom is trending and to go back to the Internet, that is the fight. I think civil liberties and free speech on the Internet is perhaps the most important fight.


KIBBE: Because that’s the vehicle by which people beat the government.

GLENN: All right. So give me one thing that we should watch for on the State of the Union tonight.

KIBBE: Watch him not talk about anything that matters. Literally.

GLENN: I see that every day.

KIBBE: He’s going to talk about infrastructure which is code for more spending and more Keynesian expansion of projects that don’t matter based on money that we don’t have and probably printed and created out of thin air. And he’s going to talk ‑‑ the irony is he’s going to talk about expanded power for the EPA even though places like Pennsylvania, the energy boom in Pennsylvania, North Dakota perhaps was the source of the few votes that he did get.

GLENN: Yeah, his win.

KIBBE: It’s the irony. But he’s going to talk about all the wrong things. He’s going to go so far left that he’s going to create a real problem for his own party because they still have to win in red districts and red states, and that’s a huge opportunity for us in 2014.

GLENN: All right. Matt, God bless you. We’ll talk to you soon.

KIBBE: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. Matt Kibbe. You know, I don’t trust organizations. I trust people. And I’ve seen Matt Kibbe for a long time behind the scenes, and I trust Matt Kibbe.

  • Sam Fisher

    I sorry Karl Rove your money will not stop us from killing your party.

    • Anonymous

      A constitutional leaning what?  You need to slow down and get your thoughts together. I am very disappointed with the Republicans, but right now they have somewhat got it together and they are not as bad as the Left.  All I can say is there had better be someone worth voting for or I will be writing in a name or won’t bother voting at all.  If there is more voting fraud there is really no point in voting – the left will be able to cheat their way into office.

      • Sam Fisher

        Show me ten Republicans that did not stab us in the back this year and I will drop this right now.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Why the push for control of the Internet by the Federal Government? 

    Information is power and he who controls the information has final power over what people see, read, understand and so forth. Freedom is based on the open discussion and presentation of ideas from all sides and sources, to let people choose in the end, not that of an tyrannical government.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Grass-roots conservatism has to be the final winner between the old, corrupt GOP, and the upcoming push by Americans who want to have their freedoms restored and the Federal government restrained.

    • William Vining

      You now talk about the GOP in the same way you talk about the Democrats, you are one stupid man.

      • Jalina Susan Stutte

        Thats because there is no diffence between the two parties and therefore your the stupid man! Boehner, McCain, Grahman and many more are nothing but liberals and have to be replaced with Grass-roots Conservatives! Wise up.

      • Anonymous

        Hey William, do you like to GOP?  I am a Republican and I am even ashamed to admit that now after all that has been done.  We have tucked our tail and  run and the Dems now are leading the show – look where that has gotten us to Greece and back.  We are heading for a financial breakdown.  Thanks to Obama!

    • Anonymous

      Man, it’s fun watching Democrat Mole Glenn Beck manipulate the Tea Party to destroy the GOP! Thanks, from all us grateful Democrats, Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy if everyoe really listened to Rove and their intentions on who to put their money behind …they would know and understand his point that some of the tea party candidates that could not have won no matter how much money they gave them …that is to help insure that we submit a viable candidate not like the one who has a backround of being a witch among others…there were others who never had a chance even before they started…..the republican party has lost alot of its luster because of some of these blunders….I really believe it would behoove freedomworks and others to welcome the help of the money and expertise of someone who has done this alot…..don’t be so touchy freedonworks try to join in …no one is trying to shade your luster or the tea parties…..this also goes for Glenn…. stop pointing fingers Glenn I have followed you and bought the Roku  I pay my 9.95 each month…but I have to be honest I somewhat believe that if you had posponed your venture until after the election so that you could have kept the steamrollar rolling perhaps there would have been more exposure to help defeat Obama….sorry I know of others who feel the same way…..I also am not sure I will be keeping my membership as I find your show has not got the appeal it had at  Fox…..I understand you have to do what is best for you……I do wish you all the luck with all your ventures there seem to be more and more….an of course your not just doing this for money….

  • William Vining

    More proof Glenn Beck is a Democrat mole as he does his best to destroy the only threat to Hillary in 2016: a unified GOP.

    • Jalina Susan Stutte

      How long have you been a underground Liberal? Do you get paid to come on Conservative sights and spew your hate? Go back to your basement.

      • Anonymous

        How can you tell the “underground liberals” from the “underground Rove guys”? Man, this is going to be fun watching you guys now that Beck has decided to go down this route, you people are about to get really messed up! 

      • Anonymous

        Yup,  he gets paid minimum wage, although rumor is he’ll be fired for lack of intelligent covert acts.  Vinyl Siding is a twerp and a stooge.  That’s all.  He’s not worth responding to. Oh, same with critter.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a second. Didn’t Jeff Flake just endorse the Obama amnesty? I wouldn’t say this is a conservative, but a sell out. And is the same fake option starting to irritate anyone? It goes, “We can’t just deport then all so we must legalize them.”
     Wrong. The third option is to enforce the law, close the jobs, and watch half the illegal aliens self-deport. Then and only then do we worry ourselves with what to do next. Take that, Flake. You were an amnesty drone in 2007 too.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, I will vote for Rubio if he takes the lead and decides to run for office.  I really like his style like honest, forthcoming, honest and to the point.  I feel that he knows what is ahead of us and it isn’t pretty, but we’re Americans and when it comes to push and shove we do what we do best stand strong and FIGHT!!!  Let’s get Obama and all the cronies out and that includes some of the GOP – maybe all of them.  Hey, let’s just clean house and start over.

    • Anonymous

      You betcha, June! You go girl!

  • ChaplainMD

    Has anyone noticed, besides me, that William Vining is a left-wing plant in this comment area? Someone voices their opinion and he tries to shut them down by calling them stupid. He actually says; “More proof Glenn Beck is a Democrat mole as he does his best to destroy the only threat to Hillary in 2016: a unified GOP.” It sounds as if William actually cares about a unified GOP. For someone to actually say they have proof that Glenn Beck is a Democrat must be drinking the Kool-Aid. William has a right to voice his opinion but calling people stupid or accusing Glenn Beck of being a Democrat in order to degrade them is what the Left-wing does, right William, you are a left-wing plant. Now don’t lie. Oh wait I’m sorry. It’s OK to lie if the ends justify the means.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I certainly like what he has to say, because I’m a proud Leftist!  And Glenn is currently the best thing to ever happen to the Democrats, please don’t make him stop!  How many listeners does he claim, like, six million or so?  Splitting six million voters from the GOP means the DNC will be winning elections for like, until after you are dead, because Rand Paul is about as electable as Osama Bin Laden, and the rest of the Libertarian Party is a bunch of kooks! Enjoy! And thanks again, Glenn!  And Chaplain, you stooge, if I were you I’d be looking at whether or not the guy pissing you off is a “Karl Rove plant”, I bet he hates you SOB’s and your site is going to be covered with “Williams” telling you that Beck is working for the DNC, because, well, like it or not, in reality, no matter what he says, he is!

  • Anonymous

    Man, its fun watching Democrat mole Beck and the Tea Party dismantle the GOP! Thanks, from all the grateful Democrats, Glenn!

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