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What have July 4th celebrations turned into? Usually you drive in the car to a nearby park or parking lot, look up at the sky and watch the fireworks go off. Then you pile back in the car with the kids and go home. Is that really all July 4th should be dumbed down to? It’s time to reconnect with the real story of America — as told like you’ve never seen it before. Glenn explains more about the ‘Man in the Moon’ production…

I remember about ten years ago I was at Disney, maybe longer, with my family and I had ‑‑ and Pat will tell you and so will Stu. They have worked with me now for 20‑something, almost 30 years, that I have had these ideas in my head forever. I’ve just never had the money to be able to do them. In fact, one of the things that Pat and I joke about all the time was I used to say, can you imagine if we had ‑‑ if we had money what we could do. And I’m blessed enough to be able to have the people around me now and the resources to be able to create amazing things. We’re in the midst of building a network and so many other things and at the same time I’m having a hard time, quite honestly, knowing what God’s will is right now because it’s easy when He asks you to do things that you don’t want to do because you know that’s from Him. You know because you’re like ‑‑ I mean, for the last five years I’ve been, “Oh, jeez, you’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t want to do that.” And it was tough. Now I’m worried that I’m off track or not doing God’s will because there’s so much of it that I want to do.

When I was at Disney about ten years ago, I saw technology that I had dreamt about and I thought, boy, if you could tell a story and you could use this kind of technology. About ten years ago I went into the ‑‑ I went into the Disney parks and I saw Fantasmic, and like a little girl I got all weepy because I saw this technology and I thought, “It’s here. Look what can be done.”

Two years ago I went to Disney California and I saw their California adventure and their Wonderful World of Color and that is also using the technology in the ways that I was ‑‑ had been thinking and ‑‑ but I watched that one and I thought the story, it’s ‑‑ all they are relying on is the technology. Where’s the story? Where’s the heart? All they are trying to do is get you to buy a plush toy.

I’ve known now for the last couple of years that I was supposed to pick up the storytelling staff, if you will, and start telling real American stories to not just entertain but enlighten and also to try to keep people awake a little bit longer, maybe awaken them, but keep the rest of us awake. And I’m working on some things that, I’m going to plant my stake in two holidays, July, July 4th and Christmas, and try to reel us back in to the core of those holidays.

We have for the last three years done an event in August, and I told you last year that that would be the last Restoring. We did Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage, and Restoring Love. But people come from all over the country to experience these events, and they are life‑changing to so many people. And the most exciting thing, for me at least, is that I see people that have met up and they are just seeing old friends. People, families now that are planning their vacations around these. And what it is is that we want to be around like‑minded people. We want to show our kids that it’s not all pushing and shoving.

When you experience one of our events, it’s different, and it always has been. I am the luckiest man on the planet because every theater I’ve ever performed at, every single time the management will come up to me and say, “Yours is the nicest audience we’ve ever had.” I’m so proud to be associated with you. And our summer events have become vacations, and so we are not going to be traveling internationally anymore on summers. We are going to begin a Fourth of July series, and this year it’s in one city. It’s in Salt Lake City, and tickets have just gone on sale at GlennBeck.com/ManintheMoon and this is a one‑time performance but it’s a three‑day event. You can join on any part of it. Part of it is service. Bring your kids. Teach them service. It is an upping of the ante of what we did last year with Restoring Love. Because service changes people. And people came from all over the country to serve and to help people that were ‑‑ I mean, I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time. I’m so blessed. I have a hard time with my kids.

My kid actually said to me over the weekend, “I hate my life. I just wish I had a normal life.” And I looked at him and I said, “Oh, you’re about to have a normal life.” With all the blessings that all of us in this country have, we have a hard time sometimes teaching it to our kids that service and there are other people in need. Service is part of it.

One of the main things that people are asking me is what do we do about education. We have an education conference that weekend where you’ll hear from some of the best minds around the country and you will see the beginnings of some of the things the American Dream Labs are working on. For those of you who are looking for what do I do if I don’t want my kids in public schools, what do I do if I have to have them in public schools; and how do I pick a college for my kids? What does the future of education ‑‑ it’s all going to change. We’ll show it to you, and it is uplifting. The message I think is really uplifting and really good.

And then the other one is, I don’t know what they call it, the Hope Through Truth. But the truth of who you really are. I like to call it Man Up. It’s an event. The tickets have just gone on sale for the first part of it, which is the Man in the Moon. They only have ‑‑ we only have 20,000 seats. Most of them are $75 and $35, and they’re great seats. The whole thing, great seats. There are some other packages up there. The, you know, bronze, silver and gold packages. Some of those are very expensive but that gets you into all kinds of additional stuff, not just the show. But I urge you to bring your family and join us, in the shadow of the Everlasting Hills. And celebrate Fourth of July unlike it has been celebrated in this country ever before, or at least in quite some time. Make new friends. Meet up with old friends. Plan your vacation. Come with us. Tickets are on sale now, Man in the Moon at GlennBeck.com/ManintheMoon, or GlennBeck.com/tour.

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    I want to but have no money because of Obamanomics I pray it does well.

    • Matt Driscoll

      I don’t know you personally but from your postings I can assume you don’t have a job for reasons other than Obamanomics. First and foremost, your grammar is terrible. What company is willing to hire an employee who does not have a full grasp on the English language. Second, your name is Sam FIsher, which I am assuming is a refrence to the game Splinter Cell. This means you probably have no life if you are so obsessed with video games that you make a fictional name your handle. Second, the Youtube link you have on your profile is of the band Casting Crowns. This is a religionus Christian band. You also have a quote from a Lutheran minister. This leads me to believe that you are a religious nut and honestly who would ever hire a religious nut like yourself. Have your religion, that is all good and well but keep personal matters like that to yourself. Please don’t blame the President for your shortcomings.

      • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

        No it is because the economy is so bad. Your right you do no nothing of me and the fact that I am a Christian got me my last job because over here that is not a mill stone around ones neck. What does video games have to do with? The only reason I have no like by the way is before the economy want to hell I worked my ass off. So now you are acting racist to Christians and people that play video games. Tell me is the other 20 million without work can’t find a job because they are white Christians that happen to play video games? Hum me think your logic sucks maybe you should open your eyes to what is going on around you instead of listing to Joe Biden and Obama.

        • Matt Driscoll

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh man. Dude are you like 12 or something?? Racist to Christians? Racist to people who play video games?? Oh man. You have to be the dumbest person on this site. At least SnowLeopard can put together a sentence. Racism has to do with race you dumb ass. You can’t be racist to people who play video games. Playing video games is not a race. Christianity is not a race. Oh man I literally laughed out loud when I read that. You seriously need some more education. You ignorance is extremely amusing.

          • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

            I thought you would be dumb enough to fall for that. Seeing how you are blinded by hate you are nothing but a bigot and seeing how you can’t see black people as racist to begin with I bet you have hatred to white people and think that racism is on one side which makes you still a racist because you believe in one of two things. First all-white people are racist which is a racist stereo type or you think that black people can’t be racist which is another racist stereo type. You’re a bigot towards Christians and a racist towards white and black people I can’t make this stuff up you have shown it in your own words.

          • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

            Oh there is just one more thing seeing how Jesus was the founder of Christianity and he was an Arab Jew and your hatred of Christianity is deep we can assume you hate Arab Jews. What is the matter racist I am only using liberal logic?

          • Matt Driscoll

            Holy hell you are a strange dude. Hahaha. Man never once did I mention anything about “blacks” or “whites.” I don’t have any type of “hatred” towards Christianity. I am actually a peaceful dude. I just extremely dislike extremist like yourself. See extremeist run on both sides, the left and the right. You, sir, are a right-wing extremist, which is no better than a left-wing extremist. Please don’t try and cover up your ignorance by saying “I thought you would be dumb enough to fall for that.” That is the most pathetic attempt to mask stupidity I have ever seen. When did I mention “black” people once? You argument is stupid and based on your grammar and sentence structure I am going to assume that you have very, very little education. Maybe that is the reason you are currently unemployed. I am sorry your life sucks but you really should take responsibilty for your own situation. Thats what adults do.  

          • Anonymous

            you are an idiot spouting crap to all …Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.

      • Anonymous

        you are an idiot spouting crap to all …Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.

    • Anonymous

      you are an idiot spouting crap to all Mr sam Fisher

  • Anonymous

    I get the feeling this another gay cruising show for the hardcore Beckers

  • Vae Victis

    Q. What is the #1 reason why people should see Glenn Beck’s “Man on the Moon”?

    A. To put money in Glenn’s pockets.

    Save your money, there is no need to pay Glenn Beck the outrageous sum of $350-$1250 a seat and the cost of
    getting there. For little or nothing, people can watch movies like “Sergeant York” or the other great films and documentaries that have been made which captures the essence of what it is to be an American. Glenn is trying to repackage and sell what is already out there and in your hearts.

    Try reading the Declaration of Independence to your friends and family, it’s free and is what America and the 4th of July is all about.

    “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…..”


    Here is another freebie:


    • Anonymous

      you are an idiot spouting crap to all …Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.

      • Vae Victis

        The Disqus email I received with your original reply said:

        “you are an idiot spouting crap to all …Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.”

        Please elaborate what “crap” I am spewing to all.

        Also, please define what a “Life Panel” is.

        Until you do, your post is just a reactionary response with no relevancy.

        Good day.

        • Anonymous

          do your homework.. yes my orig response was maybe not so wise.. with the wording my feelings of what you and others have posted regarding the man in the moon.. but i re edited for your understanding.   if you do not see or hear and understand what you are doing.. then yes the life panel can weed you out.. Good Day to you and May GOD bless you.
          fyi.. SOON no one will be able to view or learn the truth about OUR country.. they are cutting costs and our heritage is paying the price.  

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7vddTgeS6Q&bpctr=1363058180 Vae Victis

            My first question I asked was, “Please elaborate on what crap I am spewing?”.

            From what you have written, your whole disagreement is over my questioning of Beck’s little dog and pony show, aka “Man in the Moon”.

            The opening statements of this thread began with:

            “What have July 4th celebrations turned into? Usually you drive in the car to a nearby park or parking lot, look up at the sky and watch the fireworks go off. Then you pile back in the car with the kids and go home. Is that really all July 4th should be dumbed down to? It’s time to reconnect with the real story of America — as told like you’ve never seen it before. Glenn explains more about the ‘Man in the Moon’ production…”

            Isn’t that nice, Beck will teach everyone the “real story” of America for a fee while selling all his other merchandise at this venue.

            Because you disagree with my observations, you make the leap that I do not see, hear or understand what I am doing and will be weeded out by “The Complete Lives System” aka Death Panels.

            Is questioning Glenn Beck heresy now?

            Have you ever heard the term “groupthink”?

            “fyi.. SOON no one will be able to view or learn the truth about OUR country.. they are cutting costs and our heritage is paying the price.” –MommaC

            What a strange statement from someone who is supposedly an ardent defender of OUR country and OUR heritage. The reason you gave for why no one will be able to view or learn the truth about OUR country is because….. they are cutting costs? Who is cutting costs? I can only surmise that you mean the Federal Government.

            If that is the case, you are saying only the government can teach the truth about our Country; and if they don’t we will lose our heritage. That is not the function of the Federal Government but the duty of the local Citizenry.

            What will stop parents and the Citizenry from teaching these aspects of OUR culture to the next generation?

            If you answered, “The Federal Government”, I suggest you read or re-read the Declaration of Independence and then the US Constitution. After all, that is what America is all about and it won’t cost you a dime, unlike Glenn’s ‘Man in the Moon’.

            PS, Here is an article that might help enlighten you to what Glenn is all about. This cheer-leading mentality and fear mongering for your favorite talking head is counter-productive and quite silly.


          • Anonymous

            I should have answered your question directly, regarding my 1st response that I removed.. the “crap” is the whinning you posted about how much it will cost and then to the demeaning of character.   My intial post and then the 2nd response was no better.  
            Some people can afford it. Good for them. Yes I would like it to be free or less expensive than it is, but it takes money to build something and keep it going.  If you live close then it wouldnt cost so much. Im in GA and Utah is a long way for a drive with gas prices as they are, airfare for 4 roundtrip tickets, not to mention hotel cost even he is advertised local hotels in the area that are decently priced.. 2 at under 100 a night. 
            Some may need to see it this way to be excited and energetic about our country and her past. This can help grown ups as well as children be excited and want to learn more about our country from the beginning to now. Not just the small selected tidbits, that are touched on in the schools or posted on the internet and broadcasted nationally.
            If you can get ahold of a 1975 history book or earlier and compare the information of our countries past to the 2010/2012 version you will see that it has changed. Dont tell me its because we have more history to learn, cant fit it all in one book.. The answer to that – thats why we used to have history being taught as early as 2nd grade when I was in school.. and i am only 47. Now they say our kids are too stupid, left behind or just different and cant fully comprehend the information at that age. Bull malarchy.
            Plus the new technology out there. It sounds amazing to see it first hand and NOT just on TV or the internet or a book.  
            How much money has been spent on disney vacations?  it costs the avg family of 4- 2000 plus for 4 night 5 day stay at a hotel.. 3 days at the park. not to mention all the overpriced food and mechandise being sold at the venue, as well as the surrounding stores, restaurants and other venues in the area.    How is his venue any different than others? at least he is giving history lessons of the truth and not changing it.
            Yes,  we can read the constitution and what the internet “says” about  it, our country and its history for free. if you are given a computer and get internet for free.
            Yes, we can view the constitution and books on our country directly at the local library, but the library is limited to its money supplied to them.  After being in the surrounding area of a big city for 25 years, then move to the country – wow was it a surprise to see how few books there were in the library.. silly me I thought more of our taxdollars were being used to stock all the libraries in the state… not just the selected big cities who join in with the progressive movement of dumbing our society down. 
            In actuallity HOW many people truly have read the constitution or read more on our history, outside of high school history class? ok I guess if you go to college to become a history teacher then you would have.
            Yes I know what it says and what it stands for.. BUT does our government officials???  From what I have seen on all the news channels, newspapers and internet..  and WHAT has been done during  this administration.. and the past admins(yes my eyes were closed- I blindly thought it would never happen in this country)   the answer is no. the majority are clueless or they just dont care anymore. Because they wouldnt be doing the things they are doing. they are only concerned with their re election. Again politicians and the appointed judges by the presidents are dictating how the constitution should read.. see all the amendments.. and changes we as a country has had to make to comply with polictical correctness.. that now the truth is completely distorted.. no one.. well the majority does not know who or what to believe anymore. You have to be a lawyer to understand the round about, talk out of the side of your face, written documents. At least our founders put everything in plain english for us to understand without having to research what this meant.
            Have them serve their term, be in washington during the time they need to.. then send them back to their hometown so they can get a real job.  I dont care what postion or title you hold..  2 terms is long enough for any person to be in congress. NOT 20 plus years or stay until you die. They just create a NEW COMMITTEE to be on. So they can oversee a committe, who is overseeing another committee, who is inturn overseeing another committee!! Lets keep adding more idiots and pay them for life to be idiots! Or they change the rules and even history according to their desires-no matter what party they are affiliated with at that time. 
            No I have not heard of groupthink. 1st thought was- is this a group for slower minded thinking kids talking things out in a group(college aged) or brainwashing. apparently after looking it up 2nd thought was the closest to the description. see i applied my schooling with common sense and came up with the most logical answers..
            And I see it is happening in our country now with a small percentage of society telling the majority what we can and cannot do, how and what we can teach our kids, how to raise them, what to think and how we should feel.. and most importantly that if we dont comply with “the small groups” thinking.  we are called haters, dumb uneducated person, a racisit, or extremist or what ever else they feel they have the right to.
            The govt is doing applying these principles today , here and now! except the govt is doing this behind our backs until they have the gonades to do it openly and then publicly criticise those who appose them.  dont believe me go ck out the story you sent for me to read.. that is an opinion of one man who had a disagreement with Glenn. The reporter even said it was clear that this disput went deeper than what is being said by this man. did beck get a job that he didnt get and blames glenn for it? is there someone behind the scenes making this happen. I have read alott about people. Those for the person and then those against the person. You have to ask yourself.. who is saying it and why. it seems extremely hard for some to read between the lines and figure out fact and fiction.
            this principal worked on businessmen to aid Hilter’s war effort in per-WWII Germany..
            did you learn this in college or high school?  see these webpages for the definition and info on it – http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/groupthinkhttp://www.valuebasedmanagement.net/methods_janis_groupthink.html, http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/theory/grpthink.html  summarizes it up pretty good.    You claim Glenn Beck is doing this. BUT what he is saying is true.. not lies. He is not changing what was written in the past to conform to what he is saying now.  Our govt does this. They take out words in a speech and a monument from WWII to comply to their thinking, so we the people dont see them anymore. we cant talk about this or that. cant mention this or that. well what the heck is this and that now?
            And no I didnt say questioning Glenn Beck was heresy. You should question all, ask why and whats the purpose.. read and educate yourself with the right and the left.. that is you should be knowledgeable of both sides views, opinions and FACTS.. You should research both sides  so you can make an educated conclusion from facts that “you know”. not what someone told you because they heard it from someone who heard it from another. or whats printed in the newspaper or internet or on tv as fact.. people lie and distort the truth everyday.. some do it more regulary and open than others.
             Thanks for the demeaning article on Glenn Beck. I am certain there are hundreds more from where that came from. another fine example of the “crap being spewed/hate/lies-half truths” over the internet  and people swear its the truth or it wouldnt be on the internet.. again this is one mans view being published on a site. Not to menton that the article only confirms that the media gets wind of a story and then runs with it, without fully getting the facts straight. I pulled up other articles on the sherrod incident.  from what i read and sound bits from the radio talk shows its clear they were edited too.    I know you will receive this and respond with more …….. once this is posted.

  • Anonymous

    I liked the original title of Man in the Moon. “A Mormon Farts From His Mouth”. But Beck was worried people wouldn’t buy tickets because they can watch that everyday on his internet show

    • Anonymous

      Expandyou are an idiot spouting crap to all whitedimples  Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OQOV75AWNXQOQPGW3GT3ZLIJAM Ted Klaudt

    …..Man In The Moon will excite and engage all your senses. At times, it
    will seem to defy logic. The visual spectacle will be beside you…in
    front of you…behind you. You’re not just watching a show-you’re inside
    the show. You’ll be swept into a world of mesmerizing creations.
    Everything will be larger than life, and the moon itself will be there,
    shining bigger and brighter than you have ever seen it……Actually, online moon calendars indicate that on July 6th 2013, the moon will only be 5% visible.That’s some pretty concentrated BS in those six sentences.

    • Anonymous

      Its called Technology   … Go Back to Sleep. The Life Panel can weed you out.

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