Former Secret Service agent speaks out against gun control in amazing viral video

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Dan Bongino is a former Secret Service agent who worked under Presidents Bush and Obama who claimed he “woke up” after listening to Glenn. He withdrew from the Secret Service, went back to school, attended Restoring Courage in Israel, and has been a crusader for freedom despite losing his race for the Senate. Bongino recently spoke out against the Obama administration, claiming they were less interested in gun control than they were “people control”.

“It’s not about gun control,” Bongino said. “When you co-opt their language they own the argument.”

“There’s only people control,” he added.

Bongino said that rights do not come from the White House or the government, and therefore they cannot take them away or infringe upon those rights.

Watch the speech that is sweeping the internet below:

  • Anonymous

    You have to look at violence and violent people as though they live on the precipice of a cliff.  If someone has a gun to your head, or if someone stronger than you is holding you by the neck, ready to choke you, a thought might come to your mind:  How could I have prepared myself for this unfortunate event?  Why am I at the precipice?  Those who choose to be violent, choose to live on the edge, they are your leaders as long as you are alive.  
    Blood lust rules the hearts of the evil.  You must as a human being, not as a citizen of any sovereign nation, but as a human being you must be capable of showing a flash of blood lust.  You have to have your own edge where you can drag the evil man to.  Your children, your austere and peaceful wife, they don’t belong on that edge.  They cannot survive on that precipice and it’s not their job to.  If not, die I guess.  I don’t own a gun, and I’m starting to believe that I am very stupid for that fact. 

    • Anonymous

      ME Too!

      • Anonymous

        Haha thank you bro.  I needed to hear that.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Well said and hard truth – Obama and his administration are bent on ‘people control.’

    Look at the systematic assault upon our traditions, culture, society, history, symbols and so much more. We no longer have an nation I can even recognize save that some long-term die-hard Democrats are finally getting nervous with Obama’s actions and his insanity.

    • Sam Fisher

      It is not just Obama some in the GOP is just as bad as him. We need to cut the cancer from the GOP or let it die and replace it with something else.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Agreed, mind you I do see the Democratic party becoming unhinged and collapsing in on itself soon enough. The Republicans will either pass or become a party OF, BY and FOR the people again from the ground up.

        • Sam Fisher

          I truly hope that it is the last option the Republican Party has such a great history.

        • Anonymous

          I doubt that the repblican party will rebuild from the ground up. They have become a part of the Washington corruption too. It’s the whole system of Washington elite that has to change. There are no worthy candidates to reverse the corruption that is America now. The government is way too big and pretty well out of control compared to what the US Constitution truly means. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Until Washington is restored to the same principles as the founding fathers established, not much will change. America is on a steep downslide.

      • Anonymous

        The Cancer is in Wash DC. Eliminate everyone in Govt there and replace with part-time Patriots-Problem solved. No Pensions, Healthcare and reasons to stay on We The People’s Backs! God, We have fallen so far in so little time!

  • Sam Fisher

    I hope this guy will be running again people like him we need in Washington not the Karl Roves of the GOP that want to bow down to Obama. We have not lost yet we still have a fighting chance if we do not act now then we never will be able to. we need more middle class people running then the career politicians that have no clue what is like to be poor or forgotten what it is like. The people in Washington could care less about what their polices of Obamaunism is doing to this country all they care about is lining their fat pockets with our money. They don’t care that we cannot find work as long as they get power for they don’t care who they steam roll over for that power. It is the only god that is let into Washington power greed and more power. It is time turn this bus around back to the Constitution.

  • June Petchulis


  • John Nissen

    If u people dont pull ur head out of the IdiotBox and get involved with whats going on in our country…there will BE NO AMERICA. The Idiot box is already pretty much a STate Controlled Media as it is. So while ur watching where K Kardashian is currently using the bathroom, the Loons in the white House are working on taking ur rights away from you..the Health care law is NOT about health care at all. It ALL about controlling the masses.

  • greywolfrs

    Hit the nail right the head. Gun control means using both hands. People control means banning weapons. Left wing dolts are not smart enough to see the difference.

  • Anonymous

    Some people still misunderstand one thing… the situation is NOT that the 2nd Amendment is the only thing between Us and Our permission (from the government) to have guns.

    The 2nd Amendment is a command to the government to NOT even attempt impeding Our God-given rights to self-defense. Remember that every person in public service gives an Oath before God and before We the People, to uphold and defend Our Constitution.

    Also, several of Our Founders were excruciatingly verbose on the topic of arms. The synopsis is that We the People are to be the owners and custodians of ALL the machinery of War, that an armed People is a free People and that an armed society is a civil society.

    We the People employ public servants who are now deep in the evil practices of TYRANNY. We must demand that they step down, We must demand their prosecution.

  • Anonymous

    I like him; he reminds me of Patrick Henry. Not that I ever heard Patric Henry speak. Nevertheless, I’d vote for him if he moved to Utah.

  • Rex Whitmer

    This man speaks the truth!  We see the Government gaining more and more control over the once free citizen of this great nation.  It’s time also to limit voting to one vote per person and no voting for illegals.  In my state (Arizona) we have illegals who demand and receive voting rights because of wrong headed liberals!  If an illegal comes vote and is challenged, the challenger is the person in trouble.  Illegals already believe that they have this right as well as all the rights plus some of legal citizens!

  • Anonymous

    The only thing Dan got wrong is that there is no such thing as gun control. Three rounds, center mass. Now, that is gun control. Other than that, Dan Bongino for President 2016.

  • f. lindsay

    Good Work,GLAD 2 see Ex Secret Service AGENTS SPEAKING OUT AGAINST the BS COMING OUT of Barry’s WhiteHouse—–

    We know our RIGHTS,apparently nobody gave BO’s stinking WhiteHouse the MEMO-

  • Sandie

    Stretching the imagination a bit …..
    Lately there is talk about requiring gun owners to have insurance, like they require you have health insurance. Could this be the harbinger of Obama-Gun-Insurance?. That would mean even those who don’t own guns and wouldn’t need it would still have to buy it, just like those who don’t need or want health insurance?  Makes about as much sense.

  • RevJules

    The revelation that the administration is only interested in “people control” should not be a surprise to anyone who has any common sense and uses logic when reviewing the left’s statements or proposals on any issue. “Gun control” is just the latest banner for the lemmings to join up on and follow.
    I’ve advocated that any elected official who proposes infringement on the 2nd Amendment be arrested and tried for treason. I still stand with that idea. The word, “infringe”, means to make no laws or regulations restricting the citizen’s right to bear arms. To expect the law-abiding citizens to bend their behavior due to the non-law abiding citizens behavior is beyond logical and smacks of insanity. The majority of our citizens are no longer operating with a full deck, apparent from the last prez election and now  the push to ban guns due to the crazy acts of a few of our fellow citizens.
    It’s the nuts running the asylum scenario, folks, get used to it until somebody in Congress grows a big set and becomes the adult in the room.

  • Gary Cooper

    Impeach obama for MURDER !!

  • Anonymous

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