The Flies Know

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What do the flies know and how do they know it? Today on radio, Glenn speculates on the mysterious connection this president seems to have with mother nature, in particular with insects like flies. How many people do you know who could keep their face completely still while flies continuously land and take off? Glenn has more on what the flies know on radio today – and a new t-shirt to go with it.

  • Sam Fisher

    I still think the flies can smell the bull crap he spews out of him daily.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    You can tell a person by the animals that keep company with him, and most animals leave in a hurry while insects that carry plague, death and corruption keep showing up.

    • Draxx

      snowleopard, You forgot to mention that they can also Smell a Pile of Crap, and I guess a person (Obummer) that is Full of Shit…

      • Anonymous

        The saying “like flies on $#^!”, comes to mind.

    • Anonymous

      yep you got that right!!! obama sounds like Lucifer himself!

  • Anonymous

    Lord of the Flies

  • Anonymous

    Yep, Beck’s political power is slipping away……

  • Julia

    that is just gross! it isn’t normal! he is SO a fly, a big disgusting, slimy,hairy, vile fly!! and everyone knows it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well we know what flies like to settle on i.e., check out a cow pasture and the dung on the ground.

  • Anonymous

    well, the demon know as Beelzebub is know as the Lord of the flies. What does that tell you when flies swarm to ‘That Guy”?
    [Old English Belzebub , ultimately from Hebrew bá`al zebūb , literally: lord of flies]

    • Anonymous

      Apparently, FLIES and PLAGUES go together…

  • Anonymous

    I always wondered why flies are attracted to s**t, now I understand.

  • Anonymous

    The excrement from animals on the pavement does not move….perhaps there’s a connection?

  • Jim

    President Obama decided to do one of his public addresses against the backdrop of an American farm, but the ceremony couldn’t get started because of all the flies buzzing around his head. Obama demanded to know why the flies wouldn’t leave, so the farmer explained to him, “Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses.” Obama angrily replied, “Hey, are you saying that I’m a horse’s behind?” The farmer answered, “No Sir, Mister President. I would never call someone a horse’s behind. It’s hard to fool them flies though.”


  • Anonymous

    flies are maybe a spin off from Satan, you think?  I think he deserves all the flies that can perch on him.   Maybe they are fore runners for Satan,  checking things out to see if Obama has corrupted all the people that he can and done his job.

  • Frank Balcer

    Too bad it was not a horse fly that landed on his face.

  • R W

    HELP!  HELP!  Why is there nothing on the Blaze about the Supreme Court review of whether Obama used forged government documents, and fake identification, in order to get elected President?  For those who do not know.. On February 15th all nine Judges will gather in conference, to review these charges. The Supreme Court website shows docket file #12A606 “Chase,Titled, Noonan, Judd, MacLean: Taitz Vs Bowen…   
    like Glenn says look it up, don’t take my word for it..  Here’s what they will be looking at:
    1) Supreme Court reviews Obama Birther case in conference…  2) Obama’s alleged 2009 tax return, with a fake SSN  3) publisher states in early 90’s, that 4bama was born in Kenya..  4) Obama’s alleged Kenyan birth certificate.. 5) school registration allegedly states Obama is a Indonesian citizen.. 6) fake Vs real birth certificate  7) Wedding ring inscription, “there is no God, but Allah”   8) Ann Durham (Obama’s mother) fake photo on Obama’s official Facebook..
    9) Obama’s alleged real farther, Frank Marshall Davis..

    I’d think this would be huge news..  The Supreme Court, must have good reason to review it..  Why is Glenn, or Fox, or Breitbart, or anybody else not talking about this??  Please respond… 

    • Anonymous

      You’d think that docket number would end in 666, from the sounds of things in this thread…

      You gotta admit: Orly is nothing if not PERSEVERING.

  • suz

    help me, help me!

  • David

    It is simple.  He can not feel the fly.  That means he has so much “make up” on that he can not feel the fly at all. 

  • Anonymous

    I get paid Friday, this is now #1 on my list of Must Buys!!

  • Dawn Brayton

    First bees and now flies. Hmm..seems like he’s moving either up or down the food chain. Bees make honey and are attracted to sweet stuff but they are small while flies are bigger and like dead people. Hey, maybe he’s a zombie or something. Or maybe he just needs to change his aftershave.

  • Anonymous

    barry-HUSSEIN-osama oops obama sounds like Lucifer himself who surrounds himself with the seven plagues of death waiting to drag everyone down with him. if he cant be happy then no one else can be! he likes the perks of being president but not the responsibility and he doesn’t need to take responsibility as long as he has the media in his pocket just like his friends hugochavez and achmidinijad! all he has to do is keep  demonising republicans and he can win back the house and our country id really gone and he has more perks without the responsibility!
    MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA when america’s people bless God again

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