Odd: Obama handing out Medal of Honor like candy

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Yesterday, President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to Clinton Romesha, a retired Army staff sergeant, for his remarkable bravery defending an American outpost in Afghanistan from Taliban insurgents. While Romesha is undoubtedly deserving of the honor, Glenn could not help but notice President Obama’s eagerness to hand out the prestigious award during his first term.

“Yesterday the President awarded yet another medal of honor, and I don’t understand what he’s doing here,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “This is something new… We don’t usually hand these out like candy. And not that these recipients don’t deserve it – I want to make it clear that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying: why the change in policy on giving these guys these Congressional Medal of Honor all the time?”

Pat and Glenn agreed that it seems like the President hands out a Medal of Honor, the military’s highest honor, every six months or so. And as it turns out, Obama has awarded 10 Medals of Honor (including Romesha) since taking office in January 2009. Comparatively, President George W. Bush awarded 11 Medals of Honor over the course of his two terms (spanning from January 2001 to January 2009).

While no one is downplaying the significance of Romesha’s bravery or the sacrifice of other Medal of Honor recipients, there have been points in history where Medals of Honor have been awarded under suspicious circumstances.

“The reason why I bring this up is because there was an important time in history that people don’t know about. I don’t know about it,” Glenn said. “Pat has been telling me about it. I haven’t had time to research it myself. But there was an important time in history when these were given out like candy.”

Pat explained that following the Battle of Wounded Knee in December 1890, 20 Medals of Honor were handed out by the Army. The Battle was not without controversy, and it is widely referred to as a massacre by most accounts. During a disarming of the Lakota tribe on the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, 150 men, women, and children were killed by the U.S. Army.

“We slaughtered the Indians, I mean just slaughtered them,” Glenn said. “And to cover that, the government decided, let’s make this into a great battle. Let’s turn the – let’s spin this story. Let’s give the Congressional Medal of Honor to all these guys. And so like, 20 of them got the Congressional Medal of Honor, which was unheard of. It didn’t – it just didn’t happen. That’s again why I look at this president and say, why is he doing that?”

In the wake of the murder of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle last week and the commentary from the SEAL that killed Osama bin Laden implying the government has failed to provide for the troops returning home from overseas, Obama’s motives in handing out these awards could be seen as suspect.

“So he’s doing this for a reason,” Glenn said. “I mean, the guys who did the job that he got credit for, he’s not even taking care of those guys. He’s not making sure that they are taken care of or anything else. Forget the stupid medal.”

“He’s appointing all the kind of people that hate the military. He’s gutting it. So why is he wrapping himself around the Congressional Medal of Honor? To devalue it? That doesn’t seem – what is the end game on this? What is he doing this for,” Glenn questioned. “And I know that sounds really, really pessimistic, but give me a reason. Give me something that shows he respects the military. Why is he doing it? Does anybody have a clue? Because I can’t figure – Pat and I have been trying to noodle this one for almost since this guy got in office because he started giving them out like they’re Pez. We’re like, what is that? Why is he doing that? Because he doesn’t feel that way personally. So who’s in his office setting this up and getting this done?”

There is no denying the recipients of this award are heroes in every sense of the word, which is why the Medal of Honor continues to hold the significance it does, but the fact that this President has handed out nearly as many Medals of Honor in one term as President Bush did in two, is a bit of a head-scratcher.

“If you had somebody who was like pro military and, like, ‘Hey, these guys are doing…’ but you’ve got a guy who says, you know, basically ‘We’re the bullies of the world.’ So why? It doesn’t fit,” Glenn concluded. “Something’s wrong there, and it just doesn’t fit.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Remember that Michelle Obama said along the lines “We have to change our traditions, symbols, our holidays, our society and our culture…’

    The military is about as traditional as you can get within America, and the Medal of Honor is the highest military award anyone could qualify for and receive. By making it as base an award as possible, one given out freely, Obama seeks to make it ‘normal’ and not for ‘going above and beyond the call of duty.’

    Pervert our traditions, our symbols, our culture and so forth until they are debased, devalued and destroyed.

    Glenn that is why he is doing this.

    • antithetical radical

      I have to disagree slightly in this case. Obama is the presenter, as stated by other posters, but he does not choose the recipient. Staff Sergeant Romesha definitely served above and beyond the call of duty and proved to be key to the survival of the men at his post at a time when it was under attack by a vastly numerically superior hostile force. The man deserves the award by every measure. 

      This stuff really doesn’t mean anything to Nerobama though; he has no idea what any of it is about, and his only interest in it is for the publicity. To him, this is all about him.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Staff Sgt Romesha, as with all other winners of the Metal of Honor have earned it, most of them after giving their lives for others. That I will not deny in the least, they are true heroes of this nation.

        Obama is using the case for his own twisted ends. The President has shown how much of a coward he truly is.

        • antithetical radical

          I completely concur on the character of the pResident.

      • BobbyG

        Well, sorta. Here’s the procedure. Note, the President authorizes himself to give the award:

        Medal of Honor (MOH) – Awards Outside the Statutory Time Limits
        From initiation to presentation
        1. Congress member sends a request to the appropriate Service to review / board the actions of
        military member to determine if actions warrant an upgrade to the Medal of Honor.

        “Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 1130, directs that upon request of a member of Congress,
        a Service Secretary shall review a proposal for the award or presentation of a decoration (or the upgrading
        of a decoration) that is not otherwise authorized to be presented or awarded due to time limitations established by law or policy.”
        2. Appropriate Service establishes / conducts Board to determine if Medal of Honor is warranted.
        3. Service Secretary advises requestor(s) of their determination.

        “Upon making a determination as to the merits of approving the award or presentation of
        the decoration, the Secretary concerned shall submit to the Committee on the Armed Services of the Senate
        and the Committee on the National Security of the House of Representatives and to the requesting member of Congress notice in writing of the decision.”

        If the Medal of Honor is recommended, the memo to Congress will say… the award or presentation
        of the decoration warrants approval and a waiver by law of time restrictions prescribed by law is recommended.
        4. Congress member(s) introduces legislation to waive the time limits for awarding the
        Medal of Honor (Act, Bill, etc.)
        5. Presidentsigns the legislation waiving the statutory time limitations and authorizes the
        President to award the Medal of Honor.
        6. Theappropriate Service packages the recommendation paperwork and coordinates
        through Service Staff Offices, Offices of the Service Chief, Chairman Joint
        Chiefs of Staff, Service Secretary and the Secretary of Defense. The paperwork
        goes through the same channels as if the action happened within the time
        7. TheSecretary of Defense will forward the package (with a memo from the Secretary
        of Defense to the President) to the White House Military Office for White House

        8. White House gets the package for final

    • Joseph Parker

      Wrong Asswipe! The POTUS only puts the Medal around the Recipients Neck and signs the Award notification. The Honoree must be recommended by either a Member of the Command they serve in, or another NCO or Officer in their branch of Service or simply by any Officer in any branch. They can also be recommended by their Congressperson or even by themselves. You are simply one more Worthless Troll who knows NOTHING yet Complains about everything! Get a Life!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Obama seeks to corrupt, devalue, dishonor and pervert anything of traditional value that shows American exceptionalism, especially that true exceptionalism which makes our military the best in the world.

    Obama needs that to be perverted and destroyed so he can completely break the armed forces and make them into a instrument of shame.

  • http://youtu.be/xm1F7ub00gk Sam Fisher

    I never served so I don’t know one way or the other but it would not shock me tho if Obama is just using them as props to make himself look more pro-military than he truly is.

  • Draxx

    Being Prior Service I see this as Dishonoring Those that have already earned the CMH…

    I remember when only Special Forces/Airborne were the ONLY Soldiers Authorized to Wear a Beret. But, when they allowed All Soldiers to wear them, the Soldiers that Earned the Right to Wear Them Felt Horribly Dishonored and many left the armed forces…

    Nothing less than Defamation of Character (Military Honor System).

  • Anonymous

    Photo ops opportunities. He will do and say whatever to make himself look more popular, here and abroad. He is saying more and more God bless america and God bless you too. No shame. Cheapening the valor of those who are serving our country. Sam, I agree with your post too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Gilder/100000277669104 Ken Gilder

    As much as I dislike Obama, and think he is the biggest horse’s a$$ to ever be elected president, I beg to differ.  The award of the Medal of Honor is determined at a much lower level than the Commander in Chief.  First, the action for which the medal is awarded, must be personally witnessed by, I believe, two persons.  The action is written up by the individual’s commander, after consultation with the witnesses.  It is then forwarded up the chain of command, and at each level, the commander must concur, or non-concur.

    Now, if I am at the top of the ladder, and the award had been approved by the unit commander, battalion commander, brigade commander, division commander, corp commander, theater commander, chief of staff, service secretary, joint chiefs of staff, and SecDef, even if I am Obama, I’m probably not going to argue with them.

    • Anonymous

      Ken…I wholeheartedly concur with you.  I am a USAF Retired Colonel with 30 years in the service; so I know how the system works.  I REALLY like Glenn, but he blew it this time…Big “O” only presents the award…he has nothing to do with selection of the individual, approval, etc. etc.  Thanks!

      Rafael A. Goyco

      • Charlie Brown

         >  I am a USAF Retired Colonel with 30 years in the service;
        > so I know how the system works.

        So, you should know how evil works too?

        Was it a General that gave wikileaks the information or a homosexual PFC ?

        The 1st President of Kenya, his Egyptian (Kenite) name meant “silent warrior” before he changed it, to get elected. Did Obama do the same thing ?  Do you know why Obama picked his middle name?

        The lower levels of the military have already been corrupted. Now Satan’s objective is to get rid of all the higher levels he has compromised that he feels will not fire on USA citizens no matter what. He has been doing that. How many (4 star) generals have fallen under Obama?

        They are being replaced by weaker men that can be comprised and manipulated when the time comes. You know how Jesus drew in the sand when they wanted to stone the woman for adultery. Imagine that Allah ring hand doing the same.

        Satan wraps himself up in the metal of honor, so, when the time comes he will call for help and say “protect the Constitution”. Plus, he gets a thrill from putting his unclean hands on it.

        If you want to know the truth about exactly what Obama is doing and what pattern it follows, then search for

        “No hard feelings, Obama sends McChrystal on vacation to Switzerland”

        If you know military history, you will know what the phrase means already, Obama does.

        • Anonymous

          Wow Charlie Brown, you sir are a real wackadoodle. Two previous people actually speak the reality of the situation, one with 30 years experience, and you go full on crazy. Why can’t people get anything done in this country? Because, you can’t reason with someone who has the facts told to him by somebody with advanced experience, and he chooses to ignore it for his own insane “theories”. You just can’t fight stupidity. Kudos to Papito and Ken. I like people who stand up for what’s right against the ridiculous. We can all disagree on lots of things for love of country, but let’s agree Charlie Brown is a loon 😉

        • antithetical radical

          You are a disrespectful bucket of raw sewage, and I am trying to be nice, you communist weasel. 

          Go back to the little church in Kansas and pray that when you need a soldier to save your sorry butt, that there is one ready and willing to do the job. 

          These men and women are willing to give the ultimate sacrifice for ungrateful morons like you, yet you are unworthy to polish their boots.

    • Steve Osteen

       Thanks for bringing some truth to this story.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck, a coward who hid from military duty, tells us who’s supposed to get a medal…..

    • antithetical radical

      You are one to talk. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Spike-Williams/100000051760038 Spike Williams

    It’s a photo shoot

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.madison.9256 John Madison

    He’s handing out medals for votes… : )

  • Huss Family

    Trying to earn brownie points with the military and get them in his pocket for future shenanigans?  MOH’s are a whole helluva lot cheaper than actually budgeting for troops.  In typical Obama fashion he’s banking that all show and no go will cut the mustard…

  • Anonymous

    just one more direction in which the administration is “devaluing the Currency”.  Print more!  Print more!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6BDQTYMMVUJ2KBRCLYDQPXT53Y Sloane H

    Seems like a political attempt to appease the military. No doubt those guys earned it. But I think the military is about to get bent over the barrel. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/antonia.duhe Antonia Duhe

    He’s making it even…needs more diversity

  • Anonymous

    As a Vietnam veteran, I have seen a lot of men do many brave acts, that were never given any award. If you just look at the D-Day invasion , so many gave their life, and all they received was a purple heart. So, I don’t begrudge anyone their award, they earned it. So I don’t buy, that they are being given out like candy. Just time that more people are recognized for all they have given.

  • http://www.facebook.com/martha.l.vincent Martha Lee Vincent

    Is anyone but me suspicious of the Chris Kyle murder???

    • Anonymous

      Yes Martha….along with all the others in the last two years. Seems like the shootings are accelerating; in fact, I am suspicious of this dude being searched for in CA. This is a state wanting to ban guns altogether. They can’t find him! Are they looking or trying to make the case for gun control?

      • Anonymous

        Dormer found dead in a cabin near Big Bear Lake. I could have written this script. How convenient that this guy is now dead; Will we ever know what really happened?

  • Anonymous

    It’s just another diversion from REAL problems facing America. It is there to keep his phony face in the picture, just like his appearance after hurricane Sandy. Some front-line soldier gets the recognition based on his commanders, while the “shooter” who did away with UBL is thrown under the bus. Just another reason to suspect something out of line with this administration.

  • Anonymous

    Did the Osama shooter, who was recently murdered, get a Medal of Honor??  Handing out so many medals lessens its value, honor, and prestige.   It reminds me of all the money being printed and inflation.  Medals of Honor are being treated the money we don’t have

  • Anonymous

     Glen, several of us have been thinking the same thing.  Libs hate the military.  Think back to Bill and Hillary’s departure from the White House.  Do you remember that night the several hundred military cheering them in what appeared to be an airplane hanger.  They were all ga ga over those jokers who had treated the military like dirt for 8 years.  Turned out they were the staff that flew and supported Air Force One.  They had to be there and they were probably ordered to cheer.

  • Anonymous

    Just another Marxist propaganda technique on president Davis behalf.  The hypocrisy is glaring.  To wit:  Evidence recent news of the virtual abandonment of the Seal who popped Bin Laden.  Today came news that Sgt Kimberly Munley is telling of the abandonment of those wounded by the Muslim at Ft. Hood.  Evidence that our wounded from Afghanistan and Iraq (among others) must wait more than a year to have their applications for Veterans Administration assistance answered – much less approved.  A “commander-in-chief” who cared would be all over these matters to get them done for the troops!

    • Anonymous

      GW would have! Say what you will about him…he cared about our soldiers.

      • antithetical radical

        Yes, he did.

  • http://twitter.com/Samahon Sandra Honis

    Thank you for keeping an eye on this Glenn and Pat…please educate us and keep us updated on this.  If you are correct in what you suspect, he is cheapening that valuable award for everyone who has received it and will receive it.  Shameful!

  • Anonymous

    Because he thinks he can buy our soldiers like he did the simpleminded for when the time comes for them to aim their weapons on civilians on his orders, they will.

  • Anonymous

    I think your analysis is wrong.  This has been a topic of controversy within the military since the GWOT began.  Within the Marine Corps, there has been significant discussion and passion put into having more Marines recognized with this honor for their bravery.  Unfortunately it is often the Service level awards boards, processing within DoD, or getting Congressional approval that has been the sticking point.  I may be wrong, but I’m inclined to believe that by the time MoH recommendations get to the President (current or past), they’ve been so thoroughly debated and vetted, that he has little choice (or honorable decision) but to approve them.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, I remember when the Medal of Honor stood for something – just like Obama is trying and doing a very good job I might add at tearing down America.  Real Heros received the MOH – I know some that have received it deserved some type of medal, but I have not heard anything news worthy on the field or off to warrant a MOH.  One more of his hateful tricks to demolish what America stands for….we really need to pray for him – he is really going to need it come judgement day.  I won’t be standing anywhere around him.  I plan on being with the sheep and not the goats.

    • antithetical radical

      Actually, SSG Romesha did a great deal. He is one man who deserves the CMOH. 

  • Anonymous

    I am from a proud military family.  My Dad was a Marine, my husband, two brothers were in the Navy, my brother-in-law was in the Air Force, my son-in-law is in the Navy and my Grandson is in the Air Force.  He needs to leave everyone alone and tend to his business – the military are quite capable of taking care of themselves.  We have the best and honorable military in the world.  He needs to step aside and leave it alone – was working great before he got elected.  Just my opinion…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634943860 Neil Baxter

    In the spirit of Ayn Rand, the way to debase excellence is to treat the ordinary as if it was great, then what is left of excellence?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1446671899 Dudley Pedro

    When Hussein said,  “But that’s what these soldiers were asked to do, defend the indefensible.” I found that as a very inappropriate remark for the pResident to say at an award ceremony, even though it was a finding in the investigation “that Camp Outpost Keating ‘was tactically indefensible.’ ” @snowleopard is right, also, King Putt is undermining the leadership of our military services to systematically debase, devalue, and destroy our traditional military culture. As a 31-year USAF veteran, I lived the USAF Core Values before they were made official: “Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence In All We Do.” Would it not be wonderful if our National Leadership whether in the Executive, Legislative, or Judiciary branches actually ‘walked the walk and talked the talk’ of these simple but complete values? 

    • antithetical radical

      Yes, in answer to your last question, it would indeed. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    this has to do w/his legacy — paraphernalia out there w/his stamp on it.  remember, how he inserted himself into presidential bios?  he’s a guy who wants his name down in the record books for all time even if the info is false.  he lied in the queen’s book about the date — that was not a miswrite.  his image (visual and metaphorical) has already been written into the history books, movies, documentaries, sit-coms, EVERYTHING.  he’s everywhere.  the media creams his name.  he wants women and men to fall in love w/him.  he wants to speak and sing in every language so the world can hear the gravitas of his soul, which, i contend, is as empty as his words.  he wants soldiers to pass the word on that it was a great moment when that guy put a medal around their neck and that these stories will live forever out there in the ether.   

    poser schlock — pure and simple.  it is nauseatingly true, that he is a shallow and narcissistic man.  what deep thing has he brought us?what thing of value has he brought us?

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.karlmann Thomas Karlmann

    I hear you.  Know what bothers me?  Why can’t the world address the Somali pirate issue?  Look to your history.  This happened in the 1700’s or 1800’s where we got sick and tired of all the trouble pirates were causing.  So we sent some military guys out, and they fixed the problem — they found the pirates and destroyed them.  Why do these 2013-era pirates get a “free pass” from the world?  Why can’t something be done?  This sounds absolutely ludicrous to me.

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  • Anonymous

    Thank You Glenn.A lot of people do not have a clue about the history, of how the natives were slaughtered! The women and children were not spared!And it was called  Manifest Destiny”Ï will leave this conversation now,it is to close to me and it makes me irrational.

  • antithetical radical

    Nerobama does not respect the military, or those serving in it, nor does he understand the significance of the CMOH. To him, it is another photo op, and a political matter, nothing more. 

  • Anonymous

    The reason Obama is giving out all these CMH medals is not only to deflect criticism about his true feeling for the US Military but also an attempt to keep as many of them as possible on HIS SIDE TO DO HIS BIDDING when civil disorder finally erupts from either an economic collapse, an insurrection from attempted gun confiscation or something else not yet imagined.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Calvin.Spotted.Elk Calvin Spotted Elk

    For more information about the Congressional Medals of Honor given for Wounded Knee please check the albums on this Facebook page started by descendants of the Chief of the people killed in the massacre.  https://www.facebook.com/NoMedalsForMassacres

  • http://www.facebook.com/Calvin.Spotted.Elk Calvin Spotted Elk

    Here is an article worth reading, as well  http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/feb/18/massacre-wounded-knee-medals-honor-rescinded

  • Anonymous

    It’s called a CONGRESSIONAL Medal of Honor. You all act like Obama calls the shots on who gets an MoH. Service men and women are nominated by their chain of command, then it has to be approved by congress. The President is merely the person who presents the award.

  • lean6

    Just did an internet search to see if there was a conservative out there whining about people receiving the Medal of Honor. Surprise, surprise, surprise…look who pops up on the top of the list of whiners.

    Congratulations to all of these MOH recipients…long overdue.

  • Johnmuir7

    Hi you mindless zombies, I trust you’ve been getting fatter and stupider on all the B.S. Corporations like Glen Beck and McDonalds are feeding you since this post in 2013. But today our president handed out 2 more medals of honor to Pvt. Henry Johnson, an African-American, and Sgt. William Shemin. Only in this fine country can we admit they deserved our highest honor posthumously, do the right thing and award it. I can’t wait to hear how you spin this as anything but amazing! Enjoy your fries!

  • Johnmuir7

    Hi you mindless zombies, I trust you’ve been getting fatter and stupider on all the B.S. Corporations like Glen Beck and McDonalds are feeding you since this post in 2013. But today our president handed out 2 more medals of honor to Pvt. Henry Johnson, an African-American, and Sgt. William Shemin. Only in this fine country can we admit they deserved our highest honor posthumously, do the right thing and award it. I can’t wait to hear how you spin this as anything but amazing! Enjoy your fries!

  • Johnmuir7

    Hi you mindless zombies, I trust you’ve been getting fatter and stupider on all the B.S. Corporations like Glen Beck and McDonalds are feeding you since this post in 2013. But today our president handed out 2 more medals of honor to Pvt. Henry Johnson, an African-American, and Sgt. William Shemin. Only in this fine country can we admit they deserved our highest honor posthumously, do the right thing and award it. I can’t wait to hear how you spin this as anything but amazing! Enjoy your fries!

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