It’s no secret that Glenn has some amazing historical artifacts, many of them just laying around somewhere in the studio. Today on radio, he opened up his safe and pulled out one of the more interesting pieces: a painting of Jerusalem that was done by a prisoner in Auschwitz.

“This is a painting of Jerusalem,” Glenn said. “To show you the paranoia. There are three Jews here huddled together and there is a guy over here and he’s kind of peering at them.”

“It was painted by memory and it was painted by a prisoner in Auschwitz. And it’s signed by with his number.”

“What’s so amazing is this was a happy painting for this person. They remembered Jerusalem” Glenn said. “It’s intriguing that even in the painting there is a guy over here watching the Jews.”

Glenn will continue to unveil some of the pieces of history from his collection and the collection of other historians, some of which will, hopefully, find a home in a library and museum that Glenn has planned to build one day.