The story of Jhaqueil Reagan, the 18-year-old Indianapolis teen who walked 10 miles in a snow storm in order to get to job interview, has made national headlines because of Reagan’s remarkable dedication and work ethic. Reagan did not get the job he trekked through the snow for, but he did get a job at Papa Roux Po Boys and Cajun Food after the restaurant’s owner, Art Bouvier, saw Reagan on his way to the interview that snowy day.

Glenn exclusively sat down with Reagan and Bouvier to get their reaction to the story that has restored a lot of people’s faith in America’s youth. Reagan, who lost his mother at the age of 17, credits his father for instilling a strong work ethic in him from an early age. He explained that although his family never had a lot of money, his dad worked his “fingers to the bone” everyday to provide for them. For his part, Bouvier explained that he did not hire the teen for publicity’s sake, but rather because he was so inspired by Reagan’s obvious dedication. Both Reagan and Bouvier are “very grateful” to have found one another, and they look forward to working with one another for years to come.

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