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Under the Castle Doctrine, a TX homeowner legally shot & killed a home invader. Despite his 18-page wrap sheet, the criminal’s family thinks he should have been warned.

“He could have gave him a warning,” One family member told reporters on the scene. “He could have let him know that he did have a gun on his property and that he was willing to use it in self-defense.”

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What was he supposed to say? “I’d appreciate it if you would not break into my home. Some harm may come to one or both of us if you continue this practice,” Pat joked.

Glenn pointed out that the entire controversy around the Castle Doctrine goes against Natural Law. He explained that if someone wandered into a bear’s den and was killed, no one is going to be outraged at the bear.

“You walk into a cave of bears, the bear is going to kill you. It’s your fault,” Glenn said.

He added that no one is going to put the bear up for trial, question if it wasn’t loved enough as a child, or why it hates people so much.

“You walked into his den. You were stupid.”

Why does the same common sense not apply to someone’s home?

“You shouldn’t have been there.  You have no right to be there. I have a right to shoot you,” Glenn said.

That’s what the Castle Doctrine is — a law that protects your natural rights of self-defense.

Does everyone deserve second chances like those being called for in this news report? Maybe, but Glenn points out, this guy had an 18 page rap sheet.

That’s 18 pages of chances.

“It’s insanity,” Stu added. “This is what happened when you lose respect for the law. This is why we talk about the border and things like this. If you want people to come across the border — you want more open borders — change the law to reflect that.  Don’t just ignore the law, because when you lose the rule of law you get attitudes like this. Attitudes of ‘I can’t believe this person was shot as they were breaking into someone’s house’.”

Glenn went on to explain why it’s import to remember that the Constitution was based on Nature’s Law and Nature’s God. It’s important to keep the foundation this debate on our Natural Rights.

“Do you have a right to protect your own cave? Nature says, yes.  Let’s not go against nature, because that means you’re born with that right.  There’s no bear government giving the bear a right to protect its cave.  There’s not a single law on the books.  And only the stupid animals stumble into the bear cave, and those animals are eaten.  And if there is a group of animals that are like you know what, I think we can take the bears one at a time.  You take this cave you take that cave at 3:00 in the morning.  And we’ll take their honey.  That species is wiped out because they’re eaten by the bear.”