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Controversial Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel was confirmed by the Senate yesterday by a 58-41 vote as America’s new Secretary of Defense. Only four Republican Senators voted yes to confirm him, one of them was Rand Paul. reports that the vote did come as a surprise to many, not just because of his conservatism, but because he also voted AGAINST cloture before voting FOR the confirmation.

This morning on radio, Glenn was less than pleased to hear the news. However, Paul being one of the few staunch Constitutional conservatives left in Congress, Glenn wanted to hear his reasoning before making an opinion on his vote.

“I’d love to hear his explanation. I’d like to know why. Here’s a reasonable guy…a reasonable guy that we believe in,” Glenn said explaining that he wanted to hear him out.

The vote didn’t go unnoticed, Pat pointed out. The Senator received a lot of heat on Twitter over his vote.




Glenn emphasized that, “the State Department is one of the biggest things we have wrong with this country right now. Are our guys guided by their principals? What are the principles that Rand Paul that allowed him to vote for Chuck Hagel?”

We’ll find out tomorrow, because later in the show Paul’s office responded and he’ll be joining the radio program tomorrow morning to discuss his vote. Glenn noted that he plans to go in depth on the reasoning behind his vote because there is another confirmation coming up in the Senate that Glenn has Glenn concerned: John Brennan.

Senator Paul has been very vocal about his stance on Brennan. Glenn noted that on three different occasions Rand Paul has reached out to Brennan about his stance on drones.

“He [Senator Paul] has sent John Brennan three letters — three times since January 25th: “Do you believe that the President has the power to authorize legal forces, such as a drone strike, at a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil and without trial? I believe the only acceptable answer is no,” Glenn said.

Senator Paul has yet to receive an answer.

“Now the question is, If he’s just approved Hagel, who he disagrees with, because of advice and consent and the Constitution, will he also send Brenan in?” Glenn asked. “Or is there a stand here?”

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