Five people who went on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and died

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Ok so probably not entirely fair to pin this on Dr. Drew, but it’s hard to deny there is somewhat of a pattern here. If you are a celebrity and you’re thinking of ending it all, don’t do a guest spot on the Dr. Drew program because there’s a good chance you’ll turn up dead.

“Dr. Drew apparently is not the guy you want to go to if you’re having suicidal thoughts,” Glenn said.

“I don’t know that he is responsible,” Stu chimed in. “I would say the people who did it are responsible.”

The guys started talking about the story on radio after Mindy McCready became the fifth person to appear on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab who ended up dead.

“If all these people had appeared on Glenn’s show and then died shortly after, would he not be accused of killing them?” Pat asked.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The simple fact is this, a person determined to commit suicide will often do so without any notice or warning.

    Suicide leaves many victims, not just the one who died. Family, friends, children especially, are harmed for years to come. There are often questions that can never be answered of why it had occurred and if anything could have been done to prevent it, etc, and that makes any form of suicide the worst of crimes one can inflict on the survivors.

    For the one who takes their own life, suicide is the murder of self; and at the same time it is the mass murder of the spirit that holds together a community, a family, and so much more.

    • John Eitzen

      What if the family is already split apart and the spirit of the one who commits the
      suicide has already been irreparably damaged due to abuse, etc?
      Is it not more understandable in that situation? I can see how what you are saying
      is true in some cases, but it is wrong to generalize this to every single case.
      The act of suicide in some instances is merely the result to an inability to further
      cope with enormous pain, whether mental or physical, or both.

  • Sam Fisher

    These people don’t need Dr. Drew they need God. 

    • jen

      They need to take the name of Jesus only.  Prayers to Jesus would do a whole lot of good.

      • Sam Fisher


  • Anonymous

    What I have seen and read about Dr. Drew, it seems lately it is all about him.  He makes many comments about celebrities he hasn’t treated and how he would/could have helped them, blah blah blah.  Ms. McCready was a very troubled soul, and had been for years.  I think her boyfriend killing himself was the breaking point.  I agree with Sam Fisher, she needed God, but in this day and age its rehab, self-help and new age psychobabble.  What a waste of talent.

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding…..Glenn’s accused of breathing! That’s enough for them that have more than words to say about our pioneer in arms, Mr. Glenn Beck.

    BTW Glenn, Honestly, I can’t see you and Bill O as friends; I know he’s bigger than you but sometimes, You need to smack him on the side of his head. He can be VERY condescending.

  • Anonymous

    Well who the hell is Dr. Drew, and why the hell should I give a f(BLEEP)ck?  Let’s hope the obumholes go on his diet.

    • Anonymous

      Dr. Drew is a supposed psychologist who got famous at first by being on MTV years ago doing a show with Adam Corolla (who pops up on O’Reilly a lot) talking to 20 somethings about sexuality.  Then fast forward a few years and he gets his own show called Celebrity Rehab, also on MTV. (Remember the good old days when MTV showed actual music videos?)  Ms. McCready and one guy from a rock band (can’t think of his name or the band name right now) have both died since being on that show.  I look for Chinese actress Bai Ling to die soon, since she was on it.  Apparently you have to hit rock bottom on your career to be desperate enough to appear on his “show”.  Also look out for the Sizemore guy, I believe his first name is Tom.  I had people staying with me for a while who watched this train wreck of a show.  Thank God I don’t turn on MTV at all anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Understanding the purpose of “rehab,” it is clear upfront that the “celebrities” on Dr Drew’s show are ADDICTS, i.e. they have an incurable disease, just like Joe Public. Though addiction may be arrested or controlled for periods of time — seldom permanently — it cannot be cured. It will be with the addict always. The disease is insidious to the family and life-threatening.

    Unfortunately, too many of these desperate souls are unaware they are in need of help or they are in denial. Too many of their loved ones fail to learn about the illness, get help for themselves and/or do an intervention-confrontation with the addict. They are most often in deep denial themselves.    

    The incidence of suicide & self-destructive behavior is extremely not uncommon with addiction. Getting sober, really sober, is a lifelong process — Dr Drew’s rehab & drying out is merely the start. There is no quick fix! How anyone could think there is a connection between Dr Drew & the self-destructive behavior of celebrities from his show is inane!  After drying out with a jump-start in a rehab program, the addict is responsible for him/herself unless they want to continue being the narcissistic, childish addict they were beforehand. Dr Drew is offering the opportunity; the rest is yours. Celebrities are just people like you and me.    

    • Mike

      Well I drank for 20 years of my life and went to many AA meetings trying to stop. They
      told me I would always be an addict and it was an incurable disease just like you say.
      So I had no desire to stop. Until I went to a little church in FL. there I was told I was
      a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things have passed it was a new day. Now I know
      I am not the person I was. So please stop destroying people’s lives by telling them
      they have an “incurable disease” when they don’t. I don’t know about your God but
      mine changes lives and creates new people.

  • James Mitchell

    O.k. No it’s not Dr. Drew’s problem. It is the addict’s problem. And yes, I agree, they need our Lord Jesus in their lives. Without that I wouldn’t have come out of twenty years of addiction myself.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad these sad cases didn’t hit rock bottom like Glenn Beck—sucking off a cocaine dealer whilst dealer defecated into a bathroom stall

    • Anonymous

      Can you not add anything constructive or insightful to this thread?  All of you HuffPost trolls need serious help.  Nothing but filth in your posts. 

  • ken.

    as a former substance abuse counselor i can tell you that some people just cannot be helped. sometimes they can but didn’t get enough help in time. it usually takes at least a year to get strong enough to make it. you do what you can in the short amount of time you work with them, sending them other places after your done. many addicts are mentally ill and are sometimes impossible to work with. drug rehabilitation and mental illness don’t work together due to lack of sound mind. the mind tells them that the tools of drug rehab are against them and out to get them. i have witnessed this many times with outbursts often violent. i left the mental health field due to the corruption and lack of care given to patients. there is little to no oversight or supervision. they are set loose on the streets to fend for themselves. much of it is laws protecting patients from receiving treatment without their consent dumping them into the streets to end up in the criminal justice system. even when they are a danger to themselves or others. and with not enough beds to give even a small percentage of them a place what are we to do. my nephew is diabetic and refuses to eat or take his insulin properly and is in the emergency room every couple of months. he has been dumped by every doctor in town and only has one now because the doctor is new in town. they can’t spend their time on him when he won’t do what he is told so they refuse to keep him as a patient so they can open that spot for someone who can be helped. he is 24 and it will be impossible to force him through the courts even with being proven to be a danger to himself. mental health laws need to be changed to allow mentally ill and unstable people to be held against their will when proven to be a danger to themselves and/or others. they are of unsound mind and cannot think for themselves. but leftist organizations like the aclu keep attacking anytime a law comes up, like the law in conn. that was dropped just months before sandyhook due to aclu lawsuits.

  • Pamela Smith

    Who the hell vetted Obama anyway?

  • Anonymous

    I think it is disgusting and of poor taste for someone to call any person a killer because one has tried to help someone who was destined for destruction.  Dr. Drew is an M.D. and he has vowed first to do no harm.  Glenn Beck would be called a killer because he is a paranoid schizophrenic sensationalist and is not interested in helping others.  My best friend killed herself and there was NOTHING I could do about it.  I tried everything to support her and to this day I still feel like I let her down.  I guess that makes me a killer too.  I unfortunately came across this website and I’ll be sure not to make that mistake again.      

  • GoatExpress

    What kind of doctor publicly exposes his patients on reality TV shows anyhow ??

    Pinsky makes me sick.

    By the way, he’s a conservative.  Watch Glenn interview him on Faux News in 2009

  • DD

    Any DoCtOr” That makes an Agreement with a With a Celebrity while their on Drugs, is Truly suspect regarding their abilities……… Thats where the word ” Exploitation” comes in. 
    Do you look forward to  Seeing yourself  in your worst light ? Dr?  
     Let someone videotape you waking up, sleeping, arguing,in a pathetic ThErApY group ” etc etc etc,  Only to find it on the WWW at youtube…….. Go videotape yourself, & put it on utube, most of you dont even like to hear your own voice on a recording. Being Narcisstic may give you the desire to record & post on utube, but you can remove it.

     I hear theres a show, that exploits troubled, drug addicts, & under the influence celebritys, that dont think far enough ahead, to realize their actions will be laughed at, mocked,praised, etc.
    Simply put, A pathetic format, that exploits people, for monetary gain, without looking too their best long term interest.  But in the End the dR dRew Show had its own interest at heart, knowing full well, they would never let themselves be shown in that light, as it would ruin their carreers, & be an embarassment for the rest of their lives.  Isnt that right dR dReW?

  • DD

    After Years of being around drug addicts………………… its clear, the dR dReW format is Deadly” & WRONG. These are people that Dont Feel good about themselves…… Then again think their great…….. Being in The Publics eye as a singer actor etc, They Had makeup crews Lights camera Action recording studios…….Just like dR poo does when he sells his bullcrap
    Now without thinking Correctly, Because THEIR ON DRUGS”  {are u learning anything dR?} They sign on the dotted line & the exploitation begins, they are recorded going from loaded to sober?  Or Highely likely loaded on street drugs, too dr poos drugs ” {try this on yurself Dr poo, & after the unedited recording comes out, let us know how Great you feel about yourself}

     After some time passes, & their heads clear ever so slightly, they see themselves, not on a high dollar MTV Video,  but on a clip of the dr poo show, with pathetic comments littering their minds, & the inability to handle what they look like , how their acting, sounding, eating etc etc etc.
     I could go on, but suffice to say, If any of you on the Production Crew, & all you so called Therapists had 1 bit of sense from day 1, You too would have said This is wrong, were exploiting people that are Not only Drug addicts, But arent sober enough to be legally responsible for what their signing…………………………………………… 

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