Krugman: Yeah, middle class taxes and death panels are on the way

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Before Obamacare passed, Paul Krugman and many of his peers mocked anyone who suggested death panels and middle class tax hikes were coming if Obamacare passed. Death panels were even called lie of the year by fact checeking site Politisham. Now that it’s passed, the tune seems to have changed by about 180 degrees.

Watch the shocking admission by Krugman below:

  • whitelion

    My last pay check was $9500 working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out. This is what I do,

  • Draxx

    This does not surprise me at all, we already know that Progressives, Socialist, and Democratic Socialist LIE To People To Fool Them Into Backing Their Agendas.  Also, that those same Agendas Will Harm the Very People That Backed It In The First Place!

    • Anonymous

      You are exactly right! The alinsky rules say the ends justify the means. And every “progressive” dem and rep in D.C. play by that book. EVERY single big government scam (like the father of all ponzi schemes, social security) took MASSIVE lies and under-projections to get them through. But once in place, they are there forever…and they know that. They will lie, lie, lie, to get things into place. Just like they did over and over with obumercare (“this is not a tax”) to get it passed.  When medicare was passed in 1967, they project the cost in 1990 to be $12 billion. In 1990 the actual spending on medicare was $110 billion. Off by nearly a factor of 10! Are the members of congress and CBO that stupid? That bad at math and projections? Of course NOT. They knew about what it would cost, but they lied to cooked the books to get it through. Had they told the truth, it would have NEVER passed. Now our kids and grandkids, and great-grandkids, and great-great grandkids (you get the picture) will be holding the bag. The a-holes that cooked it up and passed it will be long dead and burning in hell by then.  The founding fathers must be rolling in their graves!

  • Draxx

    Here in Oregon they already Legalized for the State Gov’t to Sterilize Anyone Fifteen Years of Age or Older if they believe that it is in the Best Interest of That Person, and The Parents Have No Choice In The Matter!  God this pisses me off…

    So instead of paying for Unwanted Pregnancies, they will sterilize and prevent the Poor From Propagating, This is Eugenics At It’s Face Value!  All I can say is Democratic Socialist/Progressives are Feeling Safe Enough to Put Things Into High Gear Before They Lose The Power To Do So…  People say well I will not take my child to a place that they can do that, but they Leave/Let their kids go to Public Schools.  At some point they will take the kids from the schools in bus loads for Health & Welfare Exams, and kids in their naivity/ignorance might answer a question about are they having sex already.  Since those people will promise that the parents will never know their answer, many kids will confess their sexual activity.  Next thing they will do is Analyze The Social Status of That Child, and IF they Do Not Meet Certain Criteria that kid is going to be Sterilized for the Greater Good of the Community!  Many are going to say I am full of crap, but wait and see the reality of what’s going to happen…

    • Anonymous

       Good, because right now the only people breeding are the idiots, creating more idiots.  This will sound bad and it might very well be bad but it is something I struggle with every time I am forced to go to Walmart with my wife, I sometimes wish that at the end of the month all the Walmart’s would blow up to get rid of some of the crap that propagates in the world when they are spending my hard earned money on cookies and steak that I could hardly afford to eat.  People should have to prove to someone or something whether they are suited to have children (and no, no race involved, just what they have accomplished, they don’t have to rich or even middle class, just good responsible people that can support a child or children).  Sterilize everyone at birth or near teens and let them work for the honor of having children and grant them the gift of a child. I worked in corrections for many years and it’s amazing how one male could produce 10 to 20 children with the same amount of mothers involved and they are all being raised to be an idiot like him and her, by example of course, they prob. see their father a few times in their lives.  My wife is a teacher and the stories I hear concerning how the children are treated by their parents are nothing less than F’n scary, then these innocent souls grow up to duplicate the same that was done to them.  Sorry I have no problem with sterilization when people act like animals they should be treated like animals.

      • Draxx

        Then they should have to prove that the Current Parents are unfit to raise a child and that they cannot teach them responsibility (otherwise you are unjustly punishing the child for the parents mistakes).  If they sterilize my children I will Punish those that took their Freedom of Choice Away From My Kids!  Would it be vigilante stuff?  Hell Yeah!  Gov’t Get the Frick’ Out Of My Life and My Childrens Lives as long as we are not harming others…

        • Anonymous

          I agree they should have to prove, anything they do (and it shouldn’t be a group of heartless bureaucrats making decisions) , but it’s too late for the children now living in squaller. I may have worded the statement a bit harshly Draxx and I apologize. I feel such sadness for children when they have to endure alife that was forced upon them, they didn’t choose to live, they were born but to take innocence and twist it and make it suffer as you did or worse is or has to be a damned sin. I don’t like the government telling me what to concerning anything, but what about these people that mass produce poverty and suffering? I will not say I have the answer, only those not of this plane of living may have, but I’m not sure of that yet, I can’t stand seeing children going to school with a tee shirt on when it’s 30 degrees outside and more examples that I can even begin to state. These are the individuals I was raging about, and to be honest, I don’t know what the right way would be to approach this issue, even though I’ve thought on it many times. I’m sorry, I only have my answers and they may not be right, but I agree with on points. Have a nice night and it was nice of you to respond, I appreciate your opinion.
          Benzine Wasser, {fake name}

          really, have a nice night and somehow find peace in this world.

          Subject: [glennbeck] Re: Krugman: Yeah, middle class taxes and death panels are on the way

  • Sam Fisher

    Liberty is going to die because the media will not cover it. This will lead to Hitlerism. They also believed in death panels they also believe in putting useless people to death. The sad thing that the majority of the people that voted Obama will be first. We have to fight more before it is too late.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Exactly, step by step those who wish for Eugenics to be brought into play will gain their way under guise of elimination of the ‘unfit’ and ‘infirm’ and ‘aged’ that lead unto mass genocide.

      If our nation passes into such darkness, there will be no end of the damnation which will be inflicted upon the world; and the nation then will have no mercy from Gods wrath.

      • Anonymous

        It WILL happen because Revelation tells us it will. It’s still the age old battle of good and evil that has been going on since Adam and Eve first listened to the Devil. Revelation tells us that Satan WILL get a one world order before Jesus returns to bring back the Paradise on earth that God created. ALL “man made” governments will cease to exist because they are spawned by Satan. The Bible also tells us that millions will die as martyrs because they refuse to join the Beast (the one world government). Just look at how this country is split now. Imagine what it will be like when Satan has complete control and goes after all Christians who won’t take the mark of the Beast! 

        Our Founders tried to create a God ruled government the best they could. John Adams said the Constitution was written only for a moral and religious people — it would NOT work for any other! People are afraid to stand up for God against this godless government. We are reaping what we sow.

    • tobias

      That would actually leave people that vote the other way this whole scenario is being created to get people to fight each other just watch the next thing in reality is the attack on the energy business through Executive Orders coming tonight or next week.

      • J.w. Appling

        With Obozo you always got to watch the other hand. While everyone is thinking he will ban assault rifles, ammo is almost impossible to get now because branches of the gov is buying it up. Always watch the other hand the overt stuff is never the goal.

    • Anonymous

      Sam, not only will have no chance to survive because of the MSM will not cover, but also because “we the people” are doing NOTHING to spread things like this guy Krugman is talking about.  Where is a LEADER?

    • Anonymous

       Sam, it truly is frightening. I find it disgusting that the people who elected Obama and were told endlessly by the liberals their plans to raise taxes, destroy the constitution through neglect and constant attack disguised as “moral imperative”, now act shocked that their taxes have been raised, their weapons make them dangerous and Obama has a mandate to rend the constitution, including individual rights because he won the election. What is even more disgusting is that all Obama has to do is claim that tax increases were the work of conservatives. They lap up these lies as if they were the word of the Lord (too bad most of them don’t believe in Him) and dance to whatever tune Obama plays. Worse, the so-called “conservative opposition” is helping him, even though it could cost them reelection! The mainstream press is also complicit, ensuring that Obama and his cronies receive unlimited adulation and fawning attention. Not only are their lies not exposed, they are praised. If the media senses that the words of the liberals could be potentially damaging, they either “explain” what the liberal really meant, or worse, deem it unworthy of reporting. Not only was Krugman lying about the death panels, now, he feels completely comfortable simply stating that the death panels exist and will be used extensively. But the press feels that this is not worthy of reporting. Additionally, there is a high possibility that now that Glenn Beck has revealed Krugman’s words, they will mount an attack on him to try to obfuscate the lies.

  • Anonymous

    This is why putzes like Krugman and the rest of the so-called main stream media have zero, zip, nada, no credibility and most people now ignore their ignorance or whatever they want to call it. Actually, they’re not ignorant because they’ve bought into the liberal agenda, and that in and of itself is a ‘disease’! Remember who first told us of the ‘death panels’ and she was as she ALWAYS is, chastised? Anytime there is a good-looking female with a brain, and she is a conservative, she will be vilified, chastised, and torn down. EVERYTIME!!!!

    • Anonymous

       They were not ignorant, no. They were liars. They knew the truth and were incensed that someone (the right) would dare to let the cat out of the bag. All lies were “fair game” in order to get O reelected.

      • Anonymous

         When an individual rigs elections and uses rampant fraud in order to achieve maintaining their position in office, they have NOT been re-elected.  These are the modern thieves and they are power hungry megalomaniacs.   In short, they are ILLEGALLY holding an office that they stole.

    • Rick Grihalva

       I find it interesting that the “means are justified by the end goal” thinking of the ’60s and ’70s has now tuned into its true color: out and out lying.

      • Elena

         The means always color the goal.  Choose your means carefully.  Or as Jesus said:  Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.  This is what made Ghandi and MLK effective.

        • Anonymous

          Where are the Ghandis or the MLK?  We all are afraid of Obama & no one is ready to do what they did.  By now we are already past due in ORGANIZING in a pacific march to Washington or at least in every city, and NO one comes out to do it.

        • Erik Stark

          Ha Haaaa, how would MLK or Ghandi have done with Stalin or Hitler? They would have been dead foot-notes in history. Obama like all leftists crave blood to bring about their unholy utopia. They don’t care who or what they destroy, their will be done. The sword is the ONLY thing that keeps men free.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The truth comes out and no one in the leftist media will bother to present it to the world and to those low-information voters of Obama and the Democrats; welcome to the future of America under the Complete Lives system and the death of a Republic due to taxation.

    • jen

      Why won’t you acknowledge your fellow Republicans like Fl Gov Scott and other gop governors that will now implement medicaid portions of obamacare in their states even though legally they can opt-out as Levin argued with Krauthammer today??? 
      If I were Gov Scott and that cons supreme court justice, I would think you are rude to not acknowledge me in mentioning obama and obamacare.  Heck, FL would not be subject to all of obamacare if it weren’t for republicans like gov scott.

  • Anonymous

    You can not tell people like Krugman anything until it hits them betwwen the eyes

    • Anonymous

      Don’t agreed.  WE need to spread the word.  Krugman is one of them (leftist loonies).  I bet u they will listen.

  • Anonymous

    These smug liberals never think their precious theories will ever apply to themselves. I think it would be hysterically funny to see the look on Krugman’s face if a doctor were to tell him further care for him was no longer cost effective and prescribed the special pill for him.  I’m sure his support for death panels would vanish in a flash.

  • Anonymous

    After listening to Krugman, I’m almost convinced the eugenics and euthanasia has it’s place. At least where out-of-touch marxist economic academia are concerned. Could you imagine listening to this guy enlighten you on the proper direction for a strong American economy for hours on end? I’ll take the water-boarding, thank you very much!

  • Brian Rookard

    Looks like he’s been saying this for a while.

  • Betty Busby

    So, is anyone really surprised that everyone can’t have full medical coverage without raising the money to pay for it?  So, just let elderly die quickly, watch out if you have a premature birth and there might be need for extra care, one friend’s new baby was over a million in expenses.  Who decides?

  • Elena

     This society is suffering fm a deep ethical gap!  We are quickly becoming a pagan-ethical worldview country instead of a Judeo-Christian ethical worldview.

    Secular humanism may espouse what look like Biblical ethics, but in the end it’s really all about utilitarian worldview.  A utilitarian worldview ALWAYS leads to the deaths of opponents on the grounds that they were unworthy of life.

  • Anonymous

    Secular Humanism Stems From The Radical Spoiled Children of the Sixties,The Hippies,Who Brought Forth The ‘God is Dead Movement.’… Are Now Running the Country Through Their Puppet-Child The AntiAmerican Islamist Terrorist Barry-HUSSSEIN-Obama!

  • Anonymous

    Our Only Hope To SAving This Country From The Lucifer Henchmen IS To Get All People Back To God,Back To Church,Back To Prayer…and LIFE and Liberty…to bring True Happyness!! Impeach king hussein and ALL He Has Hired!!

  • Guest

    Beck conveniently cut Krugman off before he could explain what he meant. Typical, hide the facts and distort the words.  What we don’t want to pay for is keeping people alive who have no chance of recovery. If they want to buy supplimental insurance, they can do that out of their own pocket. 

    Don’t worry Mr. Beck, your rotting corpse will be kept breathing long after your putrid brain is dead.We could avoid middle class tax increases if we went back to the marginal rates of the booming ’50’s, i.e., 90%.

    • Marie

       Why does the government need to be involved at all?  If it weren’t for Obamacare, supplemental insurance wouldn’t be needed.  End-of-life care should be a matter strictly between the patient, the doctor and the insurance company.  The government shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

      Today, in your demented little fantasy world, supplemental insurance might be allowed, but once you idiots get your precious single payer system (which is where we’ll be at once Obamacare fails as intended), supplemental insurance won’t be an option.  Then your supercilious bile will be even more meaningless.

  • Anonymous

    I have news for you–those middle class taxes and death panels are already operating so they have arrived in full battle gear against the people.  The death panel has already made rulings on whether or not individuals may have adequate and appropriate medical treatment.  Just in recent months, a 12 year old on dialysis who is in otherwise good health, was denied a kidney transplant and the parents were told how to make her life more comfortable until she dies.  The reason?  She is mentally retarded.  Hospice is on the way out; originally scheduled to be written off January 2011, it has been postponed until next January; that is a fact!  Why do you think those glossy pamphlets explaining how to care for dying loved ones at home ovomit pushed just prior to 2011?   The death panel is not just interested in denying seniors of their health care, but includes the mentally ill, mentally retarded (regardless of the reason for their MR status), neonates in the NICU, and many others.  This is under the “reasoning” that these citizens will not become viable human beings for the workforce and is part of the Agenda 21 garbage put out by the UN.  Those middle class taxes are under the guise of the ovomit healthcare package; many have already learned how those ‘deductions’ have hurt their paycheck—and it won’t just stop there.  Wait until you see more revenues that ovomit is demanding through sales taxes, fuel taxes, etc.  When this so-called administration is done, the American taxpayer will be lucky enough to garner 10cents on the dollar for take-home pay; Sweden already pays 75cents for every dollar they earn and have to pay cash for the purchase of a new home (no mortgages allowed, folks).   Swedish medical care is mediocre at best.  The “rich” in America will be reduced to 2nd class citizens because of the taxation without representation, yet we hear nothing from these folks on how these new taxes are affecting them.  The only people with high dollars in their bank accounts will be the elites in power, or the members of the dictatorship ovomit wants to establish—-the rest of us will be enslaved to do their bidding.  It will happen, but ONLY IF WE ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.

  • Joe

    I found this little article about Krugman clarifying his statement. Such a BS artist.

  • Anonymous

    This is all about POWER. Just like the nazis under hitler did in the early 1930s, America is being converted to total dominance of the progressives. Just as hitler did, America will be purged of dissent to the all-powerful leader, be it obama or other democrats like hilary or joe biden.  In the final stage, people will find out that the US president is just a puppet of the ultimate power grabber, and that is the bankers who want control of the world.

  • Joe Taxpayer

    Someone needs to start a class action lawsuit against the mainstream media outlets for their gross negligence and deceptive, dishonest reporting, or lack thereof, over the past 5 years. It should be considered criminal how they are complicit in misleading the electorate of our country. Let’s get together and shut them down. The ACLJ could represent us all.

  • dennis reilly

    Krugman is 100% body fat, he better see Michelle Obama and lets move. Does this guy ever exercise anything besides his overly indulged mouth

  • Anonymous

    Please spread the word.  Share this info in all social media available to you: facebook, twitter, link, etc….

  • Susan Young Jones

    This is so depressing…sometimes I don’t even recognize my country.  I never thought this kind of government control would take hold here as it has in Europe and elsewhere.  I am very frightened for myself as I grow older and my children.  If it is this bad this quick, I don’t even want to think what they will face.     

  • Anonymous

    These things won’t happen all it once.  Those who would do Evil take their time, molding and shaping a people to think the unthinkable and do the unconscionable.


    Mr. President: Some of people’s concerns have grown out of bogus claims spread by
    those whose only agenda is to kill reform at any cost. The best example
    is the claim made not just by radio and cable talk show hosts, but by
    prominent politicians, that we plan to set up panels of bureaucrats with
    the power to kill off senior citizens. Now, such a charge would be
    laughable if it weren’t so cynical and irresponsible. It is a lie, plain
    and simple.

    There are also those who claim that our
    reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false. The
    reforms — the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are
    here illegally.

    Rep. Joe Wilson: You Lie!

    Mr. President: It’s
    not true. And one more misunderstanding I want to clear up — under our
    plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal
    conscience laws will remain in place.


    Joe Wilson had it right.

  • Anonymous

    If Mr. Krugman believes in such panels then let him prove
    his loyalty to such by going before them first.

  • bravetruth

    Let’s ignore the fact that he’s talking honestly now to a Jewish group caught by a phone camera. And that the MSM that he is touted by is forcing an agenda that keeps their tiny 2%
    ultra liberal ethnic group in power by creating and paying more and more Dems. Glenn can’t say it, nobody can on TV or radio or they’d be fired. But learn the truth and spread it. Any way we can while Americans are still the majority.

  • Ronald R. Melone

    It’s gotten to the point that the general public (at least those in the know) will not listen to the media because of all the lies.  Sooner or later, it will be the “cry wolf” story.  There will be a true crisis, the media will try to sound the alarm, and the general public will yawn and continue watching the Kardashians.  I believe that that is the desired outcome.  This administration, and maybe others before it, have wanted the public complacent so that they will NOT be prepared for a true crisis and will be looking to the federal government for their very existence.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    The left are liars and hypocrites.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    No surprise here. Death Panels were always part of the Obama Health Care agenda. Sara Palin called Obama Care “EVIL”; she was accurate. Note: Obama, his administration and his supporters are liars, and in some situations, are criminals and will do and say anything via the end justifies the means. Consequently, no citizen of any political or even non-political viewpoint can trust the Federal government. Yet the voters have re-elected Obama in order to live in the fantasy world leading to the next Dark Ages. It’s a pity that no one seems to have read “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” or basic economics. Agere Sequitur Esse.

  • Anonymous

    No benefit for the collective.  Guess they should have said that to Robin Roberts from GMA. . . . !

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I’m 49 in July. I guess I’d better live as much as I can while I still can huh?

  • cruzpenlope

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  • Anonymous

    May be that some of u do not belive in Dreams but I do. I had a dream that an Angel told me that we have only so many sec and so many mins and so many hours and so many days and years Left then I saw our children of the world go into the trees and then the elderley couple rocking  and they too faded away. And then I say white missaels in the skys flyiing above blowing up our cities and many were running for there lives. all because no one made the time to do something about it just talk then i woke up

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