Glenn: We need your help to get TheBlaze in homes across the country

Does the truth live in your house?

Unless you have DISH Network, probably not.

Why? Because TheBlaze is not yet available on any other TV provider’s channel lineup.

But you can help change that.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been building a new kind of television network from the ground up, a network with world-class news and entertainment that stands up for freedom, faith and family values.

If that sounds like a channel you’d like to have as part of your TV subscription then please call your operator right away and let them know. Click HERE to find the contact information for your TV provider.

Are you on the phone yet?

Yes. Thank you! You are making a real difference.

No. Please keep reading.

You probably pay good money every month to your TV provider for access to channels like MSNBC and Al Jazeera America—channels that you might not watch, or even agree with. Adding TheBlaze will ensure that you and your family have a source of news and analysis that you can trust and that doesn’t betray your values.

This journey for truth that we are on is much bigger than you and I; the future of liberty is hanging in the balance. All of us have a choice to make: sit on the sideline, or get involved.

If we succeed then we change the media. If we change the media, we control the debate. If we control the debate, we change politics.

And if we change politics, we change the country.

Since no letter from me would be complete without a quote from a Founder, here’s one that I think says a lot about the current state of our media:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  — John Adams, October 1798

What news channel currently on your TV lives up to that standard?

I don’t believe one exists, and that’s why we started TheBlaze. I am so proud of what we’ve already accomplished—from the talented hosts and analysts who’ve joined us, to the world-class programs we produce every day—but we need your help to break through the logjam and expose this network to millions of others.

It’s all up to you. Many people are willing to let others decide which media companies are going to set the agenda in America. I’ve literally bet everything I have that you are not one of them.

Please contact your TV provider today and tell them you want TheBlaze.

Laus Deo,

  • Kris Stuebs

    We almost dumped Dish Network for Insight Cable to save a significant amount of money each month.  But we decided because The Blaze was available on Dish, it was worth more to keep the service for The Blaze then go to a service that might never carry it.

    • Anonymous

       You should contact Insight cable through both e-mail and over the phone and tell them that you would like switch to their service but the only thing stopping you is that they don’t carry The Blaze.

      I’m sure they will start looking into pick up The Blaze you ask them to.

  • Anonymous

    I posted my request on DirecTV and this is the response I received IMMEDIATELY!!
    DirecTV Jackie, we have no updates on The Blaze channel at this time. Thank you. -Julie

    • jen

      Just get blaze online and stick with the provider that you like best. 
      Dish prices are higher now – infact more than cable and Directv. 

  • Anonymous

    I watched The Blaze in October when it was shown on a trial basis.  I wanted to subscribe but due to financial constraints I was unable to subscribe.  I just called Dish Network and subscribed to The Blaze and so glad I did.  I like Fox News Channel but now I have an alternative station to hear the truth.  Thanks Glenn for speaking the truth to the American people. 

  • Matt Driscoll

    Oh man this is sad. Keep throwing money at Glenn Beck you pawns. The next dollar may bring you happiness and moral vindification. Glenn claims to care about his drones but everything requires a contribution. Altruism, please look it up, is one of the tenents in the Bible. If Glenn was really the religious beacon of light he clainms to be he would offer this service out of the kindness of his heart. Side note: Barack Obamas Net Worth- $42 million. Glenn Beck’s Net Worth- $110 million.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t change the fact that people will subscribe willingly with THEIR OWN MONEY.  Better than having your success taxed.  Just saying…

    • Sam Fisher

      Like Obama oh yah we pay him and not have a choice in the matter. You know what is real sad trolls like you that come in here that just attack people the never meet and flat out refuse to see the left doing the same type of thing that you accuse Glenn of. You know Michael Moore Al Gore and Obama but I don’t see you attacking those 1%ers.

    • Anonymous

      How did Obama get a net worth of 42 million, being on a govt. salary or a communicty organizer? Also, how many books has Beck sold? Oprah started her own network. How is her network doing? You indicate that “Altruism” is one of the tenents in the Bible – “look it up”. The one absolute thing that I know is in the bible is to tithe to God. Do you tithe to God? Do you even believe in God? Christ indicated that what you do for the least of other people you do for me. What do you do for other people?

      Beck started a charity drive for Sandra and sent a lot of food etc. to the victims. What did you do for Sandra’s victims, if anything? (Even if Beck only sent other people’s money [which I doubt], he at least organized the effort.)

      We know that that govt. is not a religous beacon of light because it taxes us to death. (Give me liberty or give me death). I would rather pay Glenn for his services than be taxed to death. At least it is voluntary.

      What charities do you give to, if any? Do you work for the govt.? Have you ever started your own business? How many people do you employ, if any?

      Beck believes in freedom of the individual. What do you believe in?

      Take the lumber out of your eye before you complain about the other person.

      By the way, I dont give to charity like I should nor do I tithe to God like I should nor any of the other duties like I should, which I see Beck doing. I am not complaining about you…. just noting that at least Beck is doing what he perceives as God’s work.

    • Anonymous

       And what did Algore make from his sale of Current?

    • Anonymous

       Um.. Matt, I never went to those, higher learned thingies – what do ya call em? – Institutions or Constipations cause they’re full of $#|+. Er they’re tryin to fill yer head with $#|+ but, if I was to attend a constipation, I’d think makin money (economics for the thin shelled  types) 101 would teach that giving a product away is not conducive to staying in business. “If I only had a brain.”  Yup, that’s what I’d’ve said.

  • Matt Driscoll


  • nutt

    “We need your money”.  There’s the truth.

    • Anonymous

       And Algorezerra doesn’t.

  • Dorothy

    I just called the toll-free number provided by The Blaze. I was connected to Comcast, my cable company here in Utah. Unfortunately, I got an automated message saying that I had called the number for new customers and I was already a customer. I was told to call their regular number, then the message and call ended.

    I am now on hold with a Comcast employee, who is very nice but does not know how to help me make a request to Comcast that they add The Blaze.
    It has been 5 minutes and I am still on hold.

    The Comcast employee just came back on the phone with me. She said that she had sent a request to Comcast to add The Blaze to their channel lineup. She said that the more people make this request, the more pressure will be put on Comcast to add The Blaze. She also said that Comcast meets quarterly to review these requests.

    I asked her how she made the request. She said that it needs to be done by a Comcast employee internally. She also said that the pressure to add The Blaze will increase if other companies such as Dish already have it as a channel. She ended up being very helpful.

    So, for those of us in Utah, you need to call 800-266-2278, the general number to Comcast. Be persistant. Be polite. Expect to be put on hold. Just keep asking for Comcast to add The Blaze as a channel. Eventually they will send a memo for you.

    This is my experience. If someone else with Comcast has a different experience, please let us all know!

    • Kevin Schwickrath

      I just experienced the same thing however I was told to go to the Comcast center. The rep told me they do not have the tools to make this request. For the record I selected billing department via the main Comcast number. 

  • Lisa Kent Dick

    Looks like in the small town of Ballard Kentucky……they will not sign on for The Blaze….said there was not enough request in West Kentucky Area, McCracken County, Ballard County and all those counties in the country.  Randy Grogan 270-665-5186 said, that he keeps a “list” of people’s name and the station that they request……..I will be discussing with my husband about switching over to Dish

  • Anonymous

    I have ask several people why they don’t watch the Blaze for their news. I was surprised at the answer.
    Most said they did not like the news programing format. It was basically all “analysis”, not news.

    I disagreed with them at the time, but with those words in my ears, I started to watch TheBlaze from a slightly different prospective and went to the National News to compare the differences and here is what I found.

    The National News (which is usually National Old News) ‘headlines’ a range of stories from many different subject matters. First a HeadLine by the Host; then it is passed off to some reporter who goes into the details. Then back to the Host for a short ‘recap’ (sometimes) and then on to the commercial or the next “headline”.

    The Blaze literally ignores all those little heart warming stories the National News puts out for the public.  Now I get it that most of those little stories are unimportant to 95% of the people, but they do entertain the public and they likes them. 

    Fox News is guilty of this too. I stopped watching Fox News after 1 week of watching their programing. There were a few “stories” on the program, but not very many.

    I am no “News Person” or “Producer” of TV shows, but I suggest The Blaze offer to the “General Public” a (God forbid) FREE National News show opposite the Network’s News Shows that more closely follows the “Format” of National News Shows.  NOT COPIED. Just put out a show that most of the people would “recognize” as a News Show.  

    “America’s National News” from “TheBlaze”.

    No big analysis. Just “The Truth Lives Here” General news.  The commercials could be for a “Subscription to TheBlaze. Or to a page where good Books are for sales. (the kind of books we should be reading)

    Each News bit that would benefit from further analysis can be followed by “For detailed analysis, visit “TheBlaze TV” to find out how this is going to affect all of us.”

    Sort of like that. Something that would work.  :) This should be absolutely FREE. If you really want a liberal to come to your show, all you have to do is give it to them FREE. Hell, you know that.

    I do enjoy “The Real News” because they often get off topic and get me laughing at some story or maybe some “out-take” blunders. On live news, the blunders don’t become out-takes and that is refreshing.

    Well, these are my recommendations. Maybe one or two of them will be helpful.

    I tried to send an email about a guest on your Friday 2/22/13 show, but my emails kicked back as undelivered.
    I would like to have a conversation with the man named “Parl” (like Carl). He asked about a project he could build a commercial web site around. To put it bluntly: I have that project, and the infrastructure to deliver the goods no matter how many orders you throw our way.  (14,000+ SKUs in 4 warehouses across the nation, already in operation for decades.)

    • Anonymous

      Some people prefer real news over propaganda.

      • Anonymous

        Do you get paid to sit on Glenns website and insult people you obviously have nothing in common with on any level, moral or any other?  Just curious because I see you respond to every article…makes me wonder…

      • Anonymous

        Yup, and that’s why those people go to Glenn for real news.  I mean, who wants to listen to the propaganda from MSNBC daily, lol?

  • Elena

    I am on DirecTV and let them know early on that we wanted Blaze, too.

  • Connie Stanson

    Mr. Beck, I just want you to know that Dish Network has the Blaze on Everyday. I am so glad  too because I have been watching you since CNN then you went to FOX and those idiots forced you off. But now Your here in my home everyday and Every night. I AM BLESSED. I couldn’t afford you and Dish, so when I heard Dish had you well, you get the picture. By the way I have most of your books. You are a great Author as well, Your books are so riveting I can’t put them down. I guess because they are truthful . Thank You.  

  • Anonymous

     I was extremely happy to see that my cable provider does not provide TheBlaze as an option. 
    I don’t believe it should be added.  I do not support Anti-Semitics like Glenn Beck.

    • Anonymous

       Are you kidding me? Glenn? .. anti semetic??? Glenn is the ONLY person who spoke out for Isarel when Americ anad other nations were against Israel.  Glenn went to Israel to show the world how Israel is being treated by other natiosn… Maybe you need to do al ittle research before sayign such intolerant, hatefilled statements..  Some people are SO intolerant these days…

      • Anonymous

        I guess you have made the choice to ignore Glenn’s well documented Anti-Semitic comments and attacks. That is your choice.

  • Anonymous

    I have “The Blaze” and I tape the “Program” and “Radio” five days a week. I love what Glen is doing. I was a fan of Beck when it was hard to fight the backlash from friends and family. To spite them every time they called and asked “What are you doing?” I would reply “Call you  back I’m watching Beck” (even when I wasn’t). When they say “He is insane, what do you see in him?” I would tell them, “There is a fine line between insane and GENIUS and that I can see that he will be the “Man of the Hour” that will go done in history for saving the Nation”. Then when he was canceled off the air my heart sank and I knew his family must have been threatened and not because of his shortcomings.

    Glen, you are brave, caring, a true Patriot, and a Genius in your own right.
    GB: God Bless Glen Beck
    Stand with Israel. Read “Psalm 83, The Missing Prophecy Revealed” by Bill Salus

    • Anonymous

       Greetings and agree, thank you Glenn! Just a suggestion. I would make copies and give them to family and friends for presents… Somehow ya gotta wake the neighbors, know what I mean???

  • Ted Prater

    Was glad to hear your now on dish network i have direct tv and still under contract so for now i will have two dish systems but thats ok its worth it.

  • Anonymous

    There is a reason why the “Uninformed” doesn’t like to watch Glen Beck TV because
    “They can’t handle the truth”
    The truth may hurt, but worse yet is that being uninformed can lead to destructive and dangerous results with little or no time to turn back.

    • Anonymous

      The uninformed are the ones watching this trash.

  • Pat

    I just called Comcast in Jacksonville Florida.I called the other numbers but couldn,t get through. I used the local number374-8000 asked for customer service. The call was answered without much holding time. She filled out a request form which has to be done internally and she gave me a ticket number  to show the request was made..She said she thought it might be THE Blaze because she has already filled out 3 request  I’m going to check AT&T U-VERSE also. The lady was real nice I told her about the childrens programing,documentary, specials and it was really much more than just news. I’m going to keep checking  on it and buggin them. Glenn you have given me much more than you,ll ever know. You’re an inspiration. God Bless You.

  • Anonymous

    I just placed a request on TWC FB page to include TheBlazeTV in their lineup.  Let’s go another step and “Like” the many requests on TWC FB page that want TheBlaze added.  Also “Like” the replies from TWC that have been “forwarded to regional programming department”.  Click “Highlights” center of TWC’s FB page and click “Posts By Others” to see the hundreds of folks who have requested TheBlazeTV.  “Like” their posts.  Numbers count! (Is that stating the obvious? 😉 )

  • Anonymous

    When I called Charter Communications I had to talk to the video repair department.  Her English was not very good but I think she said she would send an email to the engineering department with my request.  I asked again if she was who I should talk to and she said yes but that I could not talk to anyone in the engineering department.  Hope it worked.

  • Anonymous

    Our only provider is the ROKU box (which The Blaze is on).  We do not subscribe to any cable or satellite service.  Not throwing our money away on that garbage any longer (haven’t for over 9 years).

  • Anonymous

    we love you dearly, but have a couple-three observations (constructive criticisms) for you:

    1. You do not have a monopoly on TRUTH, so be careful about implying that you do.

    2.  We loved you when you were on FOX, but something seems to be happening on your websites that smacks of NARCISSISM or SELF-ABSORPTION. We need more of the old “BOILING FROG” GLENN BECK GUMPTION against the Outrages-That-Be.

    3.  People want to see you continue to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, and IMO are less intrigued with all the “BACKSTAGE” and “AT-HOME” stuff… Could be wrong about that, but we’ve already got a BUNCH OF CELEBRITIES in the White House, and America is getting “CELEBRITY FATIGUE.”

    Just a few friendly tidbits for your consideration.

    Good luck in all you do–but STAY FOCUSED!!
    P.S.  Love ya.

  • Anonymous

    Guys-give Beck his props–this is yet another example of GB’s marketing savvy. Rule No. 1-Make the story about him, rather than a real issue. (it is vaguely about truth, but in reality it is just about growing the GB brand.) Rule No. 2 of the narcissistic crusader-add a persecution element –if the cable providers refuse to carry GB, then he gets to tout the evil conspiracy-mainstream media providers are liberal and corrupt and wont give me fair access. Add another notch in the GB of lone wolf in the wild preaching the only path to righteousness. Rule 3 create a win-win situation– if the cable providers bow to the articficially created public pressure and add GB ( and why shouldn’t they, there is so much garbage on cable already, it is not like any of the cable networks have to lower their standards), more money for GB. If they do not carry GB, then he preaches we really now have to hunker down here on our internet channel and get more people to subscribe–more money for GB.

    Public admission of his own Irony is not one of his strong suits. The man who blasts boycotts of products and media outlets that people find disfavor with engineers a reverse boycott movement in order to enhance his own pocketbook.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, it is just Gb doing what he does best. I have no doubt that he will succeed.

  • Dora flores

    We watch the Blaze on ROKU. I love it because in this day and age of everybody having NO MONEY, there is no monthly unless you order the Blaze, which we do, $9.95, and Infowars, $5.95 and Netflix, $9.95 So for 25 bucks I get all the programming I could ever want. I will still call the other companies for him though. There is one thing that really bothers me about Beck, yet I am being patient as I see he is going through a transformation. He castigates the left and the moderates for not being tolerant of outside views. He was on this line of conversation and then the next story is the Gibbs story about how he was forced to say the drone program did not exist, even though there were reports out on it. So blatant lies, then he completely disregards others who are suspicious of Sandy Hook, and not only disregards, but mocks, insults, makes fun of others who are not so quick to jump on the “gubmit said so” band wagon. Just now as we learn of the drone program, we all would have been mocked or made fun of for NOT buying into the gubmit BS to start with. I hope in his self-reflection he can see that he does this, it is insulting. Cant he just say, I get why some would have an issue, but I believe the official story. The end. No mocking, no insulting. Like I said, I pay for it and I am patiently watching this transformation.

  • ChuckandDonna DuFault

    Just put this on DirecTV – they raised our rates again.

    I would like to know the status on your attempt to catch up
    with the DISH Satellite Network and get Glen Beck’s “The Blaze”
    programming on your Satellite Network programing. 

    It’s time for a news channel that represents my values.  I have resisted jumping ship when they got the
    Pac-12 Network, and I am patiently waiting for “The Blaze.”  If I am to remain a customer it is important
    that my voice is reflected in the choices of available programming.  Please add The Blaze to your channel lineup,
    without the handwringing you are becoming known for. 

    Did you know that 39 percent of the country identifies
    themselves as conservative and 37 percent as moderate, only 23 percent see
    themselves as liberal?  And yet out of
    all the networks, only FOX News brings a conservative perspective into the
    conversation.  On the other hand, CNN,
    MSNBC, Current TV, and others are on the spectrum of left of center to
    unabashed progressive.  And in July,
    Current TV will be switching over to Al-Jazeera America. 

    You just raised our monthly bill again, this time by $7 so
    we’re paying over $150 a month for your programming and I’m tired of wearing
    out my remote jumping over channels like MSNBC we won’t ever agree with.  Adding “TheBlaze” will give us a source of
    news and analysis we can trust and won’t betray our values.”

  • Anonymous


  • BozotheTrump

    Already get the Sci Fi channel, No thank you!

  • J Cole

    Who the hell would PAY MONEY to watch this race-baiting fear mongerer named Glenn Beck?

    This old fat white guy is irrelevant and doesn’t even have his own TV show, all he does is sit in a dark room in his basement and spew hate and intolerance on the internet.

    No thank you. LOL

  • matt fleener

        I have been keeping up with your work for years and I consider you a critical source for the American people. But lets be honest here, the true revolutionary move in your position is to give information freely, and openly. We are in this world but not of it. Stop asking for monthly subscriptions and go by donation, separate yourself for truth and love …not monetary gain. 

    US THAT MAKE 25-40K a year, we are the power and WE WOULD FOLLOW!!

    honey and locusts my friend.

    Matthew 6:19

    Its your choice as it is mine

  • Anonymous

    I thought the conservatives preached that you couldn’t fix a problem by throwing money at it…
    I mean, hundreds of millions was thrown behind Mitt Romney…

    People like Beck and Limbaugh and Fox News have been bashing the progressive for years…
    Has it paid off yet?

  • Russell B

    God bless beck and impeach Hussein. 

  • Anonymous

    “News that doesn’t betray your values.”   “If we change the media, we control the debate. If we control the debate, we change politics.” 

    Nothing about these statements sounds objective.

  • Judith McConachie

      NOW The Blaze is on my Dish channel 212. First I want to thank God , then Dish, But boy oh boy do I thank GLENN BECK, for the truth. I love you Glenn. God Bless You. And all at the Blaze people that make it possible for me to see and hear the TRUTH.AMEN

  • Fat Fuck

    Why would anyone want to pay for that moron? You people are idiots!!

  • Fat Fuck

    It should be pay only channel then see how long it lasts.

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