Obama advisor tells MSNBC he was told to deny existence of drone program

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Robert Gibbs has a new gig as an MSNBC contributor, and the former White House Press Secretary and Obama advisor had no problem revealing that he was told by the Obama administration to lie to the American people.

“When I went through the process of becoming press secretary,” Gibbs said Sunday on MSNBC, “one of the things, one of the first things they told me was, ‘You’re not even to acknowledge the drone program. You’re not even to discuss that it exists.'”

“What happened to transparency?” Pat asked.

“You’re being told to lie to the American people,” Glenn added.

Glenn wondered why more media outlets weren’t pushing this as a frontpage story, especially since the claims run counter to many of the promises made on the campaign trail about increasing the visibility with the American people.

Gibbs acknowledged in the interview that the policy was damaging to the Obama administration’s reputation.

“Denial of the existence of the program when it’s obviously happening undermines people’s confidence overall in the decisions that their government makes,” Gibbs said.

Watch the clip below:

  • Draxx

    We All Knew That They Have Been Lying To Us All Along… 

    Because, if they told the truth most of the Naive Americans Would Not Follow Them With the Truth!!!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This shows in full detail the utter hypocrisy and deliberate lying of the administration; if any reporter has any integrity left to seek and uncover the truth they have a field day awaiting them with the drones and so much more.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    At least most of America would not follow them; just as with the new drone base that has been established in Mali – why do they need several hundred troops and drones armed to the teeth for mere ‘recon’ and ‘surveillance’ work?

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    What else is new Glenn? Obama would sell his own wife into slavery if it meant that he can keep one more secret. Unless said secret makes him look good than he will leak out faster than a strainer. Even when it throws someone in a Pakistani prison he doesn’t care about the little people as long as it keeps the dumb stupid.

    • Anonymous


      • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

        Oh your one of those morons that can’t see something right in front of their eyes.

  • Anonymous

    For all of Bush’s mistakes, it’s alarming how similar Obama’s foreign policy initiatives are to his.  But let’s not forget, according to the liberals, all of Obama’s shortfalls can be forgiven.  Why?  Because they bow down at his feet, as though he were GOD, and they remember their Alinksyite virtues, “The ends justify the means!” 
    There is a personality cult that is at odds with conservative America.  We can point out this Administration’s lies all we want.  It will fall on deaf ears on slightly more than half of this nation’s electorate.  But slightly more than half is enough to keep the new one party system afloat.  Peace out Comrades!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    Why are We the People putting up with this nonsense and the endless lies, deceit and trashing of our country and Constitution?

    • http://twitter.com/Guarinango Sinsonta R

      I ask my self the same question every day.  I guess it is because we don’t have a leader, and we let things to continue to happen without trying at least to stop them.  It is a total madness.

  • http://twitter.com/Hooahtime Cathy

    Transparency is non-existant in Obama White House, it’s just proves more Obama bullsh$t lies.

  • Bill Dunn

    Hey, which drone program are we discussing?  The electronic/mechanical one or the human one where you are programmed to shot a weapon in a public place so that the media will promote gun control???

  • Anonymous

    They are the biggest liars in world history.  As I tell my friends, they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the a$$,

  • greywolfrs

    BAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHHAHAHA. Now, try getting the left wing dolts to realize the line of B S they bought…

  • Anonymous

    All of this means nothing because the “low information voter” re-elected this piece of trash for four more miserable years.  What happened to the case earlier this month before the supreme court to decide whether they would hear the evidence of Obama’s non eligibility to be president?  Since we have heard nothing, are we to assume they swept it under the proverbial rug?  That is what has happened for the past four years.  We are sick and tired of all the corruption this Administration has inflicted on our nation.  Come on Boehner, get your head our of our rear end and do something positive instead of allowing Obama to do anything he wants to.  You have control of the purse strings and Obama can not do anything without money.  Do not be afraid of the media because the majority of Americans know what they are like. 

  • Anonymous

    Obama is anti American, at least as far as the American constitution goes, But saying that silly stuff about him only makes him look good and you look like a wacko, You have to realize who controls what people hear and read and their ability to phrase it to their liking. It’s the media stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Gibbs is a coward who sold his soul for a job that paid a lot of money. He has no shame!!!

    • Anonymous

      But alas, he’s found redemption.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but we need to think this over a bit.  There are many government programs going on behind the scenes (CIA anyone?) that are not published or talked about for security reasons.  This has been going on since the Revolution.  Secret programs during wartime are the rule, not the exception.

    • Anonymous

      Which means, blame Bush AND blame Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Nice to see that someone understands government secrets. For Beck to make a big deal out of this is absurd, but then again, a lot that comes out of Beck’s mouth is quite absurd. 

      Beck also cut Gibbs off (of course). He went on to say that more information about the program is being released to restore faith in gov’t, but count on Beck to cherry-pick a quote out of context…AGAIN!

  • Anonymous

    What else would you expect?  The left is so corrupt that they forget what is really real, and what they tell from one lie to another.  I suspect more will come to light as prayerfully, Obama loses some popularity we are faced with right now.  It is all for Obama and they (the left) have blinders for now, on.  

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i’m one of those people who hasn’t watched fox news since fox n’ friends election morning — i was up late.  that evening i watched from the beginning the GB/BLAZE  program coverage until i heard edie hill’s report on how the romney campaign headquarters were not getting positive turn-out news.  i then turned on my computer to  drudge (their reporting was slightly more updated).  i don’t know, maybe a half hour later, i think the blaze reported the call for president.  i immediately turned off the blaze.  we put on a movie.  i put it out of my mind (i was in a depression shock).  i haven’t seen fox since…except for red eye.

  • Guest

    My god, Beck is one naive and ignorant propagandist.

    ALL administrations keeps national security secrets. All of them! That certainly is the case for Beck’s beloved Israel. It was the case for Lincoln’s government.

    It’s amazing that Beck’s followers are stupid enough to not understand this basic fact of government life. 

    Informed people mock Glenn Beck; ignorant people adore him.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, telling someone to deny something is propaganda. Propaganda by omission, rather than commission. Certainly all administrations have had secrets, but one has to consider this present scenario, in its proper context. This president has portrayed himself as open, and indicated multiple times that he wanted a transparent government. What we have is a presdent who dismisses the press, prior to fielding questions from the governors. Additionally, why should all questions in a news conference be pre—submitted? No, we have a very very closed family system at play.

      Now my well edumacated friend, ask yourself; has the president ended war? Is our country stronger? did he close Gitmo? Are taxes lower for the middle class? Is the national budget deficit lower? Is the national debt lower? Is unemployment down? Are their less people in poverty? Are their less people on food stamps? Do college students have an easier time getting financial aid? Are interest rates up? Is construction booming? Does everyone have health care? By the way, how does making people buy their own health care coverage, under penalty of fine, serve as providing for people’s care….I could go on and on, but anything further would only add to what I have already given you to chew on. After you have chewed on that, you may want to ask yourself why you support such an administration. Perhaps you get some type of vicarious satisfaction in hearing of the many, many, many extravagant vacations that the president and his family have taken at you the taxpayers expense.. You are a taxpayer right?  

    • http://twitter.com/Guarinango Sinsonta R

      Guest, The propaganda comes directly from the WH.  The following applies to people like you:
      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

    • Guest

      Sinsonta, guest has no interest in socialism, even if capitalism keeps failing us over and over.

      Sorry you don’t know how much of a deceitful propagandist Beck is; that means you’re gullible and ignorant about the facts.

      1MeanCortez, all presidents have state secrets that want kept. Call that propaganda if you will, but there is no denying — except by people addicted to Beck’s red meat — that Beck is a masterful propagandist. Glenn Beck uses all the tricks of propaganda, including flat-out lying.

  • Anonymous

    Please notice that the former press secretary differentianted between the American people, and “their govrnment.” Imagine that, all of those stupid old teachers I had in school, who taught me about the Constitution and the notion  that the govermnent of the U.S. was by the people and for the people. Now apparently the government is a separate entity?

    It just occurred to me that this present battle is pretty much over. Not that Conservatives should relax, rather, just the opposite. In the last round, you don’t want to let your guard down. Perhaps others will disagree, but this battle actually was fought centuries ago, by those who wrote the Constitution of the United States.  In considering all of the provisions of the Constitution, this present leader of our our country is the one who the framers of the Constitution, had in mind when they wrote it. Now we will all see how very powerful that document actually is. However, despite its power, it is a tool which must be used effectively. In a paradoxical way, the Constitution will be stronger for having had to endure the presidency of our current leader.

    The present leader of our country accomplished nothing in his first 4 years, and we can all expect much of the same. Unlike the first time around, he will rattle his sabre a little, with statements like he made to the Governors yesterday (By the way, I wish that just one governor would have got up, and stated that the president will do nothing other than what the Constitution permits him to do, and then walk out the door-no they just sat there like sheep, much like the USDA employees sat their while that sesitivity trainer engaged in verbal vommit). Anyhow….I predict that the president will accomplish very little that is positive, and will further deteriorate this country. He will cause so much pain, that he will prompt America to change for the better. So, in that capacity, he will accomplish one thing that is very positive. Secondly, I think that we should not be surprised if the president’s campaign morphs into a permanent socal action agency or organization, and that once out of office, the president will return to Chicago to run this organization, and also make a lot of money in speakers fees. Once he is unencumbered with the responsibilities of the office of president of the United States, he will be free to enter into a permanent, perpetual, campaign. Well, a permanent perpetual campaign that is greater than the one he is currently running….

    For now we can all watch the president squirm, as he realizes that he is not a king, and that he will do nothing that isn’t permitted him, under the law. We can also watch him squirm as he fears the sequester will happen, which will not prove to be as bad as he has portrayed. He is further squirming in the notion that he has until the mid term elections, next year to get anything done, and this comes with an associated discomfort, as his support, even within his own party deteriorates, as fellow democrats leave like rats off of a sinking ship. After all, those same democratic congressfolk have to run for elections, and will not want to tie themselves, and their political futures to an abject failure. We can all only hope that as the President continues to overplay his hand at gun control, he poses for more gun shooting pictures; hopefully not photoshopped. 

    The furture looks very bright! Those with the Constitution on their side will prvail. They will find themselves sitting in the sun, in the not too distant future, and then it will be time to rest little. Time goes by so fast anymore. I have a bag of sox sitting on my shelf that I bought before the president took office the first time, and I have yet to open them. Seems like just yesterday I bought that bag of sox. If time keeps going this fast, we will soon be at the end of this president’s predecessor’s term, before we know it. No fear people!      

  • Anonymous


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