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A parody website has created a fake story about Glenn, but the liberals actually fell for it despite the obvious satirical nature of the headline and the story. Sadly, these are the people out there voting in the progressives and their agenda rather than doing their own homework. What did Glenn think?

From the story “Glenn Beck Calls 911 After Accidentally Eating Halal Pizza”:

911: Hello this 911. What is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Hello? Hello?

911: Hello sir what is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Yes I think I might have been poisoned. Oh my god, please help. Please.

911: Okay calm down. How do you think you’ve been poisoned?

Glenn Beck: Pizza. I ate a pizza that I shouldn’t have eaten.

911: Okay, so you think you have food poisoning then?

Glenn Beck: Yes ma’am.

911: Do you have any signs and symptoms? Any vomiting? Nausea? Diarrhea?


Glenn Beck: No no. It’s just…I don’t trust the place that it came from.

911: Okay sir where did you get the pizza?

Glenn Beck: Its was from Mazaras in Fort Worth

911: Oh Mazaras? I love that place. Great sauce.

Glenn Beck: Oh yeah? Well did you know that it’s run by Muslims?

911: I did not know that sir. Is that relevant to your problem though?

Glenn Beck: Relevant? Ha! That is the problem. You don’t know what Muslims put in food they prepare for Christians. No one does?

911: Okay…

Of course, the liberals thought the above was true. Commenters on twitter have called Glenn a racist, ignorant, Islamaphobic, and more.

“These spoof parodies, they’re funny for a while.  But they capture the really stupid among us.  I mean, they’re capturing the media,” Glenn said.

“And you’re never going to correct it,” he continued. “I contend that many of the people who hate me have absolutely no idea who I am.  They never listen to me.  They’ve never heard of me.  And this stuff is dangerous.”

“I’m not going to ban the parody website, I’m not going to regulate the parody web ‑ they have a right to do whatever they’re doing,” Glenn said. “We have a responsibility as consumers of news to know the difference between truth, and it’s difficult.”