Colorado Dems: No to guns, Yes to rape whistles and ballpoint pens

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Yesterday afternoon video of Colorado Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar was released from a hearing in which he was arguing for the disarmament of college students (HB13-1226). His comments, oddly, were aimed particularly towards women on college campus. When statistics show that one in four collegiate women report rape and one in five are raped, Salazar may want to pick a different segment of the population to focus on when trying to make the ridiculous case you’re about to see below.

“It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, it’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop around at somebody.”

Whistles? Seriously?

“Whistle while you’re raped,” Glenn joked while whistling. “That’s really nice. I like that,” he added with obvious sarcasm.

Who needs to a gun when you can whistle a bad guy away…

Something tells me that the one in five women mentioned above would have a few words for Salazar’s “theory” on whistles and safe zones. Most of us deem are homes as safe zones, yet people break into homes all the time.

…do we know if Salazar has a home intruder whistle? It would probably need to be louder than a rape-whistle.

Unfortunately, a Colorado State Senator had a few more zingers to throw our way. Jesse Ulibarri made this statement during the hearing:

“I just want to say, and another comment was made a bit lighthearted to our witness but I don’t think we should take it lighthearted that when Congressman Giffords was shot and there was a shooting in the ‑‑ it was in a supermarket, people who were unarmed took that person down when he stopped to reload.  There are other ways to address violence. And it doesn’t mean that we have our kids exposed to a whole crossfire of multiple folks in a room shooting simultaneously.  And that congressman Giffords’ life was saved and so many others when very valiant folks stood up to defend themselves and protect themselves and they did it with ballpoint pens.”

Oh, well…see, we didn’t know there would be whistles AND ballpoint pens available for self-defense.

“I’m not a self‑defense expert but that seems a little, like it would take too long of a amount of time,” Stu quickly noted.

Sure, it’s not the QUICKEST solution to stopping a mass murderer or a rapist, but according to Ulibarri, it’ll get the job done.

After a quick break, Glenn, Pat and Stu came back went looking for better solutions. Surely women can’t be left to fend for themselves with a small whistle and a ballpoint pen, right?

Luckily, the University of Colorado already had this covered. No whistle? No ballpoint pen? Don’t grab for your firearm just yet… first look at this campuses tips on “What To Do If You Are Attacked”.

The university notes that, “these tips are designed to help you protect yourself on campus, in town, at your home, or while you travel. These are preventative tips and are designed to instruct you in crime prevention tactics.”

Someone may want to let the University of Colorado know that if you’re under attack by another human being, the whole concept of “crime prevention” has already been tossed out the window. That said, let’s see what they have to offer.

hmmm… #1 is really a downer. It might as well say, “Be realistic, you’re unlikely to survive.”

#3 is also rather concerning: “kick off your shoes if you have time and can’t run in them.”

“Are these beach tips?” Stu joked.

No, but that is horrible advice. If you’re a women in shoes you can’t run in — they’re heels. Heels can’t be a weapon. Ladies, keep your shoes on and kick him…HARD — then run.

As Glenn continued to go through the list, he stopped to create one much shorter list of his own.

“I have one tip:  Shoot him.  That’s my one tip,” he said. “University of Glenn’s advice on how to avoid being raped:  Shoot him.”

Aside from “shoot him”, Glenn, Pat and Stu put some more “Colorado Democrat”-like ideas into practice. Watch…

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Colorado Rep. Joe Salazar demonstrates how out of touch with reality the Democratic party has become with the rest of the nation. He seeks to disarm women and claims whistles, call boxes, safe zones and the like will actually keep them safe from rapists who seek to do them harm and maybe take their lives.
    Safe zones draw the criminal minded as bees to flowers for one simple reason, they know the prey they hunt will not be able to fight them off – an armed assailant holds a near decisive edge over their unarmed victim/victims.

    Look clearly ladies, this shows the uttermost contempt he holds for women, effectively stating you are not capable of defending yourself nor of being able to trust your instincts. This is the common prejudice and discrimination of the Democratic party, ‘you are not capable of knowing what to do for yourself, only Big Brother is capable of knowing and doing for you.’

    • Anonymous

      If you ladies manage to get to that call box or blow that whistle then you wait for minutes while seconds count for some response from.the rent-a-cops on campus. You are now looking at the real war on women.

      • bumpkin

         Gear-up, Girls.  Remember, we are Americans, and they have NO right to pass laws to disarm us, so dont bend over that barrel for them.   Evil people dont care about you or me.

    • bumpkin

       I think he is saying we are not WORTH defending.  Do not listen to these idiots.   MORONS ABOUND!

  • Sam Fisher

    Ladies and gentlemen the true war on woman. 

    • NoSurrender

       Sam that is a brilliant summary. Boenhoffer of course realised that he had left it too late to act meaningfully as by the time the Nazis had come for him they had already come for everyone else so their was no one left to help him.

      • Sam Fisher

        I just hope that we are leaving the Rhino GOP at the right time because as much respect I have for Boenhoffer we don’t want our movement to end up like his.

  • Anonymous

    I think it would be very effective in this forum for some female rape victims to demonstrate what options they had on the table during their haunting experience.  I respect however, those of you (which is probably almost every one of you) who aren’t even comfortable dredging up this experience.  
    This is akin to how there is no military training exercise that can fully prepare a soldier for the realities of combat.  You simply don’t know how you will react until the situation presents itself. A woman being assaulted has almost no option of defense against a man outside of a weapon. 
    What Democrats are missing here is that you almost never would have to shoot the rapist anyway, simply show the gun and HE will run away.  
    An unarmed woman will probably be in shock for a few seconds before she has time to react, and will thus be overpowered.  The firearm in her purse would have eliminated this initial shock.  Wake up leftists!  The gun control argument presupposes that the person defending themselves A) can’t aim B) will shoot automatically C) had another viable option.  3 falsehoods to be sure.
    Where did common sense run off to? Away from a prospective rapist?  No, common sense can hit your brain like an m-16 round and metastasize some knowledge within you.

    • NoSurrender

       As a retired Detective I can add some things from my experience.

      In all cases of rape it is a crime of violence and of a man exercising extreme control and power over a powerless victim.

      If we can empower the victim to a level of deterence then this is not a bad thing.

      Weapons wont work all the time however due to the nature of rape and methods used by various rapists. Without going into a long list of examples its just these guys can move quicly to disable a victim or drug them. Other public safety methods are needed here.

      One rape prevented however is more than enough reason to have a 9mm in the handbag.

      • Anonymous

        A rapist doesn’t use his head, he uses his nut sack to think. You aren’t dealing with a human in this case, you are dealing with a rabid dog. What do you do about a rabid dog? Well I think we all saw Old Yeller when we were kids.

  • Sam Fisher

    Liberals are now calling for a ban of assault carrots. 

  • Sam Fisher

    Is this what liberals what to replace guns with? It is more like the top ten list of uselessness. If this was done by a Conservative they would be called sexist but since they are liberals it is fine to trample on women’s second amendment rights and his reasoning behind it is because women can’t have a rational thought. Can anyone say hypocrisy? Here is a good article mocking this if anyone wants a good laugh.

  • Holley Krogulski

    When you consider all the attempted abductions and the rapes this year alone in the Denver area, no thanks. I refuse to ever be a victim again. My son was in Iraq a couple years back and each woman was REQUIRED to wear a rape whistle because is was so bad. They would get into trouble and receive some “article” for not wearing it. If there is a problem in our most disciplined of environments, then yeah, I think more than a whistle and a so called safe zone is needed. I don’t think a man has any right to say anything about it. Unless you are an inmate, rarely happens to you! 

    • Anonymous

      As a man, I have to say, you’re right here.  The only way to express to a man how horrifying rape can be, you have to frame things exactly the same way as it’s framed to a woman.  A man has to imagine a gay man, more powerful than he, coming after him.  He needs a gun to repel the mad man.

  • Anonymous

    The ACLU just chimed in. Apparently the rapist union is up in arms because rape whistles can damage the ear drums of their members. In the true spirit of tolerance, we need to consider everybody effected here!

    I believe I have a solution to the rape crisis in this morally bankrupt nation of ours.  If all women that don’t want to raped would simply wear a T-shirt clearly stating “gun free woman”, that all the rapists would know to leave them alone. Works in schools!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe, just maybe, Joe would be there when the poppin starts?

  • Kevin Synnestvedt

    Democrats want you to bring a ballpoint pen to a gun fight or a whistle to a rape. There would be a joke in that statement if it were not for the fact that we are talking about the preservation of human life and dignity. To say something as incredibly stupid as bring a ball point pen to a gun fight is simply inane.  They left just does not care. The comment that Congressman Giffords and many others were saved by heroic people jumping the shooter when he stopped to reload simply ignored the point that many more may have been saved had someone drawn a gun and shot the shooter LONG before the need to reload.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, just like the shooter at Appalachian State didn’t get more victims because there were people there who had guns and took him down.  Of course, that doesn’t get as much press as the Virginia Tech shootings, does it?

  • MrKimB

    “Most of us deem are homes as safe zones,” Have you hired a high school dropout to write for you?

  • Triple B

    My Ex, in a fit of rage, took my ballpoint pen from my pocket and stabbed me in the face.  Definitely was with all her strength, and did make a small hole,   Being in the middle of divorce proceedings I got out of the house, had a doctor witness the wound, but in no way did it have any effect on my physical or mental abilities.

  • Anonymous

    Senator did not include a vigilant campus police patrol 24/7.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats themselves that they’re true assholes to the nth degree.

  • Geoff Pace

    Gee…is it true that the [ballpoint] pen IS mightier than the sword?….. Perhaps, if it were at least 6 feet long and had a scimitar’s curve coming to a razor sharp tip…yeah…maybe….

  • Anonymous

    So I guess all those kids at Newtown were killed because the Teachers were too stupid to grab a pen and take him out???

  • Anonymous

    Just what we need, a present from the DEMOCRATS, another free fire zone for the criminals presented by your democrat party.

  • Karen Rose

    Well I do feel that if every young adult or younger child carry guns, and worse yet take their parents gun to college or schools…I don’t even want to know what will happen…It is true that young people do not know how to use guns…fear cause’s things to happen, that you don’t want to happen…….everyone does not need to be shot in most situtations…You can not just go around shooting people…Glenn, what if you were standing next to some girl, she was on some drug, and thought that you were going to rape her…so then she takes out her gun and shoots you, and says…I thought that he was going to rape me, I was afraid…No I don’t think young people or people with no common sense should have guns at all.

    • Anonymous

      No one is saying every young adult or younger child should carry guns.  I grew up around guns and know how and when to use one.  People who are properly trained don’t “just go around shooting people”.  They know when and how to use them.  My kids are familiar with guns.  My neighbors kids, not so much.  We cannot make sweeping generalizations.  Each person is different.  Much depends on their training and their maturity.  My dad sent me to college with Mace.  It was appropriate for me at the time.  If my daughter, who is getting prepared to go to college in the Fall, is capable of carrying a weapon for her defence, then I will make sure she has that option, and is prepared appropriately to use it.  If I didn’t trust her with a weapon (gun or otherwise), and since she is still a minor, her dad and I will make sure we find an appropriate method of defence for her.  I can guarantee it WON’T be a ball point pen.  I’m thinking self-defence classes or good old pepper spray.  Anything that will give her a fighting chance and immediate help. 

      What would your solution be?

      • Karen Rose

        Well you are saying all the right things and I agree with you…My concern was with kids, young adults or anyone that has no clue about weapons and how to use them, or if they are on drugs or alcohol or even doctor perscribed drugs…..We must remember that in todays world, with tv, videos, violence, all the evil things that have been happening and that people, even kids are just on the edge of everything…to many things are happening to fast and everyone is watching all this come down…and then copy cats, and others who want instant fame…it is just the last I don’t know how to solve all the troubles or just what I would do…I do know how to pray, I believe in Jesus and His power that He gives us…and yes we must use common sense…and try to protect ourselves and our families…pepper spray is good and self-defence classes are great also if you have the finances to do this for you and your children…their are alot of families that can not afford it…they can by pepper spray…I just do not want people making mistakes with guns, they will not be able to fix it, if they do…

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, we need to ensure the protective detail for these politicians carry whistles and ballpoint pens – so they don’t go popping a round at someone who is attacking.

    If Democrats didn’t use the mainstream media as their “Ministry of Public Perception”, these clowns would never be able to hold public office.

  • Anonymous

    A gun puts a 100 pound woman on equal footing as a 250 pound man… 

  • talljohn777

    Liberals in power have either bodyguards, conceal carry permits or both…  It is the rest of us that are being required to fend off criminals with whistles and ballpoint pens….  When seconds matter, the Police are minutes away!

  • Fishing Man

    I wondered how this fool legislator got elected but then again Obama is on his second term despite the fact that he hasn’t done anything positive for this country.   The whistles are not going to protect the ladies for getting rape.   Salazar should demonstrate how the whistles work.  We might be  missing something here.

  • Anonymous

    That U of Colorado top 10 list is more like how to respond to the Obama types who took his advice with the delightful directive “get in their face”. Except #3, like Glenn said; “kick hard then run” and #5 – don’t be passive.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just going to poop myself.

  • NoSurrender

    Dont forget that more people are killed by hammers than by guns of any sort :

    Therefore we can extrapolate that all hammers must be banned immediately as they are not protected by the constitution. Air hammers etc and nail guns are capable of auto and semi auto operations and a clear danger to us all.

    Cars also are responsible for more human deaths than guns..not constitutionaly protected either so lets ban them. Most seem to have automatic gearboxes and large capacity fuel tanks meaning that they can travel further thus endangering more lives.

    Which brings us to knives…Do you have any idea how dangerous these are…not to mention electric knives that cut automaticaly ! No large mag problem but we will have to ban extra long power leads.

    The Liberal arguement gets stupider and stupider.

    The right to self defense exists for a damned good reason. You have 3 choices. You can wait hours for an overstretched police force, become a victim or defend yourself.

    I’m all for ladies with guns. If this means rapists dead in the gutter where they belong I am even more for it. If Obama can drone  anyone he doesn’t like then surely a woman can “Gun” a rapists.

  • Anonymous

    This is just only a start.  Also, think about the gay men and women which will also be at risk.  I feel sorry for them.  Pray, that the Lord comes quickly and we won’t be in this mess much longer.  God help us!

  • Anonymous

    So, if you think that rape is rampant now just imagine what it will be like if the dems get their way with whidtles or pens.

  • bumpkin

    Oh, Dear LORD!  It occurs to me that there are reactions for every action… Einstein was right, huh.  One cannot help but wonder if there are going to be TONS of furious loved-ones of crime vics revenge-hunting Democrats and Liberals in the future.  IT will be ugly, folks, when one of the normal reactions to an attack on a loved-one will be to hunt one of these idiots who teach gullible, innocent, or plain-stupid people how to be victims (that they have disarmed and handed bullcrap and an ink pen,) and the hunters’ll aim for the jugular.  Ugly!    I want a new planet with idiot-eating tigers.   Maybe I need to take a class on how to kill a murderer-rapist with my ink pen.   Or, I can, at the very least, draw unique art on him as I am being raped-  might make the identification easier, if there are any police/detectives left to look for him.-  OH, WAIT!   We wont need to worry about finding him.  He will be part of the UN world-troops.  I hear they rape and pillage, murder wherever they go.  Yes, I want a new planet.  I hereby volunteer for the maiden voyage to the next inhabitable planet!   Anything would be better than what we are being shoved into,  Some people don’t understand that when one shoves another, they will eventually shove back, harder.  I guess they will eventually get that.

  • Anonymous

    Duhhh!!! GUNZ!

  • suz

    i don’t know fellas, you haven’t seen my pen or my whistle.

    by the way, everybody knows asparagus is way more effective than a carrot…ya bunch a’ sillies.

    here’s an idea:  sing “i wanna be raped by you, by you and nobody else but you.
                                      i wanna be raped by you aloaaone boo boo be do.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    OK! Think about it. In a violent confrontation within 0 to 5 feet a knife is a better defensive weapon than a firearm as well as being easy to use in close quarters. Why kind of knife? A spring loaded snap blade of 3 to 5 inches or better still a WWII British / American Commando dagger both of which can be easily concealed and accessed. Next get a book on knife fighting that shows the strike points of the human body and how to use a knife effectively. Note: You MUST repeatedly practice a set of defensive knife strikes until they become routine. I strongly suggest that men and women, especially women, read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker. Your personal safety is your responsibility; being prepared for the worse case makes sense.

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone’s overlooked the most obvious solution — we need more rape control legislation.

  • Anonymous

    Well, clearly the leftwing media ignored him, because he was not drinking water at the time he made the statement.

  • Gary

    Oh I don’t know about that.  Marcus Brody to Henry Jones: “You see Henry? The pen, the pen is mightier than the sword”.

  • Anonymous

    “Be realistic” “Some actions on your part might lead to more harm” “passive resistance” are recommended, accompanied by “Yelling hitting or biting may give you a chance”?   Well, gee, University of Colorado, make up your mind!

    I used to work for a law enforcement agency; part of my job was processing the files of a serial rapist case with dozens of victims and potential victims involved.  The women who fought got away from the bas***d more often than not.

  • greywolfrs

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Look at the dumb left wing trolls that post here, the same dolts that were all over Akin. Not one damn comment from any of them…

  • smokehill

    This reads more like a Saturday Night Live skit, or an article in The Onion.

    Only from liberal idiots could you get this kind of stupidity.

  • JRock

    truly sad that I am living in Colorado right now. Time to take back this state.

  • Anonymous

    what is there to worry about regarding the 1st resonders standing behind bho, the government will just replace them with the homeland security 1st resonders that they are training for any troubles in the US.

  • Lauren Saucier

    Men are telling Women how not to be raped.  Shaking my head over the STUPID suggestions.

    • Taryn Verleye

      It’s almost as crazy as the republican party taking advice from the dems on who is electable.

  • Joseph

    These “politicians” are complete idiots.  Their blind fear of anything “gun” is so overpowering that they have lost the sense of reason.  The same logic is used over and over that “gun owners are more of a danger than a solution”. Ridiculous. I spoke with a man who argued that pilots should not be armed, (this was right after 911) because they’ll more than likely shoot themselves in the foot. I asked him, “they would be so incompetent as  to shoot themselves in the foot with at simple gun, yet you would trust him to fly you and 200 + other people around the world in a highly sophisticated aircraft?”  Such people base their “solutions” on emotional based hype and a blatant disregard for reality.

  • Anonymous

    Scenerio:    If you come any closer, I’ll write your name down using my pen.  Result:  He will die laughing.  Mission accomplished!  Makes as much sense as comments made by the senator from Colorado.

  • Anna Larson

    Well the ARMY trusted me with a weapon. I don’t need a call box, I don’t need a safety zone and I don’t need a whistle.

  • Sean Lacey

    Vomiting apparently doesn’t work. Read this story about a women who was raped just outside of Philadelphia. 
    This attack started no more 5 minutes from my home. My wife and mother in-law are in the process of taking handgun safety and concealed carry classes. I know a whistle is less expensive than a handgun…but it’s also more effective.

  • Coursey

    I do not want to go into hand to hand combat with a man. This is not the movies where some chick kicks butt against 5 armed muscle men. I agree, shoot him, shoot him again.

  • Anonymous

    Jason Bourne was a BEAST with a ball point pen when the other assassin broke into his Paris flat…

    I guess that is why Matt Damon is a Liberal…

  • Gunny

    Biden, Obama, Salazar, Libtards in general are all products of too much dope smoking and being droppped on their heads as kids. While I would not wish rape on any woman, I think all these libtard men should be placed in areas (Federal Pens come to mind) armed with a whistle, and see what happens to them over a month period of time. Of course, to make the scenario more realistic, the guards cannot respond to the whistle for a minimum of 20 minutes, at which time they can begin heading towards the location where the whistle was blown. The inability of the libtards to stop the men in prison from making them their newest wives should help them change their minds, if indeed they actually have minds.  Nothing like a little bit of first hand experience to help people change their minds.  Of course, there is the possibility that since they are liberals, they COULD decide to leave their wives because they will enjoy their newfound lifestyle, but then we already KNOW the POTUS enjoys his boy toys; the only thing that he won’t have will be his drugs.

  • victor Sinatra II

    A stainless steel pen can be very, very deadly when used as a stabbing weapon and could also be used a kubaton as well allowing for non-lethal defense plus I can carry it on a airplane (and no its not a tactical pen, those ARE classified as concealed weapons in most cases). A sharpie can break karate boards if one knows how to use it. I also carry survival a whistle that generates 120 db. Its about layered defense. The whistle can also be used as a kubaton in a similar fashion to the pen. Heavy shoes especially combat boots can impart a huge amount of impact force. A cell phone could be used as a kubaton as well or a fist load. So now I carry multiple defensive options at the same time in even the tightest security zone, albeit most are close range. Small price to pay to be armed anywhere I go. A gun in Ca is no longer a viable weapon if it has all this legality attatched to it, there are other options.

  • Anonymous

    “Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead”?  Might there be just a slight chance that “screaming” may excite the attacker even more?  I know that when my wife screams during our alone time together,,,,, my heart rate goes up & I start feeling tingly all over.

  • maverick

    We need your help in Colorado! Help us fight the gun grabbers!

  • maverick

    Help us to fight the freedom zombies in Colorado!

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