Juan Williams speaks candidly on the mainstream media

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Glenn may not agree with Fox News political commentator Juan Williams on many political issues, but their opinion’s of the mainstream media are pretty similar. You already know what Glenn thinks about the liberal media, but you might be surprised at what Juan had to say…

“I always thought it was the Archie Bunkers of the world, the right-wingers of world, who were more resistant and more closed-minded about hearing the other side…” he said.  “But in fact, what I have learned is, in a very painful way — and I can open this shirt and show you the scars and the knife wounds — is that it is big media institutions who are identifiably more liberal to left-leaning who will shut you down, stab you and kill you…and fire you, if they perceive that you are not telling the story in the way they want it told.”

Juan, clearly referencing his past incident with NPR in 2010, in which he was dismissed for comments he made on the O’Reilly Factor about getting nervous around people in “Muslim garb” on planes, wasn’t shy to admit the left-leaning media is much more hostile to those with opposing views.

Glenn, who defended Juan during the incident, recalled a previous dinner with the political commentator.

“I found him very reasonable,” Glenn said. “He said some things that I’m not going to repeat because, you know, it was a private dinner. But he said some things that made me go, “wait..what have you done with Juan Williams?” Really, really remarkable, and he’s right — that’s really just the way it is.”

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    I might disagree with Juan Williams most of the time but I can’t with this. He a good man that speaks his mind without a liberal shock collar on 24/7. Who knows maybe someday he will come over to the dark side with us? He also said something that got my attention he said that they said that black people are not allowed to say the things he said in liberal media. Why is that? Could it be that the Democratic racism is still alive today?

    • Draxx

      I believe it has little more to do with than, the POTUS is a colored man and so is Juan Williams is associated with the Left, and if he says something out of line for the Left then they think that Juan would Hurt Their Leftist Liberal Base of colored people!  And thus create a guilt by association that would hurt the POTUS’s Position with colored people and/or accelerate their Race Game of pitting whites against blacks (especially the POTUS).  I find it hard to believe that so many will fall into their Political Agendas, instead of understanding that we are all Americans No Matter What Our Color Is…!  I have been all around this country and have seen way too many prejudices that come in all colors of the spectrurm, and I have seen Good from all colors of the Human Spectrum!  We need to stop and think about the situations we face with more clarity, is it an Individual Act or is it an Act of a Group/Organization/Ethnicity (the latter is usually the least common).  Why hold an Entire Ethnic Group accountable for the Actions of a Few (that usually don’t even represent the ideals of the majority of their people)?  It is not because of their thinking we do that, but our own narrow thinking instead of the broader picture.  Take critten for example he totally believes that all Conservatives are Old White Men that shove their noses into everybody’s business (especially vaginas when it comes to abortion, but the truth is we have a wide spectrum of opinions that do not necessarily match each others, And Never Will).  We do agree on many things like less Laws & Regulations That Hurt American Prosperity & Freedoms! But, we also do the same things that Kree-Tin Does!  We try and make All Leftist Liberal Democratic Socialist Look Like They Have Exactly The Same Opinions/Agendas and are As Dumb As Kree-Tin (in fact many are very intelligent), because by doing that it Furthers Our Own Agendas of Removing Them From Power!  But, the average person does not do critical thinking anymore, instead they want the answers fed to them by someone else whether it be Left or Right.

      Until we have people that think for themselves in masses, they will be swayed into thinking that the Black Panthers Represent a Large Number of colored people (which is not true), or that Older White Males are the only ones that run big business and that they are only there to keep the other people down and poor (which is not true).  That is like saying All Inner City Kids Are Hoodlums (which is not true), or that All Muslims Want to Kill Everyone That is Not a Muslim (which is not true).  Or simply that Juan Williams is colored and so is the POTUS that are Leftist and they think the same on all political matters (which is not true).  Or that Kree-Tin Represents All Democratic Socialist (which is not true), or All Schools Are Not Safe Because of What Happened At Sandy Hook (which is not true).  I think I left enough examples to make my point.

      What it boils down to is Perception vs. Reality, and most of us see what we want to see…

      • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

        Loved every word you said.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is one occasion Juan Williams has spoken the hard truth of the leftist-falling-to-the-floor media; they are the ultimate ‘tow the party line’ school of piranha who will turn on one another in a heartbeat.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The left-stream media: embodiment and fulfillment of hate, envy, greed and all that is dark and twisted and corrupt to the core. They have willingly joined in alliance with the Democrats and Progressives to ensure the ‘correct truth’ is presented for the manipulation of the masses.

    Truth cannot be hidden or denied for long, and when it comes forth it affirms itself as what is, and not what we want it to be.

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/AUCU3E5BU2Z4KBRPWLPXWSLX6E know it some

      LOL. Hate? Have you watched Fox lately? or listened to Rush or Beck. They spout nothing but hatred. You’re delusional.

      • Anonymous

        Any specific examples to support your claim here?  Of course not or you would have posted them by now.

      • SoThere

        You’re an idiot.  Truth to you is always going to be considered hatred if it doesn’t express your way of thinking.  You’re the delusional one here, just look at your last post, so full of hate!

        I know you don’t listen to Rush or watch Fox news because of this post of yours.

        Take your ignorance and  hate somewhere else and leave us peaceful people alone.

        You haters are irrelevant.

      • Anonymous

        I watch Fox sometimes, and I never hear any hatred.  MSNBC has raised my eyebrows quite a few times.  Rachael Maddow and Chris Matthews really upset me with their disdain for anyone who disagrees with them.

        • SoThere

          Ed Schultz, MSNBC’s resident hatemonger.

      • Anonymous

        Sir: It is easy to fire allegations. What I need are facts. Please attach sound bites or trascript portions. Im from Missouri – SHOW ME instances of hate that you allege are issued ad nauseum by Glen, Rush and FOX.

      • William Fisher

        Glenn Beck spouts hate?  You really are just a parrot aren’t you?  I don’t think there’s a more honest hearted man on TV or Radio.  Saying he spouts off hatred exposes your own delusions.  I invited a devout communist to watch him with me for two weeks.  He took the challenge and is now a regular viewer and said he is totally different than he thought.  That’s the problem.  Your left wing media takes sound bites, out of context, and skewers him and then you believe it without ever bothering to take the time to watch.  Glenn Beck is an awesome human being.  I don’t agree with his religious bent.  I am more spiritual than religious.  But regardless, I agree 100% with his analysis and if you’ve been listening to or watching him on Glenn Beck TV or Fox you would think differently because he has predicted with uncanny perfection the entire scenario of global politics for the last six years.  But you don’t watch, so you’d never know the truth.  Just keep saying what they tell you to say.  Squawk!  Polly want a cracker!  Squawk! 

        • Anonymous

          Jesus was more spiritual than religious.  Look for the word “Religion” in the Bible, you won’t find it anywhere.  Look for the phrase “The Way” and you’ll find it a few times in the New Testament.  I follow The Way, not perfectly, and not all the time, but as much as I possibly can.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lowell.freeman.3 Lowell Freeman

         @ “know it some”: Have you watched Fox or listened to Rush or Beck lately? Or have you just listened to edited sound-bites produced by the MSM. If you haven’t listened to them except through a filter then maybe it is you that is delusional.

      • Anonymous

        LOL  Try again, buddy.  Show me just one piece of hatred from Fox.  Show me just one piece of hatred from Rush.  Show me just one piece of hatred from Beck.  Good luck.  Such things don’t exist.  Now, places like MSNBC, Media Maters, CNN, etc. on the other hand are a different story lol.  Seems YOU are the one delusional here.

        • http://www.theconservativepush.webs.com/ SoThere

          MSNBC has a “resident hatemonger” in their line up, Ed Schultz. He’s also a vulgar bigoted moron.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not surprised, lol.  I’ve seen enough clips from MSNBC to know that pretty much all of them are bigoted hatemongers.

          • http://www.theconservativepush.webs.com/ SoThere

            Chris Mathews is an drooling old senile bigoted hatemonger. It’s funny watching the old coot trying to get into Maddows genes I mean jeans.

  • Anonymous

    Juan Williams has annoyed the crap out of me at times as a political panelist on Fox News.  Wait, the last part of that sentence, let me say it again,”A political panelist on Fox News.”  That network, so demonized by MSM, IS fair and balanced!  They are letting the other side to get their point across!  Watch conservatives being interviewed on MSNBC, and observe how badly they will get derided.  Juan Williams is a classic and classY moderate.  The more you agree with Obama’s party line, the less tolerant of a human being you are whether you want to admit it or not.  The same goes for a far right wing pundit!  Rush Limbaugh says a lot of stupid things too!  The Right will admit to their mistakes because they are after all mistakes.  The left end of the MSM spectrum will not capitulate to anyone who even slightly disagrees with them at any point in time ever!  Lean Forward?  More like Bend Over.  MSNBC doesn’t have a moderate bone in its demented left-wing body of hypocrisy!  That’s not a right-winged slant!  Just listen to EVERYTHING THEY SAY!

  • Anonymous

    Fox News gets more viewers than MSNBC and CNN combined. Books by Beck, Coulter, Levin, and other right wing authors sell very well (they certainly outsell left wing writers). Talk radio is DOMINATED by the right…
    The right would like to think that this scares us on the left. It does not. Because we know that the right wing message is being shopped to the same people…to the same dying demographic: elderly conservative whites. It is a classic case of preaching to the converted. 
    No one becomes a conservative by listening to Glenn Beck—they listen to Glenn Beck because they ALREADY ARE a conservative.

    And we also know that the right wing message does not have the power to recruit… whereas our message on the left does. We hit a younger demographic, a demographic which hasn’t yet had the life experiences that would tilt them either right or left…we hit a demographic that is a clean slate ready to be written on. 

    The message from the right VALIDATES. It makes people feel good for thinking the way they already think.

    The message from the left INFILTRATES. It says: “Think like this… and you will be good.”

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, for our great Republic, you are 100% right. We rely on truth and common sense to try to get people to do the right thing. The left relies on what is cool, what you can get  out of it, out and out brainwashing of the youth to get them to think like them. Just compare schooling from my time and my kids. I had to correct the BS they were taught in school all of the time, so that they would get another opinion and could make their own decisions. Unfortunately, there weren’t too many parents like me. So we are now experiencing the most uneducated, mentally stunted generation ever, with more behind them all of the time. Their goal is simply to go with the crowd, even when they think they are standing as an individual. They want glitz and bling and all the things that will destroy them in the end.

      If you want to know where we are headed, seriously read 1984 and Brave New World…

      and then tell me that we aren’t living that in our schools now….

      • SoThere

        “Give me the minds of the children and I’ll rule the world.”  ST

        “Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt.”
        — Clarence Darrow

        • Anonymous

          “I’m deep inside your children, they’ll betray you in my name!”

          Rage Against the Machine. A far left band, and ironically, Paul Ryans favorite band.

          • Guest

             Your point is……?

    • Anonymous

      Elderly whites?  Racist much?  Explain why during the last election season I met with more and more blacks and Hispanics who don’t like the way things are going?  Keep spouting the party line.  As for listening to Beck because I am a conservative, well it was people such as Brit Hume and company that helped me choose conservatism.  Even people like the late Ron Silver (an ardent leftist at one time) came over to the conservative side.  I believe it was Churchill who said that if you aren’t a liberal when you are young you don’t have a heart, and if you are not a conservative when you are older you don’t have a brain.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Johnson/100004423093818 Donald Johnson

         Marjiellen I was a liberal up until about 30 years old.  I than started a small business and that is what changed me.  I started to pull back the cloak and saw the real dragon the one that says one thing and really will do the opposite.  More and more of my younger friends (right out of college) are finally seeing the liberal bull sh** that was spouted in the educational institution.

      • Anonymous

        “Explain why during the last election season I met with more and more blacks and Hispanics who don’t like the way things are going?”

        Over 70 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama. 
        80 percent of Asians voted for Obama. 
        And more than 90 percent of blacks voted for Obama.

        And you think that I need to explain something to you?

        • Anonymous

          Not in my area, they didn’t.  And I live in a mostly Democratic part of the state.  Most of the black people I know did not vote for him. Obviously reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, since I just had to repeat my post.  I am meeting up with more people from all walks of life who are fed up and becoming more conservative.  That is the whole point of my first post..  Do try to read a post thoroughly before you try to slam someone.   And as for your 70 percent this and 80 percent that, if you are going to cite polls as a reference, please name the poll, when it was taken, etc.  Any one can make up “facts”.

          • Anonymous

            I could cite any number of polls to back up my numbers, but I assume it’s the Fox News one that you would value, so here it is:

            You could also simply go to Google and type in “how presidential vote was split” and find as much info as you want.

            And I read your post quite clearly, you said that during the last election season you met more and more blacks and hispanics that don’t like they way things were going, so I cited stats that show how those demographics voted.

            As to your claim that most of the blacks in your area didn’t vote for him…well, as you said: anyone can make up facts. 

          • Anonymous

            Don’t assume anything.  You could be and probably will be wrong.  I don’t watch just Fox, I watch CNN, and CBS (especially for the local news).  I went to school before Carter’s Department of Education had a chance to really wreck the educational system.

            I went to school in the least desirable part of my town, true, but the teachers there did their best with what they had.  And they taught me to look at facts from many sources and to question things, not just accept what is being said.

            And I could give you names and e-mails of many of the blacks and Hispanics I know, but why should I let you invade their privacy just to make a point?

            Suffice it to say that Alleghany County, VA may be mostly democratic in politics (you can look that fact up if you care to), but is conservative in lifestyle and in religion. Hence more and more of my neighbors being dissatisfied with the man that many of them voted into office.

            Obviously we are not going to change each other’s mindset.  So instead of wasting time (and quite frankly boring me to death) let’s just drop this.

        • SoThere

          Hispanics want amnesty,
          so do many Asians,
          Blacks voted because of Obama’s race,gifts and welfare spending.

          There’s no need to explain anything, it’s all self explanatory.

          Even with all that, with the media fawning over him day and night giving him free time during his campaign, Obama won the election by less than 1% of the vote.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jw-Appling/100001282155183 J.w. Appling

         I must be heartless.

    • Anonymous

      Kudos to you for being a liberal who relies on their own scholarship.  You’re first paragraph is very strong.  You have used wisdom to make your claim.  A thing you will probably agree with me on is that just because Right-wing media pundits outdo Leftists with book sales and TV ratings doesn’t make us 100% right all of the time.  
      Nobody on the Right is trying to “scare” anyone on the Left, or anyone at all.  We are simply standing up for what we’ve always believed in. 
      You have but one error in your post, and only because you pass it off as fact.  I think that Glenn Beck has changed some minds from left to right.  Some MSNBC people have changed minds from Right to “Leaning Forward” aka “Bending Over.”  To assert that every single person that has ever listened to Glenn Beck was ALREADY conservative is a stereotype, aka, patently false.  Have a good day, and I mean that from a conservative to a liberal.  That is what I call civil discourse, from you and from me.  I even gave you a “like.”

    • Guest

       “The message from the left INFILTRATES. It says: “Think like this… and you will be good.”  . . . exactly – they have to tell them what to think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Donald-Johnson/100004423093818 Donald Johnson

    The progressive left is no friend to Juan Williams just look what they did at NPR.  

    • Anonymous

      I’m Done….Good Luck to you all.
      No one want’s to listen….so be it.
      Ignorance is bliss…..or is it potentially something much more dangerous?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I may never get over the shock of hearing Juan Williams say ANYTHING negative about the far left; of course, remember this was aimed at him.  But no, Sam Fisher, I don’t think Juan will ever come over to the dark side with us.  We have to mute him 99 1/2% of the time as he is so much of an Obama “lover” that it is pathetic.  I wish they would stop inserting him into programs that are attempting to tell the truth on Fox News.  He may be a nice guy when out of the ring of lying or truth but if the sun is shinning here in Calif. and it is 80′ he will say, “no, it’s raining out” because Obama asked for rain.  He is so far left some of his rhetoric is more than left wing, sorry to say it is outer space! 

  • greywolfrs

    And this is some great surprise? They attempt to project that lack of tolerance onto others all the time. They never stop to look in the mirror and realize that they are the epitome of what they claim others to be. These are the left wing, no information voters like critter. They are complete idiots and are too stupid to know it.

  • Anonymous

    Today, Bill O Rielly will reach four million viewers. 
    Stephen Colbert will reach only one million. 
    But Bill O Rielly’s viewers will be overwhelmingly elderly, whereas Colbert’s will be overwhelmingly young. 
    If you REALLY wanted to chart the course for America, which audience would you choose?  The nursing home… or the college dorms?

    But that’s the fascinating thing about conservatives—they’re not orientated to the future, only the past.
    Look and listen to their dialogue. It’s all centered on the past. It’s all about “taking America BACK to what this country USED TO BE.”. It’s all about “TRADITIONAL” values… the FOUNDING FATHERS… the fetishizing of ancient texts like the Bible and the Constitution…
     Now contrast that with the left, who’s slogans always amount to looking ahead: “Hope”, “Change”, “Forward.”

    The Tea Party rallies saw elderly people waving flags…the OWS Movement saw kids waving I-Phones.

    The left promotes optimism. The right offers nostalgia. You could argue about which side has “god” on their side…but there is no doubt of which side has time on their side. 
    And time is real. 

    • Anonymous

      I saw OWS kids smashing things, disrupting honest working people, all the while using I -phones and things their parents obviously bought them.  The last tea party meeting I saw had people in their 30’s and 40’s, not exactly old.  And as for optimism?  I don’t see that in the OWS crowd.  Anger, disdain, and a lemming-like mindset for spouting the same old Marxist ideals.   And what is wrong with waving the flag?  It symbolizes our country, which I love. If you don’t love it why are you even here?  Go to Europe, for Pete’s sake. HOPE you enjoy your CHANGE, because as Obama moves his agenda FORWARD, that is all you are going to have in your pocket.

      • SoThere

        He’s been programmed Marj.  Where’s OWS now?  There’s a few living in a tent in the park but the Police made them stop crapping into the storm drains. We’re making headway with the ignorant and the uninformed.

    • SoThere

      Colbert is a comedian making jokes before an uneducated audience who are concerned with self, O’Reilly is a journalist discussing world topics that are a major concern for the nation.

      Those youngsters will hopefully get a job and start paying taxes.  The shock of reality will hit most of them when they have their first child and have to make a living to support their families.

      Everyone knows that the young know everything until they are confronted with everything.  When that happens, they recognize the lies.

      We’re not all in a nursing home you moron and your post shows the programming you have been inundated with has taken root. I hope your future welfare check gives you all that you’re hoping for. Your Daddy’s wealth will disappear when the liberals take it under the death tax. (Who needs freedom or the Constitution, right?) Living on your parents wealth (if any) is a poor plan ed.

      One thing that you ignorant youngsters don’t understand, what goes around comes around.  Enjoy, your next!

      • Anonymous

        “O’Reilly is a journalist discussing world topics that are a major concern for the nation.”

        Indeed, indeed. Like the “war on christmas” or why the gangman style dance is so popular.( I probably watch (monitor) more O Reilly than you do.)

         But you’re right in that life experiences and hardships have always dictated political leanings. But what happens when that gets flipped? What happens when political leanings come to dictate life experiences? Then they choose to delay or even forgo having that first child. Then they choose college over the military. They choose community over family and spirituality over religion, etc. etc

        And THAT my friend is why we target the 19 year old. 
        Don’t let life change them, instead, have them change life. 

        • SoThere

          Government attacking religion is a concern of the nation. The freedom of religion is in the 1st Amendment. You get it, the 1st Amendment!

          What happens when dictated political leanings get flipped, well, you get liberal progressives and Obama.

          Who’s trying to dictate life in this country right now? I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself.

          You target 19 year olds who will some day be asked to carry the burden that is now being carried by the actual taxpayers who pay for all the liberal spending.

          So your utopia is free stuff, no religion, (96% of the worlds population believes in God) everyone living off of the government, no military and everyone staying 19 forever.

          You’re quite funny but not very realistic.

          • Anonymous

            “So your utopia is free stuff, no religion, (96% of the worlds population believes in God) everyone living off of the government, no military and everyone staying 19 forever.”

            Heck, if that was all I wanted I’d pull back now and let momentum carry us the rest of the way. 

          • SoThere

            As I have told you before, what goes around, comes around. You keep hanging around those 19 year old geniuses of yours.

      • Anonymous

        “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.”  -Proverbs 16:25

    • Anonymous

      Old people have this thing called “experience.”  I think you are asserting that young people are smarter than old people, which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  By the way, I’m about a month and a half shy of my 30th birthday, you could still call me young.  I know two things for certain, I’m ten times smarter than i was when I was 18, and less than half as smart as I’ll be when I’m 45.
      Btw, how old are you?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, and you are destined to repeat the past sunny boy or girl; in this day, it really doesn’t matter what gender a gold fish is.

  • Rex Whitmer

    Of course racism is very much alive in the liberal movement.  Somehow, the people of color haven’t discovered yet that libs look upon them much like the nobility of old looked on their serfs. They know whats best for them, they cannot think for them selves, they are unable to plan or do for themselves.  They also want them to remain at the lower strata of our society and lean heavily upon their betters (that would be the libs).  While there are many Repubs in the ranks of the liberals, people of color might think back a bit.  Who kept them from voting in the south and other places, who got them the assured right to vote, who got them the right to attend school, the same schools the libs attended and so forth.  I know the Liberals think that they have them fooled, but some are begining to see the truth.

    • SoThere

      People vote for who gives them the most.  Obama was offering cell phones, foodstamps and welfare checks, Romney was offering freedom and jobs.

      edtoohey is a taker like most of the people who voted for Obama.  Some day they will ask him to be a supporter of the takers so I hope he has a very large pocketbook.

      The Blacks voted for Obama based mainly on his color and his presents, my family left the plantation a long time ago.  We have gained our freedom. Some day many more will join us.

      • Anonymous

        Of the ten richest states in America, Obama won them all.
        Of the ten richest counties in America, Obama won eight.
        Of the ten most educated states in America, Obama won all ten.
        Those 47 percent who pay no income taxes? They live in mostly red states. Of the ten poorest states in American, Romney won nine. 
        The US military and veterans split their vote evenly. 

        Here’s some links since you’ll probably have a hard time accepting this:





        Notice I try to give you right wing sources since you’d certainly balk at anything that may be the “mainstream media.”

        With all that said, I won’t deny being a “taker.” Because we took academia from your grasp, we took pop culture from your grasp, and in the end we took your country from you. 

        And if you have anything else we want, we’ll TAKE that as well. 

        • Guest

           These statistics are meaningless as they stand. They are not accompanied by any other factors that are involved that can explain the results: quantification without qualification  gives results  that are not clear and are  often used to mislead.

        • SoThere

          They never count the absentee Military vote. I’ve heard all your talking points before, they’re meaningless.

          Do you think you’re the only one to post these talking points?

          You took academia (the Leftist)and turned it into a propaganda machine by your own admission. I doubt that you personally took anything from anyone except taxpayers money through welfare checks and food stamps. You didn’t take anything from me let alone MY country and you’ll soon see things change for the better.

          I always knew you were a “taker” and not a giver, all you libtards are takers.

          Any more leftist talking points? You’re a funny little boy, your time will come.

          “Pisca mignato lontunis lr pasakykite det sataa.”

    • Anonymous

      AND……What party’s very first President freed the slaves?  150 year anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation this year!  Go republican party!  Oh wait, I’m a registered Republican, so that makes me a racist of course.

  • Anonymous

    This discussion is an example of what I’ve been stating… It’s all about emotional manupilation, NOT reason. The conclusions and points are disjointed.. A linear progression of logical conlusion is the only answer. Consider and examine philosophical “Thought and Reason”: and you may understand. There is a world of awareness out there, one just has to know how to “sort through the sand to find the diamonds”.

  • Anonymous

    This is all we know already, one of our problems.  WE ARE  the tolerant and liberals are totally NOT.

  • tobias

    No matter what any one says Fox saved his … and now he sits there spouting and yelling over top of any other panelist, I really do not like this guy, he is pulling the wool over your eyes with this “candid” interview. If he had a conservative bone in his body the proceeds from the book he wrote after Fox hired him should go to charity, all of it!

    • SoThere

      He never claimed to be a conservative, ever.

  • Anonymous

    The comment on the registration of guns or the lying on a gun purchase application caught my eye. The comment ” Prosecution of those who lie on the application to purchase a gun”.
    My comment ” The lying in grade school about copying is condoned. The lying and cheating in high school on testing is allowed, or at least not punished. Lying to get into the military, or more commonly to stay out of the miltary is promoted. Lying on college exams is promoted accepted and sold. Lying to gain political favor or get elected is condoned. Lying to get  an approval for SBA loan or mortgage on a home is encouraged, even demanded. Lying to the American people about the state of the finances of the USA, failing to present a budget as required by law lying about the murder of four Americans in Bengazai is condoned by congress, the press and all who fail to ask why. YET THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO SAY ” LYING ON A GUN PURCHASE APPLICATION WILL BE PROSECUTED!!!!!!

  • tobias

    What about Canada we already watch the SUN but we need you here as well!! Sat TV Bell , Telus whom ever!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but where did he run when he was canned from the news/radio station – Fox News and they took him in.  Now his has employment some where else and blasts the right and Fox News all the time.  I personally don’t care for him, but that is my opinion and I am thankful for the military past and present giving me that opportunity to be able to speak my mind.  Thank you to all the military!!!  We love you and thank you for your service.  Democrats are more racial than anyone…

  • Anonymous

    The question was put to a personality as to what the Republican party can do to get back on track. May I suggest the court challange of the ruling which is being reinstalled each year by a retired Judge which precludes the challange of the validity of democratic votes by republicans.
    In other words the “then republicans were by court decree enjoined from investigating voter fraud by democrats, ANY WHERE”  1981-82

  • Anonymous

    Juan Williams, of all people, is beginning to see the light.  He is on his own personal road to Damascus!

  • RevJules

    Sometimes, just sometimes, Juan can be a breath of fresh air from the left. And, sometimes, he like so many on the left drive me nuts with their illogical drivel. When presented the facts they do everything they can to change the subject or denounce them as some version of “hate” or “lies”.
    Juan may come around to the conservative side yet. His grown kids are conservatives, admitted to by Juan, which may reach the logical side of his brain eventually. Love to be around a holiday family dinner in that household. 

    • Anonymous

      And at Monica Crowley’s when her sister who is married to Alan Colms, come to visit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    What happened?- My basic instincts.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate Juan’s candid comments. Anyone who can think can see the ridiculous bias, professional malpractice and vicious, vicious attacks of the left on anyone who disagrees with them or even, in Juan’s case, doesn’t perfectly toe the party line. I think that those of color in the news media who even make an attempt to disagree with President Obama is seen as a “race traitor” and is mercilessly excoriated. Black journalists who take issue with liberalism are shamelessly mocked, attacked and exposed to all manner of unjust treatment. White journalists need fear no blowback for racist attacks against conservatives of color, either, as the liberal media makes it very clear that there is no such thing as racism when it comes to attacks made on behalf of “the cause”.

  • Shane

    Liberals have no tolerance for anyone who dares to disagree with liberal dogma, especially if that person is black or a woman.

  • Anonymous

    If knowing this is not enough to turn someone around, What will? What changed me was the hypocrisy and all the crazy wars; War on women, war on this or that. To me, I find some of their behavior very childish and they use things/money to get their way; Deceit, lies and sometimes violence to achieve means.
    Only a liberal would put the welfare of an animal before a fetus. I find that sickening.

  • tobias

    Sorry if I m late to comment I do not trust Juan at all. Every time he is on a panel he is really no different from where he was 6 years ago. He cannot help himself .
    Fox saved his ass. now he just plays the part of “a liberal” Yells and screams over top of anyone else on those panels with his cackling laughter, Did you ever see him when he substitutes for O’Reilly? Me thinks Bill and Miller  cringe every time but I have to give FOX credit they at least give liberals a chance! Juan never gives anybody a chance to finish a sentence ever! Always interrupts just watch him ! This Mea Culpa is done by him to keep his so called credibility in place he is a worm just like Farrakan or Jackson sr, jr

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