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Want a late-term abortion but don’t really have a good reason why? Come to New York, where Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to reduce the restrictions placed on performing late-term abortions. Bill O’Reilly joined Glenn on his TV show Thursday night to discuss the issue, which O’Reilly attributed to apathy on the part of the American people.

According to the New York Times, Cuomo plans to change the current laws so that women can have abortions after twenty-four weeks of pregnancy if their health is at risk, which is a significantly lower threshold than the current law which requires their life to be at risk.

So salt, styrofoam cups, trans-fats, guns, soda, and pretty much everything else in New York City has pretty much been slated to be banned by Mayor Bloomberg. He wants to protect all the little children and the full grown adults who just don’t know what is best for them. But now New York Governor Cuomo has decided that unborn children don’t need any protection whatsoever.

“They’re doing it out of compassion, you know Bill. They want to make sure we save all the children,” Glenn said. “But you now have this next step to having late-born abortions.”

“Andrew Cuomo is barbaric. He’s just barbaric. And the fact that he says he’s Roman Catholic is just staggering,” Bill said. “They want to legalize late-term abortion for any reason. You have a migraine headache, a hang nail, a panic attack.”

“It’s so barbaric that people should be rising up but you’re not going to see it because we’re so busy on our video games. We can’t pull ourselves away,” Bill added.

Glenn said that Progressives were headed down the path of Margaret Sanger where people had to justify their lives and their value to society. He specifically pointed out newborns and their elderly as victims of this progressive viewpoint.

Bill said that Cuomo has made it clear he doesn’t value kids, noting that New York State does not have Jessica’s Law. He said the problem lies with the people and their apathy and narcissism.

“People are becoming addicted to the machines and it takes them away from their community,” Bill said. “We’re becoming an insular society that allows people like Cuomo and all the other villains to get away with all this garbage.”