The new normal? USDA says food stamps are good for the country

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The USDA (the same group that uses tax payer dollars to host diversity training sessions with lessons about how pilgrims were “illegal aliens”) is now saying that food stamps are good for the country. In fact, on the USDA website you can download your own poster that says, “Food Stamps Make America Stronger”:

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

TheBlaze has reported that under the Obama Administration, food stamp usage has grown nearly 50 percent – from 31 million people in 2008 to 47.7 million people as of February 2013. To put that number in perspective, the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Canada.

The USDA is openly touting the alleged economic benefits of the food stamp program. According to its website:

• Every $5 in new food stamp benefits generates almost twice as much ($9.20) in total community spending

• If the national participation rate rose just 5 percent, 1.9 million more low-income people would be able to spend an additional $1.3 billion on healthy food. This would generate $2.5 billion in new economic activity nationwide.

Additionally, the USDA claims, “In fiscal year 2009, the average monthly SNAP benefit per household was approximately $272. These benefits, funded by federal dollars, create business when they’re redeemed at your local food retailers. Eighty-six percent of business, totaling $25 billion, were redeemed at the nation’s 35,000 supermarkets. The remaining benefits, totaling $3.6 billion, contribute to the viability of 121,000 other firms, which include grocery stores, convenience stores, combination stores, farmer’s markets, and other retail food stores; plus wholesalers and meal services.”

“This is unbelievable,” Glenn said to open the radio this morning. “What are they doing to us?”

Based on this campaign, it looks like what was once considered a temporary aid for Americans who had fallen on tough times is now the new normal – one that will require the ever shrinking tax base in this country to foot a big bill.

  • Anonymous

    Food Stamps — that’s one way to try to control people’s eating habits.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Another will come with government imposed shortages, seizures, and controls that will force people in the end to turn to the government or starve.

      • Anonymous

        Or growing gardens in their yards again!

        • Chris DeMarsh

          That will be made illegal, in some areas it already is.

    • Draxx

      In the Old Days (1600-1700’s) in Korea the Lords and Nobles would buy up all of the Staple Foods in the Markets and Store Them, Causing Shortages in food supply (especially during drought seasons).  Then the peasants would be given just enough rice/grains to survive, and be forced to take out Loans at psychotically high interest (which they could not afford to repay, and thus lose their lands to the Rich/Elites).  Then they would become share-croppers to grow food to eat and pay exorbidant taxes to the elites for the privelage of feeding their families…  But, always kept in poverty to be slaves of the elites!

      Sounds Kinda Familiar To Me…

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So the propaganda madness of the left continues to grow at an unrelenting pace.

    Has anyone noticed how the ‘economic community spending’ continues to grow in claim from the administration every time they speak of it? How long until the administration and the left claim all of the economy is prospering due to food stamps alone?

    What we are seeing here is not just the efforts of Obama and the Democrats to hook as many people as possible on the Federal dole; we are seeing the extension and expansion of the base message of Keynesian economic theory – only government spending can succeed.

    Madness to the core, and may more people see the truth of the matter; Keynesian economic theories have always failed, are failing in America, and will always fail.

    • Draxx

      You are right and they don’t mention that all of the increased spending is to get Less Than Before Because Of Inflation…

      • mspatdev

        I wonder what will happen to all of the free loaders if there was not money for food stamps. Some people need it to circumstances beyond their control, but the rest of the free loaders can do without. Get a job. There is a lot of jobs to have. Free loaders are the ones that are in gangs and have problems shooting everyone. They have nothing else to do.  Everyone in the USA and else where ought to go on strike for a couple of days. Obammy would soon learn, I hope, that people do work for a living and they aren’t free loaders. With more and more companies leaving the U.S. then where is his money coming from. Maybe his hollywood buddies, Soros, Buffington, Left-wingers, etc. can support him and the mid-east.  He has no brains in how jobs work. He is not a good pres.

  • Sam Fisher

    That is like saying that the KKK help the civil rights act to be passed. Give me a break government.

  • mudslide

    USDA says food stamps are good for the country – you just can’t make this stuff up.

     There was a time when govt help was simply just ‘help’ and it was almost embarrasing – now it’s demanded and seems to be a badge of honor.
    Our forefathers are spinning….what a disgrace we’re becoming.

  • Anonymous

    “If the national participation rate rose just 5 percent, 1.9 million more low-income people would be able to spend an additional $1.3 billion on healthy food.”

    Healthy food?    Not from the looks of the shopping carts I’ve seen in the grocery store!

    • mudslide

       ….. recipients can purchase luxury items that include soft drinks, candy,
      cookies, ice cream, even bakery cakes and energy drinks as long as they
      have a nutrition facts label…..

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I work for a major grocery chain and sometimes I run a register.  I see people everyday using EBT cards (there are no booklets anymore and haven’t been for years) buying food items I could never afford on my salary and then buying beer, wine, cigarettes and pricey things like blue ray disks, stuffed animals, etc. 
        I don’t begrudge anyone a little help, especially if you have kids, but the abuse is rampant.  And quite frankly, being single and having 30% of my paycheck going to taxes that fund this abuse is galling.  Maybe I could use that money to by myself steaks more often!  But then again, I am the type that would rather eat ramen noodles bought with money I earned than steak paid for by someone else. 
        The younger ones are what kills me.  Most of these are early twenties, and could work and some even have two incomes.  I worked once with a lady (who since got let go from our chain) who lived in half a duplex that she and her husband owned and owned another house to boot.  Not only did she work, but her husband drove a Brinks truck.  Don’t tell me that they couldn’t support the two children they had without getting EBT.

        • Anonymous

          Also forgot to reply to mudslide, here in VA you are not allowed to buy energy drinks with EBT. 

        • mudslide

          Unfortunately yours is not the only example of this…

          I’m retired 22 years military and unemployed (yes, it’s true), and qualify for food stamps – but I will not even consider it.
          I make do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not living in the streets, but I could do with a job.
          I went to one of those ‘chain stores’ 2 days ago and there were 2 families in front of me, obviously from the same household, and they were loaded with crap, DVD players, movies, junk food….and had to separate the food stamp products from the hard dry goods they were buying. They had 2 full carts when they left.
          It makes me sad, not for myself, but this country. 
          It also infuriates me that I spent 22 years defending this country for ppl like that only to make probably less in retirement then they do in welfare.
          America needs an overhaul from the top down!

          • Anonymous

            I know how it is.  I struggle each week, and don’t dare miss a days work.  And my sister is ex-military on disability and has to live with her daughter so they both can make it.  This truly bothers me because the ones that need it most, most of the time don’t get it.  I see lots of elderly people that have to put things back off of their order just so they can pay for it.  And not luxury items either.  I try to help when I can by putting in a dollar or two or five so they can get their groceries, but some days I just don’t have it to give. 

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that.  I think they need to do with EBT (stamps) what they have done with WIC (used to be call Women, Infants, Children not sure what it stands for now). 

       On actual WIC checks they can only get the items listed (Milk, eggs, cereal, juice-and it has to be real juice as well, and also some get whole grain bread items).  The also have something called CVV which is like WIC, only it states that you can get so many dollars worth of fresh, canned, or frozen vegetables.  I think this is a good idea.  You can’t buy Doritos instead of bananas like you can with EBT. 

      Let me state again that I don’t begrudge anyone help if they truly need it, but the abuse needs to stop.  With so many working the system, a lot of the ones who truly need it (elderly and disabled) aren’t getting the help they should.

  • Anonymous

    “If the national participation rate rose just 5 percent, 1.9 million more low-income people would be able to spend an additional $1.3 billion on healthy food.”

    Healthy food?    Not from the looks of the shopping carts I’ve seen in the grocery store!

  • Rex Whitmer

    Obama punked himself through high school and college and has never had a real job in his entire life.  Money means nothing to him.  Any way he can get it is all he cares.  His home, 3 millon dollars at a whack was given to him by a wealthy Muslim in England.  He made himself available to other Muslim students who paid his way through most of his time in Columbia (wonder how come?)  He applied for and got a foreign student scholarship from Harvard which paid his expenses as well as college.  He apparently taught for some time in Harvard probably as extra expense fillers.  Then he went to work as a so called community organizer.  That job consists of convincing poor people that they don’t have to work, that the government owes them a living and that they should take advantage of it and to show their appreciation to be certain to vote for the Liberals who’ve taken care of them.  He really has no idea of how to work for a living and has matured thinking that money will always be there, no matter.

  • Anonymous

    In areas with high food stamp (SNAP) use prices are driven up because the markets know they have a captive audience.  Government interference always distorts markets causing nasty unintended consequences.  An excellent example of this is the health care system.  Do a study on why employers first started paying for health care and you will see how government regulations caused spiraling upward costs.  And so it goes.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, where I live (and work) you see competition for those customers.  Pricing wars, and my company actually made us take a class to make sure we treated these EBT and WIC customers with respect.  As if I would deliberately be rude to a customer!  I would rather wait on someone with WIC or EBT than on the transplanted New York snobs that live in the area.  I am just sick of seeing a lot of the abuse that goes on with EBT.

      • mudslide

        You want to know why the abuse of welfare and food stamps – and you probably already know – it’s ineffective management, outdated policies, and little to no oversight/enforcement of regulations.
        I’m not defending the fraud by any means as we’re all (mostly) responsible adults, but if the feds managed the programs the way they should, it would probably cut the waste in half…and it’s not just these progarms – it’s govt in general.
        If they can get away with it, they will.

        The amount of federal pork, waste and abuse is staggering and needs to be labeled as a felony. It may be, I don’t know.

  • Bill Coleman

    The problem is that mom still has to cook and prepare the food.  Here in Kalifornia we are experimenting with feeding large numbers of illegals with school cafeterias.  We feed children from 1 to 19 years old.  Since the parents show up with the kids we let them eat too. 

    • Bill Coleman
      • mudslide

         I like how it’s made to be warm and fuzzy, and esp the word ‘free’ used so often in the article.
        It’s not free!
        Maybe for the leeches, but it ain’t free!

    • Anonymous

      A local food pantry is proud that it provided food to 45,000 individuals last year. A typical pantry box weighs THIRTY pounds and contains a nutritious THREE-DAY food supply for each family member…

      (And are these people also receiving food stamps in addition to these free handouts?)

      • Anonymous

        Go2Blazes: The food pantry in our area is giving it to people who don’t qualify for food stamps, or don’t get enough on their cards to make it for a month.  Some people get more and some get less.  A woman with 3 kids living with her mom and dad will still get more on EBT than a single elderly woman living on her own.  And the elderly lady probably tries to live on SS alone.  This is where I am getting fed up with abuse.  They need to take into account things like rent, utilities, etc.  Not how many illegitimate kids you have.

        • Anonymous

          Good points. And that single elderly woman probably WORKED all her life and PAID INTO Social Security and other systems, but she nets less because she hasn’t spawned a bunch of needy offspring to add to the welfare rolls. The whole “progressive” system/agenda is upside down.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, ain’t it great gettin’ all that stuff wit dem food stamps! I’m gonna see if’n I kin beat dat guy dat has $7000 bucks on his food stamp card!

    (Whoo, I can’t stand to do sarcasm for very long, or it causes a roiling stomach.)

    The basic problem is FREE MONEY.  Where do they get the “money” to back the food stamps? Of course, much comes from us, the working taxpayers, but much also comes from the Fed creating “money” out of thin air. True, the gummint printing presses work long and hard making the folding green, to mollify us when they spread it around, but soon the time will come when it will be cheaper to burn that long green instead of using it to buy fuel to heat our homes.

    I kinda remember someone else going down that road, a while back….

    Oh, well, sit back and enjoy. Yeah, suuure.

    Laus Deo

    Oh, and Remember Benghazi.  Who said, “Stand down.”?

  • Harold Mac


  • Frank Balcer

    our government just wants us to be lazy and depend on them.
    i would rather have a farm and work until the day i die.

  • Anonymous

    SHEER INSANITY.  Encouraging people to become deadbeats is good for America????? Handing out foodstamp dollars will BOOST our economy????

    FIRE THOSE IDIOTS who are spewing such bullsh!t!!!

  • Anonymous

    What idiotic statistics! Let’s say the food stamp program keeps growing and reaches 90% of US citizens. Who’s going to pay for all this expense? According to their thinking, the US will be saved because issuing so many food stamps will create twice as much spending? Where will the tax revenue come from? Oh yes, it will be the top 1% giving away all their lifelong savings to cover America. How stupid are Americans to buy such irrational logic?

  • Anonymous

    Gosh, gee I guess all that stuff I learnt in scule doesn’t matter much…
    Seriously, I see a social system slowly sinking into what Mexico is. Everybody stands on corners with their hands-out. No, they don’t have food stamps here but they are “entitled” to a Christmas bonus (alguinaldo) they are entitled to an annual profit sharing from the company they work for (utilidades) but if the company has a bad year they don’t have to pay the company-makes sense? er, no… the government, at ALL levels treats the citizens as children. They build parks (poorly) they make streets (very poorly) and then the government spends a mountain of time patting itself on its back. I mean TV and radio promotions saying “Look at me, see all the wonderful things I do for you?” Although the works are of absolute poor quality and don’t last very long, they publicize how wonderful they are.
    But the government has created a social system where the citizens are dependent on what the government will provide for them.But at the same time let’s examine the quality of life in Mexico versus that in the United States. We haven’t dipped to the level of that in Mexico (or other countries) but here, they don’t invest in training people, I remember way-back-when where the best way to help people is to teach them how to do things so they can provide for themselves and leave the list of those demanding from the government. No, here they simply continue to take blankets, metal sheets(to cover their houses) and construct (poor) housing and handing the people everything. The result… ignorant incapable people who pass along the welfare mentality to their children and possibly drug dependent, crooked, and anyone who has been to Mexico no doubt has been anoyed by young boyd jumping onto the hood of their cars and starting to wash the windshield and scratching their paint in the process.
    So teach people to grow vegitables, show them how to work-albeit in today’s world. Provide capacitation centers to train people even for the most basic of work tasks…er, that Americans don’t take but Mexicans do. (Room cleaning in hotels, working in fast food restaurants, trash collectors, construction workers and so on…)and get these people into useful-productuve positions where they can provide for themselves and contribute to society as a whole.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    The Federal Government causes a recession, implements regulations to inhibit job growth and economic recovery, increases borrowing and spending and raises taxes on those working.  Yes food stamps as well as unemployment compensation are beneficial under such conditions. Consider that without armed guards, electrified fences, gas chambers, pestilential housing, the Obama administration is manipulating the country into an “Arbeit Macht Frei” dichotomous society. I.E.: One must work, pay an undefined fair share in taxes, relinquish wealth to the government and meet the Death Panel when sickness pervades. Basically a serf’s life.

  • Kol Johnson

    Fallacy #1 is that the 2.5 billion in economic activity is new.  When they take the 1.3 billion out of our pockets we lose 2.5 billion in economic activity we would have created if they had let us keep our own money so we could spend it where we saw fit.

  • Dawn Brayton

    That’s just plain weird. Nothing like food stamps to make a person feel poor even if they get other government help. But maybe it IS getting sort of normal. More people on stamps and less people clerking in grocery stores has made sure those of us who would rather not stand in line behind anyone using them(because of feeling embarassed for that person)actually having to since the other checkout lanes are closed.

  • Lester Osborne

    It’s hard for me to understand how passing out food stamps is going to generate an income that’s good for the nation.  Isn’t the money used to give out these free foot stamps coming from the TAX payer dollar. Coming from and over spending government as it is, doesn’t really sound as promising as you are trying to lead us to believe.

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