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Ann Coulter got into a little hot water with Libertarians last night during an on air debate with John Stossel. reports:

Conservative talker Ann Coulter appeared Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Stossel” to do battle with the show’s Libertarian host — and his 1,400+ Libertarian guests.

Their biggest point of contention? Social Conservatism versus the Libertarian “Individuals Should Be Left Alone” approach.

The evening began pleasantly enough, the two discussing whether the U.S. should’ve invaded Iraq following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Coulter believes military action was justified because Saddam Hussein was “definitely looking for uranium from Niger.”

But then things became a little more heated when Stossel decided to shift gears and brought up legalizing drugs.

“Libertarians and pot,” Coulter laughed. “This is why people think libertarians are pu**ies.”

Does she have a point?

Pat thought so, saying, “I think that’s pretty good. I agree with that.”

Glenn, thinking more on the side of the way the progressive Republicans like John McCain will drop their principals and become buddy-buddy with Democrats in Congress on issues like immigration to earn votes, wasn’t so sure.

“Who do you know that is a Libertarian that is friends with somebody like Paul Krugman or Barack Obama?” Glenn asked. ” I guess maybe in Hollywood?”

But that’s not the way Pat was looking at it. Pat, like Ann, was referring to the Libertarian base — the young, Ron Paul, Occupy Wall Street types.

That, Glenn can identify with. Those are the Libertarians that refuse to have a conversation with Glenn about anything because they don’t see eye-to-eye on one or two issues. They’re the Libertarians that will scream and shout about the drug war, but don’t make any noise about the heavy regulations destroy small businesses and killing jobs. Whether it’s because they’re young, and that’s not really affecting them yet or it’s because they’re thats their mechanism to bring people from the left to their side of the argument, it’s making them a tool for the Democrats and an antagonist to the Republicans.

Glenn explained that he recently sent one of his employees, Jon, to a Libertarian convention in D.C. Jon thought the people there were great, but about half of them hated Glenn. And when he tried to find out why, he couldn’t even have a conversation with them — they weren’t interested in coming together on the things they do agree on. It’s all or nothing. The individuals who dislike Glenn that Jon was able to talk to based the entire conversation around Ron Paul, and how Glenn doesn’t agree with everything that Ron Paul says.

“What I can’t understand is that isn’t the definition of ‘Libertarianism’ that we all are different and we’re individuals, and we believe in the power of the individual?” Glenn asked.

“That’s exactly what Ann Coulter is saying here,” Stu responded.

“Right. And I believe in the power of the individual to choose. I don’t have to agree with you on everything,” Glenn added.

Glenn went on to add that this is why he doesn’t understand so many of the Ron Paul supporters who dislike him for not always agreeing with Ron Paul. They let what he supports dictate all of their opinions on everyone else. If someone doesn’t stand shoulder to shoulder with Ron Paul, they immediately are on the attack.

“You are supposed to have a mind of your own,” Glenn said, “and you’re not supposed to be about an individual. Libertarianism is about a set of ideas — maximum freedom — not an individual.”

Penn Jillete is one of the Libertarians that has really been teaching Glenn what being a real Libertarian looks like in today’s society, and how it works in all of the complicated issues facing our country. One of the things they’ve been discussing recently is the “tribal mentality”.

“He hates tribes,” Glenn said of Penn. “I didn’t really understand it at first. He’s like i just really hate tribes and how we all get into this really tribal mentality.”

Glenn explained that he started to understand it the other day when he reflected on where the GOP is right now. Conservatives are really free of “the machinery” of the GOP “tribe” right now.

“We’re about 18 months away from them herding us again,” he explained.

Glenn believes that the GOP machine is going to be pushing everyone to get behind Chris Christie. If there isn’t another person, or group, or a stronger candidate that freedom minded people can get behind and support we’re in trouble. For Glenn, he thinks this person is Rand Paul.

“The idea of liberty and maximum freedom and the least about of government without anarchy is not your idea. It’s the founders idea,” Glenn said address those people who are so quick to attack him for his Libertarian transition.

“You would think at this time in our country, we have the opportunity to get rid of the party system,” he added. “But we have 18 months to do it.  We have an opportunity to destroy it right now.  But it won’t be done by crazies, radicals, and people who’re shouting other people down.”

Glenn explained that with TheBlaze he is trying to shine a light on the Libertarian idea — the idea of maximum freedom — but every time he does, he attacked for it because someone thinks he and TheBlaze need to pass some kind of litmus test to go and learn more about what the Libertarians are doing, which is exactly what happened at this convention.

“We go in, we tried to understand it. We tried to make some friends,” Glenn explained.

But, despite being the only media organization at this Libertarian convention, they were attacked for it.

“Do you think anybody who doesn’t really believe it is going to help?” he asked. “We believe it.  So we’ll be back.  And we’ll be back at all of the conventions, and we’ll report and we will try to learn, and continue to hire people.  Because we believe it.”