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For a man with one of the busiest schedules in the country, President Obama is no stranger to a vacation. And when you consider that many of these trips have been taken without his wife and daughters, one can’t help but wonder where the president finds the time to be the family man he claims he is.

Following a speech in Chicago — a speech in which the president spoke on the importance of strong families, fathers and communities — President Obama put his impressive time management skills back to use. He hopped on a plane to vacation in Florida for the weekend…where he met up with “family man” Tiger Woods for a few rounds of golf.

“Now let’s all picture our wives,” Glenn started. “Let’s just say ‑‑ let’s just say that we do take vacations without our wife.  How many of us would be comfortable, you know, going to face or take the phone call from our wife when she finds out that we have taken a vacation and we’re going to play golf…”

“With that sleazy friend who’s cheated on his wife 122 times?” Pat interjected.

To top it off, the press was not allowed inside this trip with the infamous golf champion.

“What happens on the golf course stays on the golf course,” Glenn commented.

“When you think about it like that, and that’s what it is, it’s pretty amazing that nobody has a big problem with it,” Pat added.

Glenn, who is no stranger to a busy schedule, said if he did that he knows what his wife would do. She wouldn’t put up with it. If he had just given a speech on the importance of being a good dad and building strong communities she’d rat him out to the press.

“Now, you would think the press would ask their own question like that,” Pat commented. “If it were Bush they would.”

“I mean, it sounds like the punch line to a Jay Leno joke,” Stu added.  “It’s like, “Oh, they’re having marital difficulties and now the president’s going on vacation with Tiger Woods!”

Glenn made sure to note that you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and he isn’t saying that they’re having marital difficulties. He just doesn’t understand that kind of relationship.

“Now, that doesn’t mean that it is, you know, that they’re on the rocks or anything else.  I just don’t understand it.”