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“The social networks are what these media companies care about,” Glenn told listeners this morning. Adding, “they care about phone calls, and they care about their Facebook pages — Twitter.  They really, for some reason, care about that.”
Glenn’s right. The cable and satellite providers that have been contacted by TheBlaze audience do care about what’s happening on social media. Why?

Because it’s public.

Requests have poured in, not just from callers, but on the Facebook pages of these companies. Their walls have been overwhelmed by customer requests to have TheBlaze added to their TV lineups.

“Our audience is the best,” Glenn said. “This is the thing that people don’t understand about you.  You have gone through the crucible for the last five years.  You have gone through hell and back again.  You have been there.  You’ve done your own homework.  You’ve asked yourself the tough questions.  You’ve fought along the way. Sometimes you win.  Sometimes you lose.  But you are not a wallflower.

“Five years ago you may have sat back,” he added. “Not anymore.  They don’t know that. These media companies they don’t know.”

If you want TheBlaze added to your lineup, call 1-800-996-2529 or go to

  • Sam Fisher

    I think that is what I am going to do right now. 

  • Anonymous

    I called directtv to ask them if they would be getting the blaze.  I have dish network withThe Blaze, but would consider changing if I could be sure to get the blaze on the new system.

    I signed on for The Blaze the day it became available on Dish and spend a lot of time listening/watchingthe programs – Keep Stu’s program!

    The nice guy at Direct TV tried Very Hard to convince me that Direct TV had Free Speech channel and it was exactly like the Blaze.  I disabused him of that notion and him that even with the best offer available, I wouldn’t change without getting The Blaze.

    He said he would pass the comment along – I hope he does!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We need to keep up the momentum until the message is born to the world at large.

  • Anonymous

    Directv carries Current/Al Jazerra so it should also carry The Blaze.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      Yes the Blaze should be on all our tv’s…as well as webs…and I pods…etc…I don’t like the idea of thinking Al Jazerra is ok with folks …we don’t need that propoganda…

      • Anonymous

        No, you need this propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    I sent it to my cable network yesterday and haven’t gotten any response. I have about 10 Spanish speaking channels that are of no use to me as I am not bilingual but shows I would be interested in not so much.

    • Mary Theresa Del Buono

      I have to pay for Italian shows…but 20 or so Spanish are free…oh well…but I want the Blaze on my Bright house…wrote them and email but I will keep trying…we need our opions getting out there so maybe some will take a look and listen to the truth…
      Thanks Glenn I have been watching you since CNN and bought a look see at your GBTV..nowaka The Blaze…it helps to know more about what is going on…I am not a good reader of the book type but watch a lot of tv and you…thanks again…

  • Chuck Teal

    I called my TimeWarner provider and the pleasant young girl I spoke to said they had been overwhelmed all day with calls for TheBlaze , which she had never heard of (this is in the New York State capital region). By the time I finished my polite and cheerful conversation with her, she said she would have to check it out for herself.

  • Anonymous

    I LUV THIS GUY!!!  Many folks, I am certain, felt the same way as that elderly person he spoke of.  I, too, have been mourning the death of my beloved country and have been just marking time.  I live alone, eat alone, sleep alone, and all I hear during the day is the voice of those who would take away even those intimate moments.  I know this man was sent by our Father, and I pray he can lead a movement to at least remove the hate-filled rhetoric of the Obama administration, and if nothing else, just get us back to zero.  Isn’t it sad when breaking even is the best one can hope for?  I think so.

  • Anonymous

    I spoke to AT&T U-verse and was told or led to believe, they were currently in negotiations with
    the THEBLAZE TV. I also posted on their FB page. Is it true they are currently in negotiations? I sure hope so!!

  • Debbie Rae Mecham Piepgrass

    I called Time Warner Cable and told them as a customer I was requesting The Blaze be offered and that it was already on Dish.  I said that if Al Jazeera with Al Queda could get on cable in the East then surely Glenn Beck should be able to get back on cable.

  • Ryan Canfield

    I spoke with TVC, a rare anomaly – a small, family-owned and still independent provider of Cable and TV in our neck of the woods and expressed that my family wants The Blaze.

  • Anonymous

    I emailed and also called Direct TV to get the Blaze on thier line up.  When I was talking to their Rep about if they are getting alot of calls, she kind of sounded uncomfortable with the question and then responded, oh yes we are getting some calls, trying to play it down maybe??? 

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    I would like to  send show to my kids but I have 4 of them…cannot do just one…and $$$ for 4 would be too steep for me just now…maybe if you are on cable they will watch too…I am praying this happens… because they have started on gay marriage again…I know lots of you out there think this ok…but I just do not like it…it is wrong…

  • dmprisk

    After being with Directv for 15 years, the Directv customer service girl was shocked when I called to cancel. She even said, “you are canceling with us after 15 years over us not carrying one channel!” and I said YES! She asked me what carrier did have The Blaze and I told her DISH. I told her I’ve emailed Directv a couple of times before and got the reply that “Directv didn’t have any plans to add “The Blaze”. I went on their Facebook page this past Wed. and asked and got the same reply. So DISH will be installed tomorrow. I told the Customer Service girl to be sure to put down why I canceled because they didn’t carry The Blaze. She said she would. Bye-Bye Directv!

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    For the cable companies that carry we should also request that they block Current/ Aljazerra from your home, which they can, Ive had them come out and block stations that offend me many times with Time Warner.

  • christian friden

    I think the best way to get other providers to add The Blaze is to tell them you are leaving for Dish. When they ask why, tell them because they have The Blaze. Then make the switch. If enough people leave their current provider to get The Blaze on dish then they will be forced to add it.

  • Anonymous

    Cable stations aren’t stupid.
    They make their money from selling commercials on their cable channels.
    Fox News exposed the fact that Glenn Beck’s crazy no longer sells.

  • Anonymous

    My husband  & I  love what you are doing on the Blaze.  You bring the truth in a way the others can’t or won’t.  We moved and were told we couldn’t have Dish TV because of the trees around our house so we went to XFinity Cable. We missed the Blaze.  We sent an email recently to XFinity in response to your promotion to get the Blaze everywhere.  We haven’t got a response yet.  They carry every other channel, so they should carry Blaze TV.

  • Anonymous

    I sent emails to Charter TV and to SkyAngel requesting theblaze. I also have an FTA dish which picks up Aljazeera which i watch occasionally.  I must admit Aljazeera SEEMS entertaining and well done and not as horiffic as everyone thinks.  But that is the DANGER of it!   The problem is we only have sources of leftist/communist propaganda available.  That is called BRAINWASHING.  TheBlaze is desperately needed in every American home!!

  • Anonymous

    In a time when we’ve all been blindsided with non-stop attacks by liberal media and their minnions. Keeping informed with sources like The Blaze has gone from just having a different spin on topics of interest. To having access to one of very few places where the average Joe can actually hear the TRUTH. Wow! “Totally Different Concept.”  Yet in all the hoopla aren’t we missing the point just a wee bit? What we, myself included (or should that read ‘Myself deluded)  What we’ve missed just a wee bit is; What created the conditons that not only urged but demanded that ‘Mainstream Media’  prostitute itself to the whorehouse of Obama? More importantly, what can we do to start turning this trend around? This is one of my biggest fears. I honestly feel if we can’t do something to bring America and Americans back to reality. All may aready be lost. In our past, we need only watch our shores to protect and defend. Not since our Great Revolution have we had to worry about major enemys within or borders. What’s now happening in America is inde3ed the greatest threat we’ve seen in over two hundred years. Thank God we at least have a few like Glen and The Blaze that give us hope that we can hold on to all we love so much

  • Steven Kujawski

    I called Direct TV of which I’m a customer and requested The Blaze. I worded it with a tone of assumption that they already had the channel. It was fun to feel the guy squirming on the other end of the phone to find the channel. He asked me what channel number it was. I told him I wasn’t sure and the squirming began again. He put me on hold for about 5 minutes and came back to actually advise me that Dish network has the channel and I could always order The Blaze as an a la cart option for $5 from Dish. WOW that was not the response I thought I’d get. I have a feeling this frustrated response came straight from management, as the confused phone rep didn’t seem to have a clue.

  • Bob Bedsaul

     I contacted directv to request they add the blaze.  Miguel, the representative that answered the phone, first acted like he didn’t know what I said.  He then asked, what was it called, the blaze? I’ve never heard of that…what kind of channel is it, like racing? I said it was news and information.  He asked put me on hold.  When he came back, he said I cant find anything on it….maybe it was exclusive to Dish and I couldn’t get it on Directv.  I told him that was the reason for the call was to suggest they add it.  He said, well, I put in the information, but may I suggest you check out CURRENT TV?  I think you’ll really like it…let me look…it’s on channel 358!!!!  Of course I turned it on and the young Turks with Cenk Yugur was on…  I asked for his name again…he said Miguel, spelled it, and said my number is 794 (or something like that).  So, I said thanks for the tip and hung up.  Unbelievable!

  • Anonymous

    Just out of curiosity: what the fuck does Beck mean when he says the audience has been taken through hell and back? What does that mean? Just that they had to listen to his bullshit?

    Beck is always doing that daisy-boy dance, but it just does not make any sense

  • Kay Dawn Vaughn

    Just switched from Dish Network to Directv…I  am going to miss Glenn Beck’s show…it was a fight everynight for me to stay up till midnight to actually get the truth for the day.  It and Bill O’Reilly were the only ones I trust…I have written Directv but am sure it’s like pissing in the wind..I am just a nobody so they won’t go for it…I went into subscribe and you have to have some kind of device in order to get it on TV…I am too blasted old to have to fool with that :)  I will miss watching you Glenn but will keep up with your newsletter.  Good luck with your continued success…you really are making a difference in this world and I am very proud of YOU..please keep the truth going and free for us all. You will have to be our voice in this wonderful country of ours…God has given you a task…and I know you won’t fail Him or any of us.  May God Bless You and our great United States of America!!

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