Glenn kicked off the radio show this morning talking about the news that has dominated Twitter and other social networks: A meteor strike in Russia’s Ural Mountains.

“Well, we haven’t been struck by a meteor,” Glenn said. “Got that going for us.  You know, Russia was the one that was struck by the meteor back, when was it, 1919, 1918?  And it flattened a whole area of Russia.  They were struck again by a meteor going 33,000 miles an hour, and the video of it is absolutely amazing.”

There have been some incredible photos and videos of the incident released over the internet today:

TheBlaze reported:

MOSCOW (TheBlaze/AP) — A Russian health official says nearly 1,000 people have sought help for injuries caused by a meteor that exploded in the sky, blasting out countless windows.

Chelyabinsk health chief Marina Moskvicheva, said Friday that 985 people in her city had asked for medical assistance. The Interfax news agency quoted her as saying 43 were hospitalized.

The Russian Academy of Sciences said the meteor – estimated to be about 10 tons – entered the Earth’s atmosphere going at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph). It shattered about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above the ground, releasing several kilotons of energy above the Ural Mountains.

The European Space Agency said it was not related to the asteroid currently slated to buzz by earth about 17,000 miles away.

“Can you imagine? I really think that, you know, God doesn’t break his own rules. He operates in the system everything he can do, and I really think that, you know, when the ‑‑ you know, when there was a, you know, rain of fire from the sky, I think it was ‑‑ I think he was using it like asteroids. Can you imagine seeing that in person? And if you didn’t, if you were, you know, you were a tribal people, at some point you would think that God was coming after you,” Glenn said.