Don’t mess with Texas: Home intruder shot & killed; criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned

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Under the Castle Doctrine, a TX homeowner legally shot & killed a home invader. Despite his 18-page wrap sheet, the criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned.

“He could have gave him a warning,” One family member told reporters on the scene. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and that he was willing to use it in self-defense.”

Dallas News |

What was he supposed to say? “I’d appreciate it if you would not break into my home. Some harm may come to one or both of us if you continue this practice,” Pat joked.

Glenn pointed out that the entire controversy around the Castle Doctrine goes against Natural Law. He explained that if someone wandered into a bear’s den and was killed, no one is going to be outraged at the bear.

“You walk into a cave of bears, the bear is going to kill you. It’s your fault,” Glenn said.

He added that no one is going to put the bear up for trial, question if it wasn’t loved enough as a child, or why it hates people so much.

“You walked into his den. You were stupid.”

Why does the same common sense not apply to someone’s home?

“You shouldn’t have been there.  You have no right to be there. I have a right to shoot you,” Glenn said.

That’s what the Castle Doctrine is — a law that protects your natural rights of self-defense.

Does everyone deserve second chances like those being called for in this news report? Maybe, but Glenn points out, this guy had an 18 page rap sheet.

That’s 18 pages of chances.

“It’s insanity,” Stu added. “This is what happened when you lose respect for the law. This is why we talk about the border and things like this. If you want people to come across the border — you want more open borders — change the law to reflect that.  Don’t just ignore the law, because when you lose the rule of law you get attitudes like this. Attitudes of ‘I can’t believe this person was shot as they were breaking into someone’s house’.”

Glenn went on to explain why it’s import to remember that the Constitution was based on Nature’s Law and Nature’s God. It’s important to keep the foundation this debate on our Natural Rights.

“Do you have a right to protect your own cave? Nature says, yes.  Let’s not go against nature, because that means you’re born with that right.  There’s no bear government giving the bear a right to protect its cave.  There’s not a single law on the books.  And only the stupid animals stumble into the bear cave, and those animals are eaten.  And if there is a group of animals that are like you know what, I think we can take the bears one at a time.  You take this cave you take that cave at 3:00 in the morning.  And we’ll take their honey.  That species is wiped out because they’re eaten by the bear.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Walk into a bears den, get too close to a bear cub while mama is around, or do the same with most predatory animals defending home and young, and the outcome is usually the same – mauling or dying.

    The crux of the matter is very simple, NO COMMON SENSE. 

    Texas as with AZ has the ‘castle doctrine’ in which you may use lethal force in self-defense of home and family if you feel the threat is legitimate. The intruder showed he had no common sense and expected to get away with another crime, only he did not.

    The family lost a loved one true, yet there has to be a line drawn in which every person has to take responsibility for their own actions. 

    Remember the man who shot the intruder also has to live with his actions, HE has taken another human beings life in self-defense; a scenario that will haunt him for the remainder of his days.

    • Anonymous

      Your comments are spot on! Shame on the perp for making this man have to make the choice of life and death!

    • Jim

       Or maybe the man who shot the intruder lived out the rest of his life as the hero he is, with the undying gratitude of his neighbors and friends. He can rest in the knowledge that he cleaned out some slimy crud from the gene pool.

    • bumpkin

      Hi, kitty.   I am not so sure it will haunt him.  It wouldn’t haunt me, in the same situation,  Sorry.  I dont even feel guilt when I swat and kill a yellowjacket, although I know that nasty bee is one of GOD’s created creatures.  That man hasn’t a clue as to whether or not the thief would also kill him,  Many do.  Self-defense, he wasn’t in the thief’s home, to shoot him.  NO, I hope the homeowner feels no haunt or guilt at all.

    • Scott McKay

       I would thank God every day that I was able to kill instead of be killed. I wouldn’t lose a moments sleep over that!

    • Anonymous

      In the insurance business we have to use a ruling every once in a while.  It is when the type of loss is fuzzy.  The term used is ‘proximate cause’.  The proximate cause is the cause that started the following results.  It is used to sort out whether to cover a claim or not.  If the proximate cause was covered..anything that follows is a part of the proximate cause AND is covered.  This break in story was a proximate cause of a burglary/assault.  The results don’t change the cause.  NO CONVICTION!

  • landofaahs

    C’mon folks. It’s geting dangerous for Obama’s relatives to make a living thieving and murdering the folks of Chicago. I mean we need to get those guns out of the hands of honest folk so the thugs can rape, murder, steal and kill without too much risk to themselves.  Support obama’s criminal protection plan you racists.

    • sparducks

      Risk? When the hammer hits the firing pin thats plenty of warning(In Texas). This guy apparently ignored his final warning.

      • landofaahs

        LOL. I love your attitude. The warning came with the CONSTITUTION over 225 years ago. He picked the wrong profession.

        • sparducks

           here here

        • Lynn Wright

          This thug’s warning came 18 pages ago.  If he hadn’t changed by now, he wasn’t going to.  Good riddance.  One less scum on the streets to terrorize y’alls neighborhoods!

          • Gaylyn Brooks

            Oh you’re an upstanding citizen…

      • landofaahs

        You da man. I would gladly sit at your side for instruction 😉

  • Draxx

    That old man should never see any jail time, His Home Was Invaded By A Bad Guy…

  • Draxx

    Here in Oregon (Marion County) about 6 years ago an Old Man (87 yrs old), had his own house in the country broke into by 3 Criminals.  He saw that one of them had a Hunting Knife, another had a Baseball Bat, and the third was unarmed.  The Criminals were all between 19-23 years of age, and on drugs (by autopsy report, but maybe the old man could tell).  The one with the knife threatened him because he had a firearm, he opened fire and wounded the first assailant.  Then the second guy with the Bat went at him, was shot and died.  The first guy started to go at the old man again and was shot and killed.  The third guy (The old man said in the hysteria of the situation that he did not know if the Criminal was armed or not, and was not going to take chances.) was shot and wounded.  Then the third ran outside and was shot in the back by the old man and was only wounded, and got away.  The third criminal went to the hospital and the Police were called in because of the gunshot wound.  The third criminal told the Police what happened, especially getting shot in the back (a shotgun).  The Police went out did their investigation, arrested the old man for Attempted Murder on the third criminal (he was outside of the house when shot, and considered No Longer A Threat).  Eventually the old man went to Prison for Attempted Murder, Aggravated Homocide (2 counts), Wreckless Endangerment, and was sentenced to eight years (at age 87 more or less a death sentence in Prison).

    I believe that shooting the third guy was unnecessary, but being in the military I can tell you that a Survival Reflex Kicks In when you are in danger!  I would say that a few people even go into a state of temporary insanity, where right and wrong can get fuzzy.  But, I believe that he Was Justified in Shooting him in that situation of Three-Against-One with Armed Assailants, and Never should have been Convicted as a Felon.  *Note: How many times do we hear about Criminals Breaking In and Killing/Severely Wounding the Occupants of the Home?  It is Stupid that they Call The Criminals Victims When Robberies Go In Favor Of The Owner/Occupants and not the Criminals…

    • Anonymous

      Good Lord, jail time!  He should have got a medal and a ticker tape parade.  Now you know why I have given up on the whole West Coast.

      • Anonymous

         Rush has a reason for calling it the “Left Coast.”

        • Anonymous

           Where is this poor gentleman now??  Would like to hear how OR treats their citizens that use their 2nd amendment rights. 
          Who knows but the 3rd guy would have come back and continued the robbery.

          • Anonymous

            If the third guy is still out and about, hope someone recognizes him and put the lead in his head and leave a dirty gun in his possession and call it self defense! end of subject. 

          • Draxx

            He died in prison after 2 years from health issues…  His estate was auctioned off by the county/state to pay for his legal bills since he did not have any known living relatives!

          • Watch it

            Travesty of Justice.

          • Lorna L Hasenkamp Poetter

            Welcome to liberal Oregon.  Beautiful state to live in but the tree huggers, occupiers, bike nuts, queers, lesbos have taken over.  Glad the queer Portland mayor is out of office, yippee.  The story of the elderly man sounds par for the course.  Welcome to Oregon

          • Burt Fisher

            Ah, but you can only use “what-if” questions if it furthers the make-believe liberal agenda fairy tale.

      • Anthony Hamilton

         I was sent an email today with a job opportunity in California…  I wanted to respond back to the guy saying that Cali is ranked 49 out of 50 on my places I’d like to live.  That’s only because New York is really freakin’ cold…

      • Meg

        Typical liberal court system. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, how he got convicted of killing the first two invaders is amazing.  He shouldn’t have shot the 3rd one who was outside and fleeing because that is not self defense.  Of course, when three criminals break into your home, you might not be thinking calmly about that.  In any event, the court held the homeowner to a higher standard than the criminals.  Somethingis very wrong in Oregon. 

      • Anonymous

        Yup. There’s a lot wrong in Oregon. A lot wrong here in California, too. The assassin, Dan White, gets off on a Twinkie defense and the liberals go nuts. This was afterall a legal system THEY CREATED!! Same for the murderer OJ. This is what happens when liberals have the reins of power. Sad. And, they wonder why people are moving to AZ, TX, etc.

      • bumpkin

        Something IS very wrong in Oregon.  We have plenty of lying, cheating Democrats who dont hesitate to change people’s votes, for one thing.  (hang on-  it’ll all make sense in a minute) In my area, we had a case of people from the Board of Elections taking the mailed-in ballots HOME WITH THEM (to “work” on) -ie, change.  How do I know this?  after the story came out in the news, I went to the board of elections in my town, (we vote by mail here) and asked if I could see my ballot after the election to determine if had been changed by anyone.,  I was told that ABSOLUTELY, under NO circumstances, could I ever see my ballot again.  I was registered as a repub at the time.  I asked if the ballots are destroyed.  I was told no, they are stored.  But even though its MY ballot, I will never ever be able to check it for cheating.  THAT tells me something,  Rotten fish in Oregon!  And, you are wrong about the poor old man shouldn’t have shot the third one outside.  He did NOT know if the third one would come back in a couple of nights with a buddy to murder him.  Just because the law is on the side of the felon (I cannot help but wonder if anyone has done a study to see what political party most convicted felons are affiliated with) does NOT mean the man did not fear for his life from the actions of the jerk that got away.  Someone needs to grace that poor old man with an appeal!

        • Anonymous

           I would have shot him.  Of course, my husband and I live in a Texas border town, and if anyone comes on our property uninvited, we are allowed to shoot them if they don’t get off when told to.

        • Ronald Eva Smith


          • Draxx

            I have always thought that the Judge, DA, and Arresting Officers should have been removed from their positions and sent to Prison for the EVIL that they commited…

        • Anonymous

          “I cannot help but wonder if anyone has done a study to see what political party most convicted felons are affiliated with…”

          Don’t waste your energy “wondering.” Just ask VAN JONES.

          • Watch it


          • Watch it

            I tried to respond to your comment, but Beck’s new system is holding it for approval, which will never happen. I mst have pit in a word that is screened. I will try to change it and see if it publishes….

          • Watch it

            Come on Beck, WTF is wrong with my post that you with hold it???? , I have removed any objectionable words or phrases, yet you still censor it. Great example of 1st Amendment Rights.

      • Anonymous

         he was on his property.  period.

      • Watch it

        Travesty of Justice, a liberal’s version.

    • Elena

      Your jury members are idiots out there.  This is a case that should have been nullified by either the judge thru dismissal or by the jury by acquittal.

      By law, the PD and DA have to do what they have to do — arrest and prosecute.

      • Draxx

        The DA was David A. Burgesson III, after seeing and hearing that I moved out of Marion County to Polk County (not much better, but better).  Now I live in Linn County home of Sheriff Tim Mueller, the First Sheriff to stand up to this Administrations Policies of illegal gun control…

      • bumpkin

        Oregon has three college towns (liberals) and ONE fair-sized city (with a lot of liberals for the high-end areas, and heavy amount of welfare/dems for the shanty-town end of the areas.)  Rest are burgs.  If you dont try a body in a burg in Oregon, you have libs and dems running the entire show.  Its disgusting.

      • james p

        actually i is up to the da and the police to determine if a crime was committed, which in this case there was none. this man should never have been arrested

    • Ronald Peterson

      Sorry , but my take on this is he was supposed to shoot and kill all of them in the house or not! they came into his home with weapons. How was the man to know weather the 3rd was running away or running to get another weapon and friends to finish the job! they should string that prosacutor up and beat him to within an inch of his life

      • Draxx

        I remember reading in the newspaper that if he had killed all three that he would not have been convicted, because the testimoy of the third criminal gave insight into the situation.  Why is wounding someone worse than killing them for invading your home?

        • mudslide

           Dead men tell no tales……mwahahahahaaaaaaaaa

          • Anonymous

            Now jump to benghazi.

    • concerned american

      he should have gotten a metal not prison time.  did you say he was shot with a shotgun.  i believe that is bidens gun of choice.   the old man should have said the guy got in the way  when he was shooting a warning shot in the air and he got in the way. i believe that is what biden said you should do when there is a home invasion.   

    • Anonymous

      That is what’s wrong with this picture. They get away with it over and over again and the law abiding citizen protecting himself goes to jail. We need castle doctrine everywhere.

      • Draxx


      • Anonymous

        Civilized states do.  Sophisticated places like Oregon don’t.

    • Donald Loes

      I think as long as the criminal was there and had intent to harm or steal, then he lost his rights then and there. The old Gentleman had every right to protect him self, how would he know if the third guy wasn”t running out to get another weapon from the car.

    • ChrisGC

      I’d have given the old man a medal and a full box of shotgun shells. But being as it happened in a largely liberal assed state like Oregon I’m not the least bit surprised at what happened! 

    • Harry Witko

      This is the sorryest  case i have ever read. The justice system is a self serving pay voucher for elitist that add not a thing to the national economy. They just line there pockets with he folks wealth.They [legal begals] over the years have managed to get over 50k man laws on the books to support there lifestyle. God gave us 10. When r the folks going to wake up and eliminate this class of vile men. pay voucher. LOOK ALSO WHAT LITTLE GOOD THE THREE BRANCHES OF GOVERMENT R DOING TO US.ITS CRIMINAL.

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Contrast that to this story from Idaho. My husband’s uncle’s store was robbed by 2 thugs who pistol whipped him to the ground and proceeded to clear out his inventory. Once he came to he was able to retrieve his shotgun and chased the guys out of the store down the street shooting both assailants. It was deemed self-defense even though he chased them.

      • Draxx

        It should be that way everywhere…

    • Christopher Moser

      This shows just how screwed up this country is thanks to liberals, rinos, progressives, socialists, communists, nazis, and the over endoctrinated.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Oregon is a pussy shit hole.

      • Alfred Ferguson

         Of course it is.  The place is polluted with lib-tards.

    • Faye Vance

       He needed to shoot him and get him off the earth. They should try the judge and jurors that sentenced him. Morons.

    • Earl Handy

      Yes you are basically right but every gun owner should know the law. Shooting a fleeing felon that is outside and is no longer illiciting a threat. The same responsibility exists for a person driving a car; you must know the applicable law otherwise you should not be be hind the wheel. The old man should only have be convicted of assault and if he had no criminal record should have been sentence to community service and not jail. The 2 he shot in his home, too bad for them!

    • Stephen Snowberger

       Oh my God! What backward stupid state did he live in?! Those three would have been DRT (Dead Right There) if that had been me. No questions asked.

    • David Bradley

      Tragedy is that the home owner did not finish off the third criminal that threatened his life. You keep shooting till you have to reload or the threat is nullified. If a criminal came in once, why would you think that once healed, from non-lethal wound that he would come back for revenge? Sorry, this American will protect my right to the pursuit of LIFE, liberty and happiness.

    • Ian Crozier

       That’s why I might move to Texas but never Oregon

    • victoria_29

      should have killed 3rd one, only smart thing to do, dead men tell no stories, criminals dead there is only one story-yours.  but maybe that is just my texas thinkin.

    • Anonymous

      Like Bob Grant said, “It’s sick out there and it’s getting sicker”.  He should have shot all three while they are in the house. 

    • Anonymous

      Would have never happened if I woulda been on the jury…

    • Mex Seiko

      He should get a pardon from the Governor or President.

    • Anonymous

       third guy was on his property.  period.

    • silentnomore

      I believe your right about a survival reflex kicking in and was the result of being attacked by the 3 thugs. GOD bless the senior & hope he gets out with “good” behavior soon.

  • Sam Fisher

    I am sorry about the family but what in the hell did you think was going to happen when he keeps breaking into a house. If he was my family member I would call him a moronic fool for breaking into someone’s home and wonder what I could of done to stop his backsliding off a cliff. This guy defending his home did what he had to do in order to defend himself.

    • bumpkin

       Remember to drag the perp back inside the house, after he’s incapacitated. Just keep saying you feared for your life. This is what I heard an officer saying once.

  • Anonymous

    I’m interested to see what will happen when this scenario plays itself out in a state without the Castle Law.  Talk about a media circus!

  • Anonymous

    Yea, common’ to TEXAS and see how we live!  
    Thanks Glenn for talking about this issue…the victim did what he was suppose to do – PROTECT himself from criminals – yea, that’s “BAD GUY” for those that have no clue.  
    It’s the victims rights under the Castle Doctrine in Texas to protect himself and his property, which I’m sure the criminal only thought he knew how to steal – he just didn’t think about the victims having their weapons and actually using them!  SURPRISE – you never under estimate the power of following the 2nd Amendment, ‘keep and bear arms’, which is what our crooked politicians want to remove…STAND FIRM and FIGHT!

  • Robert Wood

    HE did warn him—-he shot the SOB—- i guess he won’t be doing that again

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll be the one to open the can of worms.  Was the victim (and by victim I mean the person whose home was being invaded) White?  Was the criminal Black or Hispanic?  If so, then this is going to really cause a national stink among the msm.  If the criminal was also white, maybe not so much.  Either way, if the guy has that long of a rap sheet, then his family should have figured it was a matter of time before he got wounded or killed.

    Three cheers for the homeowner, not matter what his skin color.  No one has the right to break into your home like that.

    • Anonymous

      Brings to mind that little thug, Trayvon(sp?) Martin. Look what the MSM did to edit the 911 tape and then called Zimmerman a “white” Hispanic. Mon Dieu! With a name like Zimmerman, he might have been Jewish, too! By the way, speaking of Hispanics, have any of these liberal apologists/morons ever watched Univision…looks to me that there are a whole lotta white folks on that station! ¿Por qué son ustedes tan estúpidos?

    • Elena

      Criminal was a Black American.  Don’t know about the victim of the B&E.

      Even the criminal’s mother agreed that it (B&E) sounded like something he’d do.

  • Anonymous

    Make it the law of the land that every homeowner be armed and that anyone who invades said home and is considered a threat by the homeowner may be shot without question and that once a  person has invaded the home they may be pursued outside the home while still on the property of the homeowner and may also be shot, and I think you will see home invasions drop dramatically.  And if we can save JUST ONE INNOCENT LIFE by such a law, would it not be worth it and is it not what we must do?

  • Barbara Rogers

    It was my understanding after listening to Glenn today that this guy had a long list of offenses in the past……so…nuff said

  • Richard Brophy

    Is this for real?? Are there really people out there so stupid as to think a thief should now receive fair warning of the consequences of his trespassing??
    I know the morality and ethics of the populace has been declining, but I never knew that was correlated to IQ.

  • Tom R Frye

    Funny, ain’t it. The family of a career criminal, no less…thinking he deserved a warning. Hope
    this becomes a warning to All career criminals. You probably won’t get any warning…you’ll just get a bullet.

  • Samuel Meek

    well I hear some one say well you should have warned this man that you had a gun and would use it —he did not have a chance –well I say to that how many chances should he have gotten
    his criminal record is 18 pages long looks like he had many chances but chose to continue with his life style but now he does not need to be in that life style he has changed for the best

  • Anonymous

    This criminal is dead, because he’s a dirtbag. But if you wanted to blame someone besides him, that would be his family. More than anyone else, other than the dirtbag, the family is responsible for his death.

  • Elena

    One less cretin I have to support thru my taxes.

  • Jim

    I am hereby issuing this warning in writing to anyone who invades my home or other property.

    Enter at your own risk.

    I may or may not be armed with a handgun, a shotgun, an AR15, a baseball bat, numerous hammers, kitchen knives, size 12 boots, singly or in combinations.

    I also own a vicious pair of dogs which I don’t feed quite enough so they are usually hungry. They only respond to commands of Romanian curse words. That two gallon dog dish on the porch belongs to them.

    I also have hidden booby traps which it would be your responsibility to find before they blow you up, electrocute you, or pierce you. Step lightly.

    Have a nice day! 

    Is that enough warning?

    • Anonymous

      I like your style, Jim!

  • bumpkin

    I would assume, were it me wanting to enter someone’s home, that the closed door is ample warning to stay  away.  Family is dumb for thinking that he needed additional warning, and obviously do not respect others’ property or privacy, and is likely the reason the kid is dead-  they didn’t teach him better.  Perhaps they are simply trying to avoid the feelings of guilt that is obviously theirs!  CERTAINLY not the man who, while in his OWN home, shot the intruder.  I would do the same as the homeowner.

  • Anonymous

    In light of this story, and for those who don’t respect private property, I can see my new sign, posted at the front door….”Warning, homeowner issues no further warning before taking all actions necessary to protect said home”.  Nice and legal, like those goofball car commercials that use “professional driver on closed course”.  I believe it’s called stating the obvious.

  • Anonymous

        He could not afford to fire a warning shot because Obama’s re-election has caused a run an ammo and now it is scarce as hens teeth , thus driving up the price to where we can’t afford to waste it by firing warning shots

  • noslices

    Ok, here’s a general warning to ALL felons who try to break into ANYBODY’s house.  There may be someone in this house with a weapon BIGGER than yours, and you may not survive the break in.  Think that will be “warning” enough?

  • Jim

    This criminal WAS warned. He knew that they have a Castle Doctrine law.  He knew that it was illegal to break into someone’s house.  He knew that it is legal for a citizen to own a gun and to use it for self defense.  And he knew that the homeowner could possibly have a weapon.

    He ignored all of those warnings and decided, on his own, to take the chance, and who knew if maybe there was a bear in there waiting to have him for supper.

    You pays your money and take your chances.

  • landofaahs

    I wondered how long it would take folks from Texas to tell you to shut your mouth Glenn.  It is exactly why I do not tell where I am from on the blog.  I don’t want a bunch of liberal a-holes coming here.  We do however, have a certain way of exercising them out of here.  We have a good life here and want nobody f’inng it up.  We even voted for Ross Perot way back then. LOL.

  • Charles W. Travis

    If he didn’t learn his lesson somewhere between page 1 and page 17 on the “rap” sheets, he finally got a clue on the final page. It came time to thin the herd since those liberal judges thought jail was too hard on this crook, so karma took over.
    Another progressive voter lost to lead poisoning!

  • Larry Stevens

    18 pages? why was this guy out on the streets to begin with?

  • D. Paul Galloway

    87 years old… off to prison, three meals a day, free medical plus recreational activities… have you seen the alternative… the Old Folks Home… I’m thinking he’s got it made… especially if he gets conjugal visits.

  • Brian Savage

    I’ve witnessed professionals leave conceal and carry classes becuase of civil liability of using a firearm to defend their places of business, homes, families and actual victims of rapes and other types of assults.  If all crimminals learned that they could die for burglary or robbery it would decrease the number of those types of crimes. It worked in Texas and other states. 

    Its curioius of why states that  have climbing violent rates are disarming  their citizens. Now the whole Democratic party is trying to disarm the entire country, state by state. Seems like the Party of Peace will lead to the party of violence.

  • Georgia Cannon

    i am happy he is dead,one less evil,and inhumman /pig ,on the streets,he deserved what he got.

  • Edohiguma

    See, in Germany there would already be protests in favor of the criminal and the media would beat the drum of how evil that homeowner is because he shot the poor criminal.

    Think I’m kidding? I’m not. A few years ago a criminal tried to rob a German citizen at knife point. The German guy fought back. In the struggle the criminal ate his own knife. The police and the DA quickly recognized it as justified self-defense. The media and the family of the poor criminal, however, saw it different. So did the left wing. People were holding vigils for the criminal and screamed murder at the victim. The victim of the crime and his family had to move away from their hometown because the harassment was getting insane.

    In another case from like 2-odd years ago, an old man was attacked by several youths. They bound, gagged and assaulted him. After robbing him they left. He managed to free himself and grabbed a gun. He opened fire and killed one of them. The media, “activists”, family and some lawyers have been treating the old man like a criminal, while crying over the poor criminal who got shot.

    Coming to the US eventually if you don’t keep these people in check. The left wing loves criminals.

    • Alfred Ferguson

       Yes, the left-wing loves criminals–and crime.  Why?  Because out of criminals and crime come chaos.  Out of chaos comes disruption of received standards and values.  Out of that comes opportunity to seize control:  people’s lives are disrupted, traditional values questioned. . .desperate times calling for desperate measures.

      Yes, the left-wing loves crime–and criminals. Russia before the Communist revolution of 1917 was notable for discussions, in both fiction and non-fiction, glorifying the crime, dignifying the criminal.

    • Guest

       They are here already.  They are the ‘bleeding heart liberals’.

      • Anonymous

        Wie sagt man auf Deutsch “bleeding heart liberals”?

        • Guest

          blutendes Herz Liberalen

  • Justin Faloon

    Seems as though he had 18 pages of chances. His chance wagon left without him that day. Sad for the family as it always is, but he got what he deserved. I highly doubt he gave any warning that he was going to break in. 

  • Joanna Roberts


  • Dwayne

    I support the fact this man defending his property and Glenn I have supported you for years, but laughing and joking about this man being killed is unacceptable. When does killing someone become a joke. Your group should be ashamed.

    • Jim

      He died doing what he loved to do. What more can a man ask for.

    • Guest

       Waaa Waaaa, Boo Hooo.

  • Scoon Jenkins


  • Jim

    Here’s a good idea for home protection:

    Put a pair of size 16 boots on the porch.
    Put a LARGE dog dish, labeled “Killer” on the porch.
    Put some empty shotgun shells on the porch.
    Put a sign on the door that says, “I’ll be back in 10 minutes. You guess when I left.”

    • Sandie


  • Emily Silva

    He had a warning… it’s called the law!! The home owner wasn’t given a warning that his house was going to be broken into. But this guy already knew it was against the law to break and enter!

  • Karen Wallace Addison

    Perhaps the Intruder should have warned the family that he was going to break into their home!   

  • Alan C Rhine

    This  criminal was given18 pages of warnings good bye you chose the wrong house

  • Anonymous

    He should have been warned ? He got what he deserved and should have thought about it before he decided to break into a house. Good for that homeowner, hope many more do the same if they need to.

  • Jadie Bingham Houchin

    I guess we all need to put signs up on our doors that say “If you break into this home, you WILL be shot”! – Here’s your sign (and your warning).

  • Ronald Peterson

    Ya can’t give warning shots anymore….Obama made Ammo to expensive.

  • Gerry Fortain

    Mark my word, the idiot politicians will make it a law to post warning signs on our homes.

    • mudslide

       as long as they make it law for those that are not armed to post signs as well…..after all, we need to make it “fair”, right?

  • Anonymous

    So how do we know that the intruder wasn’t warned that the homeowner had a gun and was going to shoot,  he is dead?!@?!@ !!

  • Jack Wood

    One less thug to prey upon people.  The specie just got a minute bit stronger with this dumbass not around to breed

  • mudslide

    How do they know he wasn’t warned?
    Actually, in reality, he was.
    It’s already against the law to break and enter….what more warning does one need?

  • Ron Tyler

    OH yea, warn the idiot with a gun, hey you better leave or I will end up killing you? I don’t think so. If I even think that my life is being threatened, the bad guy is going to lose! And, I really don’t give a tinkers damn what his poor family thinks. We will NOT allow our homes to be broken into and our lives being threatened. If you break into my home, you better know that you probably are going to die!

  • Andrea Baxter

    Thank God the right person lived to tell the story.  Perhaps homeowners will issue warnings to burglars when the criminals are polite enough to notify us in advance of their intentions.  Until thugs make a habit of that, the sound of gunpowder propelling lead is all the warning they deserve.

  • Lena Just-Lena

    Exactly!  You come through my window or doors with the intent to harm me or mine or steal from me, I will exercise my right to defend such.. I carry and I will shoot.. what’s mine is mine.. I worked for it.. You didn’t.. if you want stuff like mine.. GET A JOB. Buy you’re own.. that’s all the warning you get..

  • Jerry Fleming

    Give him a strong warning???  What kind of intelligence are these bozos working with?  Isn’t the fact that it is another persons’ home enough warning?  Or are we supposed to wait until intruders shoot/stab/strangle or otherwise ruin our chances for continued survival before we shoot?  Here’s the only strong warning you are going to get from me — Enter my home or threaten my family, you are dead… 

  • FRED O

    I just LOVE  a “Happy Ending” where the Good Guy wins one !

  • Anonymous

    The guy had 18 previous arrests. The family had 18 chances to “fix” him. Screw the family. They failed as much as the criminal did.

  • Anonymous

    why does BEck compare this man to a wild animal?

    • Guest

       It is a simple to see comparison – and something that is part of nature. Do you always ask stupid questions?

  • Noel Pulanco

    “everyone deserves a chance”? true, he had chance to NOT try to rob someone

  • Orrin Eldred

    I say good, Now the taxpayers won’t have to take care of the scum any more. With 18 pages of a rap sheet, he did Texas a favor.

  • PeterLeonard Ludwinski Godsown


    • Wiley Putnam

       Sounds to me, like he had 18 pages of warnings.  The man’s house had been robbed at an earlier date. It was time for action & he took it…Sad someone has to die, but that was his choice.

  • Mark Berg

    I live at the end of the road, out in the middle of a lake in far northern Minnesota..If they and they will shortly, take my guns, my wife and I will be killed by neighbors, or hoodlums, we have what we have, but they will come and kill us for food, brass, whatever…Not everyone in the brush wants to move into town. However the times, with gas going to 8 dollars within a couple years, will have to go to town…No one will live 32 miles from town…God Help us..It is unreal that this bastard was put in as president of the united states of america…

  • Amber Christenson

    Truly, to shoot a man, or woman, fleeing the crime as a criminal and to be shot in the back should not be considered a crime in and of itself. Think about it, if they came once they could come again, and this time with more backup and do more damage, i.e. deadly force. The criminals show no respect for the law when they are against it, but use it in their defense more vigorously when it could be for their advantage. It’s disgusting that people defend those that would have broken into their home and did who know what against them, stating that all they needed was another chance. Those people need to understand that there are consequences to what one does. Their parents obviously didn’t teach them enough of this as a child.

  • Mark

    It’s sad what’s happened (and is STILL happening to our once-great country. The law-abiding citizens are now being considered criminals, while the hardened criminals are now the “victims”….The whole concept of right and wrong is being turned upside down – and it’s WRONG!

  • Linda Pecina

    I won’t be giving any warning either…I know, as a mom, that his family is going to be grieving, but they will come to realize that the man was completely justified in defending his family and I would, and will, do the same if necessary..

    • Rita Bailey

      I disagree with you, Linda.  I don’t think the family of the deceased will ever come to that realization.  Unfortunately, they will always have that victim mentality.

  • PKH

    I’d have to think that the person shot knew he had no right to enter the premises of the shooters home.  One is not allowed to enter a business after business hours (breaking & entering).  If the door was locked – that should have been enough deterent for the person breaking into the residence.

    Just me, but my motto is the only warning coming from me will be the sound of the safety clicking off (not my fault if the perp isn’t listening for it)

  • Catherine L Thompson

    “Why does the same common sense not apply to someone’s home?” Answer :  Because liberals have no common sense.

  • Michael Sain

    I do believe he has had warning after warning, when he was previously charged with the same crime.  He already knew breaking the law is a risk, and he took that risk. Good for the home owner. Seems previous punishme nt for this guy’s crime wasnt working. Looks like this will deter him from any future crimes for sure.

  • Catherine L Thompson

    I totally agree if someone is breaking into my home I should have a right to shoot them. Of course I should check first if the intruder is in the bathroom next to my bedroom, to be sure it is not my husband before I shoot through the door.. ! A simple honey is that you in there before I shoot should rule out shooting him accidentally.

  • Andrew Forrer

    some people…..smh

  • Concerned American

    The thief had an 18 page rap sheet. He KNEW he was breaking the law. He dd not deserve a “warning”. Had he given the man a warning that he was going to break into his home? I don’t think so. Bible says for us to live by Gods laws but also live by mans laws. We have to live with the choices we make, or in this case, he died for the choice he made.  

  • Butch Blosc

    Dollars to doughnuts, everyone in the family’s a career criminal.

  • mudslide

    One thing we DO know – he won’t be breaking the law any time soon!

    I guess the 19th time isn’t a charm.

  • Mike Fuston

    If you enter someone’s home without their permission you should expect the possibility of getting hurt or killed. the homeowner wasn’t warned by the criminal that he was gonna robb his house. maybe that the new law that should be passed. that all robbers inform homeowners that they are gonna rob them so they can sit thier valuables out on the porch so theirs no danger of them being shot.

  • Anonymous

    Unreal what has come to this country. I’m another embarrassed Oregonian. So much for having your voice heard here. There are so many liberals in PDX, you don’t have a voice anymore. Shame on the courts for arresting that 87 year old man. Was he fearing for his life? Yes. The criminals have more rights than we do and waste all our money on their appeals. And since when when your house is being illegally broken into do you have to say, “Excuse me but I have a gun.” It’s about as stupid as asking a girl being raped to call for help on a college campus. Not. Carry a gun and defend yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be ashamed. I’m from CALIFORNIA!!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many rap sheets the family members had ?

  • C

    The first warning was, it wasn’t his damn house and he had no right to be there.

  • Toni Marcum Frech

    “criminal’s family”   . . . They raised a criminal that they now defend.  Enough said.

  • Laurie Grammer

    Sign on door: “This door is locked for YOUR protection, not ours.”

  • jim

    There’s an old story about a Quaker. Quakers used to be pacifists (don’t know about now). A man breaks into an old Quaker’s home so the Quaker gets out a shotgun and says, “Friend thee standest where I am about to shoot.”

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t the intruder warn the family he was breaking in? Maybe if this family had mentored the killer, this wouldn’t have happened. They have some nerve blaming the victims for protecting themselves.

  • jim

    Of course the family is going to complain. They raised this reckless thief. It’s probably in their values to not care about people other than themselves and to not value human life other than their own.

  • Vince Loff

    my home is posted. it reads “my door is locked for your protection, not mine”.

  • Anonymous

    I like stories like these – w/happy endings.  The only good criminal is a dead criminal.  

  • Angela Clark

    I give them a warning.. the  1/4 second from the sound of the gun firing to the bullet impact.

  • Angela Clark

    I give them the 1/4 second from the sound of the gun firing to the bullets impact

  • Nancy Kolb

    O.K. So a man with a criminal background enters a home ILLEGALLY, as he is not a resident of that dwelling. He is then SHOT by the HOMEOWNER, protected by the CASTLE DOCTRINE, who had been robbed in the past. The family of the intruder, who being the wonderful loving family they are are outraged that their family member has been shot and killed in a residence, not belonging to him, by an elderly man he did not know and gained unlawful entrance to the home via a window in the middle of the day. He attempted this crime probably hearing that this was an elderly man alone in the house and believed him to be an easy target.  WRONG! They (his family members) say he should have been given a warning. This guy has an 18 page arrest record including time served. This family needs some serious counseling as to the exact nature of the person they were trying to defend.  Please do not tell me that they never envisioned that some day this very scenario would play out with the ultimate loss of this guy’s life. Sorry….. HORRAY FOR THE HOMEOWNER AND my hearts go out to those who mourn over the loss, but I have no sympathy for the deceased, he took and chance and lost.

  • Jill Kring Carter

    I think the trespassing laws are warning enough, not to mention the warnings he’s no doubt had from the legal system, given his RECORD. Idiot.

  • Charles Gander

    Sounds like he had 18 pages of warnings. Hey obama could that have been your son? Well thats one way cutting spending you don’t have to worry about him going to jail on the tax payers money court cost ect, ect, ect.

  • Arthur Garin

    The criminal’s family takes a grotesque pose – what else they wanted from the victim??? Ha-ha-ha! The criminal got what he deserved long time ago!

  • GiveTheWookieACookie

    Did the thief give the homeowner warning that he was about to break into their home?   Well, then, fair is fair!

  • Derek Johnson

    I believe that the attitude that disrespects, just law and the justification of lawlessness, stems from a misapplication of synonymy, upon the words freedom and liberty.  Liberty is not freedom.  Freedom is but a single part of Liberty, coupled with consequence and sprinkled with the spice of providence, destiny, karma and/or luck.  One does not have a natural right to freedom, without the acceptance of the other parts of Liberty.  One who believes that they do, sees consequences for freely made choices, as a violation of their god granted freedom.  While one who understands the principal,s of a natural right, to God granted Liberty, embraces the consequences of his freely made choices.  The first attitude, compels one to take the easiest path, to a perceived short term gain, but feels cheated when the gains have no endurance; or violated, when they are unable to elude the consequences of their choices.  While the latter, is compelled to make harder choices, for their sights are first focused on the desired just consequences, before exercising their freedom of choice, understanding that it is fair that there is no guarantee to their desired consequence, but merely an improved probability. 

  • J

    There are a number of changes in our neighborhood, not for the better and among these ‘families’ of thieves, yes, ‘families’ and more than one, they actually believe they have the right to be ‘insulted’ for you to want your families personal property back that they’ve stolen and keep it as a ‘trophy’ until they use it  and/or sell it so they can live the easy life of entitlement.  I regret that these ‘families’ aren’t just out of jail but sick and tired of the revolving door at the State Penn and beginning to realize there are more of us out there in the communities who feel the same way.  Now other neighbors have come forward but these ‘thieves’ are still trespassing, breaking and entering,  stealing, laughing and mocking all the way for whatever it is they need to get on with their daily lives so I say 6 feet under seems to be a better place to rid society of ‘their’ ills.  They aren’t just ‘opportunists’, they are slimy predators who need to be eradicated.
    Time the justice system gets the idea that these creeps don’t need to be on the streets at any time and envoke a harsher sentence without paroles, especially for these criminal families, stop giving them a free pass.  No one should have to prove,  especially the admission of one of the crooks in the Oregon case,  their lives are in danger when anyone walks into your home or property without permission, it does risk the lives and well being of you and your family as well as the fact they are taking what doesn’t belong to them in the first place. 
    For the 86 year old in Oregon, shame on the DA and those who dared to incarcerate this man and for those attorneys who wouldn’t properly defend him under his civil rights for protection, or at least request probation that would be deferred.  For he and Texas, I wonder if the homeowner can ‘sue’ the criminals relatives for slander, criminal intent and contributors of criminal intent.   We have to start doing something, this is become a rampant issue in numerous areas of the country and as law abiding citizens why isn’t that the priority within law enforcement and the DA’s in our communities?

  • KC

    I’m getting a little off topic but seeing that some people mentioned how the law works here in Oregon, I just wanted to point out that there have been several shootings here by law enforcement that didn’t seem right yet the grand jury found no fault with them. Don’t get me wrong there are situations that require deadly force, I just didn’t feel the last few killings by police should have went that far…

  • PeterLeonard Ludwinski Godsown

    Black or White – WHEN

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the family, he should have been WARNED, his mother should have WARNED him if you brake into someones home they might KILL you.

  • Chiefullobull

    What part of a closed door did he not understand. Thats the problem with society and liberals and their theology. They feel everything needs to be explained to them before they do something stupid. No Brains, no common sense, and now, deader than a door nail, and they’re still making excuses for him.

  • J

     as I’ve already mentioned, we are beginning to see a troubling trend where we live that these ‘families’ are all crooks and raising the younger ones to do the same, just as the gypsies and other ‘clans’ have done.  I question the family and who they really are, they deserve more scrutiny particularly with the commentary they have made to claim such injustice,

  • Anonymous

    I agree.  The dead perp should have been told that there was a gun on the property – right after he knocked on the homeowner’s door and announced that he was a bad guy who was there to do a home invasion and robbery.

  • John Harsh

    His warning was when he heard the click of the hammer hitting the shell, sorry about his luck, he pressed his luck 1 to many times and lost. Maybe the thugs will take notice and think about entering someones home. Come on in thugs press your luck!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He did give warning shots…One to the gut, one to the chest and last one to the head!  

  • Anonymous

    An 18 page rap sheet and the family is still making excuses for this criminal.  Had the justice system kept him in jail, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get shot. 

  • Rob Rickmon

    The locked door was his warning.  He chose to ignore it.

  • Anonymous

    He was warned.  A closed door says, “This isn’t your property.”

  • Todd Clemmer

    “This is a cased closed now because the would be burglar was shot by the man defending his home”

    Love it!

  • Chris Ross

    Warning shots? With the price of ammo? O.K. would be criminals, from now on there will be no warning shots. You have been warned.

  • Bob Jackson

    Why didn’t the criminal’s family worn him that he could be shot if he breaks in to ones house?


    • Sandie

       I like your angle!

  • Dori Cart

    Obama is getting rid of the “warning” shots by executive order in reducing the number of bullets in a clip- now I need all my ammo to stop the vermin.

  • Wayne Miller

    I have always said;(don’t go against nature or karma ).

  • Anonymous

    Listen family, you break into a home, you die, it’s that simple…if you don’t want to die, then it’s simple, don’t break into homes. 

  • Ed Walden

    Hmmmmm, I would shoot the relatives in the head and ask them if thats enough of a warning

  • Nelson Stanley

    He did the community a favor !

  • Suzette Hewett

    Good for him, if a person breaks in your home it’s trespassing, they gave up their rights.

  • Anonymous

    The only reason the bear wouldn’t be sued is that the bear’s family doesn’t have any money

  • Barbara Whitley Maislin

    Live in TN but am from Tx, here if you don’t want people to run amok on your property, they have to be warned(after the 1st incident of them doing something) and will only do something if they come back again. If they break in and they have weapons, you better be prepared to prove you were afraid for your life if you shoot them. You are told, when they break in, call us. They would probably just warn them again(from past experience).

  • Mors Hammer

    And Obama and the Demo’s want to go against the Constitution and take away your guns… What a upside down crazy America we live in today…

  • Victoria Mastracci Jakel

    It seems that this guy (and his ignorant family) obviously don’t believe in the concept of personal responsibility.  too bad for him (and them)

  • Ricky Wright

    The bear has a right to bear arms.

  • Earl Handy

    Warning? Did the criminal give the homeowner a warning? He could have yelled “Yo I’m coming into rob the place, Please don’t shoot me!”

  • Angiebaby

    I think Uncle Ted said it best, “I don’t like repeat offenders. I like DEAD offenders.”

  • debbie wagner

    Being arrested many times before is enough of a “warning” to his dumb ass to stop theiving and stealing and taking from others.  Ask yourself relatives…”how many times as he been “warned” to stop his criminal activity.  See…you just don’t get it.   Knock the crap off or you will possibly DIE. 

  • CPA

    Criminal’s family thinks he should have been given a warning?????  I think the criminal shouldn’t have been breaking into someone else’s property.  He got exactly what he deserved. Another piece of trash off the streets.

  • Charles Allen

    Hell he fired a warning shot. He just missed.

  • Anonymous

    Wait this ain’t done yet… you watch.. his family will sue the home owner in civil court for wrongful death …… and win.

  • Tracy Tow

    My? is for the criminals family do you think he maybe your boy should have knocked on the door and warned the homeowner that he was fixing to break in to his home. Yes we all know that would be stupid of him but then the home owner could have been given the chance to tell him he would be shot if he did break in

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if these three thugs were supplementing their income with welfare? Killing these habitual criminals will save taxpayers thousands of dollars. They were not raised right it seems. Wonder if the parents have rap sheets too and taught them the family way of making a living. These scum POSs are the cause of their sons deaths. How do the families of these criminals make their living? Wonder who they voted for in the last election? Happy they will not ever vote again!

  • Myles Standish

    Much is wrong with Oregon. After decades of democrat rule, we are worshipped by NARAL for our liberal on-demand abortions at ANY time during the pregnancy. We are worshipped by The Hemlock Society for our trendsetting Assisted Suicide Law. Yes, democrats — supporters of death. Pro-death. Pro-choice to kill your offspring if they are inconvenient. Pro-choice to kill yourself or have your loved ones killed by a Do-No-Harm physician if they are a nuisance or are in pain because of doctors afraid to prescribe sufficient pain killers. Take away, or at least reduce pain to tolerable levels, and lo and behold the urge to kill yourself goes away as well. My father suffered greatly for many, many years. Thankfully, he was a man of God and believed that playing God was something best left to God. Fortunately, he did have a doctor who was willing to prescribe pain med to the extent that his pain was bearable much of the time. We have good friends who knew their baby was going to be born with Down Syndrome. Liberals couldn’t schedule the abortion fast enough. Thankfully, my friends were believers in God Almighty and Jesus Christ was their Savior. As a result, they did not believe in killing their children if they were less than perfect. The child turned out to be the biggest blessing in their lives. Funny how things like that work out.So, there is good among all the bad here in Oregon.For most democrats in this state, God is something not to believe in because it is inconvenient to do so (there’s that word again). Our current governor has been governor two different times. The dems recycled him because they knew he was electable and liberal, and it was easier than grooming someone else. Well, he’s a physician by trade. An emergency room physician to be more precise. Who knows how many lives he has saved. But you can be certain that it pales in comparison to how many innocent lives he has allowed to be exterminated thanks to his exceedingly liberal views on abortion, and a Hippocratic Oath that obviously means less than nothing to him. Partial birth abortion? No problem. Deliver a full term, pink, squirming and healthy baby — all but the head of course — which the doctor leaves in the birth canal (if the baby was fully delivered, than what the doctor does next would be murder rather than an “abortion” — so say heathen judges who love technicalities, and playing God of course). The doctor proceeds to punch a hole in the cranium with a pair of surgeon’s scissors. The baby‘s body suddenly goes rigid with intense pain. The doctor than inserts a vacuum tube into the crude hole and sucking out the brains into a mason jar. After the head collapses, deliver the dead baby and toss it inside a trash bag and take it to the nearest incinerator. They refer to us as a civilized society. Once perhaps, but certainly no longer. Would a civilized society condone and pass laws allowing for the wholesale slaughter of endless millions of innocent babies, only to pass it off as personal choice?. Where does this “choice” end? It would seem that it doesn’t. Many young people now follow the lead of those who think life is cheap, disposable and personal choice. They routinely make the choice to slaughter the innocent at schools, shopping malls, theaters, churches. Why not? After all they’ve been taught by example, why isn’t it okay to kill when they choose to? It isn’t legal to teach faith in God in schools, or morality due to its being so “relative” and what not. Kids can get into trouble for bringing a Bible into school, much less reading or instructing from it. Don’t dare pray lest you offend, or violate the non-existent separation of church and state. The teaching of Creation can’t be taught in secular and liberal indoctrination centers (public schools) because those in power say it is unproven. So they opt instead to teach the irrevocably unproven “theory of evolution” since it conveniently omits the need for a Creator. It’s all so completely logical and unbiased and so totally open to all viewpoints, and of course utterly free of hypocrisy. Yes, no viewpoints will be suppressed in our schools of higher learning unless they happen to be viewpoints that run counter to liberal, secular ideology. If I didn’t know better, I would almost be inclined to suggest that Satan runs the public school system. But that’s silly. One need only look at our civilized and orderly society to know that nothing needs to be changed since all has been going so swimmingly well ever since God was expelled.Yes, Oregon, along with 49 other states who shall remain nameless, have a great deal wrong with them, and sadly, the only ones who can see the forest for the trees, and all the evil that permeates our culture, are those who choose to listen and obey their God-given conscience; and immerse themselves in our sovereign God‘s holy word and blueprint for life; and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Only then can we know God‘s will for our lives and experience His wondrous and boundless Grace!

  • Jordan Willhite

    so the home owner needs to tell people that there is a gun in the house? so next time the guy  is gone they can steal the gun. I live in Indiana  here it is against the law to rob a home, and it is under the assumption that a person can or will have a weapon of deadly force to protect their home. If he did not have a weapon of deadly force everybody evil would rob everybody good, and probably use other means besides guns to hurt or kill those that they rob freely, because people with evil intent don’t follow laws…………… 

  • Anonymous

    In cases of self-defence, it’s up to the victim to shoot to death. If you only injure the criminal, the LEGAL department will side with the ccriminal, not the victim. This is the way of JUSTICE in the US. The LEGAL system is the political correctness.

  • Anonymous

    I am saddened that the man who suffered a fatal lead poisoning feel that the elderly man who defended his home should have called timeout during the crime and announced the weapon was in play.  Pipkin’s supporters should have encouraged him to give up his criminal ways and found gainful employment, but they didn’t.  His relatives are just as responsible for his death as he.  God rest his soul and prayers for the gentleman who was forced to use deadly force to protect himself.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree he should have been warned. He should have been WARNED by his parents, his grandparents, his pastor, his friends that he should behave in a proper & moral manner. He should have been WARNED that he should educate himself, study, learn a trade, earn a living & then he’d have the $$ to buy all the things he wanted rather than to attempt to steal from that man’s HOME!

  • Anonymous

    Really.  Really???   Please Mr. Rapist, don’t make me kill you??

  • Ken Lane

    What warming shot? Bullets cost money! Your warning is common knowledge it is illegal to enter a dwelling without permission.

    I’m sorry for her loss but she should know what state she’s in. This is Texas and is considered one of the highest gun ownership states. The funny thing is, Texas is actually right in the middle of the list at 36% compared to Wyoming at the top with 59%. Want less risk of being shot while burglarizing a home? Try Hawaii. It’s less than 7% gun ownership.

  • Kyle Smith

    He did warn him … the blast and the muzzle flash gave him an opportunity to duck and hope it missed … oops … too slow … dead thug … NEXT …

  • David Bradley

    Victim mentality keeping minorities down. Lack of personal responsibility in a family that is trying to give excuses for a relative that is a career criminal.

  • Carolyn Massa Wilson

    Just the sound of pulling the hammer back on my revolver is enough warning for an intruder.

  • Anonymous

    How does his family know he wasn’t warned, were they there?  I say anyone who steps through our front door or window will have a rude awakening.  I live in Texas and we’ll wait just until they’re through.  I can tell you I won’t be shooting my two shells in the air and leaving myself open to the robber.  How stupid…

  • Anonymous

    GUNZ! Everybuddy masterbate!

  • Ronlovejill

    Apparently The laws of the bible dont matter. its the bears laws that matter hmm?

  • Steve Bramschreiber

    You had your chances(18 pages worth) and you “STILL” had to be a bad a**!!
    I would have done the same friggin thing….time to pay the piper idiot!!

  • RedEagle

    Ok, lets see…I will tell you what, you warn me that you are about to break into my home, and I will warn you that you are about to get a serious case of high velocity lead poisoning! There are those of us with common sense, and a great many whose common sense flew out the window a very long time ago, or really never had any to begin with…

  • Laurie Pruser-Stockman

    Okay. . . so TEXAS has guns, it’s legal.  Okay. TEXAS has the Castle Doctrine.. . It’s the LAW. .. CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING! 

  • Anonymous

    I’m willing to compromise. If a criminal warns me before he breaks into my home, then I will be glad to warn him that I have a gun before I shoot him. Fair enough?

  • Dogownershub Viet Vet

    A warning shot is lillegal in Texas. This man that broke in, yea, i dont want to see anyone 
    killed, but he broke into this man’s house and paid the price. YOU have the right
    to protect your property. No warning shot is needed to give, and besides, that could
    be a costly mistake to the homeowner. 
    The intruder was in the wrong line of business.

  • Ronald Parks

    All the criminals should move to the left coast where it’s safe!

  • csmith

    Here is the deal, no warning required. If someone breaks
    into your home un invited – your first response is they are there with bad
    intent. They are the criminals and they take on the risk of how the homeowner
    will deal with them. If they don’t want to get shot then stay out of other
    people’s property and leave other people’s stuff alone. Otherwise they deserve
    what they get-shot. Here is your warning to the parents of this thug. You
    should have raised your kid to respect other people’s home and family, You
    failed as parents so don’t whine now. My warning to you, if you have other kids
    do a better job of teaching them,to leave other people’s stuff alone. That is
    your warning….

  • Donnie J McDonald

    The criminal was breaking into his home, how much warning do you want? Castle Doctrine and it works. The home owner is safe!

  • D Nay

    There probably right but it should have been them who warned him and taught him that if you break into someone’s home you could be shot for trespassing. And after that taught him that it’s wrong to break and enter and steal from people. No wonder this kid didn’t have any guidance with a family that doesn’t teach any personal responsibility the kid didn’t have a chance. Actions have consequences!

  • Donnie J McDonald

    I guess those that do not have guns should put up a sign stating their “property is a gun free zone”. I am sure if the criminal had been able to choose a gun free zone to rob he would still be alive. I blame it on the people who do not have signs on their property stating “gun free zones”. Yep, all you liberal who are anti-gun caused this death because you do not put signs on your property stating “gun free zones”. The criminals need to know where it is safe.

    • Tom Jones

      I love it!! Put all Dems on trial for felony murder!!!!! lol

  • Anonymous

    “Everybody deserves a second chance!”.

    He had a second chance, and a third and a fourth, to decide not to go in the window of that house. He knew an old man lived there, and he was gonna victimize him. He thought at least that many times about it, you bet.

  • Steve Marchewka

    I was in disbelief at the family members..The ba**ard needed shot a lot earlier in his career. MAybe he wouldn’t have been killed now.

  • Ellie Lantz

    How does the family know the man didn’t say something to the guy as he was breaking into his home? They feel their criminal family member should have been given another chance to assault and steal from others? That thief was never taught it was wrong to assault and steal. The family feels he should still be able to carry on his criminal lifestyle. The criminal justice system gave him many chances and what did he do? He took it as a green light to continue to live off the work of others. He was a predator of the lowest form. Living off other human beings.

  • Anonymous

    With the escalating cost of ammunition due to the scarcity caused by the stockpiling by Homeland “Security,” it’s just too damned expensive to waste a round on a warning shot!
    If his 18 prior convictions weren’t warning enough that his chosen profession was not tolerated by the community, then it is doubtful that “talking nice” to him would have prompted him to change careers. It is now 100% guaranteed that he will terrorize no more homeowners.

  • Jon Charles Acker

    Good riddens to bad rubish.  I’m glad we don’t have to pay for that sorry POC in jail.  It’s obvious the guy was non-rehabilitable.

  • Tom Wyant

    His warning was a closed and locked door on a property that did NOT have his name on the deed!  End of discussion!

  • Jack Singer

    Freeze…!!! Is that enough warning scumbag…?

  • Ron King

    That’s what I like about using a shotgun for home security … the ‘warning’ is the sound of me “racking a round”!

  • Jerry Payne

    We are no longer a rule of law country when government officials pick and choose the laws they want to enforce. If it’s a bad law get rid of it ,otherwise enforce it. Maybe some feel if one law can be ignored by our leaders, then let’s ignore all laws. At that point we have every right to  protect ourselves in whatever manner we choose. 

  • Kevin Liddle

    He should have been warned . . .  by his parents not to enter a stranger’s home uninvited or you may be perceived as a threat and shot.  Parenting failure; another dead person.

  • Sam Klangster

    I’m wondering why the criminals family was permitted to go to the victims home after the shooting??  I hope this elderly man will be safe!

  • Cory Lee Ettinger

    He should have warned him… right after the criminal warned
    him he was going to rob his house. Since the criminal neglected that curtsey,
    then the home owner had no need to extend him any in return.

  • Anne Marie Prince


  • Rex Lindsey

    I believe Jim Carrey said it best …

  • Anonymous

      Why warn the perp! its only going to cost the system more money to house and feed the POS. He will do the same when he gets out each time and good chance the next victim might get hurt or worse lamed or killed. 

  • above the law

    Tell the gov. to stop hoarding ammo,raising the price and causing a shortage, and then people can afford to fire a warning shot! IT’S OBUMMERS FAULT!

  • Anonymous

    As a victim you must finish the job! Corpses don’t talk.

  • Thomas Jackson

    Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear eats you!  If you’re stupid. Duh!

  • Anonymous

    I agree he should have been warned “BY HIS OWN FAMILY”  any rational family would teach their children.

  • Andrew Miciotta

    The gentleman who owned the house deserves a medal !
    How dare someone complain that burglar was shot. He was not there to have lunch.
    If the burglar shot someone coming into his house those very same people would have wanted him to get a medal and would have justified it completely .This very same REVERSE garbage is  going on all over. especially in government!

  • Larry Muse

    I’d say this was a pretty good warning!!!  Possibly the joker heard the homeowner say “watch out you is on you way to HELL”!!!!

  • Tricia Kennedy

    what is wrong with this people…the intruder had no business breaking into that home and try to still something that wasnt his to begin with.

  • Michelle Watson Smith

    this family must have some inbreeding somewhere…that is  not even a somewhat valid argument…

  • Michele

    HE did get his warning! IT’s called dead!!!!

  • Anonymous

    He had an extensive criminal history. If the family wanted him warned, they had plenty of time to give him that warning. It was their responsibility, but they’re more interested in blaming everyone else.

  • Anonymous

      There used to be a joke here in Texas. If someone is breaking into your house you shoot him and then drag him inside. Since the Castle law you don’t have to drag him inside (saves a lot of work). I guarantee if someone is breaking into my house, I pull the trigger until it quits. I don’t know what he has in mind. If he is still moving after nine rounds, I may pick up another gun.

  • Jessica

    The warning was that at the LEAST you could go to jail…at least one of the family members were correct…it did catch up with him!

  • Michael Morelli

     If you give a person a warning, it gives them time to attack.  Shoot first, and warn them afterward.  This kid deserved what he got.  Seems to me his family should be shot too.

  • Alexander Scipio

    Warn him and he just robs someone else and maybe harms them in the process.

    Hold him for the cops and just incur huge court cots and incarceration fees for the taxpayer.

    Removing him from the gene pool best answer for society.

  • Benjamin Briner

    He was just following crazy uncle Joe’s advice. ” just walk out on the balcony here. Walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.” The crook was just standing in the wrong spot.

  • Ute Cloward

    On the home intruder in Texas the Family thinks the intruder should have been warned (yeah right) then why did the intruder not call the guy first to tell him he was coming over to rob him? LOL

  • Myrna McPheeters

    Why do O’reilly keep say we elected Obama. I think 50% of the people should let Obama and his cronies know that they did not elect them. the other 50% is being left out. It would be ok if Obama and his democrats were doing what’s best for everyone, then it would be ok. But a common person like myself can see the obvious and that we are headed for disaster.  Our only hope is that Jehovah will stop all this nonsense in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • greywolfrs

    Police officer: “Mr. Smith, why did you shoot him 8 times?”

    Mr. Smith: “You guys got here before I could reload.”

  • Anonymous

    The intruder WAS warned! The doors and windows were locked which is a warning to STAY OUT! So the intruder’s family thinks the intruder should have been warned? He was!
    My doors and windows are locked. That tells you to STAY OUT! If you violate those locks, you violate the warning and you are going to get hurt or killed. Plain and simple to understand. If it’s locked, STAY OUT, period!!

  • Lynn Wright

    This thug’s chances ran out 18 pages ago.  He had more than enough opportunity to change his ways, and he chose not to.  Good riddance!  One less thug to terrorize y’alls neighborhoods!

  • Anonymous

    Great.  One less thief that the taxpayers would have to support while he is in prison.

  • americanathlete

    18-page wrap sheet? I don’t care whether they have a wrap sheet or not. Somebody breaks into my house I’m sending them to another world.

  • Maxwell Friedlander

    This POS got exactly what he deserved.

  • Anonymous

    Note posted on my front door: “Due to the high cost of ammunition these days, a warning shot will not be fired.” Also, “the front door is locked,,,not to protect me, but to protect you.”

  • Anonymous

    Did I just see a pic of Glenn Beck dressed as a cowboy walking a horse through the woods?

  • Linda Barkmeyer

    With so many people using drugs today, one never knows if the intruder is even rational and then your dealing with a “drug” and not with a person who can reason.  

  • Sue Dick

    would they ( the blacks) be crying if the thug had killed the old man

  • Dan Meyer

    What, the family didn’t see the elderly gentleman had this sign posted – “This house is protected by the Good Lord God and a Gun.    If you enter here unwelcomed – you may meet both.”           You really think this punk ‘needed’ another warning?   If you’ve been to prison and don’t have the brain to put two and two to get the message that it’s not a place you want to return to…  then the medical examiner’s slab is probably going to be one of your next stops.

  • Brian Jacobs

    he did fire a warning shot, but it must of hit the perp

  • Hank Guinn

    if you have to warn somebody not to break into your house then the ignorant son of a bitch should probably not be walking the streets and you can see why he is dead because he is or was as dumb as the the rest of his family and a warning to his family in case they are as smart as he was dont enter a home un invited you stupid asshole

  • Mark Parmley

    He fired his warning shots into the intruder’s body. The warning was the report (pop) of the bullet exiting the barrel. The intruder failed to dodge the bullet in time.

  • Mike Johnson

    His relatives represent everything which is wrong with that culture.  No accountability, no personal responsibility, just excuses. 

  • Laurie Smeak Singer

    They thought he should get a warning that the owner had a gun and was willing to use it? In Texas? Of course he had a gun and the guy got what he deserved and every state should recognize that we have a Constitutional and God-given right to protect ourselves, our families and our property by any means necessary.

  • Larry Crutcher

    the R I G H T to protect yourself goes back a Long way. 640B.C. Esther 8:11-12
    11 The king’s edict granted the Jews in every city the right to assemble and protect themselves; to destroy, kill and annihilate the armed men of any nationality or province who might attack them and their women and children,[a] and to plunder the property of their enemies. 12 The day appointed for the Jews to do this in all the provinces of King Xerxes was the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, the month of Adar.

    • Anonymous

      The right to protect yourself revolves around the government’s decision, not what it says in the bible. The church and government are two completely different things.

      • Anonymous

        i understand your concern about separation of church and state, however i believe larry was using the bible in a historical context and not a religious one, which is acceptable. his argument, simple as it may be, is valid; the right to defend oneself does go back a long way.

        • Roberta Robinson

          I thought the right to self defense was inherent, something your born with not something the government determines.

  • Anonymous

    The homeowner had all the right to use deadly force under the laws of TX. There seems to be little double about it

    The family however, needs some time to grieve. It’s understandable they are sad for the death of  their relative. Let’s not be mean with them. 

  • Suzanne Harb Mackay

    Perhaps after the first page of the wrap sheet your family should have intervened, after how many run ins with the law, is it any wonder you dead dude. As for the warning shot, again, your family failed you to teach you not to break into other peoples homes. Bottom line, your liberal relatives would have shot an intruder dead in their house, why don’t the same rules apply, that’s right, you are liberals, the rules don’t apply to you.

  • T and C Services Ltd

    d man shoodant kilt d robbr cus hiz aunti who wuz dare snivlin wuz d one who cent lil ray dare n d firs playce cuz she wuz needn sum quik funs to git her sumor crak rok cuz it wuz d end uf d munt an her obama chek wuz stil a weak way. lil ray had swagga n the po po shuld not hav let lil rays ass hang out d winda lik dat wit his famli to hav ta see him lik dat. dat how da po po dizgriminate ginst us in da hood.

  • Jerry L. Sunderland

    “Oh he should have been warned” … give me a break!  The cradle to grave  take care of me attitude is Now suppose to include “Oh please protect me from myself and give me a warning”. I will give you a warning!…… Don’t come to my house uninvited with plans to steal from me.

  • Anonymous

    maybe this elderly couple should sue the relatives of the intruder (that is now bitching) for doing a lousy job in raising him,otherwise he would had some value’s and not a long wrapsheet

  • Anonymous

    You break into my house, you will hear no voices. The only thing you will hear is “bang”. Maybe you won’t hear that since I’ve heard you never hear the shot that kills you, I don’t know.

  • Cindy Miller

    his “warning” was the lock on the door!  His first “warning” was that it was not his dang house.  He got what he had coming plain and simple

  • Burt Fisher

    No, he is the warning for the NEXT GUY who tries to break in to a Texan’s home.

  • Anonymous

    The 2nd Amendment is the only warning required. 

  • Bucky Lee

    Wearing a pearl snap shirt, a vest, a cowboy hat and leading, not even riding, a horse DOES NOT MAKE YOU A TEXAN.  You look ridiculous and totally fake.

  • Anonymous

    “the criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned”.
    Of course, they’ve just lost their loved one, right or wrong, good or bad, its not victimless and you can’t blame them for that comment.

    C’mon Glenn his isn’t really news or even relevant social commentary its just mocking a grieving family.  

    He broke the law and paid the ultimate price.

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    ANYONE breaking into your home has NO RIGHT to be there and is a threat to you. Are you supposed to sit around the table smoking a peace pipe and debating strategy with the criminal? The man had every right to defend himself and his family. Enough said.

  • Omar Bose

    He did give a warning; to all other criminals who break into houses! This kind of thing lowers the crime rate.

  • Kevin Evjen

    In Minnesota you might as well let the intruder do what he or she want’s to do short of bodily harm or killing you. It is suggested that you record the event so there is no question you acted in self defense. No Kidding! You carry a pistol, you better carry a recording device also. Hey there is an idea for an entrepreneur! A camera and/or microphone recording device mounted on your firearm. 

  • Randy Phillips

    More than likely, this man had broken into the house before. If he didn’t, he probably knew the man or knew that the man was an easy target; just not this time. The dead man is just a Trayvon Martin 15 years later. The same fate would probably have happened to Trayvon had been able to go a few more years without being caught. He was already starting a life of crime and made a mistake of whom he attacked.

    Somehow blacks think there is no excuse to shoot a black person committing a crime. The Castle Doctrine was the man’s warning. You can get shot making your way into someone’s house uninvited. There was no mention of the perp having a weapon, but why is it an elderly person is supposed to wait and give a warning to this guy? The old man didn’t know if the crook meant him harm, but the dead man would probably have beat up the old man or killed him, once he got in the house. If the old man would have just warned the crook, the crook would probably just have come back another time when the old man wasn’t at home. The old man didn’t do anything wrong. He waited until the crook was inside the house; at least half way before he shot. Case closed.

    What I can’t understand is, what happened to Three Strikes and Your Out. That was a law that made sense. Were all of the 18 pages of charges against this guy just misdemeanors? To have pulled time in jail and have an aggravated assault charge against him, I would have thought this guy should have been in prison indefinitely. That would have saved his life. His relative wouldn’t have to be crying that he didn’t have a chance.     

  • Anonymous

    come on everyone knows it is wrong to break into a house and/or steal from someone.  THAT is a warning in itself.  Wake up!!  If you are breaking the law you should expect the consequences that go along with it.  Isn’t that why we have laws so everyone knows NOT to do it?  Good Grief!!  Didn; the parents teach the child “right from wrong, didn’t he go to a school that taught him “right from wrong”?  hmmm if  the parents want to blame someone maybe they should be blaming themselves for their child getting shot and killed.

  • Brenda Hersey

    The knowledge of the laws of the land WAS his notice. You do crime in a state that allows a person to protect him/herself with (deadly) force, you HAVE been warned. It’s like your son/daughter going 110 MPH on a U.S. highway (where the speed limit doesn’t exceed 65MPH), getting in a wreck and your family saying, “well…they should have posted better speed limit signs.” Ummmmm…duh! I understand them wishing that their loved one had a second chance or needing to blame someone other than a person they are now missing. But, c’mon. Common sense.    

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    Im glad the elderly man had a gun and killed him, that way he cant terrorize another person again. His family are a bunch of bottom feeders that probably condone robbing, stealing, from the honest people. Chances are none of them ever had a job except welfare. Good Riddance to the trash

  • Angel McCoy

    Since we now have the castle law in Pennsylvania it’s a blessing. I live in the middle of nowhere and once someone tried yo come in my house I loaded a gun and called the police who stated it was probably nothing they were not coming. I was alone with 2 babies.. I had to call my landlord who sent farmhands out to check on the situation. The person had left. At that moment I knew I could shoot someone if I had to. I’m from Texas and did not realize at the time I could have been put in jail. It was at the time the law that you had to be threatened before you reactrreactreact

  • Angel McCoy

    Oops. Mishap.. I told my friends the minute his big toe came in my home uninvited I felt me and my girls were in imminent danger. I’m thankful I didn’t have to shoot however I would have if he entered my house

  • Anonymous

     good to know.  will keep my weapons at the ready and hit the gun range to practice!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I agree! He should have been warned. By his father,mother, siblings etc. If you do these things you might be shot. Just don’t do this. Get a job and buy the thinds you want legally.

  • Meg

    The guy HAD NO RIGHT to break into another person’s home, PERIOD.  End of story.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the warning was the click…before the bang, the intruder was just too slow to dodge it!

  • Gaylyn Brooks

    So Glenn Beck is comparing humans to bears? Okay…yeah that makes sense. Seriously, these right wing nuts think as if we’re supposed to be apes, and they don’t understand where evolution comes from?

    • Watch it

      Obviously you have a reading comprehension problem if you really think he is comparing bears to humans. Sad how the left has so many people like you who have a problem with comprehension and thought process, but then that’s where they get their voting core, so easily propagandized and convinced with the emotional approach. That’s OK, cupcake, go play.

      • Gaylyn Brooks

        You’re a moron…what’s more sad? The fact I stumbled across this and decided to comment, or that you browse this page constantly looking for people to respond?

        • Watch it

          The fact that you just responded with this inane comment shows it is you who is the moron, cupcake

          • Gaylyn Brooks

            Why do you keep calling me cupcake?

          • Watch it

            That describes you, particularly with the comments you posted here.

          • Gaylyn Brooks

            What do you mean? Are you saying I am an idiot?

          • Gaylyn Brooks

            Why do you keep calling me cupcake?

          • Gaylyn Brooks

            Why do you keep calling me cupcake?

    • Watch it

      Wow, how quick you are to be hitting a board that is 3 years old, LMAO!

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