Anarchy v. Totalitarian: The new right-left scale?

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This morning on radio, Glenn talked about the importance of defining the real right and left in American politics. It might seem simplest to think of the right and left as Republicans and Democrats, but, as it turns out, the best right-left scale does not necessarily have anything to do with party lines.

“People think that, you know, the left is the Democrat and the right is the Republican. That’s not true. Everything is upside down and that’s just a lie,” Glenn said. “When you look at the real scale… On one side is anarchy and the other side is totalitarianism.”

When you look at this scale in terms of television coverage it becomes clear that whether you are watching Fox News or MSNBC, all of these networks are covering the same group of people. For example, people like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Bill Clinton, and Chris Christie are accepted by all sides because, as Glenn put it, they are “an extremist on one end or the other… they go from one side to another.”

The fact that these men have a tendency of casting such a large net when it comes to what policies they choose to support, it becomes difficult to determine where they fall not on a right-left spectrum but on an anarchy-totalitarian scale.

“You know, we sat here at the chalkboard yesterday, Pat and I,” Glenn said. “I’m like, where does Chris Christie go? Where does he fit? Forget about left and right. Who does he fit with? I contend he fits with Bloomberg, Sunstein, Al Gore, and Newt Gingrich.”

Pat, on the other hand, had a slightly different interpretation of Christie. “He’s got some redeeming qualities and his redeeming qualities are really redeeming,” Pat said. “You know, look at the way we cheered for him at the beginning before we found out just how moderate he really is. But the things on which he’s good, he is exceptional.”

On the chalkboard Glenn used on last night’s 5PM show, Christie was placed next to Newt Gingrich on scale. “I think Chris Christie does do some really good things and I think Newt Gingrich does as well,” Glenn said. “But the bottom line is: overall they see themselves as a bit too progressive in their vision of what government should do.”

Based on chalkboard, the establishment of the Republican and Democratic parties are all muddled in about the same place, but the most important people, the people Glenn feels could be the future of the GOP, are on a different chalkboard all together.

“We should actually be down in the other scale, past the edge of the Republican Party. And I put the edge of the Republican Party with Rubio and Paul Ryan,” Glenn said. “Those guys are accepted into the tent of the Republicans but not all the time. They could, they might be good on freedom, you know, but they could easily be sucked in the other way, don’t you think?”

With Rubio and Ryan on the fringe of the establishment GOP, it will take people who fall to the right of them to actually affect any sort of change. “Then you move down the scale and you have Ted Cruz and Rand Paul… Then after that you have Ron Paul. I don’t really put Ron there, but I put his supporters there… And then, then you have Penn Jillette. I know he’s not political at all, but he’s the guy who I think is at the edge of that line of, ‘No, I’m a libertarian and I don’t care what happens” but he’s still reasonable. He still knows there has to be some sort of a framework to be able to hold things together… He’s not an anarchist.”

If the GOP’s comfort zone does not extend past Rubio and Ryan, as Glenn suggests, the race for 2016 is going to be a tough challenge.

“I think all these people, you know, you’ve got the, you know, the McConnell and the Boehner and the McCain and the Lindsey Graham and the Chris Christie. I’ve written those guys off. Written those guys off. We have 18 months before the political machine starts again. And if you really want to have a place at the table, I’m telling you now that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Rubio will either be destroyed by the machine in the next four years or sucked into the machine, one of the two,” Glenn said. “In the next 18 months, maybe even 12 months, we have to populate that area between Paul Ryan and Penn Jillette with people who we think will really stand, will buck the system and they don’t care.”

“You know, Ted Cruz said there needs to be a third party. I think there does. We have to have a new party,” he concluded. “I would love to be able to use the structure and the framework of what they’ve already established, but what they’ve already established is garbage. It doesn’t stand for anything. So I think we should start taking phone calls, I think we should start to these politicians.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now what matters is the American PEOPLE, who we choose to support, what we choose to do, and why we do it will be the final deciding factors.

    Franklin said that “We have given you a Republic…”

    Now is the time when we must do our part, and maintain the Republic, pull it back from the brink the Progressives and Democrats are pushing us over into Communism. 

    It will take each and every one of us to make this happen; the price of failure will be the end of the Republic in all but name, and a death plunge into darkness the likes we have never seen before in this land.

    • Anonymous

      you fell victim to the propaganda that glenn is starting to notice. the message is “you should hate your neighbor for being x,y,z so you don’t think too hard about who is really screwing you!”

    • Anonymous

      You mean the one’s who just voted Obama back in? You and your fucking “communism”, man, you sound like a total nut.

      • Jaycen Rigger

        Thank goodness we have someone like you to spend his valuable time beating us for the error of our ways.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here me on this people, we have presented before us all the choice of seeking to save the Republic or slide into darkness forever; make the choice one way or another as you see fit to do, for to do nothing, to say nothing, to stand for nothing as the darkness encroaches, is to cast your choice for the darkness.

    All of us will be held to account before God for our choices.

    Choose today if you have not already done so.

  • Anonymous

    What I personally choose to label as an “extremist” is of no value.  The word in and of itself can only be caustic with regard to any phraseology.  I am not an idea.  I was born of my mother with no intellect.  From day one I had a clean slate.  There are certain abilities or “gifts” which were endowed to me through no doing of my own.  There are as many flaws tangent to my being as well.  
    The preceding paragraph is true of every human being that has ever been born.  We owe everything about us to SOMEthing, be it God, be it the cosmos, be it our parents, our schools, our government, etc., etc., etc…
    You may choose as an individual to accept any factors that you want to, to attribute any of your successes or failures.  One thing is certain though, you were born an imbecile and your environment slowly shaped your opinions, that is in essence the source of what makes you a human being.
    I choose to believe that God and God alone is the creator, and thereby the source of any environmental factor that has made me the human being I am today, for better of for worse.  This is the stance I choose to take.  It also my humble opinion that no one should ever force me to undertake any other stance on life.  I will vote accordingly.  Call me an “extremist” all you want to, but remember, that label has no accuracy, ever, including in a way to describe those who diametrically oppose my mindset.

  • Anonymous

    i swear that glenn’s been reading chomsky lately. take this from manufacturing consent:

    “Now, to eliminate confusion, all of this has nothing to do with liberal or conservative bias. According to the propaganda model, both liberal and conservative wings of the media — whatever those terms are supposed to mean — fall within the same framework of assumptions.In fact, if the system functions well, it ought to have a liberal bias, or at least appear to. Because if it appears to have a liberal bias, that will serve to bound thought even more effectively.In other words, if the press is indeed adversarial and liberal and all these bad things, then how can I go beyond it? They’re already so extreme in their opposition to power that to go beyond it would be to take off from the planet. So therefore it must be that the presuppositions that are accepted in the liberal media are sacrosanct — can’t go beyond them. And a well-functioning system would in fact have a bias of that kind. The media would then serve to say in effect: Thus far and no further.”

    —-glenn makes the same point. the people that we hear, that have the megaphone, are always within a political safe zone. i content that this safe zone means that they have already accepted key premises about who should have power. even on the so-called liberal side do you ever hear someone claim that working people should have more power than wealthy corporations in making policy. The idea that we could do anything that threatens established systems of power through the democractic process is always mocked, ridiculed and deemed ridiculous. Thus you should always be weary when all sides seem to join to together to marginalize a group of people or an idea.  All this makes more sense if you erase the vertical left/right divide and use a horizontal top/bottom divide. Everyone on that board represents the top of our social divide, and all those deemed “too out there” are trying to represent the bottom of the divide. This is all just an inevitable outcome of a political system where money is speech. Those who represent the top of the power divide have the most influence over who gets selected to represent “us”. This explains why there is such a low approval rating of government  because inevitably the people with the votes end up electing people who do not represent their interests, because those candidates are automatically marginalized in the system through lack of funding.

    • Anonymous

      now, what you get are popular movements from the left and right that are marginalized, hijacked co-opted and destroyed. by whom? by those that are supposed to be representing our interests. so why are they so intent on killing populist movements? Because they all represent established power. Any threat to that power is seen as a fundamental threat to both parties. Its the same reason they both pull together to deride any third party or outsider. 

      • Anonymous

        We can’t keep our republic for the very reasons you mention.  “We the people” gets replaced by “I’m smarter, people like me should be in power, NOT people like THEM!”  The Right will champion small business and small government, but there is a difference between APPEARING to champion something, and ACTUALLY championing something.  The flawed human being in all of us wants either power or our own individual idea of who is in power.  The Right tends to hold itself to a higher standard than it can possibly achieve.  The Left has the delusion that here on this planet, their is an ideal social order that can be achieved.  The only place where even the very idea of an ideal social order should ever be exercised is within each and every human heart.  All other utopian practices are nothing but infringements onto other human hearts.  

        • Anonymous

          i would contend that what we are currently trying to enact is “an ideal social order” and it is failing. But that does not stop people from trying to promote it. 

          this ideal social order is so assumed that we don’t even notice it. it says that self interested individuals in an environment where all things are reduced to market decisions mediated by money will create the best of all possible worlds. this grand global marketplace of commodities and ideas will be the culmination of all human progress. 

          this is a utopian idea as well. 

          • Anonymous

            It’s not utopian to be of the knowledge that people will work hard if they can get things as a reward for it though.

          • Anonymous

            no, not at all, but that’s not really what i was referring to. i too think people that work hard should get something back for that hard work. that is my key objection to our current economic system, which rewards the ownership of money far more than it rewards the value of work. 

            what happens in a commodity culture is that every aspect of our lives is converted into a monetary transaction, where something that used to be a social good has been pushed into the marketplace. a classic example is moms leaving the home where they care for their kids, now the moms enter into the workplace, their kids go to daycare and organizations get paid to provide activities while the parents are busy working. there is more economic activity but an aspect of our society has been destroyed. 

            another example. many working people are so busy trying to make enough money to live that they no longer grow their own food, cook their own meals, and repair their own clothes and homes. Now they buy prepackaged food, buy new things when they break, and hire people to fix things. there is more economic activity but we have all become more dependent and less self-sufficient. 

            this is all the result of making everything into a commodity. this is a direct consequence of the need to keep growing the economy. but what happens when we can no longer keep growing because we have run out of things to convert to commodities: natural resources, social interactions, etc?

    • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    sadly, most of the people that you have in the middle belong in the totalitarian category and those you have on the totalitarian side belong on the anarchist side. Glenn, you are still trying to use your same assumptions about who is who. you need to step back, drop all assumptions about who is “supposed” to be good and who is “supposed” to be bad and really focus on how people are treated in the media, who do they mock, who do they ignore? Listen to how closely the left and right people are on all the talk shows. What are we not hearing?

    Its easy really. listen to what someone says instead of accepting the caricature that’s being painted of them. You should know this about yourself and how people try to put words in your moth. Do you assume this doesn’t happen to others? 

  • Anonymous

    The only surprising part of Glenn’s chalkboard lessons today was that he actually spelled all of the words right.

    • Anonymous

      I’m amazed how stupid it is, take any freshman level college poly sci course and the first thing you figure out that anarchy is what clowns like Beck are really advocating, so like, where is the surprise? they hate government, unless of course, George Bush is in power, then Beck is fine with big government over-reach, and of course, he supports Hitler-style invasions of Iraq and such, so then, he’s a fascist. I doubt Glen knows simple freshman level poly sci, because, well, he never got past high school, and all the dope he did explains why he’s a mental yo-yo stuck between anarchy and fascism.  Perhaps Glenn can explain how a supposedly “anti-government” guy, out of the other side of his mouth, demands a big government presence in women’s vagina’s complete with fascist laws to deny them the right to control their own destiny? Or gay people’s private lives? Or when he wants religion shoving their fantasies down the rest of our throats at the courthouse or in schools? Mentally, Glenn, you’re a mess.

      • Jaycen Rigger

        Please don’t feed this troll. He doesn’t want discussion, he wants to drag the thread through the mud.

        • William E Ramer

          Critten is a typical product of our [ higher education system ]
          Years of Ayers type indoctrination shows in all his posts.
          Too many years soaking in a socialist swamp.
          He is willing to try again what has failed a thousand times.
          He thinks it will surely work this time. 

        • Anonymous

          Of course you’re correct, But I feel so sorry or is it empathy if you will, for people like him. Either he truly believes what he posts or is paid to do so. In either case, people like him will be first to feel what’s coming down. Suffering of any kind, by anyone is disturbing to me.
          I will try not to feed the trolls though, But I can’t promise I won’t.

      • vieteravet

        Spoken like a true libtard, right out of your ass!

      • Anonymous

        very well put

      • Anonymous

        Sabes the word Republic?

    • William E Ramer

      Wistleing past the graveyard again aren’t you Con . You blind libs are a funny bunch.

  • Anonymous

    This is a great way of looking at the political spectrum. Traditionally the spectrum runs from liberal to conservative, and if we look at the extremes of both sides, Communism, and facism, Stalin and Hitler, we have virtually the same form of government. A dictatorship. The life of a citizen in either system is no different, and the levels of fear and personal freedoms are exactly the same.

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn right we have to find the people in Washington that are for freedom. We have to pick them out from the corrupt and people that sold their souls to big government and look for the people that stand behind the Constitution.

    • jen

      Glenn isn’t entirely right there.  Rubio is a hardcore establishment insider like McCain.  You’ve seen Dick Cheney praising and loving of Rubio recently, and calling him a first class asset, while he and estab were fighting Rand in the senate race.

      Paul Ryan is nothing but a pretty, useful idiot that acts well and has avg intelligence.  You can mold him to be anything.  While he is not an insider, Ryan belongs entirely to them.  So, you can count him out.

      Left are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and a few others like Mike Lee – that is about it.  They all need to leave gop and start 3rd party and I tell you much of the repub base will follow them along with dems disillusioned with Obama.

      Cruz is brilliant in seeing the need for 3rd party – apparently, he can’t or hasn’t talked to Rand about this.

  • Anonymous

    Beck stabs the GOP in the back and now wants to be a player in GOP politics, you’re finished dude.

    • J.w. Appling

       He stabs them in the front. Hes never pretend to be their friend.

    • Anonymous

      Both parties need some splaining to do. Lucy, I’m home!

  • Anonymous

    Do everyone a favor, and compare the American Communist Party platform of the 30’s thru the 50’s with the Democratic and Republican Party platforms of the last election.  I’ve seen this done before, but it needs to be revisited from time to time to show just how far the country has strayed from the path of Individuality and Freedom.

  • Anonymous

    And all of these comments are all over the place…. What’s changed?

  • Anonymous

    I think critten should really have called their handle cretin. Just trolling, they throw out names like fascist/communist, and call people mentally a mess. They are just sad and I pray for them as they seem to represent in their posts that they represent republican establishment, women, gays, fascists, communists, psychiatrists and clowns, all at the same time. So, I’ll pray even harder for them as this individual seems to hate religion, everyone and everything. Hence, they live in fear, hate, and anger. We all should pray for this sad soul. Perhaps one day God will have mercy on their soul.

    • Anonymous

      I’m throwing out names like fascist and communist? Are you insane? That’s all Beck and you guys do.

  • Anonymous

    It’s never been about right or left. This is exactly what so many have missed for decades. It has ALWAYS been about this spectrum….not left/right. Nazis….whom we Conservatives are compared to so often….were totalitarian. Fascists. Communists. Total governmental control….vs. total anarchy. The answer, as we know, is definitely in between the two, and that concept has been lost for nearly 100 years. 

  • Anonymous

    @Oathkeeper2:disqus  laughing_at_conlings, critten…..I think you clowns have the wrong Web site. DU and MSNBC’s fanboy sites are a mere click away… take your sorry, snarky, pathetic asses over there and receive the silent cheers you so crave. It must so totally suck to be you to seek such silent affirmation of your idiocy and ignorance.

  • Matt Arnold

    As a Libertarian I understand Glenn’s objection to the Totalitarian side of the spectrum but I’m mystified as to why he outright rejects Anarchy as a viable system.  He says that ‘there needs to be a framework’ but yet in an Anarcho-Capitalist society their is still a framework – the framework of private enterprise as derived from the capitalists, entrepreneurs, labourers and their customers (so ultimately everyone).

    I’m not completely sold on Anarho-Capitalism myself, to be honest I haven’t put enough time aside to analyze it and decide whether or not I think it would work.  One thing I do think should be said though is that Anarcho-Capitalism should not be confused with those other phony forms of anarchism (e.g. Anarcho-Syndicalism and Anarcho-Communism).  As Adam Kokesh (an Anarcho-Capitalist) said in reference to “non-provocation anarchists”: “[they’re] forcefully imposing their will upon others”.

    I would be interested to see a show on specifically Anarcho-Capitalism vs. Libertarianism with government…

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Edie Grant

    I think you may have to move Rand over a bit. One of my many concerns with Hagel is his attitude towards Israel combined with the administration’s use of the “responsibility to protect” doctrine. As a constituent of Rand Paul, I emailed him about this the day before the vote. Very disappointed and his statements so far don’t seem to ring true. We’ll see tomorrow what he has to say to justify his vote.

  • Anonymous

    In order to become a tyrannical government, all the players must be on board. Notice how quiet congress is…..can you hear the crickets? Then there’s the media; Sure there are some doing actual reporting, but the majority are not. Fast and Furious/Benghazi immediately come to mind.

    If the media is more afraid of the government than the other way around, we need to be concerned; Everyone who respects the Constitution and the freedoms it provides needs to pay attention. That’s unless you are on board with, call it what ever you want, whether it’s communism/socialism/Marxism……if it’s an ism that you want, You’re in the wrong country!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, glenn beck seems like he’s really trying to understand “politics.” right on. Too bad he still believes in the false “left/right” dichotomy. Once you realize all statism is fundamentally the same, things make a lot more sense.

  • fiatdollars

    The political spectrum has always been Anarchy vs Monarchy. Thomas Paine was an Anarchist in the early American tradition. Glen Beck wants us to believe that conservatives are weakling socialists somewhere in the middle like him. They have tried to write small government out of the spectrum by calling Socialists like Romney and McCain “Right Wing”. …and most of you idiots bought it!!! LOL!! A Democrat from Mass who invented government healthcare….and used Johnathan Gruber to write it!!?? REALLY!!!?? I don’t even let people like Johnathan Gruber in my home!!! ..apparently Romney was buddy buddy with Gruber’s crew.

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