Glenn responds to his libertarian critics

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On radio this morning, Glenn shared an article that his friend and prominent libertarian, John Stossel, emailed him entitled, “Glenn Beck Begs/Harangues Libertarians to Accept Him & Others Who Are ‘trying to honestly learn.’” The story first appeared on yesterday, and writer Matt Welch, a self-identified libertarian, criticized Glenn for openly supporting and identifying with libertarian principles.

“I am not begging anyone. I don’t care if you accept me or not,” Glenn said in response to the article’s headline. “I really don’t care, however, I do care about the country. I do think [libertarians] have an opportunity that is historic. I think you can put your chair back at the table, which hasn’t been at the table for 100 years.”

In the article, Welch writes:

Ann Coulter’s libertarians-are-“pussies” remark provoked a lengthy, rambling, and very interesting response recently from broadcasting provocateur/entrepreneur Glenn Beck.

“Look, the only reason why I am a provocateur – you have to present things in an entertaining way to get people to understand it. I mean I could sit down with the best of them and have an intellectual talk. I am not doing it for the money or anything else. I just want to get it to be consumed,” Glenn said.

The article continues:

I recommend you listen to the whole 18 minutes, in which Beck, who has been identifying more and more with the “libertarian” label, complains bitterly about being subject to withering philosophical “litmus tests” by skeptical libertarians and Ron Paul supporters (some of whom he calls “more fascist than anyone in the Republican Party”), declares his full-throated support for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) as a presidential candidate (“Rand Paul is your best shot right now”), apologizes for originally being in favor of the PATRIOT Act and warrantless wiretapping (“Boy, what a fool I was”), mentions that he’s been having plenty of off-air conversations about libertarianism with Penn Jillette, and above all beseeches libertarians to take advantage of their historic opportunity to change the direction of the country.

Criticism aside, Glenn made it clear that his primary goal is to ensure there are credible libertarian voices bearing heard and taken seriously. These next 12 to 18 moths present a remarkable opportunity for libertarians to come to the table and offer an attractive alternative to the same old, tired ideas the Republicans and Democrats currently offer.

“The world is changing. It is changing. It’s sand underneath your ground,” Glenn concluded. “What you think you know you don’t. Who you think your allies and enemies are, you’re wrong. The world has changed overnight. Change with it.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The world has changed, is changing and will continue to change and we have a choice now before all of us…

    To be reactionary to the change, or make the changes respond to us. 

    Twelve months is not much time to build upon a common ground and get this mess turned around and undo the damage done by Obama, and to reverse a century of progressivism.

    • ken.

      we have to start sometime and somewhere, it can’t be done overnight but the sooner we start the better.

  • Anonymous

    The world changes, the Truth does not.

  • Anonymous

    “I’m sorry, I’m really, really sorry that I’m late to the party. Libertarianism is the voice of the future.” ~~ Glenn Beck

    I’ve always said that Glenn was on a journey of enlightenment, and the closer Glenn travels with the intellectual giants the better. Carl Menger, Ludwig von Mises, F.A. Hayek, Ayn Rand, Henry David Thoreau, Murray Rothbard, the Founding Fathers and other great minds have to be both read and understood in order to intelligently converse with those who truly understand liberty.

    “Sorry” is a start, Glenn. I’m aware that you, Glenn, have not had the advantage like some of us have had by growing up in a libertarian-type family, so I pity you for your disadvantages and personal mistakes. Hat’s off to you, Glenn, for turning it all around and making such a difference in so many lives.

    Thanks for being man enough to say, “sorry”.

    • jen

      Libertarians are infact not 1%.  Ron Paul’s poll numbers in repub party are 10% and as an indep at 20%.’s poll numbers show 10% of the US population identifies themselves as libertarians last year.

      When Beck lies about actual numbers, he loses credibility.  This lie is used to discredit libertarians.  Again, libertarians won’t stand up for themselves and give arguments.  They rather fight using terms like provocative, etc..  Yet, they won’t defend the ‘pussies’ label. 

      • Steven Hixson

        Umm… the whole video’s about giving credit to libertarians. I think a more likely scenario would be that he got his numbers from somewhere besides Ron Paul and

        • jen

          These are poll numbers stated by numerous networks during elections last year. is trustworthy when it comes to poll numbers.  Ron Paul himself or his group doesn’t do any polling – so not sure why you are stating that.

          • Anonymous

             he may have picked up gary johnson’s total from the election which was about 1%.
            he likes to play loose with facts either way

      • Laurence Nordvig

        Libertarians can poll whatever they want. The ‘rubber meets the road’ at elections. Fact is, they struggle to get 1% of the vote, and have for over 40 years. It isn’t going to happen. Fiscally conservative + socially Liberal = please almost no one…thus the 1%.

        • jen

          social values should not even in the political arena, especially at the federal level.  that was created by establishment to invoke emotions that create superficial divisions.  true fiscally conservatives can be both repubs and dems and other parties, and do not care at all to insignificant about social issues like abortion and gay rights.  when you choose a politician for social reasons, then fiscal issues are a distant 2nd.  the us has been in debt for a few decades at least – so fiscal issues unfort are not a concern for repub/dems.

          Laurence Nordvig wrote, in response to jen:
          Libertarians can poll whatever they want. The ‘rubber meets the road’ at elections. Fact is, they struggle to get 1% of the vote, and have for over 40 years. It isn’t going to happen. Fiscally conservative + socially Liberal = please almost no one…thus the 1%. User’s website
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    • Anonymous

      What a crock.

  • jen

    As Beck’s research team probably told him, anarchist libertarians (as most Ron Paul supporters are) fight with other libertarians all the time on who is the most pure theoretically.  Rand Paul is more moderate who believes in some structure and going beyond solely discussing high level theory as many Ron Paul supporters do. 

    So, Beck needs to help libertarians as well.  Anarchist libertarians as are those he has brought on his show can’t communicate well, are not articulate, and don’t know how to get their message out.    Beck or his team need to prep them prior to the interview as these guests don’t do it themselves otherwise he is wasting the time of his audience. 

    Quit with the drug legalization thing.  Focus on why patriot act, ndaa, drones, illegal aliens, military aid to both israel and egypt/islamists/syrian rebels are fueling a war where both sides are funded with us taxpayer dollars, unfunded liabilities, is wrong by design.  And specifically, what solutions do these libertarians have in mind – lay out those details.

    • Elizabeth Bracy

      Jen love that last paragraph!! I just joined the Libertarian Party and mega-supported Ron Paul- what a boss. People like to talk about the drug thing as if drugs were legalized people would form lines down the street to try heroin. But there are bigger issues def. as you mentioned. I favor small govt. not getting rid of govt. But I think libertarians vary across the spectrum.

    • Anonymous

       You hear a lot about drugs b/c it is a winnable battle in the near future where lots of progress is already being made.
      domestically the drug war is one of the bigger problems and something libertarians and a lot on the left can agree on and small victories already happened in washington and colorado with weed.

  • Sam Fisher

    I think that a lot of the anarchist libertarians are more content throwing rocks on the outside than having a voice at the table. Just come and join us in this. If you want to save this country and the constitution then join us. A house divided against itself will not stand. Don’t you guys understand that?

    • Scott Raisleger

      As a libertrian anarcho-capitalist, I agree with you that we would rather not cooperate with you in order to have a seat at the table. A poorly built house deserves to fall and the sooner it does, the sooner the rest of us on the outside can attempt to improve it’s structure.  The problem with cooperating with you, is it involves conceding many of our principles and your table, the chair, and the food you serve is not worth it in the end.  

      Republicans need libertarians much more than we need them right now. Our movement is probably better off waiting for the system to collapse upon itself then we would be after decades of compromising.  Conservativism is rooted in politics and most conservatives are willing to trade in their principles for political power.  Libertarianism, once understood, is not a set of political issues, it is a moral standard not open to compromise.  Assuming you are a Christian, could I talk you into disowning Jesus in order to get me to believe in your God? I would hope not and for the same reasons I will not compromise with republicans over state sanctioned aggression. 

      • Benjamin

        here’s what i don’t understand.  why do you have a problem with conservatives?  i consider myself a conservative and i would bet damn near every one of my political leanings is what many would call libertarian.  the hate toward republicans, i get that.  I hate the gop almost as much as i hate the democrats.  you say “most conservatives are willing to trade in their principles for political power”.  I say you are horribly ignorant.  i stand on principle every day.  My parents stand on principle every day. My sisters and their families stand on principles every day.  We all consider ourselves conservatives.  conservatism is exactly what you say libertarianism is.  it’s a moral, principled lifestyle.  the problem is, there are no truly conservative politicians.  the gop has pushed us out just as the process has pushed libertarians out.  why conservatives and libertarians are fighting is about the dumbest thing we can do.  but, maybe that’s why the commies have taken over.  from what I’ve read lately, the fight is over israel.  i am attacked all the time for being a zionist israeli terrorist, war monger and that sort of crap.  i am in no way paid or influenced by israel.  I think they are an ally and have the right to exist.  I hear conservatives hating libertarians because “they hate israel, blah, blah”  i absolutely see the point in not monetarily supporting governments around the world, i get that.  i don’t, however, get how ignoring all problems around the world will make them go away. 
        i think the reason some “conservatives” will stand with weak republicans is becasue some of us think we must get a seat at the table to be able to do anything worthwhile.  Now, that may be horribly wishful thinking, but at least we’re trying.  you say you are waiting on the outside waiting for it to all come down so you can pick up the pieces.  That’s great, i stand with you.  but if that’s what you’re doing, shut the hell up.  why must you dog all of us when you say you dont want it fixed anyway?  let us do what we think we need to do.  if it collapses (which it will) true conservatives will stand right with you with mostly the same principles.  i wonder if you guys would stand with us if by some amazing strike of luck, it was fixed using a “normal” political process.  the holier than thou attitude and horrible, vile things said by many libertarians tells me the answer to that would be “no”

        • Anonymous

           Just what is it you think is a “normal” political process?

          And, Libertarians look down on Conservatives often, because Conservatives are fickle.

          More often than not, Conservatives also want to tell the citizenry what they can and can’t do, just as much as the Liberals do, and sometimes, even more so.

          The Libertarians identify with a large part of what Conservatives claim to be about. The Libertarians also identify with a large part of what Liberals claim to be about.

          The difference is, Libertarians do so, for very different reasons than Conservatives and Liberals do.

          Some of our positions, Conservatives call us Liberal over, tho the reasons we have those positions, we consider more conservative than Conservatives represent, so while you would think of us as Liberals over our positions about gay marriage, drug legalization, abortion, and many other issues, simply because we have the position that it isn’t anyone’s business if someone chooses to do those things or not, our position is, that it isn’t anyone’s business what a supposedly free person chooses for himself, especially none of the government’s business, and we consider that a conservative position.

          At the same time, on fiscal issues, Republicans and Conservatives have let us down for decades on decades, never actually shrinking government when they have the chance, even when they control all legislative branches of the government when they could do so virtually unopposed. They will rail and cry and beat their fists down on the table when they don’t have the numbers, but as soon as they do, it stops being a priority, and they do nothing.

          Libertarians just don’t believe Conservatives (or Republicans) anymore.

          If you seriously believe in the Libertarian views as much as you claimed to in your post, then why do you think of yourself, not as Libertarian, but as Conservative? If you believe in the Libertarian views that much, wouldn’t that make you Libertarian? Or, perhaps you, like the vast majority of the electorate, are just too hung up on labels, and can’t let go of the old one, to grasp the one you really identify with? Or, perhaps, you really don’t identify with it like you claim?

          Perhaps, your idea of a “normal” political process, doesn’t allow for anything but Democrat vs Republican, Liberal vs Conservative, and anything else is abnormal, and can’t be allowed?

          Where do you come up with “normal” political process? I would seriously like to know, and that makes no sense to what I see as the political process.

          — Smoov

          • David Trachsel

            While everyone argues about parties and labels and who did what to whom, the country is going to hell!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Answer my question. What is it you consider a “normal” political process?
            — Smoov

          • Anonymous

            You mentioned the differences conservatves and libertarians have. You said, “drug legalization, gay marriage, abortion and a lot of other stuff”. I say the three you named are correct but there certainly arent any others. Libertarian and conservative are identical on most issues except the three you mentioned. I am conservative. My stance on gay marriage is that the gov shouldnt tell anyone what they can and cannot do. That is separate from my moral opinion on it. The abortion issue I have is that the baby is a life. We do not assign the rights of the mother as more important than the rights of the child. If you are anarachist then you can say this position doesnt matter. However, even most liberatarians agree that some of the only laws should be those that protect the humans from harm being done by other humans. Abortion laws would fall under that. Who cares about labels. The fact is most libertarians and TRUE conservatives are virtually identical on most issues.Most libertarians who wont accept Beck and other conservatives are just too hypocritical and filled with hubris. Libertarian movement is the freedom movement. Who is any person in the libertarian movement to tell another person they arent a member of the movement? That is not libertarian priniciples. That is HYPOCRISY>.

          • Anonymous

            I agree about Libertarians telling others who are or aren’t Libertarians, and some of the responses Glenn has received have put us in a bad light. You and I do  not disagree at all on that point. I am not an anarchist type. It bothers me when the uninformed keep trying to lump Anarchists and Libertarians together, as they are not at all the same thing.
            What we do disagree about, is this: “I say the three you named are correct but there certainly arent any others.”
            If you really believe that, then you still have a lot to learn about what a Libertarian is.
            What I’m most interested in however, at the moment, is just what the OP of this part of the thread meant by “normal” political process. I suspect the OP has no clue what that is even supposed to mean, and just tossing phrases out without any thought. I even found that probably the most offensive part of the post. Just what is the OP thinking, that we aren’t part of the “normal” political process? Who the hell is (s)he to say we aren’t a normal part of it?
            I want an answer to that, more than anything else right now.

            — Smoov

          • greywolfrs

            Actually, you are wrong and I can show one more area that Libertarians and Republicans differ on, Foreign Policy. That goes much further than the three things you believe Republicans and Libertarians differ on.

          • Bill

            You forget the difference on war. Libertarians believe in the non aggression principle. Glenn Beck does not believe in that. Now if you want to know what the NAP is look it up. Glenn Beck is all for force when it suits him and his agenda. He will most likely change his tune when republicans retake the presidency.

          • greywolfrs

            I need to make a correction. Libertarians do not agree with with large parts of what Democraps and Republicans say, they agree with us…


        • Scott Raisleger

          You can say that I’m horribly ignorant, but wouldn’t it be better to point out where I’m wrong?  It’s not that I’m trying to be holier than thou, but the truth is the republican party is either dead or on life support, and now you want to extend the olive branch to us after forcing our 2 best candidates out of the election process only months ago?  Yes of course everyone stands on principal to one degree or another. I wasn’t referring to you personally, we have never met as far as i’m aware.  I’m referring to the ideology you claim to subscribe to  which is unprincipled.  Why do conservatives hold the constitution so dear when it has obviously failed by either design or omission,  to protect us from socialism?  Why has your party accepted corporatism as the only alternative to socialism? Why does supporting the troops equate to sending them overseas either kill and die, often for corporate interests?   

          How can a party make limited government a central tenant of their platform while simultaneously starting multiple wars, infringing upon constitutional rights (Patriot Act), introduce the largest increase to medicare in the programs history, create cabinet level departments for  the Department of Homeland Security, bailout corporations that deserved to fail?  Our prison population exceeds that of communist Russia, while the majority of people convicted for these crimes had no victim.  Yet we call ourselves the land of the free? If your principals value freedom, then why has your party done everything in their power to keep Mexican’s from migrating here?   Why are you in the business of who should be allowed to love, or marry who?  If your party values social conservatism based on Christian theology, then how can you support the death penalty and why are you so socially intolerant of alternative lifestyles that have no affect on your life?  Why do you consider Israel a friend and ally?  You shouldn’t have to pay a country to be your friend, yet we have given more to Israel than nearly any other nation over the past 40 years. I have nothing against them personally, but they should be able to protect themselves by now especially after the hundreds of billions of dollars and military technology that we have given them.  The last four republican presidents have done more to increase the spending and deficit,  increase federal power, increase crime, and  increase corporate welfare all while cutting taxes by a couple percentage points and claiming it as a victory in limiting government.  That is about as unprincipled as a party can be. Now sure I have just as many, probably more problems with the left, but I think making the assumption that conservatism is in the best interests of libertarians is – pardon the expression – horribly ignorant.  Social freedom is equally as  important as economic freedom, to deny one or the other is immoral, and the constitution that was supposed to resolve and protect us from  this inconsistency has become impotent over time.  I admire it as a historical achievement,  but if you don’t think it has become irrelevant then you’re not paying attention. On the other hand, if you agree that politicians have rendered it irrelevant, then you would agree with me that the only solution is to wait for the system to fail instead of buying in to the establishment candidates on the basis that they aren’t as bad as Obama.  Now obviously I don’t know if you agree with all of the above, but you can’t really distance yourself from the GOP and create a distinction between the republican party and conservatism when conservatives end up voting for their candidate every time.  If damn near every one of your beliefs leans towards libertarianism, then by all means, welcome to the party!  Learn as much as you can as soon as you can about what libertarianism is all about.  Read Mises and Rothbard,  Learn about Ron Paul and Gary Johnson and ask yourself why those two candidates were disowned by conservatives in favor of the likes of Gingrich, Santorum, and Bachman.  Learn about true free market capitalism and the solutions it is capable of.   Try to understand that this boils down to a moral issue, not a political one and that is why can be such stubborn bastards at times. Not that long ago I was a conservative that followed Beck’s radio show almost religiously. But once I was introduced to libertarianism, after helping elect the failure that was  George Bush, I found it to be  much more pure, based in sound logic and reason.  Libertarian theory is void of the inconsistencies that plague the other two parties. Unfortunately, for those same reasons it is a movement that will probably never catch on to a majority.  But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to sell our souls in order to reap the attention given to our movement through Beck’s circus act. It was just 6 months ago that he was telling us to drop support for Ron Paul and Gary Johnson and unite behind Romney for the betterment of the America. Many did and he still lost. Then after the election was lost he has this sudden change of heart and claims to be a libertarian?  Seems more like the workings of a media opportunist.  In that case, the extra attention he brings only cheapens and hurts our cause. 

        • Bill

          Well you conservatives let anyone use that label. Most conservatives I hear are big time war mongers. Conservatism was corrupted long ago. There have been supposedly large amounts of conservatives in government and what has happened? The government grew and got more powerful.

          I have looked up the older conservatives and I can agree with them but there haven’t been many as of late that deserve that title. Of course when you let Sean Hannity call himself a conservative then that just shows people what conservatives are. That is a reason I don’t let Glenn Beck get away with calling himself a libertarian.

        • Bill

          Well I could give you a list of things conservatives support and believe and you will see it is the stuff that has caused us so much trouble.

      • Sam Fisher

        Who said I was for the idiots in Washington. I was referring to the people as a whole. There are a lot of people in this country fed up with Washington and how they do business. Your right I am a Christian and I would never turn my back on Jesus but that does not mean that I cannot stand with Muslim Jews Buddhist atheist and other faiths to stand for our rights. Our goals may be different but we both want a turn this country around now how are we going to that if we keep smashing each other over the head. How are we going to that if Obama turn this country into a fascist state?

    • greywolfrs

      As a long time Libertarian, why would I join Republicans in anything? They do not share my ideals, that is why I am NOT a Republican. If I believed as Republicans, I would be one.

      • Sam Fisher

        I didn’t mean that. I meant regular guys not the idiots that sold their soul to the devil. Besides not all of them are that bad from what I remember you voted for one. You know Ron Paul and there are others you just got to find them. Maybe it like trying find a needle in a big pile of elephant crap but it will be worth to find them because those few needles is what going to push us out of this mess.

        • greywolfrs

          Maybe I misunderstood you, but I do not want to join Republicans, they do not stand hold the same ideas. As far as Anarchists, I don’t want them to join me either, they do not hold the same ideas as I. As a long time Libertarian, I am for small government/big freedom. That does not mean we can have no government and most Libertarians realize that. We understand that government has role to play in our country, but we also understand that this government has over-stepped their bounds,by a long way. Anarchists want no government and that will NEVER work. I am not really sure why Libertarians get labeled anarchists or why anarchists seem to think they should be Libertarians. Anarchists being for NO government and joining a political party makes no sense.

          • Sam Fisher

            Again you misunderstood me when I said Anarchists Libertarians I meant to say those people who are Anarchists that think they are Libertarians.

    • Bill

      Glenn Beck doesn’t want them to have a seat at the table. He just wants to try and repackage himself as something new. He will do or say anything to get noticed.

  • Draxx

    People are increasingly being “Labeled” by their Basic Political Beliefs, even though we are all more complex than our basic desires!  The bad part about those names is they are becoming Derogatory in Nature and Not Representative of Beliefs/Ideals.  The Derogatory part is turning us into a More Segregated Nation, very similar to to the Racist Idealogues (and I believe that it is a big part of this Administrations Agendas to Separate Us As A Nation)!

    Another thing that is happening is… if you make a comment that is contradictory to someone else’s ideals they will Label you as something that you are Absolutely Not (take abortion for example)!!!  We can all be a little Conservative, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Liberal, Republican, Democratic, All At The Same Time And Not Be On Just One Side of The Spectrum… Humans Are Dynamic and Change With Political Seasons!

    • Vae Victis

       So as not to label you, maybe the No Labels Party is for you.

      Can you please elaborate on what abortion is a example of? I am unsure of your point.

      Your political ideology may change with the seasons but people who stand on principle do not. Whether you realize it or not, your post sounds like a plea for relativism.

      Have you ever heard the term  “Doublethink” which was coined by George Orwell? To hold all those opposing ideological beliefs you suggest, and to shift between them constantly, one would have to be of that mind.

      • Draxx

        On the abortion comment…

        You could be a life long Republican or Democrat, and believe either a woman has the right to abortion or not, even if it contradicts the Norm for that party.  But many others will call you the opposite for opposing a party that you believe in.  Others will say that you are not true to the causes of the party and therefore you are a Turncoat in their eyes (which many will make public to destroy your credibility).  Or you can lose credibility in your own life long party for openly disagreeing with just one single difference in opinion, even though everything else might be what you believe in and what the party believes in…

        Also, I was not saying Everybody or Myself specifically was All of Those Political Parties at once, but a combination of any two or more of them.  Take for example; many life long Democrats are changing their Political Views to Libertarian since their own party is attacking them for open comments that contradict popular opinion or the opinions of those in power (Juan Williams being attacked and shunned because of a few different beliefs by the same party that he has helped gain popular public opinion with for the last 30 years. Now he is questioning the validity of their standpoints.)  Or others are Democrats but Not Socialist/Communist because they still have American Values of Certain Constitutional Rights!  And being on the opposite side could save the Constitutional American Beliefs, and the Rights They Want to Keep…

        My comments are made to spur thinking by other individuals, they do not necessarily represent everything I do or don’t believe in.  By getting other points of view then I can look back at myself in a sort of third person view, and analyze the difference of what I think I believe and what I truly believe in.  Plus, I am not rigid in thinking, thus I do allow others to put forth a legitimate response that has the possibility of changing my current views to something different.  I don’t mean like BandWagon Politics Flip-Flopping either. Just the personal freedom to accept that sometimes I may be wrong in my thinking and that others may have a better perspective…

  • Anonymous

    “The world has changed overnight. Change with it.”

    This coming from the man that CONSTANTLY slams republicans for compromising or budging an inch on their values! 

  • Kimberly Bray

    I agree, “same old tired ideas” on both sides! I believe there is a cycle of ignorance. For some reason, ghetto blacks, trashy whites, and most Jews, think they are owed something. Enough of the entitlements and placing the blame on either side. If we could do some future damage control we might see a change before I die. -BTW the housing market has got to come back

    • Anonymous

      “For some reason, ghetto blacks, trashy whites, and most Jews, think they are owed something.”

      LOL! Ah yes, right wingers…you’ll go far with these type of people on your side.

      • Kimberly Bray

        Actually I do not want to be on either side. I think both the left and right has stooped to an embarrassing level. I am against the people abusing the system. Some are on unemployment because they just choose not to work. There are American citizens purposely having babies each year to receive more government assistance. That is what I want to change, I want to put an end to entitlements for those who are perfectly capable of making their own money. Is that so wrong?
        If I have to send this message 1 by 1 for it to work, that is exactly what I will do. Potential Me is the non profit to stop this cycle of ignorance.

        Thanks :)

  • Anonymous

    And to say the world changed “overnight” is laughable.

    For decades the GOP was warned that a cultural/demographic time bomb was set to blow up in their faces, and the republicans arrogantly disregarded those warnings.

    And forget about the Hispanics for a moment… 
    What about the Asian Americans? Their population is exploding…will the right face up to that or will they wait twenty years and then act shocked/offended when they hear Mandarin or Vietnamese spoken on a daily basis. We’re already used to that here in San Diego. Heck, by the time I’d actually gotten the hang of Spanish several more languages had popped up. LOL!

    By the way, GOP: Asian Americans voted for Obama by an 80–20 margin…but given that they are the most educated and highest earning racial demographic in America you should think twice before labeling them as being “takers” and only caring only about “free stuff.” That crap has already ensured that you won’t ever get the Hispanic vote—you don’t want to lose the Asians as well.

  • Anonymous

    I have listened to Glenn for years now. Way before 9/11. Even way back when, even if he said something snotty about libertarians, I would say back to the radio, “You’re a closet libertarian, Glenn.” Now he’s out of the closet. Perhaps not wearing the latest of fashions, but he’s out of there. Gotta start somewhere!

  • Anonymous

    I have listened to Glenn for years now. Way before 9/11. Even way back when, even if he said something snotty about libertarians, I would say back to the radio, “You’re a closet libertarian, Glenn.” Now he’s out of the closet. Perhaps not wearing the latest of fashions, but he’s out of there. Gotta start somewhere!

  • Anonymous

    Libertarians are part of the problem because after the primary’s are over their main focus is to attack Republican candidates as not being Libertarian enough. They unwittingly allie with Democrats and in effect become tools of the left. It is akin to Republicans liking it when Ralph Nader use to run. What Libertarians do best is put forth a barrage of negativity towards Republican candidates. This is what they focus on because it is the only area where they can cause any kind of an effect.

    • Anonymous

       Hey, it’s not our fault you guys can’t nominate someone who is
      actually conservative and lives up to what the Republican party claims
      to stand for… don’t go blaming us for your own lousy choices, we don’t
      vote in your primary.

      — Smoov

      • greywolfrs

        Don’t bother, you are addressing a brain-dead fool.

    • greywolfrs

      Again, you are wrong, imagine that. You do realize that the Libertarian Party is its own party. So, we Libertarians do not vote the way you think we should? Get used to it, we are not Republicans. This is the same as saying that Democraps should vote for Republicans becuase you think they should.

  • Anonymous

    God save us from the Libertarians!  Matter how they gift wrap it-it spells chaos and anarchy. A voice for the future ?  A future that includes more alcoholics,more drug addicts, more abortions, more sexual perversion, more prostitution, more homosexual and lesbian freedoms in our schools, day care centers and girl scouts and boy scouts, but of course less violence by decriminalizing  crime and legallizing behaviors that society considers dangerous. There is no such thing as victim less crimes or behavior. Libertarianism is a lie– to allow people not to be responsible for their actions!  Less violence through less enforcement of laws or doing away with the law ? If you don’t hurt me I won’t hurt you. I’m ok you’re ok? Man is not basicly good. History has proven that over and over again. Less government is good,but at what cost? Calling  bondage freedom is a subtle way of redefining what freedom means. What Libertarians call freedom is the freedom to not have to answer for their behavior to anyone–including God. Using the phrase “Christian” Libertarian is an oxymoron. To be a “Christ ian” is to be a follower of Jesus Christ” which means relationship not “religion”. That Jesus  is your Savior and Lord of your life—not Libertarianism, Republicanism,etc. You live acording to His will–not your own. Therefore what God considers to be sin can not be part of your life.The Bible is the divinely inspired word of God written by the Holy Spirit. In the bible, God explains how we should live and treat our fellow man(of course you must believe the bible-the entire bible) If you believe that man is  number one(not God) and he alone is responsible only to himself then you can’t be a follower of Christ. Libertarian so called “Freedoms’ are not the freedoms that God speaks of. There is no common ground between Libertarianism and Christanity. There can not be light and darkness in the same place.

    • Scott Raisleger

      I noticed that if you replaced the word God with Allah and the references to Jesus with Mohammed  you would sound just as ignorant and indoctrinated as a half-retarded Al-Qaeda Foot soldier. If conservatives such as yourself believe so strongly in God’s law, why do you insist on having the State kill its own citizens? I mean its been proven time and time again that capital punishment has taken the lives of innocent people.. There’s this guy I read about named Jesus who is a pretty good example of that.  He also spent a lot of time hanging out with prostitutes, drunks, adulterers,  and  tax collectors and advocated on their behalf in numerous stories. Have you read any of them?   (Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone?)

      You claim that man is intrinsically evil, yet doesn’t the Bible state man was created in God’s own image?  I guess maybe the Holy Spirit made a typo when God was dictating his divine text. If you honestly have read the bible and truly believe in this unquestionable power and infallible judgement of God, why do you insist, in every instance, on using the state to do his dirty work?

      You fear anarchy and claim it causes chaos, I am an anarchist and an atheist, yet I specifically don’t want a government empowered to kills its citizens, or anyone else’s citizens for that matter.  I don’t want a government that recognizes crimes without victims  or imprisonment through arbitrary discrimination.  Yet you postulate that I’m the one who is in favor of chaos and that I lack morality?  I don’t believe in the Bible yet it seems I’ve read much more of it than you ever have, and understand more than you could ever hope to. Perhaps King James will translate it to Hillbilly so there is still a chance at salvation for you.  But if not, don’t worry, when I get to heaven, I’ll ask God to take it easy on you, I’ll tell him you probably just didn’t know any better.   

      • Mick Anthony Casanovaa

        Don’t bother addressing people like that. I’m sure if they read “For a New Liberty” they’d have a different opinion,but you know they wont.

  • Robert J Keegan

    Homosexuality is not microscopically close to being Natures law, as
    opposites attract and we all know it,
    but as far to many try to change it, it is not possible. Homosexuals need to
    know normal common sense
    people can not join the stupid crowd to say your behavior is natural, as it
    is not, but totally all right with me,
    if you chose to go against Nature Law of attraction. Fact normal men are
    not the least bit attracted to one
    another as we all know and from age 14 up we can not get the opposite sex
    out of our minds.

    • Anonymous

      ” as opposites attract and we all know it,”

      Then your wife must be a Rhodes Scholar. 

  • Anonymous

    (moved to proper place)

  • Pamela Peltonen

    “Now then, why do you try to test God by putting on the necks of the disciples a yoke that neither we nor our fathers have been able to bear?” Acts 15:10

    This whole argument just seems like more tribalism to me. Don’t label me or try to fence me in.

  • suz

    i’m sorry too, i voted for democrats up until mccain.

  • Marciababble

    I was listening to GB the day the Supreme Court Health Care decision was issued. The pain, shock,and dismay on air was the sound of a republican being re-birthed as a Libertarian. 

  • SRD

    If there is this much termoil and rejection amongst libertarians then we will never get to what we want, WHICH IS to have a LIMITED government.  I don’t agree with every Libertarian in the world.  Even in my own extremely Libertarian household there a few disagreements in policy and solutions, but I would say that we ALL agree that the government should be limited and a great place to start is the constitution…mainly because it already exist and maybe there are those that think we need to burn it all down and start over, maybe its true and its not. BUT while you sit there and argue with those trying to give you a voice over how anarcho-capitalist we should be and therefor I reject all other ideas, you are losing the fight to have  a limited government!  The constitution hasn’t truly been followed since it’s inseption, so let’s move toward it.  Let’s try that.  If we go past it to create something better and more efficient GREAT!  We need to move toward our goal first which is limited government. 

    I think it’s hard for Libertarians to accept Glenn Beck because he is a public and polarizing figure.  He has said some very contrraversial things in the past and I think we are all afraid that he will make a statement that gets minsunderstood as an aspect of Libertarian thought and it will discredit our entire movement.  I don’t think that way.  I think it is a BEAUTIFUL thing to watch someone start to change their mind so publicly and maybe even stumble a bit through it.  it will show others its ok.  It will give it a human voice and it will give it a voice at all!  I support Glenn Beck’s travel through libertarian thought and I hope you all do too!

  • BozotheTrump

    Follow the money, people. Libertarianism opens up a whole new revenue stream for the “Rodeo Clown”.

  • Kimberly Bray

    Actually I do not want to be on either side. I think both the left and right has stooped to an embarrassing level. I am against the people abusing the system. Some are on unemployment because they just choose not to work. There are American citizens purposely having babies each year to receive more government assistance. That is what I want to change, I want to put an end to entitlements for those who are perfectly capable of making their own money. Is that so wrong?
    If I have to send this message 1 by 1 for it to work, that is exactly what I will do. Potential Me is the non profit to stop this cycle of ignorance.
    Thanks :) please like the new revolution

  • Paul Redman

    I agree with Ann Coulter on the Stossel interview, though. 

    I believe in Freedom and Liberty as defined by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. 

    However, we have to keep in mind that the 18th Century was a time of such phrases as ‘Nature’s God’, ‘Providence’, and ‘The Creator’. Man was of a different cut at the time, and regardless of ill-informed opinion, was more Bible-based than any segment of society today. 

    Is Man capable of ruling himself? 

    Yes. But with one caveat: WITH God. 

    WithOUT God, Man is NOT capable of ruling himself; and over time will demonstrate monstrosity beyond measure. Morals, values, etc are not superfluous terms. They are not “relative”; rather they are absolute. 

    My point being: take a society of today that trends toward Godless and runs awash in moral relativism and I say that libertarianism is a crock for- as Coulter described- let’s smoke pot and do what ever we want. 

  • Cody O’Connor

    Hey guys, I do a libertarian show and recently came across Glenn’s video and wanted to say that while the extreme anarchists have been close minded and unwilling to make friends with people who want a common goal of small government and liberty, I’m willing to listen and I’m willing to work together.
    Please check out my show, it’s called Off The Air Live, and I went over this extensively in my latest episode. You do have friends over here, and we’re not all radicals and blowhards. I look forward to working together towards liberty, and thanks for reaching out to us!

  • Anonymous

    I am tired of the labels.  Common sense is the way.   Free markets, fiscal responsibility, smaller govt, healthcare such as HSA accounts, having businesses provide incentives to stay healthy like $$$, tolerance for belief systems, a strong defense and defending Israel.  That is what the country needs but who will step up and defend this?  There is concrete evidence that these and many other ideas WORK!   The left does not care and the right does not either!  We need leadership to explain with a smile, that these ideas WORK!

    • Kirby Whosoever Harris

      John you had me until you threw in defending Israel defending Israel it not conservative and nit our nations job, and the Constitution does not mention defending other nations, only this one.

      Also, I only agree with you on a strong national defense if it means only protection this nation and not being policeman of the world, boss of the world and bully of the world using our military.

      • Anonymous

        It is according to Prophecy in regards to Israel!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if you’re going to talk about Libertarianism, you need to have Lew Rockwell on your show ( Not sure he’d be willing, because of all the flaky positions you’ve taken in the past. But, you should ask. After your series with Lew (and it’ll need to be a series, because 5 minutes will not cut it – and that series, with you both being honest about your positions, could potentially be a powerful discussions on libertarian thought…), do a couple of interviews with Robert Wenzel ( He’ll school you on some economic principles you don’t yet understand. If you’re open to being schooled in public, this series will be powerful as well. Then, you need to have a series with Scott Horton or someone he recommends, to help you understand how evil the state is. Finally, you should talk with Thomas DiLorenzo, so you’ll take down those awful pictures of Lincoln.

    Here you go Glenn. It’s your curriculum for learning what liberty is all about. No need to thank me. Just reach out to these folks and start learning.

  • Carl Stull

    If only the people would of known that Gary Johnson only needed 5% of the vote for the Libertarian Party to be an established party in the next election I think more people would of voted for him. The problem is the number of choices that the people are given, which is one. The last thing either established party wants is another choice thrown in the mix, so they’ll tell them that you’re “throwing away your vote” when you vote Libertarian, when in all actuality, you’re not.

  • John Slatter

    I do agree that some Libertarians are extremely skeptical of those that are coming late to the party. However I do believe that the more welcoming we are, the more people will embrace Libertarian ideals. Glenn keep it up, you have many conservative listeners that are greatly influenced by what you say. The more you keep talking, the more people will listen. In that same spirit you also have to watch what you say. As a public figure identifying with Libertarianism, things you say can greatly affect the image of ‘Libertarians”. 

  • Mike Hunt

    Jerks Like Glen Beck and Bill Maher work to try to define Libertarians to keep the masses away from a true working point of view instead of the red vs blue ie us vs them do or die mentality that our divisive politics of today have created. 

  • Anonymous

    I started watching Glenn when he was on Fox and I definitely saw the NeoCon elements in his message back then (did not like), but I’ve watched and listened to his transformation to the party of logic.  I used to be the same way until Ron Paul (2008) had me take the Red Pill and show me what the Big Government Matrix is.  Glenn has come full circle in my opinion and I love listening to him each day streaming through iHeart Radio.  Thank you Glenn for conveying the truth that people need to hear and I’m turning more of my like minded friends on to you.

  • Bill

    Glenn Beck only wants to be know as a libertarian because he wants to gain control of that movement and control it for his own gains. He doesn’t really mean what he says about being sorry. He is only in it for what he can gain and the power he can get.

    If he is a libertarian then why does he not believe in the non aggression principle?

  • Lala72

    Couldn’t stand Beck a few years, with all the tears and pom-pom flailing “patriotism.” But hearing that he moves closer and closer to libertarian ideals every day…I’m good with that. He has my respect. I mean, we ALL started out somewhere else. That’s a fact.

  • Bill

    Glenn do you believe in the Non-aggression Principle? If you don’t believe that then you aren’t a libertarian. So sorry Glenn Ted Cruz isn’t a libertarian.

    Glenn so you are a libertarian now? Or is it conservative? Maybe you are back in the republican party? See most people do believe you and also you loved blasting Ron Paul and his policies so most libertarians are skeptical.

    Last you were wrong about the Patriot Act when you supported it. You are wrong now supporting Ted Cruz since he supports, voted for, and sponsored the USA Freedom Act which is basically just a warmed over up grade of it.

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