Valentine’s Day Message from Glenn: Stop spending time in life and start living it

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This morning I left early and I thought to myself, you know, I don’t think anybody at Apple ever thought of the iPad being a flashlight. But it is. I use it as a flashlight. My wife is asleep and I get up and I turn on my iPad and I use it to find my way to the bathroom to where I can get, you know, showered and changed, ready to go. I turn off that light and use it as a flashlight again. And I was tying my shoe, I perched the iPad there on the chair so I could see what I was doing in the dark led by the iPad. And I thought, that’s not something anybody set out to do at Apple, I’m sure, and how many of us do that.

And then I went and I kissed my wife goodbye and I left for work. I can’t believe I’m going to give you a Lady Gaga story, but I’m going to. Lady Gaga announced Tuesday that she had to cancel four upcoming shows due to a severe inflammation of joints that has left her unable to walk. She said in a tweet ‑‑ believe me there’s a point in talking about Lady Gaga here ‑‑ in a tweet that she had been hiding the show injury and chronic pain for some time now from her staff. But her condition has worsened. She said, “I don’t want to disappoint my amazing fans. However, last night’s performance I couldn’t walk, and I still can’t.” It will hopefully heal soon. I hate it. I hate it so much. I love you and I’m sorry.

Well, as it turns out, she may have something more than a show injury, don’t know, it’s speculation, but it could be the onset of lupus. And right now it’s called synovitis, which is a swelling of all of the joints. And it could be caused just from her performances, but it’s usually the onset of lupus which, in the end your organs shut down and you’re just waiting for the next organ to shut down. Your body starts rejecting itself and little by little you start to die. It’s just a faster way to die. As I said that little by little you start to die, that happened to us at birth. Little by little you start to die.

But I thought of this story and I thought, what is her life like now? What is she going through now if she realizes “Soon I may not be able to walk? I may not be able to dance. I may not be able to sing.” What is her life, what does she have in her life? Maybe a lot. But here she is defined by her performance, at least by us, maybe not in her head but defined by her performance.

Today’s Valentine’s Day, and today is just another workday for most of us. But for those of us who didn’t buy flowers because we forgot, didn’t get a card because we forgot, or just got up this morning and kissed your wife goodbye and then you went to work, may I suggest that we learn this from Chris Kyle just last Sunday, that he kissed his wife goodbye and he went to go help somebody else and he never returned? He had worked hard and he had given all of his money, all of the profits from the book that he wrote, a lot of money, to other vets to help them? Because he thought he had a long life in front of him. All of us think, “I’m going to live forever.” All of us think we’re invincible. At some point in our life we realize, boy, we’re really not. And it could be just about anything that hits us. And before long we start to realize, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute; this is going to change my life. As Lady Gaga is feeling. May I suggest that if it’s not this story or the Chris Kyle story, you find a story in your own life.

I told my family, told my wife just the other day, getting old sucks. I mean, I’m 49, so I’m not old, but getting old sucks. Your life changes. Kiss your wife like you’re not going to see her again. When you say “I love you” to your kids, say it like you’re not going to see them again. As so many of the parents in Sandy Hook wish they would have that morning. Live your life to the fullest. Don’t put off today what you will regret not doing tomorrow, or someday down the road. If you’re going into the office today, why? Find your “why.” Why are you there? Isn’t there anything else you could do better with your time? Are you doing anything that is actually meaningful? Make your time away from your family or your kids worth it. In the end I have to be, and I’ve thought of this a lot, I have to be able to look my children in the eye in the end and say, “I was away from you and I thought of you every minute I was away, but I had to do this because I thought it was important.”

Everything you do, seize the moment. If we could all just live our lives as this was the last day of our life, the world would change. Would your work, would you ‑‑ what you’re doing at work, would you do it better? Would you do it at all? Stop spending time in life and start living it.

  • J Cole

    Haha, it’s the last days of your life, Beck.

    The intelligent, amiable and smooth talking black man is the POTUS once again, and you’re self-destructing like a typical GOP racist. You’re what’s wrong with America, an old white man sitting in his basement on the radio spewing bull$hit and hate.


    Enjoy whatever is left of your life.


    • Anonymous

       What does this that you have said,  have to do with this video clip?                                                                                                                                                                                           

    • Anonymous

      You, J. Cole, have just shown us what’s so terribly wrong with this world.

    • Billie Mae Thomas

       Wow. Where did that come from? Oh, yeah, the darkness in your soul. And since darkness has no part of light, you just don’t understand. Glen is not racist, he’s not self destructing, he’s not really that old, and he doesn’t spew bs and hate. Try to be as tolerant of others as you expect them to be of you. You CAN work your way into the light, if you try. Unless you don’t want to. That’s up to you. Choose the light, or choose darkness, but don’t make others responsible for your choice.

    • Mary Henderson

       The only “hate” I see on this page is from you.  Is it fun being a hypocrite?

    • Sam Fisher

      Oh look a liberal showing typical liberal tolerance for different ideas reason and logic.

  • Anonymous

    I  can relate to to this, my brother lived with Lupus for thirty years his body finally shutdown and he passed away. 

  • Anonymous

    God Bless you Glenn. Your hard work and perserience has paid off and I’m so glad it has. That you touch the amount of people you do is so eciting to the rest of us who also think along the same lines as you do.

  • Kathi Barry

    I miss Glenn.  

  • Sheryl Packer

    Thanks, Glenn. You said it so beautifully. My goal today and each day til I die — Live life, one day at a time. 

  • Anonymous

    You inspire me, Glenn. God Bless You.

  • Diann Daily

    Keep doing what you are doing Glenn, you are reaching GOOD people out there!  The ones who put you down are the very people who hate, are racist, and live to die unhappy!  GB

    • Anonymous

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  • ETC

    Those are all good thoughts but in reality, are there that many of us who would willingly go off to work at our awful jobs (if we have a job at all) surrounded by awful people if we were able to spend our lives with our families and friends and doing good things for others?
    Those who have jobs mostly hate them and hate that they have to be at work, and spend time driving to and from work…all things that keep us from what’s important to us. 
    We do what we do because we have to not because we want to.

  • Anonymous

    So very true!!! On 11/18/2010, my 28 yr. old daughter called me & asked if I could give her a ride home from work. We chatted as I drove her home but I was in a hurry because I had to go to work. The next morning I went to her home to give her a ride to work, as I always did. She had passed during the night, unexpectedly!!! 6 weeks later, my beautiful mother joined my daughter in Heaven. It became so clear to me & is still very clear, that death can & will come to any one at anytime!!! Tell your loved ones every day that you Love them!!! And be nice to people for people in general will respond in a positive way!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, this reminds so much of this family who are living it.  Please keep them in your prayers as they say goodbye to their young boy.

  • Denise Gallie Rollick

    I have Lupus – SLE.  It is only as you describe if it is treated with drugs.  I use alternative methods and it is not the horror you have mentioned here.  I take no drugs, but function well.  It is infectious in nature and can be cured like an infection.  I have had it for 20 years.

  • Artie Ayala

    You make so much sense in everything you say and do !!!! Thanks for a great show !!!!

  • rebelbelle69

    Life, in this form, is but a breath…thank goodness for the divine and the beauty of what lies ahead unknown, but indeed- we must seize THIS day- and love like there is no tomorrow ♥

  • Anonymous

    love this Glenn, so very true, none of us knows what tomorrow brings.  21 years ago I got very ill and had to give up my two careers and give up so much of what I  loved to do, but the Lord had another purpose for my life, it changed completely!  I am still here, but have many diseases now, auto immune kinda like lupus and also got a primary Immune deficiency disease, all from Lyme disease, but they didn’t know I had lyme till many years later so it already went into my organs and cells and did so much damage.  The Lord spared me, I was so ill they thought I would die on two occasions.  Thanks to special doctors who treat me with integrative medicine, I am still here and enjoying my grandson, age 12 and been given a ministry to help others by encouraging those who are suffering and reaching out and praying for so many.  My life is completely changed but I am much more blessed!  I don’t have much money, but I have so much joy, the Lord is so good!  Carol, Melbourne, Florida!

  • Sam Fisher

    Words to live by. 

  • Katie Holmes

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  • Apollo

    i wan to see more pics of Glenn’s wife. Chick looks hawt!!!

    • J Cole

       Typical Republikkkan. Claims to be a man of God yet covets another man’s woman.


  • caroseto29

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  • J Cole

    Yes, bring the HATE…typical from all of you racist GOP fools.

    Enjoy your extinction!


  • J Cole

    Glenn Beck: Typical old-ass white man spewing his race-baiting bullshit.


    Happy Valentines Day, you closet faggot!

  • Bela Lugosi

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  • Justone View

    I came to the realization of what Glenn is talking about here a few years ago. I once spent years arguing with my brother. When I came to realized what Glenn is talking about it was the last argument I ever had with my brother. That was over 7 years ago. I am 65 and he is 61.  The turning point is when you come face to face with yourself and what REALLY matters. Love really matters. Being right DOES NOT MATTER. YOU and I have one moment at a time and that is all we really have. In this one moment I have the choice to act out of ego or out of something much more. Something more important. I try to keep this in mind when the moment seems to be slipping out of my control and that old ego takes over. It is not easy. I ask myself why must I attack the other and why do I need to defend my view or opinion? In the end what does it matter?  There is more to life then me being right or someone else being wrong. Think of just how many moments we waist not understanding and not loving when we argue, fight, and try to win. I love my brother. I will not waist one of these moments arguing ever again. I am finnaly about to see beyond my own desire for power and I see what trully does matter. Love.
    Every time I have lost someone I love I took a longer look at those who are here with me now. I live in reality. One of us will be gone one day. I don’t want to waist these moments not loving those who are here. It is 7 am. on Sunday morning. I made the coffee and I am waiting for my wife to wake up and get her cup of coffee…..I am going to give her a real loving hug and kiss this morning. And I am going to look into her eyes and tell her home important she is to me and how much I love and value her. We have been married 42 years and I have NEVER stopped being in love with her. Life is a very long journey through a very brief moment in time. Do not waist one moment.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to
    thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. Matthew 5:24

  • Pamela Peltonen

    My three year old grandson comes to our farm every Saturday to spend the day. We clean the chicken coop, garden, dig post holes, fill water troughs, feed goats and a hundred other fun things. He loves it. Yesterday he learned how to use a sling shot and became instantly addicted. I guess I would count yesterday as one of the best days of my life and all thanks to my little grandson. What a joy!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know.  Muslim’s live each day like it’s their last all the time.  They just strap on some bombs and go….   Maybe that’s not what you were going for.  :)

  • Anonymous

    Lesson to be learned from Chis Kyle: Don’t go to a gun range with a mentally ill person with a gun. Real simple stupid

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