Media gets it wrong…again

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The Associated Press retracted a story Sunday after wildly misreporting a quote by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

According to TheBlaze, the retraction notice states:

The Associated Press has withdrawn its story about Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., saying he sees some in the his party favoring a 2016 presidential candidate with an immigration policy that would “round up people … and send them back to Mexico.”  That quote was in the transcript of “Fox News Sunday” that was distributed after Paul’s interview on the show.  A subsequent Associated Press review of an audio recording of the show determined that the transcript had dropped the word “don’t” from that quote, and Paul actually said, “They don’t want somebody who wants to round people up, put them in camps and send them back to Mexico.”   [All emphasis added]

Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard noted that while the FoxNews transcript did inaccurately record Paul’s comments, “shouldn’t it be someone’s responsibility at the nation’s leading wire service to crosscheck the accuracy of such transcripts especially given the disclaimer at the top of the page [that it is a rush transcription]?”

Many news agencies, including TheBlaze, utilize the Associated Press as a wire service to provide extra content for readers.  Such stories are often automatically published, so the story was likely seen by countless viewers across left and right-leaning websites.

Watch Sen. Paul’s actual statements here:

This morning on radio, Glenn reacted to the AP’s inaccurate story and added it to a long list of media misses in recent history this morning on radio.

“The Associated Press put this poison out into the system and now there are people that will believe forever that Rand Paul said that,” he said.

Having experience with this sort of thing himself, Glenn knows very well that no matter how many times inaccuracies are corrected in a story, once it’s out there…it’s out there. That’s why the left has been able to build a false narrative around who he is and what he really believes. Even now, there are stories being written by Libertarians who wish Glenn would stop saying that he’s Libertarian because they believe the things other people have read about him — not what he actually stands for.

Glenn also emphasized that while the AP may have spread this story, it did not come from them. The story was pulled from a bad transcript released by a cable news show that the Senator appeared on Sunday morning. He also noted that it’s easy for rush transcripts to be inaccurate — it’s unlikely that this originated as an intentional smear against Rand Paul. However, that’s no excuse for the AP. He noted that the AP should know if something is accurate before publishing it — it’s their job. Rand Paul’s ideology is no secret — he’s a Libertarian. Anyone who knows anything about Libertarians should have recognized that this comment seemed out of place and inconsistent.

“If you’re the Associated Press, you certainly have the e‑mail address of an aide to Rand Paul that you can say, “Hey, this statement is completely inconsistent with everything else he’s ever said on the topic,” Stu pointed out.

But that’s the other problem. As Glenn points out, because the media has built such a false narrative around the Tea Party, that’s all the AP sees in Rand Paul. The don’t even pay attention to his actual Libertarian ideology. They just see “Tea Party” and make false assumptions based on a false narrative.

“There’s no journalism in America anymore,” Glenn said. “They just write it.  They see somebody else report it and they are like, “Well, it was reported by him.”  And so what happens?  It’s wrong story after story after story because they rely on themselves.”

  • jen

    Rand is inaccurate.  Infact, Americans do want illegals that are taking more from the system than giving to be rounded up and sent back and want those immigrants that are adding value and not riding off the system to remain as long as it doesn’t steal American jobs, but leaves America better off net.

    Heritage came out with a study that illegals cost the system $20k more per year than they add value. 

    Rand is very wrong – and I think he knows it.  But in order to serve his Republican masters like Rove/Romney, Rand will lie and deceive Americans.

    • Anonymous

      LOL  Only ones lying and deceiving Americans here are you and idiots like you.  Actually, Rand Paul was very accurate.  Immigration is NOT the problem.  ILLEGAL immigration is.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is not a matter of the Leftist MSM getting it wrong AGAIN, as is all too common by their deliberate choice and compliance with the administrations agenda.

    The sole reason they retracted the story and admitted to their actions is due to the outrage and uproar coming back at them. They had deliberately changed the wording to manipulate Rand Paul’s statement to the masses of low-information voters.

    How many will remember the story of Rand Paul being retracted or will recall the hyped-up and fabricated version presented by the MSM?

    • Draxx

      Mis-Information is definitely in the Propagandist Tool Box…  and Used More Than Any Factual Information!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Information is power and control of the information allows for the power to manipulate the perceptions of the masses until they become accepted as reality.

    Older adage of the above and what the MSM thought to do to Rand Paul: Tell a lie long enough and loud enough and most people will accept it as truth.

    • Draxx

      Yep Perception is Everything, and Reality comes second usually…

    • William Vining

      So, Fox News has become the “MSM” ? As Beck clearly states, it was Fox who put out the errorneous report, have they become the enemy too?

  • landofaahs

    If they are lying about you, then tell the truth about them and their lives.  Press the press and see how they like it.  Start with looking at their investments.

  • Sam Fisher

    I would vote Rand Paul. The left sees him as a threat and so there for they try to discredit him by twisting his words.

  • landofaahs

    Meanwhile a leading geneticist plans to map the human brain in 10 years.  In obama’s case that should only take a few minutes, just keep turning left until you arrive at communist avenue.  No GPS even needed.

  • mudslide

     Good thing Mr Paul didn’t take a drink of water!

  • Anonymous

    Senator Paul may not have said this but I do !  We should not reward illegal aliens, American citizens need jobs. Deport illegals and stop electing politicans who have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes !   Let’s put citizens first for a change !!

    • Anonymous

      IF laws were UPHELD you would not need to round them up, they would self deport! Fine employers for hiring, stop birth right citizenship current bill ACTION 4 U to do= get your legislators to C0-sponser & then support after we get enough co-sponsers House Bill # 140, Put back 287Gsystem (states help federal enforce laws), Stop federal funding 2 santuary states,counties,cities etc.,E-verify to all employees,End Visa LOTTERY, SAVE, etc..  Get better laws & enforce them is what needs done!

      • Anonymous

         Gosh, isn’t that what Mitt Romney said, and they nearly buried him with that “self deportation” idea!

        Here’s a really novel idea . . . why doesn’t the government actually DO THEIR JOB and close the border!!!  It is NOT the job of employers to police the illegal immigrants who come here; it is NOT the job of hospitals to police the illegal immigrants who come here; it is NOT your job or mine to monitor the illegal population.  That JOB belongs to the government!!!

        Lastly, who says we need to “get better laws & enforce them is what needs done!”  We ALREADY have the laws . . . the President, the DoJ and the Dept of Homeland Security REFUSE to enforce them!!!  They all took the oath of office to uphold The Constitution and the Rule of Law, and they blatantly are not doing it . . . ask yourself who should go to jail for breaking the law right along with other law breakers and criminals!!! 

        Border CLOSED = no more illegals or drugs coming in
        Deportation of illegals = unnecessary drain of social services plugged
        Issuance of Green Cards and Work Visas = tracking system in place
        WHAT IS THE PROBLEM????  It appears to me it is ineffective GOVERNMENT, pure and simple!!!

        • Anonymous

          You are so right.  The laws are on the books already as usual the laws are not enforced.  The Illegals are draining us.  The government is pandering to worst of the worst just to get votes.  I doubt they want to close the border because of the revenue they make off drug cartels and human smugglers. 

        • mspatdev

          I agree with you. What we all need to do is impeach all of the bad people in Congress, starting with Obammy and going down from there. There is too many people working in Washington D.C. that doesn’t need to work there. We can line them all up from Calif. to Texas to secure our borders. Put Obammy in the midddle of the worst drug fighting. He wants drugs into the USA so the people are numb and can’t fight for all of his crap that he passes through Congress or executive power. His Obamacare is terrible and it will go down in history as the worst bill along with all of the Dems that voted for it. What a heritage their families will have to live with.

    • William Vining

      Gee, Beck, what a phony story, Fox News made the mistake and you blame it on AP because that suits some political purpose you have. You say journalism is dead? You wouldn’t know journalism from shinola.

      • Anonymous

        Get a life – the issue is illegals replacing citizens in the workforce at extreme cost to citizens and deficit spending!

        10 million unemployed citizens @ $43,500 avg wage is $435 billion/yr lost US citizen wages plus at least $200++ billion /yr u/c comp & welfare stuff ($20K each)

        Then add another $200++ billion for 10 million illegal alien food stamps, medical care, welfare, etc, etc…

        The low end 10 million alien cost of displacing citizen workers is $835 billion!     There’s probably 20 million here costing citizens $1.7 trillion!

        Wake up America!    MANDATE ZERO IMMIGRATION UNTIL CITIZENS ARE EMPLOYED!!!   All legislative & executive officers are oath bound to support and enforce the Constitution and law.    The current “majority are subverting and mocking Constitution and law, and the rest are doing nothing about it!    Remind them every time they open their mouth.    $835 billion to $1.7 trillion per year ISN’T FUNNY!   STOP BANKRUPTING AMERICA!

        Do your own simple math – gov. says avg wages 2011 were $43,500 & you know the liars are talking 11 million plus to 20+ million

        • Anonymous

          Citizens first!    Aliens second!   Illegal aliens OUT, period!

        • William Vining

          Don’t be silly, the article claims “the media”, who turn out to be Beck’s old employer, Fox News, put out an errorenous report, which was then dessiminated by AP, the eviil liberal villian in Beck’s screed, who are then blamed even tho they are not the one’s who made the error. Only in your fevered brow is it about a particular stand on immigration, which, in your case, is so irrational you become a poster child for why the GOP is losing all the time.  You are not going to kick out 11 million people. The stiories you scream about some welfare disaster neglect the fact that there are already federal laws in place which deny all immigrants access to our social systems, and ignore the fact they bring economic benefit to us by way of lower prices, which, if you visit Texas, which has the strongest economy in the nation thanks in large part to the cheap labor, you will find to be true.  You need to check your hate for these unfortunate people at the door, it is crazy talk like you spew that has lost anyone who is a US citizen who is also Hispanc, to run away from conservatism in droves. Of course, like many, I am beginning to suspect Beck’s real goal has become the destruction of the GOP, so I’m sure you are welcome here.

          • Anonymous

            Unlike you, I don’t vote because I or the
            candidate is white, black, brown, or purple!   
            I vote for freedom as in the Constitution, which includes the right to
            own the fruits of my labor and save, and invest, and help others, as I see
            fit.    The US is a sovereign nation,
            with inalienable citizen rights and a government sworn obligation to protect
            and preserve them!

            You can’t
            remove 11 million aliens, but the military can!    The Germans and Japanese invaders were all
            removed from the lands they invaded in WWII and the home lands were
            restored.    The Hispanic invasion of the
            US will reverse itself the minute US sovereignty is enforced and citizen job
            rights restored.   You’ll find your way
            back home the same way you got here.  
            The few who defy our sovereignty may require force – so be it.

            $43,500 and your 11 million illegals is $478.5 billion lost citizen salaries.   The unemployed are on comp, food stamps, free medical care, etc. at $220
            billion plus an equal amount of illegals at another $220 billion!    According to YOUR numbers the rock bottom
            total is $918.5 trillion to US citizens.   
            The real numbers are probably twice that ($1,8 TRILLION!).    If one adds in the deficit funding, and
            government’s deadly inflation tricks, it’s enough to destroy the US!!!

            Cheap labor
            is what it is, and US citizens are paying a Biblical price for it (unpayable
            debt, crime, corruption, lost wealth, decadence, etc.)   I agree, we don’t need ANY new laws, we need
            to enforce the laws on the books & Constitution.    Chaos will continue to rule until we
            enforce executive-legislative oaths of office and deal with acts of sedition
            and treason in the traditional manner.    The law is arrest, incarcerate, and
            deport.   Invasion is an act of war.

            You refer to
            “Hispanics” as a block of special rights group that will vote to gain special
            rights no other citizen or alien has.   You define yourself as a racist.    Your country is homogenous with people of
            definable physical and cultural characteristics.    It doesn’t make anyone better or worse.    If you want Hispanic control over government
            – go home – everything you want is there, including tyrannical government!


          • William Vining

            You sound totally nuts.

          • Anonymous

            GOTCHA whining mr vining

            your cognito wires are crossed

    • Anonymous

      Thank you I am so sick of congress dumping more law breakers on us.  I have no problem with anyone that immigrates to this country legally.  These are the folks that respect our laws and abide by the rules.  Why are we allowing the Republicans to pander to ILLEGAL ALIENS for votes?  They are just like libs and worthless.  We are in a world of hurt and now here comes the big push to cram illegal aliens down our throats and reward them at the expense of the tax payers.  Enough is enough!  I urge everyone to go to and let your reprensenatives hear from you.  They will inform you of what we are facing and exactly where your reps stand.  They will also allow you send faxes at no charge from their website.  Please pass this information on we need to fight this all the way.

      • William Vining

        Did it ever occur to you that we invited them here? With jobs? Easy credit for used cars? Cheap apartment rentals? And the reason they come is so their children won’t starve? If faced with that choice, what would you do?

  • Anonymous

     Isn’t it amazing how much difference a four letter word with an apostrophe makes???  The word “don’t” can change the meaning of a sentence entirely . . . just depends upon what you WANT the speaker to say.  Reminds me of something Wilkow (Glenn Beck, Channel 212 on Dish Network) always says:  conservatives read the Constitution to learn what it say; progressives read it to see what they WANT it to say!!   Kind of the same thing, don’t you think???

  • Carol Kite

    The tiny few that do pay attention will likely not hear the amended truth unless they heard Paul actually say it.

  • Anonymous

    The ap saw an opportunity with the fox news error to smear Paul without blame and they pounced on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone’s job to look for these opportunities.

  • Anonymous

    Until immigration laws are strictly adhered to, we are going to hear more of these kind of lies. Just like Beck hears many things in his mind, the media use the same tactics all the time. How many times has Beck misquoted others? Speaking only the truth, probably never, but that’s only in his mind, not on fact!

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was supposed to be about the news media. It’s just about FOX. FOX getting something wrong is not news. They do it every day.
    And yet, Beck is too radical even for them. Should tell you something.

    By the way, “media” is plural. The headline should read, “Media get it wrong”. Beck got that wrong too.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong, rarely does FOX actually get the news wrong.  That favor goes to MSNBC.  NOTHING from MSNBC has ever been close to accurate, lol. There is a reason many independent studies prove beyond ALL doubt that Fox News is the MOST HONEST name in news, after all.

  • greywolfrs

    I must disagree, Libertarians do agree that personal freedom is the goal. Libertarians agree that the government has over-stepped its bounds. The thing we disagree on is the method to reach those ends.

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