Liberal group Think Progress slams conspiracy theorist…Glenn Beck?

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Think Progress published a blog post saying that “Glenn Beck Wants To Make Cable Subscribers Pay For His Conspiracy Theory Channel”. The website, funded by George Soros, certainly seems to be more than a little concerned about Glenn’s Get TheBlaze campaign which started yesterday with the goal of getting TheBlaze added to every TV provider’s channel lineup.

“Just really bad group of people,” Glenn said.

“And they came out with this story yesterday that said ‘Glenn Beck is asking his listeners to call their cable companies and their satellite providers and demand TheBlaze,’ and the reason why I say this ‑‑ and I’ve asked you, say it politely, please. And from every indication we get, you are making a huge impact, just yesterday. But this is a long‑term campaign because it’s going to take a long time to convince these people. And yesterday thousands and thousands of people called. It is remarkable because the servers ‑‑ we have huge servers. The servers shut down yesterday, the phone banks were completely crushed, and all we did was we asked you, would you just politely ask your cable companies.”

“You’re paying for Al‑Jazeera. I want you to really understand when you look at your cable bill, I want you to understand that anywhere from two cents to probably, what’s the most expensive? I have no idea. $10? Something, you know, maybe $2? I have no idea. But those, the money that you pay in goes to those people. So as much as you didn’t watch Current, you actually put money into Al Gore’s pocket. You are putting money in to pay for MSNBC. You are literally paying for Al‑Jazeera because some of what you pay every month goes to those cable operators. Those networks. And so that helps defray the cost. That’s why we’re asking you to help us get onto these cable and satellite providers because I’m at the top. We don’t have any loans. We currently don’t have any other outside investors. It’s you and me. It’s your $9 and my life savings. That’s what it is. And so if we can get onto these cable operators, new funds will come and we’ll be able to expand the programming.”

“Now, Think Progress comes out yesterday and says basically the same thing: This has to be stopped. We have to stop him because you’ll be paying for his content. And if you have satellite or cable, you’ll be paying for him,” Glenn explained.

But the difference between Glenn’s message and the one coming from Think Progress is that Glenn wants to add options and choices in your programming, while Soros-funded Think Progress wants to censor and shut down conservative viewpoints.

“More voices, not less. Let the people decide. But they are saying we have to stop it. I’m telling you now you’re paying for Al‑Jazeera. You are paying for the things that are in direct and opposite stance of what you have. They are in conflict with your values. But that’s the way this system works.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    If old Soros still considers Glenn a viable threat, then the Blaze needs to go forward as fast and hard as possible. The window is closing and the truth still has to reach many; while the current workers in the field are truly few.

    God help us in this effort.

    • Sam Fisher

      The old boy must be real fearful all of his hard work of turning this country Marxist is going down the drain. If the like of him thinks it is worth trying to stop then we must push forward that much harder.

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Absolutely, one guarantee with Soros and those of his power is they know those who can upset their plans – and Glenn is upsetting Soros ‘New World Order’

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Sam – something I wanted to run past you, based on Soros’s own words of desiring to have a ‘world without borders’ and the ‘new world order’ he seeks as well.

        Recalling that Revelations speaks of 10 Kings w/o Kingdoms, could this be the prophecy warning of Soros ‘world without borders’ beginning to come to a final fruition?

        • Sam Fisher

          It could very well be but then again it could be his ideals that start the ball in motion. All it takes is one seed like that he may never live to see it happen but if we are not careful it is going to sneak up on us before we realize it. I do know one thing when that ball starts rolling there would be no stopping it.

        • Anonymous

          Yes it certainly can be.  I believe the end is near and we are not closer than ever before to our end of days.  Everything that has been biblically  is most definitely coming to fruition!!

          • Draxx

            June1969, I do not mean to demean your comments, but I wanted to just state that is how they felt during WWII.  But, if I were to say I am not worried, that would be a huge lie…

          • Anonymous

            You’re like the 800 billionth person throughout history to suggest the end is near. Of course, that doesn’t make you wrong, but perhaps a bit unoriginal. 

        • Matt Driscoll

          Hahahahahaha. What about the Koch brothers huh? Those dudes are pretty evil. Snow you are a sad paranoid individual. I really think you need help. Please make a new “real” friend. You need actual human contact. You lonliness and depression seem to be getting worse and worse. Get out of your small, cramped, cat piss  infused apartment and get some fresh air.

          • Anonymous

            The Koch brothers, GW Bush and Romney are in the past. We are now with the Osama mess………you are perpetuating the current situation and it will only get worse. I hope you are saving what ever pittance these people are paying you because we will ALL now be affected.
            Have you noticed food prices? Gasoline? Because if you haven’t, then your parents have and it’s time for a reality check; You will be on your own one day and God help you.

          • Anonymous


  • Sam Fisher

    Soros you can’t stop the boat once it has left the dock.

  • SoThere

    I posted at Think Progress until I posted an opposing view of a far left discussion.  They banned me.  That is the liberal way of controlling the discussion.  They only want their point of view heard in this country.  That’s what the Fascist and the Communists do.

    It’s what Chavez does, it’s what Castro does.  What does that say for their way of life?

  • Anonymous

    It will be intersting to see what happens. The way things are going, the progressives can’t be stopped as long as we have ineffective opposition in Washington. I remember Beck predicting a BIG win for Romney and see what happened? As long as sheeple keep believing the lies, progressives will get their agenda through.

    • Anonymous

      Well gee, no one took into account that those counting the votes were brainless……no one seemed to notice shandra barns voted 6x or that Simon Bentley had been dead for 10 years or that Kimora Pringles was actually a pit bull. That’s how you all operate; That’s who you all are. That’s the mind of a deceiver; One who will do, believe whatever their master tells him. Lucifer is very proud.

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck’s deceitful conspiracies (just lately):

    1. Cop killer Chris Dorner was supported by liberals. As Los Angeles was turned upside down in the manhunt for Chris Dorner in February, the former police officer who killed 4 people, Beck claimed “the American left” was supporting Chris Dorner. His evidence was a Facebook page with “thousands of likes.”

    2. Obama secretly tried to release the “blind sheikh” bomber. Relying on a single anonymous source “close to the Obama administration,” TheBlazeaccused President Obama of plotting to secretly release a 1993 World Trade Center bomber. The conspiracy theory quickly took hold in Tea Party circles, even prompting top House Republicans to parrot the false theory.

    3. The Muslim Brotherhood infiltrated the US government. Beck hosted Rep. Michele Backmann (R-MN) to defend her widely denounced anti-Muslim witch hunt. On Beck’s show, Bachmann once again accused Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, of being a Muslim Brotherhood spy, a ludicrous charge vehemently condemned by House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Scott Brown (R-MA).

    4. The Petraeus scandal was orchestrated by the White House. Like most of the right-wing blogosphere, Beck was obsessed with a purported cover-up of the Benghazi consulate attack. When CIA Director David Petraeus was caught in an affair with his biographer, Beck claimed the White House deliberately orchestrated the scandal in order to discredit the military and distract from the Benghazi attacks. In Beck’s mind, the White House was also behind last year’s Secret Service prostitution scandal, another supposed attempt to undermine trust in law enforcement.

    Who subscribes to this nonsense? Well, there’s a sucker in every crowd, and Beck proves that you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    • Anonymous

      Well speak of the devil… they’re here!  That didn’t take long.  Let’s see the issues you’ve highlighted date back several months.  Take a look at Beck’s record of accuracy over the past 5-6 years or more and you’ll realize that it’s likely only a matter of time before some of your favorites here also prove to be accurate.  Stay tuned…. (as I’m sure you will).

      BTW, I wouldn’t place much stock in the opinions of Boehner, McCain, Rubio, or Brown… or any number of others.  They’re politicians through and through, more concerned about prostituting their values to gain the hispanic voting block that honoring their oath of office.

    • Truth Has No Agenda

      Hey “GUEST” Media Matters troll. Get lost. We don’t care what you have to say. Media Matters lies about everything. Glenn’s network is going to get real big and real successful real fast! You thought you got rid of Glenn off Fox but like he said – You just made him bigger and you will long for the days Glenn was just on little old Fox News. 

    • Anonymous

      Can you dis-prove anyone of these? Concentrate on the facts Chrissie or get out of the business of journalism.

  • Guest

    “But the difference between Glenn’s message and the one coming from Think Progress is that Glenn wants to add options and choices in your programming, while Soros-funded Think Progress wants to censor and shut down conservative viewpoints.”

    No, Mr. Beck; we’ve had enough of your deceitful propaganda. Fact: Glenn Beck is a liar!

    • J.w. Appling

        How about some facts to back up your accusations ???? I can post on here that your a child molester would that make it true? I read your play book and know all your tricks.

    • Alan Seeling

      Oh, an anonymous comment-er.  Fear and loathing coming from the left.

    • Guest

      First to Alan, lots of Beck’s supporters comment as “Guest.” 

      Double standards? Much, but there is no fear of Beck. He is a liar, and the truth will come out about his many lies.  Loathing? Beck is not worth that much emotional energy. 

      Alan, you can’t defend Beck’s many lies, so you attack the messenger. Typical reactionary response. NO ONE CAN DEFEND BECK’S FUNDAMENTAL DISHONESTY!

      To Jw Appling, click on the damn link!  It is all documented in detail. Glenn Beck is a liar, a deceitful propagandist and a hypocrite over and over and over.  Beck’s followers are just too addicted to him to have any objectivity and ability to notice his serious flaws.

      • Anonymous

        It that’s your beef, his program will then be just another lying network along with ms, NBC, abc , CBS and fox……just another deceitful channel. What are you afraid of? Ratings?

        To all the guests on here: Grow some and get over it!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been meaning to write on this subject.  Archie Bunker is forever emblazoned on the minds of TV audiences over the age of 40 as the picture perfect bigot, racist, homophobe etc. and it was only subtly exposed that Archie was a conservative (anti-catholic protestant?).  Ugly, but they got away with it with only a whimper.  Let’s revise the narrative from right to left.  What would Archie look like as a modern day liberal.  Just as deceptively bigoted, racist, homophobic and etc. I’d suspect.  Maybe there were some social lessons to be learned or debated in the show, but how much harm did it do to unconciously demonize conservatives in the eyes of voters?  Who knows.   

  • Anonymous

    A world without borders?  See how well it is working in Europe.  Not at all!  The European Union is the worst thing which could have happened to Germany as part of the EU.  The Germans have to bail out all the losers like Greece, Spain, Italy etc.  My friends and family complain that they are being over-run by poor people from eastern Europe and others who put a drain on the countrie’s social system.  In the end the German people will be as poor as all those who now come and beg for help because their own government’s were too stupid to see what was coming at them when they mismanaged their countries’ finances.  George Soros is a danger to our nation, a cancer which should be eliminated.  Hope, Glenn’s message gets out before Soros and the other Lefties does this country more damage. 

  • tobias

    I literally screamed at my brothers to oppose the EU years ago.No go they had socialist government payed jobs etc., as well sadly one of them became part of the EU system. Now years later they are stunned by how everything is falling apart, the immigration, the violence, the INEQUALITIES in the justice system how successful people and businesses are paying the bills  (taxed to oblivion) the way Brussels ( IE France and Germany) are  dictating other smaller countries to fall into place.
    Just look at what a French Union told an American Investor, this is the French way man, 2hrs for lunch 3 hrs to talk and 3 hrs for work (and knowing the French that was not very fast no matter what the statistics say) Hats off to Britain they are standing up but my feeling is they will be overrun by immigrants from all over claiming “Human Rights” To me Human Rights is something you earn it is not a given, all over people come to the west claiming political refugee status or violations that can never be proven and we stand here handing out money, services when citizens that pay taxes are put on waiting lists! (dang I am angry tonight!).

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I would certainly like to get the Blaze, but I am subscribed to DirectV.  Any chance it will come to DirectV?   Hopefully, it will.  Count me in.

    • Pamela Peltonen

      call direct TV and ask for the Blaze.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll organize a boycott of Direct TV if then make me pay for Beck’s extremist and deceitful propaganda.

        Lies live at the Blaze.

        • Anonymous

          I believe there are more of us than there are of you. Spew away my little one.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Think Progress.
    I don’t believe anyone should have to pay for the Blaze.

  • JoAnn Graham

    This is the best chance we have to get the truth out–not just to those of us who already know what Obama and his handlers are, and what they are trying to do to this country–and if they succeed in that, to the world–but to the brainwashed sheeple who only get their information from the Liar-In-Chief and his propaganda partners in the mainstream media.  As Glenn says, we’re already forced to pay for Al-Jazeera and MSNBC to get cable–why shouldn’t THOSE dirtbags help pay for Glenn’s network to broadcast the TRUTH for a change!

  • Janika Skembo

    Of course Soros is freaked out.  The pace of Glenn Beck’s rise to power indicates that in a few short years Glenn could be waging his own currency wars.  The difference is that Glenn will have the power of free and successful people to wage a capital war, rather than oppressed people who a manipulated and taken advantage of.  We will win because Soros cannot comprehend what we are really doing.  Our weapons are immensely more powerful. 

  • Shane

    Soros is an enemy of the USA and a big supporter of many far left groups in America. 

  • Anonymous

    I have Direct TV and while channel surfing I came across one called LINK and wouldn’t you know it, I am paying for AL JAZEERA. I just requested for the THE BLAZE!!!!!!

  • Liz Elliott

    I called Cablevision today and requested The Blaze be added to my channel lineup. The woman said she had never heard of it so I explained to her that it was a new channel with all sorts of programming and that Dish TV has it now. I asked her to make a note that I wanted The Blaze on Cablevision and reminded her that I had to go through the same request process a couple years ago to get the Fox Business Network. She was very nice about saying she had never heard of it before. Let’s all make sure the cable providers know all about The Blaze.

  • Guest

    Gee, so many rubes, so little concern about what is really happening to the country. Leave it to Glenn Beck, radio clown par excellence, to keep the plebes distracted from the neo-liberal empire of the United Corporations of America.

    • Anonymous


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