Glenn visited the American Dream Labs

Glenn just spent a few days at the American Dream Labs in Utah where his creative team is designing the 4th of July celebration featuring the ‘Man in the Moon’ original production. He shared some of the details of the event with local media in Salt Lake City and sent some exclusive photos to

While in Salt Lake City, Glenn sat down with KUTV to discuss the event:

Glenn also spoke with Deseret News about the upcoming event. “(‘Man in the Moon’) is really part of an effort that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time: The Fourth of July celebration needs to change,” Glenn explained.

“The goal of ‘Man in the Moon’ is to try and get people to anchor back to what is real; question everything that you know; see the great power of the inventive spirit, get excited about it, and want to do it,” Glenn said.

“We’re trying to start the light and start the fire of American ingenuity and that engine of inspiration again. … If people like it, next year ‘The Man in the Moon’ will be playing in different cities.”

Deseret News was also able to grab a few moments with Ben McPherson who is leading the American Dream Labs team in Salt Lake City.

“The more that you get to know Glenn, the more you find that he lives in this (creative) space more than any other space,” Ben explained.

“Despite all the perceptions about where he lives — ‘political land’ or whatever — the Glenn I know is creative and just wants to disseminate that creativity as much as possible, and is looking for people who are of the same mindset.”

Some of the photos from Glenn’s visit are below:

Tickets for The Man in the Moon go on sale tomorrow, details are available HERE.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    These are the dreams I have for America:

    A free, restored Republic of, by and for the PEOPLE.
    An end to the progressives movement.

    And especially – the day Obama and all of the administration stand before the justices of their treason trials and are sentenced to life and a day in jail, no parole and the doors are to be welded shut.

    • Draxx

      I have a welder…  😉

  • Sam Fisher

    I am not too sure if this is going to work but I wish you guys the best of luck with it. We need a change and ever bit helps.

  • Anonymous

    This is the thing that is so great about Glenn — he doesn’t fit stereotypes, and makes his own box to get outside of.. He is positive, and forward-looking (in stark contradistinction to “that guy’s” forward!) to not only a good future, but actively works to make it a better future. 

    Just a bit envious of Utah to get the show there, but pleased for them, to have work of this caliber go to them. A proper remembrance of WHY the Fourth of July.

    Laus Deo

  • Lou Welz

    Glenn Beck is modeling for American Parents. He includes his whole family in  his programs (he did it at Christmas)  for 4th of July and beyond. Include lessons of American History etc with your family on the 4th  or after school:  HOME SCHOOl or Study Summer Camps. I wouldn’t leave the last lesson my children hear is from the  obamas’ (both) or  commie CZAR type appointed by Barry. ###

  • Anonymous

    There is a Traitor in the White House….an enemy at the gate….but Glenn gives us HOPE…Glenn restores our Faith…Glenn reminds us we need to give to Charity….Thank you Glenn Beck….For Restoring Honor , Giving us Courage to fight the fight and bringing us closer to putting Love (God) back into our country.

    • Guest

      During “Restoring Honor,” Beck said, “Our sacred honor. It means that you tell the truth. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

      And then he told a whopper: Investigation has now revealed that Beck’s claim to have held Washington’s inaugural address in his hands was a flat out lie. According to Susan Cooper, spokeswoman for the National Archive, “Those kinds of treasures are only handled by specially trained archival staff.”

      You really are a dupe if you believe that Glenn Beck is honest.  He’s not!

  • Anonymous

    If Glenn Beck thinks that he’s important, then he is dreaming!

    • Ira Thurby-Wright

      He doesn’t, he’s not. You seem extremely insecure and misguided.

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