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Common sense would seem to dictate that the police pursuit that ended in the death of cop-killer Chris Dorner would be met with praise. But not if you watched CNN! They sympathized with Dorner, concluding that he ‘had a point’ with his grievance. One CNN commentator even called the pursuit ‘exciting’ because Dorner was a ‘real life super hero’ to many people. Glenn reacted to the news on radio this morning.

During an appearance on CNN, HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill said, “This has been an important conversation that we’ve had about police brutality, about police corruption, about state violence.”

“As far as Dorner himself goes, he’s been like a real life superhero to many people,” Hill continued.

Hill also said that “when you read his manifesto, when you read the message that he left, he wasn’t entirely crazy.”

“It’s almost like watching ‘Django Unchained’ in real life,” he explained. “It’s kind of exciting.”

Hill did pay lip service to the idea that the killing of innocent people was wrong, but his comments indicated that overall he was entertained by the whole tragedy.

“If this were happening and this guy, this cop, were not a leftist, you know what the coverage would have been last night?” Glenn asked. “The coverage last night would have been they finally got this guy and here’s what he said in his manifesto. Listen to this crazy talk. Listen to what he said in his manifesto,”

“His manifesto is anti‑cop, anti‑government. His manifesto is the rantings of a madman. Now, who else is he connected to? Was he ever watching Fox? Was he ever listening to Rush Limbaugh? Because how many more of these guys are out there? And then they would have run all of the stories that they could possibly find about the violence from the right. They would have covered everything,” Glenn said.

“But instead they are quoting a crazy killer’s manifesto and saying he’s making some ‑‑ he’s making some good points,” Glenn continued.

“The biggest, the number one problem in America is the indoctrination in America. All the way from Hollywood to the news. And you know what? When you’re alone, when you’re just a blogger, when you have just a few websites that are just mocked all the time, those few websites can’t create enough momentum to keep a story alive. They can’t. Because they’re constantly being mocked and ridiculed. And the silence is deafening. And people, because they don’t trust the news anymore, don’t watch it. Instead they get it from Jon Stewart.”

“At TheBlaze we’ve been ‑‑ we’re working tirelessly to get it right, and sometimes we screw it up. But the things that we’re working on that we’re planning, we’ll eventually shut these guys down. And they will run to the government, and they will try to limit people like me, places like TheBlaze, they will use the FCC and they will use new regulation, they will use scare tactics, bullying tactics. They will bully not only us as a business but they will bully any sponsors or anybody else.”

Glenn predicted that as mainstream media outlets lose viewers and readers to online citizen journalists, they will eventually run to the federal government for a bailout and claim that it’s important to keep these outdated news institutions alive.

“And believe me, the United States government will bail the journalists out. They will bail out the New York Times because it’s the paper of record, you know. And they will bail them out and they will become even more Pravda‑like.”

“They lose as long as we have the Internet. They lose as long as the Internet remains free. The bullies on the right and the bullies on the left lose, as long as you are free to speak your mind and tell the truth. It’s going to get harder and harder to do that,” Glenn said.

Glenn said despite the struggle ahead in the fight for freedom, the challenges will ultimately mold people who seek truth into something strong.

“How lucky we are to be able to be pushed and prodded. And to find what we really, truly mean, to find what we truly believe, to find what’s worth fighting for,” Glenn explained. “Soft times made us lazy, but hard times will make us who we really are.”