Does the truth live in your house?

Unless you have DISH Network, probably not.

Why? Because TheBlaze is not yet available on any other TV provider’s channel lineup.

But you can help change that.

For the last 18 months, we’ve been building a new kind of television network from the ground up, a network with world-class news and entertainment that stands up for freedom, faith and family values.

If that sounds like a channel you’d like to have as part of your TV subscription then please call your operator right away and let them know. Click HERE to find the contact information for your TV provider.

Are you on the phone yet?

Yes. Thank you! You are making a real difference.

No. Please keep reading.

You probably pay good money every month to your TV provider for access to channels like MSNBC and Al Jazeera America—channels that you might not watch, or even agree with. Adding TheBlaze will ensure that you and your family have a source of news and analysis that you can trust and that doesn’t betray your values.

This journey for truth that we are on is much bigger than you and I; the future of liberty is hanging in the balance. All of us have a choice to make: sit on the sideline, or get involved.

If we succeed then we change the media. If we change the media, we control the debate. If we control the debate, we change politics.

And if we change politics, we change the country.

Since no letter from me would be complete without a quote from a Founder, here’s one that I think says a lot about the current state of our media:

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”  — John Adams, October 1798

What news channel currently on your TV lives up to that standard?

I don’t believe one exists, and that’s why we started TheBlaze. I am so proud of what we’ve already accomplished—from the talented hosts and analysts who’ve joined us, to the world-class programs we produce every day—but we need your help to break through the logjam and expose this network to millions of others.

It’s all up to you. Many people are willing to let others decide which media companies are going to set the agenda in America. I’ve literally bet everything I have that you are not one of them.

Please contact your TV provider today and tell them you want TheBlaze.

Laus Deo,