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Think Progress published a blog post saying that “Glenn Beck Wants To Make Cable Subscribers Pay For His Conspiracy Theory Channel”. The website, funded by George Soros, certainly seems to be more than a little concerned about Glenn’s Get TheBlaze campaign which started yesterday with the goal of getting TheBlaze added to every TV provider’s channel lineup.

“Just really bad group of people,” Glenn said.

“And they came out with this story yesterday that said ‘Glenn Beck is asking his listeners to call their cable companies and their satellite providers and demand TheBlaze,’ and the reason why I say this ‑‑ and I’ve asked you, say it politely, please. And from every indication we get, you are making a huge impact, just yesterday. But this is a long‑term campaign because it’s going to take a long time to convince these people. And yesterday thousands and thousands of people called. It is remarkable because the servers ‑‑ we have huge servers. The servers shut down yesterday, the phone banks were completely crushed, and all we did was we asked you, would you just politely ask your cable companies.”

“You’re paying for Al‑Jazeera. I want you to really understand when you look at your cable bill, I want you to understand that anywhere from two cents to probably, what’s the most expensive? I have no idea. $10? Something, you know, maybe $2? I have no idea. But those, the money that you pay in goes to those people. So as much as you didn’t watch Current, you actually put money into Al Gore’s pocket. You are putting money in to pay for MSNBC. You are literally paying for Al‑Jazeera because some of what you pay every month goes to those cable operators. Those networks. And so that helps defray the cost. That’s why we’re asking you to help us get onto these cable and satellite providers because I’m at the top. We don’t have any loans. We currently don’t have any other outside investors. It’s you and me. It’s your $9 and my life savings. That’s what it is. And so if we can get onto these cable operators, new funds will come and we’ll be able to expand the programming.”

“Now, Think Progress comes out yesterday and says basically the same thing: This has to be stopped. We have to stop him because you’ll be paying for his content. And if you have satellite or cable, you’ll be paying for him,” Glenn explained.

But the difference between Glenn’s message and the one coming from Think Progress is that Glenn wants to add options and choices in your programming, while Soros-funded Think Progress wants to censor and shut down conservative viewpoints.

“More voices, not less. Let the people decide. But they are saying we have to stop it. I’m telling you now you’re paying for Al‑Jazeera. You are paying for the things that are in direct and opposite stance of what you have. They are in conflict with your values. But that’s the way this system works.”