Smart Meter Update: Glenn interviews the Sheriff

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn this is one big screw up. If I was the power company I would call the police to protect me as well. At least you coming out with the truth tho next time try to get a hold of the police office before you do an interview like that. I am still not for the smart meter but I can understand why the police did what they did. Sorry for all the mean things I said about you Sheriff.

    • Anonymous

      I’m rolling on my ass laughing, this broad went after tree trimmers with a shotgun, and she thinks the electric meter is a commie plot! Your paranoid freaks making heros out of other paranoid freaks are hilarious! And you wonder why no one votes for you! It’s cuz you ooze “nuts”!

      • Sam Fisher

        Oh look the Obamaunist are out in full attack even tho you ignore the fact that no one knew she was nuts and ignore the fact that these smart meters can be used to cripple someone using power and stop people like you name calling ignoring more facts and going on another bat shit crazy rant.

        • GoatExpress

           Wrong on both accounts.

          All Glenn had to do was google her name before taking the story to air.  The court case involving her shooting a gun to scare off the tree trimmers is all over the net.  State v. Hawk

          Also, the meter being installed was not a “smart meter” that can cut off peoples electricity.   They were just changing from an analog meter to a digital one that can be read remotely—from the safety of the utility company’s office (where they won’t be shot at by batshit crazy women living off public assistance).

        • Anonymous

          Dude, here’s your hero:

          And Beck is organizing a campaign to go after the sheriff who’s trying to protect the public from this kook?

          • Sam Fisher

            Oh critter how can we be so prefect as you. He who never makes a mistake. All hail the great critter.

          • Stephen Musclow

            Did you even watch the video?

            No one is calling her a hero. Glenn Beck isn’t going after the sheriff. 

  • landofaahs

    I love my water smart meter, it only tells me what the “Pay for” water line is up to.  It has nothing to do with my other well. LOL I’ll tell you later about RFID chips.

  • Draxx

    One of the biggest problems Americans (people of the world) have, is when they make a mistake they usually don’t admit to it…   Simply put a Lack of Morals!

  • Anonymous

    Next time, I would suggest that Glenn gets ALL the facts before he goes spewing against his “chosen” victims. Obviously, someone was not telling the whole story correctly, which suggests lieing. This case is in favor of the power company just like a reposession case of a car. The repo man has the authority to intrude on private property to repossess its car if the owner is at fault for non-payment.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    It sounds like a feud between the power company and the resident. The Sheriff is just stuck in the middle. It sounds like the power company has failed to be sensitive to the needs of their customers.

    • Anonymous

      There isn’t any “feud”, by law the power company owns the meter, not the customer, you idiot.  They have a right to act to cut costs for all there customers by using better technology, if she doesn’t like it, she should buy a generator.

  • whitelion

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