The sequestration is in two days….PANIC!

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  • Draxx

    Let go of everything BUT the Milk, Meat, Formula, Potatos, other fruits & veggies…  the rest is just excess and that is all the Big Gov’t People Want Us To Waste Our Hard Earned Money On…

    • Matt Driscoll

      Hahaha. You are a pure idiot. Plain and simple. A pure fucking idiot.

      • Denise Brown

        So typical of the ungodly to fly in the face of reason to defend the current puppet that satan has placed in the oval office. Let the scales fall from your eyes and look at the true spiritual reason for this chaos!

      • Draxx

        Matt you are just a teenager that is pissed off because his mother stopped breast feeding him at the age of fourteen, and now you feel the world has abondoned you!  What are you sssooooooooooo angry about?  Your cussing does not piss me off, after having bullets fly by me words don’t scare me much (even if you are 300 lbs and 6′ 4″ You Do Not Scare Me At All, I could still win in a fight because your anger blinds you).  I believe that you think this Administration is going to hand you everything you need, and they will eventually… A small cell shared with four other people, shackles & chains, hard forced labor, and the scraps off their diner table (and that is if you are obeying their orders, if you don’t they will kill you to set an example for others).

        You are nothing more than a Socialist Teenage Lemming (Obamanite) that is doing nothing to help this country, and everything to destroy it…

        • Matt Driscoll

          Haha. Man you have me pinned. But I do have one question. You claim that I am doing nothing for this country but you have no idea who I am. I could be an educator, military, fire fighter, police officer, etc. but you ignorance prevents you from asking. If I am an Obamanite then you are a Beck pawn. You worship the man. Your entire pathetic life revolves around Glenn Beck and it is sad. By the way I am an educator so I am doing something for this country. Oh I also work two jobs which I sure is much more than yourself. Cheers!

          • Draxx

            You are right you working two jobs is more than I do, because my Only Job is Successful enough to not have to work Two of Them…  But, to keep my business going I work enough hours to be considered two jobs!  Because you are an educator I am very suprised at our Kree-Tin Type Answer, so by all means give us an argument/political stance that actually has some substance to it, and you should be able to do without profanity.  Oh, just because you are an educator does not mean that you are teaching things that benefit this Great Country, I served in the Military and I am Willing To Die to keep it a country of Freedom!  Glenn Beck is not my god or savior, but I definitely Respect Him for Standing Up Against Tyranny, and my life revolves around my Family.  Glenn also brings us the good news like Mr. Reagon who walked in the snow because he had a purpose and a will to make something happen!  I am not selfish either, I have extended invitations (most were very well received) to other people to help them build their own businesses, and share a community of like minded people.  It’s not based on Color, Nationality, Religion, Intelligence, Sexual Orientation, or things along those lines.  But, it is founded on Helping Each Other Become The Best At What They Do, or Helping Them To Develope The Skills To Do What They Want For A Living!  We offer our skills and products to each other at a discount because we are a community of people that are in it for mutual benefit (without Socialist/Communist Ideals, we believe in the Pursuit of Happiness While Being Free From Tyranny).  I can sleep at night because at least I am trying to make this a better world to live in, it is better to try and fail then to become a Dependent Obamanite…

            By All Means Please Respond to My Posts, Just do it in a manner that I can at least have some respect for your opinions (even if I do not agree with them)!  Do Not Continue to be like Kree-Tin that absolutely no one here respects or cares to hear!

  • Jim Letourneau

    i can see for miles and miles

  • Anonymous

    Republicans would rather see regular people lose their jobs when it comes to protecting the rich, it’s really that simple, and once again, the public is going to see it that way, which is why Orange Boner will cave.

    • landofaahs

      You are an idiot. The cut is in the reduction of an increase akin to saying instead of an increase of 10%, you will only get 8%.  Baseline budgeting is crap but liars like you can’t fess up to the truth. How sadly liberal of you.

    • Donna Kay Bockelkamp

      When will you stop blaming !!  everytime you point finers remember there is 3 right back at you.  take responsibilty!!  fed up with all the back and forthe!!  stop blaming your lusey life on someone else!! if you want to believe you r so right  and can sleep at night go for it!! just  . you could be rich to if you would stop sittin around waiting for a handout!!!

    • Dave Jones

      Give me a break.  No one is going to lose their jobs over this and it has nothing to do with protecting the rich.  We need to balance the budget and this is barely even a start. If we can’t survive with such a minute reduction in the federal budget, it’s a sad statement of how dependent on government spending we’ve become and might as well give up any dreams of solvency.

      • Sam Fisher

        Yes there will be only because if the king does not get what he wants he is going to punish the small people under him just to prove a point. He wants this to happen.

    • Sam Fisher

      Your god Obama is a joke. You do realize moron even with the so called cuts the government will be spending more money than they did last year. The government spends this so called cut in six seconds. Your lord and savior is firing people because he can’t get the spending increases he wanted. Guess what moron we lived last year on less money but now you morons want us to believe that cutting spending increase will equal the end of the world is laughable and you are eating the propaganda like a good little blind follower. You are such a moron.

  • Anonymous

    The sequestration has nothing at all to do with the budget. Rather, it is a power move by the president. If he cannot get cooperation, it will reduce his power, and show that he is actually inept. He needs this so very badly! This amount of money sounds like a lot to the American people, but it is chump change. A rounding error, in amount. No this is much more than a bugetary issue to this president.

    If you can all remember during the debates, between Governor Romney, and the president, the topic of sequestration came up, and the president stated that it aint gonna happen. Now when it does happen this Friday, it is evidence that the president’s word has no credibility.  Last week we had a federal court ruling that the president acted unconstitutionally. This week we have him regressing to campaigning, and this friday, his word will lose more credibility. This administrations threats to journalist Bob Woodward appear to be a severe fear reaction. Threse threats appear angry, and we know that anger generally covers fear.

    What we are seeing right now is the beginning of an unraveling. Like that thread on a sweater that your mom tells you not to pull. Once you pull it, the sweater starts to unravel, and there is nothing much that can be done. With a sweater, you can’t even cut off the sleaves to make a workout shirt. What you end up with is a useless mess. Yes, the president pulled the thread with this sequestration, and attempt to thwart the second Amendment to the Constitution. I have concerns regarding the first Amendment, based on this latest Bob Woodward story.

    Does this president think he is a king? Does he think that the American people are stupida*s? Well, there were enough to elect him, but that doesn’t mean that the American people are stupida*ses. Does he think there is no debate in this country, only blind conformity? 

    The president is failing miserably to understand that although he was re-elected, the American people sent a Republican House of Representatives, to Washington. The reason for this, is because even the president’s supporters don’t trust him, and have hedged their bets. I suspect that even his supporters have a little intutive feeling in their guts that their is something wrong. They have a disease of denial, but also a feeling in their gut. If not, the congress would also be democrat. The American people are just like that. They make mistakes, but tend to have fall back positions. We wouldn’t have lasted 237 years if this was not the case.   

    • Anonymous

      I find the language that Obama is using to speak with John Boehner to be quite disturbing.  He’s not urging them to vote his way, he’s nudging them.  Obama is very well aware of his personality cult and every time he bad mouths the Republicans, he seemingly gains 1,000 new followers.  He’s controlling the language, therefore controlling the argument, and he’s not backing down.  Not so quietly, he is also trying to make gun owners feel guilty…for being gun owners.  
      It’s a little frightening that he’s still in campaign mode.  I have a theory on this.  He has already sidestepped Congress enough times, and apparently the Constitution does not matter at all…so…I really feel that he’s already in campaign mode to justify a 3rd term!
      In January of 2017, when there is officially STILL a man named Obama in the Oval Office, all Conservatives are going to be able to say is, “Damnit liberals!  Why haven’t you listened to us for the last 8 years?!”  No one is going to have a smile or even a smirk on his face when he says, “I told you so!”  

      • Draxx

        In 2017 they are going to pull another Hillary C. move, “It’s All in the Past, What Does It Matter To Us Now…?”.  Speaking of that Law Breaking Witch, if she is elected it’s going to be worse for the world because of her misguided/misaligned idealogies… (Public Denial of Everything She Does Wrong!)

  • Anonymous

    At some point, Noah closed the doors.   At some point, life is over.  At some point, those who will neither see nor hear are left with a Prayer.

    Pray.  Go to Church.  Pray for Wisdom.  Pray for His guidance.

    • Anonymous

      Tonybigs…you have the best answer of all.  For those who profess faith in Christ, try asking God for an extra measure of blessings.  Not just for your personal needs, but for what we need as a country.  Our country has strayed too far from its founding Judeo-Christian principles and we are now reaping the consequences of foolish living, and we are all responsible.  We need to pray for Gods mercy and grace, but also need to put feet to our words, be willing to be used of God for his purpose with a humble heart.

      2 Chronicles 7:14 -If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  • David Callow


  • Sandy Petitto

    Over 200,000 people’s jobs will be affected in Hampton Roads VA…… However cuts NEED to happen.  Obama created this, let it happen

    • Andrea Yerina

      Sandy, here in Jacksonville, Florida there will be 10,000 + people affected.  None of these people affected are the president or his family (which seems to be on continual vacation).  In the interim, my family’s pay is being cut by 22%.  How many people live with a 22% surplus of cash?  None I know.  I think it is time for a rude awakening.

  • Susan Bates Stead


    If the sequester happens, o tells us that air travel will
    cease or severely slow down.   The
    borders will go unprotected; illegal aliens have already been released to
    augment this problem.   All teachers,
    fireman, and police will have to be furloughed.   All vaccines will become unavailable.   Healthcare for everyone will be affected
    negatively.  Poor children and old folks
    will have to go without food and shelter.  
    All shipyards and military industry will be shuttered.  We may not be able to pay our brave soldiers
    and certainly won’t be able to send out social security checks or tax
    refunds.   (Calm down, there will be no
    impact on welfare payments.)   With the
    shutdown of headstart and other free childcare, parents will have to scramble
    to look after their own kids.  Water and
    Air will be impacted so negatively that you will be able to neither drink nor
    breathe.   Of course, all the progress we
    have made in protecting women will cease and rapes, domestic violence and
    unwanted pregnancies will skyrocket.  750,000
    people will lose their jobs.  All of this
    and much more will happen, if we cut 2.3 cents from every dollar we spend.   WOW, those are all the things that I care
    about!   If we can do all that on 2.3
    cents, let’s not cut that!!  Let’s
    continue to spend the 2.3 cents and cut the other 97.7 cents!!!!  97.7 cents of every dollar is obviously spent
    on non-essential stuff.  


    Oh, and I probably exaggerated that healthcare thing.   That has little to do with the sequester– Ocare
    is killing that.  


    Meanwhile, unemployment is 7.8%.  Interest rates are hovering around 1%.  Guns are being given to Mexican cartels,
    Ambassadors are being assassinated, Food Stamp usage is on the rise, family
    wealth is on the decline and EACH American, even the ones born today, owes more
    that $53000 towards the debt.   Can the
    sequester be worse than this?

  • Ellie Lantz

    The problem with this particular method of cutting is that the Dems will try to hurt innocent groups that really need the money in order to prove their point. The have wanted to strip the military of it’s funding for years and now this is their chance. They will cut what we need to actually defend the country rather than cut out waste. The military, just like every other government agency, wastes millions of dollars yearly. Our government wastes more money in a day than most of us can imagine having in a lifetime. Yet, nobody does anything to fix it. They could cut half the budget and never hurt anyone just buy cutting out the waste and incompetence. But the lazy and greedy politicians find it much easier to steal from a big budget agency than to deal with the real spending problems. They will use that money not as a savings but will simply spend it on their own projects.
    The big conventions one agency had that was “found out” and made a lot of headlines was just one department. Is anyone looking into the hundreds of other government agencies that spend even more on just entertainment? No! We always hear for the senate and congress that there is going to be a “full review” of such going ons but it never happens. They want to get their hands on the big easy money like the military’s money and medicare. It’s just easier to strip those budgets than to take on reorganizing a broken government and it’s unqualified employees.

  • Felicia Rodriguez

    I know this is a little off Subject … But you keep Calling “That Man” …. “That Man” and the truth is that he really falls quite short of being a Man.  I … for some time have been referring to him as B.O. Which I think better suits how I see him.  He STINKS at his job and most everything he does REEKS of  something being ‘ROTTEN in Denmark’.

  • Laurie Barron

    Here is a reality of the sequestration of just one GS Worker.  I am a GS5 and make less than $34,000.00 a year.  I protect PL1 resources.  I am required as a Civilian to pass a PT test and weapons qualifications once a year along with a ton of other testing.  The powers that be tried to get us an Exemption from the sequester to no avail. We work a 7/24 mission and have never been at full manning.  I have not received a COLA in 3 years and now I will take a 20% pay cut for 7 months.  If they would have been able to get an exemption we would not have been able to take leave, really doesn’t matter because we now will not have enough people to cover for leave either way it goes.  Overtime is not allowed and that is the only way to let someone go on leave.  Don’t even know how it will play out if someone has to take a day of sick leave.  You say so what? Well I have aging parents that live in another state where every minute I can spend with them matters, I have kids in college getting ready to go off and start their lives.  This is the final summer with them here that I will not be able to spend with them.  It breaks my heart.   

    On March 25th the “Government Shutting Down”, will loom.  At this point is when I receive my yearly phone call that “I will come into work and work for free or go to jail.”  Yet, could not get an exemption?  They are playing with thousands of peoples lives and could really give a damn.  Not all GS workers live in this Magical Mansion.  Some of us or scrapping by day by day.  So now I receive daily emails telling me what to cut so I can make it by.  Scrap your 401k, change your tax deductions, nix your health/dental insurance.  Even with that all gone the cable, Internet and a lot of warm blankets will be next.  Even bought a book on ways to cook Ramen.  Even though it is the Government that is putting me in financial binds I am still obligated to make sure I keep my finances in line or lose my Clearance and hence my job.  I was living within my financial means and had a budget in place that I stuck too.  I just had no room to spare for this kind of blow. 

    It is the President that has done this.  It is what he wanted.  My biggest fear is how many lives will be lost because of it.  How many families will be destroyed because of it.  The jobs are already being lost the lives already being destroyed.  So Mr. President go ahead and continue your lies and hide behind them but this is MY Country and I will not go down without a fight.  I am proud and I am proud of what I do.  You are basically kicking the people that keep this Country running right in the balls and have done it ever since you have been in office.  These across the board cuts are total crap.  The money being wasted is total crap.  The way this country has been run by you is total crap. 

    So to those of you that hate your Government workers, just remember there is an entire sector out there of us that do not live in a Magical Kingdom.  We just do our job to protect what I hope can one day again be the Greatest Nation on Earth.

    • Van Grungy

      If spending will increase, why is anything being ‘cut’?

    • Andrea Yerina

      I totally agree with you Laurie.  My husband is a civil service employee and we are in the same boat.  Hang in there.  Pray for wisdom and patience.  Thank you for speaking your mind.

    • Draxx

      Laurie, your story is the same for over 200,000 soldiers in the Military that are going through the same things daily.  When Obummer cuts the Military in Half we are going to have way too many people and families thrust into totally financial crippling Poverty, that is going to affect everyone across this nation!  Once that snowball goes into full effect there are going to be many deaths & heartaches to stop it (if we can at that point).

      Jut think of how many jobs and/or pay cuts that could have been saved if Obummer did not spend $1.14 billion on himself and his family each year…!

    • Kathleen Lukasik Cummings

      Same here!  Pay cut of 20% for 22 weeks (to start!!  Once they think “we” can do it on less, they WILL do it again!), loss of leave time due to furlough/leave without pay, loss of sick time due to furlough/leave without pay, loss of retirement funds due to 20% cut in pay….it ALL adds up to GS employees getting the shaft again.  GS workers do not make what most people think they do.  Look up the GS pay scale on the internet, it is way below the private sector’s pay scale except for a few high level employees.  YOUR government employees do the job of protecting you, helping to heal you, provide services through the government that help many.  Don’t hate us because our job pay scale starts with GS….

    • Leonard

       Laurie i ‘m sympathetic to your concerns.Me as a private sector worker in construction and belonging to a union have had to deal with not knowing if i would have a job day to day.The foreman in most cases wouldn’t even give you advance notice of a pending layoff.He would hand you a check at 3:30 P.M and say sorry.I had a stay at home wife and two little kids to support and unemployment just barely bought the groceries.

    • Sharon White

      I am in total agreement with you.  My daughter and her family are in the same circumstances, expect he hasn’t had a job now for 11 months, since her retired from military.  Now they have to live on 20% less and they were scrapping by as it was.  Plus when we are forced to have Obamacare that will cost the average family 20,000 a year or $769.23 a week or $1666.66 a month.  I think I could find health insurance on my own for my family that would cost less than that!

      I believe Obama presented this sequester in order to manipulate Congress to approve his tax increases and out of control spending or weaken us as a world power.  So it was a win win for him either way.  Because both are his goal.  He is determined to take America down.  If you don’t believe me watch the movie 2016 and see how he grew up and who shaped his beliefs.  Once you see that movie, you will realize just what a mess we are really in.

      He is a fraud, using a fake birth certificate and social security number, how he got into office is beyond me.  I know some of you may not believe me but it is true.  Even Israel knows it and has determined the birth certificate to be a fraudulent document.  Donald Trump also had it examined and announced it to be a fraud. Sheriff Joe Arpaio also had it examined and declared is a fraud.  Orly Taitz a lawyer in California has proven it to be a fraudulent, along with his fake social security card, and is filing lawsuits against Obama all over the country.  There are many who have proven this but the Justice Department ignores this.  

      Everything that comes out of his mouth is a blatant lie.  He released thousands of illegal immigrant prisoners to twist the arms of congress to give in.  How is that good for out country?  He has spent more money than any other president in history, plus if you add up all the money of the debt between Washington and Clinton he has spent more than all of them combined!  

      He is signing laws by executive orders that are extremely dangerous and gives him more power to do anything he wishes.  He can have anyone arrested or killed no questions asked.  He can have you arrested for the rest of your life with out a charge, right to an attorney or trial.  He can send a drone to bomb your house in America.  People cling to him so that they can get a free handout, well you can forget that because after he collapses the economy no one will get any help.  He can call Martial Law and the government can come into our homes and confiscate anything they want.  Sequestration is only the beginning of what he has in store for us.  

      If you think this is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet!


  • Andrea Yerina

    My husband works very hard and is a civil service aircraft electrical supervisor.  He (we) will loose 22% of his pay because of this.  If Obama’s goal is to make people dependent on the government, then he should realize that it it those of us that are working that is making that possible.  By cutting our pay by 22% is not the way.  I am really upset also about our military being cut.  This makes us vulnerable to attack, which will mean more money spent (and where is that going to come from) and more lives lost.  I think some thought should have been put into preventative action or cause and effect.  It ALMOST makes me want to jump on the “Obama will take care of me” band wagon.  But we are proud Americans.  We owe it to the men and women who have sacrificed and died in the past to continue their work into the future. 

  • Kitty E Stroup


  • Otto Partz

    This guy was a shit Top 40 DJ and is still a shit pandering to crazy people.Screaming is not journalism…

    • Laura Self

      Please read your sentence again. When you can learn how to speak (and write) intelligently, people will start paying attention to what you have to say. Until then, just refrain from posting because you’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • Anonymous

    What’s up with Carl Rove?

  • Sam Fisher

    Let’s do some math. I know for liberals math is hard so let me help them. Sending is set to increases to 149.7 billion a year and the cuts are 85.3 billion. Now do the math and that 64.5 billion increase to our spending so liberal morons tell me how last year fighting two wars the government was still functioning but now that we cut an increase in spending from 149.7 to 64.5 billion equals to a meltdown. Unless your god Obama is going to fire people to make a political point oh wait that is what he is doing.

  • Anonymous

    In his State of the Union address, Obama claimed to have already cut $2.5 trillion. So why is no one asking the obvious question? If he has already cut over $2 trillion from previous budgets without anyone noticing, why can’t he cut a mere $88 billion from this year’s budget without the world coming to an end? 

  • B Dub

    Glen… I am a big fan. I am also a DoD civilian, as is my wife. We moved our family to Germany to support our country and now we are going to be furloughed. Why doesn’t anyone recognize the impact of this on DoD civilians? While the Government has to cut 2% of the budget, nearly 800,000 Civilians are about to take a 20% pay cut. My wife and I included. I am all for cutting wasteful Government spending including the pork and the abortions and the social programs… However, the defense of our country is about to take a huge hit, because all of it’s civilians, save the congress, house and legislative, are going from 40 hours a week to 32. Glen is correct that 2% is peanuts to the Government, but as a DoD civilian, who is also conservative, I am pissed as hell. 20% of my family’s income is gone, in order to make up for the mess our elected officials have made. 

  • Alissa Starner Wood

    It’s all well and good not to panic about Sequestration…  unless it’s *your* income that’s being chopped on Friday.  Something has to be done, and NOT something STUPID.

  • Anonymous

    The American people are being cut.  Not aid to Syria or the many other countries that don’t like us anyway.  Wonder if the President’s extravagant vacations will be cut?  Congress is still getting paid – and they don’t have to go on Obamacare.  What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Rhiannon Archbold

    My family is about to suffer from a 15% pay cut due to the sequestration. I’m about to go to college, and it’s a substantial, crushing blow. I think he’s made far too light of this.

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