Sen. Rand Paul writes a $500,000 check to the U.S. Treasury

Yesterday the unthinkable happened…a member of Congress put their money where their mouth is. That’s right, not YOUR money, their money. Senator Rand Paul took the $500,000 in savings he had from running a frugal, cost-efficient office and returned it to the treasury. reported:

Sen. Rand Paul cut a six-figure check to the U.S. Treasury on Wednesday in an effort to do his part to put a tiny chip in the federal debt.

The Kentucky Republican returned $600,000 in funds he saved from his Senate office budget in the last year, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

“It’s the only budget I control,” Paul said at a news conference in Louisville. “It’s not enough, but it’s a start.”

The $600,000 — about 17 percent of his 3.5 million office budget — is on top of another $500,000 Paul returned to the Treasury last year, according to CNN. Paul said the total unspent money he’s returned to the federal government amounts to $1.1 million.

“We watch every purchase,” Paul said. “We watch what computers we buy, what paper we buy, the ink cartridges. We treat the money like it’s our money, or your money, and we look at every expenditure.”

The senator, a Tea Party favorite, noted, “We are frugal from top to bottom.”

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Needless to say, this did nothing but strengthen Glenn’s positive opinion of Rand Paul and his future chances of leadership in the White House.

“Rand Paul could win,” Glenn said this morning. “Did you see what he did yesterday? He went found $500,000 of savings in his office. He went through his budget, line by line of his office. Every Senator gets $2 million dollars, and he returned $500,000 to the treasury and said ‘every single Senator and every single Congressman should go line by line and cut your spending. Think how much money we could save with 100 Senators and all the Congressmen.’ And then he said, ‘every single leader in government office should do the same, and we should incentivize them. We should say if you can save $1 million dollars, you’re going to find a raise at this amount.’ We should reward people that do this. Now there’s thinking that makes sense.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Senator Paul has set a fine example of what accountability, responsibility and integrity are all about by anyone holding office or a position of authority. 

    How can we convince the elected officials to do the same for their own office budgets and to do the same for the Federal Budget AND each time any legislation is presented? 

    Any ideas?

    • Draxx

      I am stumped on this one snowleopard…

      How do you reach someone that has a head full of rocks, and will not accept valid inputs or ideas!

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Aside from firing their tails? No idea…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Senator Paul, you have demonstrated in this matter to be both accountable and responsible with the funding entrusted to you for your office; be consistent in all matters the same way and be reminded – you work for the people, not the other way around.

    We have to remind the politicians that and hold them to account in full measure.

    • Draxx

      Now that someone has set and example, others should take heed and follow those good examples of Responsibility in Politcs…

      • Anonymous

        “Now that someone has set an example”.

        Yes, now that somebody has set the example, Obama will have that much more tax-payer money to spend on one of his many multi-million dollar vacations. Maybe Obama can use the $500,000 to purchase golden golf clubs and have them autographed by Tiger Woods. 

        I wonder that the grand total for the entire cost of supporting Obama during his presidency will be. I bet it will amount to a king’s ransom. Actually, the politicians live as a royal class supported by a serf class. Hey! Everybody! Roll out the red carpet and strike up the band!!! Here comes or there goes one of the neo-royalists!!! Nothing is too good and no expense is to great!!! ——at least when it comes to amerika’s dear, royal king-leaders……..

        The fact is it’s a total disgrace that Rand Paul had that much money in his budget in the first place……. Ron Paul was right: A trillion dollars in government spending could easily be cut from out of the federal budget. Rand Paul’s $500,000 is just the tip of the ice berg……

      • Anonymous

        Ron Paul set the example for his son Rand.  The elder Paul returned money to the treasury annually….

  • Jerry Smith

    This reminds me of the movie “Dave.”  If the other 534 members of Congress followed suit we would see some legitimate spending reductions, not the made-up kind we get from Boehner and Obummer.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has a bottomless pit for spending, good luck on saving us tax payers from being ripped off

  • Sam Fisher

    Well it might have been a waste of money seeing how that only paid for one second of the government running but at least you shown to these Hollywood liberals that you can pay your fair share without being forced to do so.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see the expenditures for each congresspersons office. This is something that all of them should have to publish on their websites each year, with a variance report.

  • Anonymous

    My son is in the service and he told me last year their base had money left at the end of the year.  They were told they had to spend it so they would not get their budget cut for the next year.  They had to LOOK FOR SOME WAY TO SPEND IT!  They bought computer monitors they did not need.  This year, they again had surplus and were told the same thing.  They bought new chairs just like the ones they already had.  The old chairs were still very good.  Not only that, they have to buy from certain contracted vendors- not the big box stores.  So, they spent five times as much money for chairs they did not need!  Until we go to Zero Based Budgeting- where you start from zero and justify all the money your program is asking for- this problem will not be fixed.  There is no incentive to save money!

    • Doug Humble

      I’m a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer and I can tell you this practice has been going on for more than 30 years.  I’ve seen this in EVERY command I have ever been assigned to and it was always the same – if you don’t spend what we gave you this year – your budget for next year will be less.  Never did I find a command that would NOT spend every single dime of their budget in order to get the same or more money the next year.  Which – is exactly why we are in the situation we are in today.  There was NO INCENTIVE to spend less.  

      • TeXasCoastFisherman

        Isn’t that crazy ?
        My daughter is in her 13th year in the Air Force, and she has the same stories as you;  buying unnecessary computers, chairs, desks etc…
        The only financial incentive they have is to Spend More Money on things they have no need of.

        Also,  I Thank You for your Service to our Country.

        • Anonymous

          So it does make sense to cut the defense budget.

          • JednaVira

             Yes, and every other budget or line-item.  This practice of spending it all because you won’t get it back the next year is also common for agencies that receive federal grants.  A grant administrator can be frugal and not use all the money initially received and they are punished the next year by not receiving the grant or receiving much less.  Our government is over-run with fools!

    • Barry Levy

      and then you get the government having auctions selling the left over items for pennies on the dollar.

      I remember twice going to government auctions and purchasing items that I wanted.

      Once I purchased 215 dental drills, for $55 dollars.   I was able to resell each one to dentists for $100 each.  I made the profit, the government threw this away.  workable, in excellent conditions, because they bought more to save their budgets.

      The other purchase was a lot of blue dress pants.  Brand new at $50 for 100 pair that still had the tags on them.  Sold 4 to cover my costs and donated the 95 other pair to good will.

      And the amount of material being sold is staggering.

      • TeXasCoastFisherman

        My goodness, that/s unbelievable.
        I would love to go to one of the auctions.

      • bambi benton

        The govt threw NOTHING away.Someone GOT PAID to make the stuff (or import the stuff), so that very  money is now circulating over and over again through our economy. You too have had this great opportunity to “profit” from these castoff materials! Isn’t capitalism grand?

    • Anonymous

      That is standard operating procedure in the military. They do it every year. They also compete  with other government agencies to perform law enforcement operations to justify size and even more funding. The military as well as “all government agencies” need to be overhauled regarding relevancy as a government agency. Many of these them could even be eliminated or civilianized. This is a Rand Paul fundamental principal and completely counterintuitive to Obama’s Big Brother Government of Entitlements (you owe me – its my right). Note: social security is not an entitlement if you paid into it.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not just the military.  Even our schools have to spend the money they get or their funding will be cut.  We need our governments . . . from local to federal . . . to demand that all agencies receiving funding start from ZERO and show why they need the money . . . AND not require them to buy from certain vendors.  If they can save money by buying locally, they should be able to.  Those vendors just jack up their prices because they know that our government will pay it.

    • empty pockets

      And yet, the “cuts-that-aren’t-even-cuts” will “decimate” our national security?  Cutting the DEFICIT from $2.5 trillion for 10 years to $2.4 trillion for 10 years, allowing for ONLY half the growth currently built in means armageddon?  That left “creative bookkeeping” so far in the rear view mirror…they’re in a whole other universe now.  No wonder they’ve “lost touch”!

      That is the main “procedural” reason why gov’t spending won’t be cut.  You’re so right, tulsachick, it’s not using zero based budgeting.  But there’s another hitch–in far too many instances, the money in their budgets has enough strings to outfit an entire puppet show.  They get X amount of dollars to use for office equipment, for instance.  Doesn’t matter whether they NEED office equipment, they have to “use it or lose it”.  So they use it because next year they might really NEED to upgrade some of the office equipment and wouldn’t have the money.

      They’re gluttons who’ve been getting all they could stuff down their throats for decades knowing that the more they consume, the bigger the buffet will get.  They refuse to admit the pantry is empty.  Gross obesity–thy name is government.  It’s diet time.  The obesity of the body politic is as unhealthy to the national body as the obesity of an individual is to the body in which they reside.  Yet they just keep eating… 

    • Anonymous

      My job in the Air Force, 1950 to 1953, was to smooth out operations and systems to save time and money. A civilian friend of mine at the time, told me a base purchasing officer appeared at his hardware store and wanted to buy $10,000 worth of ‘stuff’. When my friend suggested he would go out to the base and find out what was needed. He was told there wasn’t time. It had to be spent that day or they would lose it in next year’s budget.

      That was one unit out of _?_ that were in the same boat. $10,000 in 1952 dollars is how much today?

      In fact, just a week ago I was told by another person their government unit did the same thing for the same reason.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, what are you thinking? If they save the money, that’s great, but to give it back to them as a raise does nothing to solve the problem. All that would do is make more millionaires directly paid for by the Taxpayers. I could understand maybe a percentage, split between him AND his staff. It would still be a nice Christmas bonus. Also eventually it would go away, because you can only cut so much and still function.

  • Laura

    I’ve always maintained that if each federal department promised their executives within the department an percentage increase in their salary equal to the percentage they could strip from their budgets, we would be balanced and pay off our deficit in no time flat. For example, if one department chief makes $100,000, and he can cut 20% out of his department’s budget, he’d see a bonus of $20,000.  But the savings from a department budget would be millions. And since there is a lot of departments who will spend budget money instead of losing it for the next year (see the comment by tulsachick below) we wouldn’t be hurting the departments that much.

  • Anonymous

    that’s actually 600,000 — good for you Rand, keep up the good work; enough blablah, more actions, that’s the way

  • Anonymous

    The Problem Is The Rich Are DemocRATS and Would Never Give of THeir Own Money..They Prefer To Spend Other Peoples Money…like Margaret Thatcher said, “the problem with socialism is you always run out of other peoples money!” democRATS want to take from the giving republicans and give to other rich democRATS!

  • Anonymous

    One person, one office, $600K.  Makes one wonder how much money could be saved across the government if the government *really* tried rather than go on TV and “gin up” panic about “this cut” and “that cut” and what might happen to our children.

  • Anonymous

    if king barryHUSSEINobama cared for the Country all his campaign n fundraisers money would go to the deficit or the People! however all the DEmocRATSocialists do NOT care about anyone but themselves!!!!

  • Anonymous

    At long last, we conservatives can find common ground with Senator Paul. This man walks the walk — which makes him different from 90 percent of his Congressional colleagues. While this gesture may be chalked up to symbolism, who cares? He has led in a meaningful way. Let’s see who among his colleagues have the courage to follow his example.

  • Thurza Heim

    Terrific!  I like this guy more and more every day!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, my stars, reading this brought tears to my eyes.  An honest man, in Congress.  Jesse Jackson Jr., take notes!  We need more like Rand Paul in every level of government. 

  • Ken Lane

    General Electric became a super giant in industry with an increase in its market cap by more than 4000% under leadership by the much despised Jack Welch.  As he moved up in the company, he was not please with how poorly it was operated.  So, when he rose to the top he began making the changes.  

    The irony of it all is he did not make the changes by micromanagement like I’ve seen in some operations.  He changed the management from the very top and let it work its way down.  Without solid leadership by example, those who are led will not make the changes in order to become what is desired by practically the entire organization.

    Many argue you cannot operate government like private enterprise.  Really?  You have revenue, you have expenses, you have employees and you have to produce a product and/or service.  What did I miss?

    Oh yeah… Well, perhaps we can replace Obama with Jack Welch?  I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

  • Anonymous

    This is one heck of a good political move.
    The man is a member of a family worth millions and millions of dollars.
    Very nice stunt.

  • Anonymous

    3.5 million a year to run a senators office what a bunch a shit…I run a restaurant 363 days a year.  serve breakfast lunch and diner.  I have employees working 24/7 my baker is there all night.  I can do this on a million bucks in sales and make a profit.  These idiots get to piss away 3.5 million.  Well that is lunacy from the get go… if these idiots need a staff it should come out of their own cotton pickin pocket….if they need office supplies let it come out of their own pocket, and if they want phones, let it come out of their own pocket.  you’d see these sorry sob’s get out of washington so fast it’d make your head spin…they would be filling up the used car lots, and pawn shops, and every other shady endeavor there is…

    • greywolfrs

      So, you believe that people should do a job and not given the tools to do it? You believe if they need something, they should pay for it? They are doing the people’s business and should pay for it themselves? That’s stupid.

  • lin

    Thank you, Senator Paul for treating the taxpaxers money like it did not grow on a tree.

  • Anonymous

    Senator Paul sounds like presidential material. We should be paying more attention to him. He is a conservative but more importantly, he sounds like an AMERICAN. They say character is doing the right thing when no one is watching. This man has character which means he will probably not only be a target for the democrats but also his fellow republicans. If there is ever a time when we need a man or woman of character in the office of president, it is TODAY.

  • Josie

    This is great and the way all of them in office should be.  However, giving money back to this administration only means that they will spend it on something else.  Get rid of the spenders first and then this will make a real difference.

  • Greg Williams

    Only one problem with their “incentive” idea to pay others for saving money.  With the bloated government spending, and what they call “savings” – we, the taxpayers, would be on the hook for even more debt.   If they inflate and overspend now, can you imagine the inflation and “savings” (read – we’re not spending as much as we planned) that would be created with NO, NONE, NADA, ZIP real dollar reductions. Besides, that should be part of their job now and if they aren’t doing it, we should be firing the whole lot of them.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I wish more in DC would do this.
    Sad part is it won’t take place.LIz   

  • landofaahs

    Rand is a chip off the old block, I guess witho the exception of his stand on Israel which I can only assume is the reason Glenn Adores Rand but did everything he could to deswtroy his father Ron Paul.  Questionis Glenn, how do you know that Rand is not just saying he supports Israel just because he realizes that you cannot be totally honest on some subjects and win an election?  The apples never fall too far from the tree. )))))) 

    • Carol Morgan

       do you remember that Rand himself supported Romney??? maybe his dad;s ideas were a little too crazy for his own son?

  • Bob Ratliff

    Now that is Responsible Leadership to be proud of!

  • Ernie Rokose

    This is what we need in DC! PAUL 2016

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for Rand Paul. We need 99 more like him, but that will only happen if we drastically reform the way we select public servants. Make the job so unpleasant that nobody wants it.
    Not so much for this article!  Who does your editing, Glenn? It is difficult to tell whether Paul gave back $500,000 or $600,000 and whether each Senator gets $2 million of $3.5 million for their office budget.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, there are almost four more years of Obama’s administration left, allowing him, uncontested, to weaken and continue swiftly down the road of fundamental change here in the States. By the end of that time, who knows what we as a nation will look like. Mr Paul is frankly, “too little – too late” – plus, there is an addictive, growing reliance upon government by American youth. Who will change their way of thinking to a more conservative thought process, is it even slightly possible, to achieve that nation saving goal in the meantime? Certainly not if Obama has anything to do with it and we all know, that he will-not just simply step aside and allow his base to weaken.

    This is the fight for our lives, nationally speaking that is, and if something drastic isn’t done very soon by those of us who understand, even cherish the American Constitution and the true freedoms it represents and that it is primarily conservative principles that have predominantly built this once nation great, then we are through.

    This past January (Jan 28th 2013) Ann Applebuan, a reporter working for the National Post, declared  the Western Nations – now – have only one Super Power to protect us. By the way, she wasn’t talking about America, she was talking about Europe. I’ll repeat her words and also say that statement does sound a bit laughable, maybe even reckless, but after viewing the results of the nation of Britain back in the late 30s, led by Chamberlain, is our current lot of political misfits any different? Truth be told, they are far less intelligent than the those political wonders back in world war two. Ms Applebaun rightly compares the same mindset of Obama, as he thinks his radical and his carelessly dangerous fundamental changing of who we are as a people, will bring us “Peace In Our Time”  – A nation does not make itself stronger while simultaneously turning a blind eye to reality. And the REALITY of the militant fever found in the  ever chaotic world today, should be screaming to all of us, to arm ourselves for war and coming conflict, as the nations of this earth are clearly and swiftly descending into anarchy, rather than gaining an understanding of what brings peace. By not having a willingness to work for the greater good of all people worldwide and holding current thought patterns, or singing the same ol’ tune, of what’s in it for me, do any rational minds feel our leadership have any inkling of what they are doing?.

    Ann Applebaun touched on a very important issue, that being, America (today) cannot be considered a supper-power – what makes her statement so alarming is that bible prophecy backs her up 100%. We all know by now that the Pope is soon to step down. Ms Applebaun calls Europe the only Supper-Power the West has, that statement is prophetic. In Daniel Chapter 8, verses 23-25 we read, and notice verse 23 starts out this way – “And at the latter end of their rule” that my friends, is talking about our day today. these verses proceed to tell us of a king of “bold countenance” shall (soon) arise – “his power shall be great and he shall cause fearful destruction and he shall succeed at what he does, destroying mighty men and the people of the saints”

    If any of you understand that the holy Roman Empire has had six different heads starting with Justinian (1st) to, Charlemagne (2nd) to, Otto (3rd) to, Charles the fifth (4th) to, Napoleon (5th) to, Mussolini,who claimed restoration of the holy Roman Empire at the onset of WWII, therefore making up the (6th) head – and – the bible says that there is but one head to come before the return of Christ – actually this 7th head will bring about a – nuclear world war three – leaving Christ no choice but to return, to save humanity from himself.

    This is the seriousness of the times in which we live. Look for the Pope to (soon) appoint his successor and this chosen man (Emperor – controlling both church and state) will reunite Europe into a Super Power the likes of which, the world has never witnessed before and all the while, back here at home, our current lot of political “Chamberlains” will continue to surrender to endless political correctness.   


  • Anonymous

    Most government largess is based on departments spending every penny they get from government every year and going into debt so they can ask for more funds in following years. Why else would entire school districts buy thousands of new computers to replace perfectly good two year old models, they send students home with instructions to bring rolls of TP because the school “ran out of funds?” This is blatant abuse of taxpayers in general and parents in particular. 
    Any department or office that is incapable of returning a minimum of 3% of the funding they get every year is being run incompetently, and the heads should roll. 

    Spending tax payer dollars should not be treated any differently than the way the lowest paid employee spends their personal wage. In most cases, that would be the lowest paid of the janitorial staff that cleans the mess. Just because that job is contracted out doesn’t mean you aren’t paying that wage. 

    Pelosi recently said that to lower the salary of Congress people would be to “diminish the status of their position.” 

    Any politician who supports this comment doesn’t deserve to be in office. Pelosi and her fellow office holders have done more than enough to “diminish the status of their position” than anybody in the history of mankind. 

    How can a bunch of multi-millionaires justify even accept a salary when our nation is in the state they have brought us to?  The fact that they do just goes to prove the point that they only reason they REALLY run for office is greed and power. The power to enact laws and dole out contracts that will benefit them and their families for decades after they leave office, maybe even for decades after they are dead. 

  • Austin Ray Walter

    I supported Ron Paul, and will continue to do so. Why? He’s a man which is guided by principles, and he sticks to them. He was an honest man, but just like any man, he was imperfect.

    I will never trust a politician. But I recognize a man who truly cares, and when his actions reflect it.

    Rand Paul was taught well. The future is looking very libertarian. This isn’t a bad thing. Just look at the actions of the people who support this ideology, such as Ron or Rand Paul themselves.

  • King Bidet

    Someone actually putting their money where their mouth is,
    has earned MUCH more respect than a union-owned and operated former community organizer, who does NOTHING but demagogue and posture before his supine media enablers.

  • Tony Durman

    ok so there’s one that shouldn’t be arrested and charged with treason agents the American People.

  • John Volner

    A great idea,a great publicity move,but in these political times Im afraid its too little too late. Too bad we dont have 100 Rand Pauls in office. Common sense is uncommon in Washington. I hope he gets the credit he deserves and if he just changes a few hearts and minds it will be great,especially if he can pull some lefties a lil closer to center. This guy is brilliant, only dulled by his crazy old coot of a father. 

  • Anonymous

    While I don’t agree with all of his policies. I applaud this effort to stream line his budget, Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk. Leading by example!!!! Thank you Rand Paul!!!

  • Anonymous

    Like father, like son….

  • Anonymous

  • bambi benton

    Wow, Rand Paul actually believes federal taxes pay for federal spending.

    Paul is clueless about the difference between a Monetarily Sovereign government (which neither needs nor uses tax revenue), and a monetarily non-sovereign government (which does need, and does use, tax revenue).

    “Sen. Rand Paul cut a six-figure check to the U.S. Treasury on Wednesday (Feb, 19, 2013) in an effort to do his “part” to put a tiny chip in the federal debt.” 

    Federal Debt is nothing more than the total ($16.4 Trillion) of Treasury Securities on hold at the Federal Reserve Bank. Yes, every penny of that $16.4 Trillion is safely “stored” at the Federal Reserve Bank. Even China can get every penny of their savings investment ($1.2 Trillion) back TOMORROW, if they so desire. 

    The Kentucky Republican (Paul) returned $600,000 in funds he saved from his Senate office budget in the last year, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

    Apparently,Rand Paul believes monetarily non-sovereign Kentucky, Louisville, Greece, you and I are financially identical to the Monetarily Sovereign U.S. government, which has the unlimited ability to pay its bills, and never needs to ask anyone for dollars OR DOLLARS BACK.

  • Nancy Henry

    That’s a lot of money saved, but was a lot of money alotted. This gesture seems as shown by wealthy sports figures donating miniscule amounts of money. It is perceived as generous but the real ratio of their income and donations would be like me tossing a dime into a wishing well and publicising it. Futhermore, the incentive of making tax dollars saved into politician income raise is in the least, more honest than straight taking the money, but far from nobel. The rich are so wealthy they truly cannot understand the value of a dollar to the layman.

  • Nancy Henry

    Though, this is a start and better than other politicians

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