5th grader called murderer for having a paper ‘gun’

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The left constantly refers to conservatives as ‘extreme’ in their views while painting themselves as the model of sanity. Does that match reality? Not in Philadelphia, where one 5th grader was scolded by the school and called a ‘murderer’ by her peers because she had a paper ‘gun’ on her at school. The actions have done irreparable harm to the little girl.

TheBlaze explains:

Melody Valentin’s grandfather had made her the “gun” — which resembled a piece of paper with a chunk torn out of it — the day before, and she stuck it in her pocket and forgot about it, WTXF-TV reported. When she went to throw it out in class the next day, another student spotted it and called her out. A school administrator was summoned, and Melody was reprimanded for having the paper.

“He yelled at me and said I shouldn’t have brought the gun to school and I kept telling him it was a paper gun but he wouldn’t listen,” she told the station. The administrator allegedly threatened to have her arrested, and other students called her a “murderer.”

Melody’s mother, Dianna Kelly, is furious and has been keeping her daughter out of class to avoid harassment. She said she wants to pull her out of the school permanently.

“Why did he threaten my daughter? Why did you stand over my daughter and tell her that you should call the cops on her? ‘You can be arrested?’ Why were you trying to scare her?” Kelly said.

School officials did not return a request for comment from WTXF. The Philadelphia school district said it was looking into the matter.

“This is not extreme. This is insanity. And you have to ask yourself, who is insane? Which one of us is insane? This is 2 plus 2 equals 5. This is 1984. Which one of us is insane? For them to equate and search a kid with a paper gun and then call them a murderer and have the teacher say, you know, we could call the police on you and we should call the police, that’s what ‑‑ in front of children, that’s what she said, with a paper gun. Which one is insane? Are we insane? Or is the teacher insane? And the entire school system insane?”

“Because they are doing it, but I don’t think they are doing it for any other reason than indoctrination. And if they are not ‑‑ if they don’t know they are indoctrinating the kids to give an irrational fear ‑‑ and they do. But if they don’t, they’re crazy. They’re crazy. And their judgment is so off, your children should not be around them. And if they are not insane and they know what they’re doing, then you’re crazy. Because you’re allowing it to happen, to your children. You have a profound responsibility. We all do. You’re not going to be able to change those school districts, but you’ve got to get your kids away. You have to get your kids away. No matter what the cost is to you, the responses of what we do and do not do will come when our children come of age.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One more example of political conditioning being imposed on the children of the land; each time they are being made examples of ‘guns are bad, if you have a gun you are a killer.’

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    That a progressive mentality for you. They call troops baby killers when clearly they are not but yet they support abortion. The call anyone with a fake gun murder but yet but yet they support cop killers and terrorist revolutions. Progressives are as progressive as cancer and they need to be called out for their hypocrisy and downright lies/bully tactics.

  • Anonymous

    The next time a teacher hands out papers or construction paper (!!!) one might charge the teacher and sue the school for knowingly distributing the materials to make firearms.

    • Draxx

      I think it is time to Remove the Letter “L” from the Alphabet because it might make us all terrified that they might be “Mini-Guns”…

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pamela-Dunn/100000108092512 Pamela Dunn

        Remove the “F” too for the same reason

        • Anonymous

          Wouldn’t the capital ” Q ” look like a bomb laying on its side?

        • Draxx

          Pamela are you trying to scare me?  That looks like a Thompson SMG pointing downwards…

        • Anonymous

          Nah, you’ll need it because you people are fucked.

          • Anonymous

            And once again, Critten, you prove beyond doubt that you are incapable of rallying a meaningful argument based on fact, understanding, and thought. Instead, you substitute name calling and foul mouthed idiocy for any thought process requiring more than the slightest modicum of effort or understanding. I challenged you before to make an argument without the swearing, but you can’t do it and we all know that you don’t have the ability to meet that challenge, as you have absolutely nothing to say. You don’t know enough to be able to comment without it and you certainly don’t have the English language skills that would afford you even the slightest chance at prevailing through fact and reasoning. But please, reply the way you always do and prove my point for me.

      • SoThere

        The censors have gone through all the books in school and redacted all reference to GUNS.

        • Anonymous

          Are you serious? How about just burn the books with any violence in them?  Don’t forget to throw Bambi, Snow White, Wizard of OZ  etc… on the top of the pile.

          • SoThere

            Sarcasm, clay.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6L77CPE37PQUOSNU6C2YLML7SU Mark

       That’s about the level of Liberal thinking today. Good point, Tony!

    • J Nelson

      That paper wasn’t registered properly either.

    • Anonymous

      This story seems to be about one group of 5th graders picking on another 5th grader, and has absolutely nothing to do with “the left”, except in your wet dreams. I think a story about an elementary school crisis is an appropriate story this and website and for you morons to get all worked up over.

  • Anonymous

    You have to hand it to the left and their fellow travelers the MSM. They have changed the debate to one in which it is a foregone conclusion that guns are evil and they freak out even over the word. In fact, ‘gun’ has become the new ‘n’ word, one that isn’t to be said because it paints you as a troglodyte from an more barbaric time. That is why when we say ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ it is lost on the low information voter. To him or her, the gun is the epitome of evil and must be exorcised from the homes of everyone.

    Folks, we have long since crossed the ‘slippery slope’. We are heading downhill at terminal velocity towards a confrontation. I just hope that it is a confrontation where we can actually fight and not a replay of Winston Smith and O’Brien from 1984. We all know how that ends up….

  • Draxx

    When I was in the 8th grade I had been given a piece of paper from a friend, and the way it was handed to me I got a Paper Cut (in 1981 it was an accident, in 2013 it would be called Assault with a Paper Knife).  We are moving towards Nazi Germany Every Day…

  • Anonymous

    We need to push back harder -offer money rewards to people who defend themselves with gun.  Sponsor youth shooting competitions.  More positive exposure about kids and guns.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely correct on this matter!
      Great ideas, we need more activist not a bunch of whiners and critics…that is easy  the work begins by getting personally involved in a tangible and measurable way.   We need to save the young from this increasingly dictatorial form of indoctrination and the government that is allowing it and helping it all fester. 

  • Anonymous

    If she’s in 5th grade she’s 10.

  • les_lovett

    “irreparable harm” ???  I don’t think so.

  • http://twitter.com/amiciLatinae amiciLatinae

    The teacher needs to be reported to Children’s Protective Services for bullying a child in his charge who by the teacher’s contractual agreement should have been protected. Every legal teaching contract normally gives the teacher “in loco parentis” standing with each child in their custody during the day. As a role model he recruited other students to participate in the act of bullying and thus the teacher threatened the child’s physical safety. [No wonder she has nightmares!] A school district that keeps a teacher like this is begging for more trouble. The parents must sue the school, the teacher, and should demand “discovery” to learn whether or not the Penn. State Dept. of Education or teacher union groups have taught teachers to address any presumption of a firearm in ANY way. If through workshops, memos, education classes or mentoring programs teachers are being taught to counter a cultural or ethnic home value that denegrates the beliefs taught in the child’s home then clearly the State discriminates against specific ethnic groups. If there is evidence of telling teachers to participate in the persecution of firearms, giving selective attention to only students presumed to have so much as a folded set of fingers displaying a firearm the parents need to sue the State for the cost of private school tuition and counseling assistance for the child with a counselor who has empathy for the child’s ethnic/cultural values. This child has been discriminated against because of the belief of her parents and grandparents and their descendants.

  • http://twitter.com/SnowOwlFan Herbert Shallcross

    I can’t wait until the next gun buy-back. I’ll make about a thousand pictures of guns on my computer printer and trade them for gift cards!

    • Anonymous

      Let’s all make paper nukes. They should be worth billions!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6L77CPE37PQUOSNU6C2YLML7SU Mark

    This is CLEARLY a form of indoctrination through fear and intimidation tactics. If anyone thinks otherwise, they are not thinking clearly to see this for what it REALLY is. They WANT kids to fear ANY form of gun – pretend or otherwise – so they can more easily take the REAL guns (and our rights to have guns) away.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for all this pansy-assed femmy political correctness to end.  Starting with the sons a bitches in the out house.  America has become so damn mentally retarded of the silliest damn things, you’ve turned into a nation of pussys.  Femmy damn pussys.

  • Karl Rentler

    They have been doing this since the 60s. 1st the socialist teachings that government is knows best. 2nd manmade global warming. Now they have moved onto guns. 

  • Destroy All Morons!

    sorry y’all, but this whole nation unraveling ends in blood…..buckets and buckets and buckets of blood…..i have no legacy, and hopefully i’ll have passed away before the inevitable occurs.  it’s either a civil war bloodbath, or a completely authoritarian state.  the debate is over.  the left won’t cease and desist until you exterminate them. things like the law and the constitution mean nothing to them if they don’t like what it says.  the evidence is now right in front of all your eyes.  deny it at your own peril, especially if you have children or grandchildren you want to live in a free republic. 

  • Anonymous

    No bullying allowed unless it is state/school sponsored bullying.

  • Dmac73

    Complete paranoia and not a speck of common since. These are the people that are teaching the youngsters that will grow up to raise your grand kids and run business’ and the country. Get rid of all these unstable paranoid teachers and find some with common since– if they make them anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I think that next time the police should be called….by the parents and have the principle and the students charged with bullying and harassment!  As soon as those type of charges are filled then the schools will think twice about harassing a student like that again. Parents and students need to start fighting back when school officials take it this far.

  • SoThere

    If you shoot a spitball at someone is that “Murder?”

    Spitballs are a long practiced school tradition!!!

    Next move by the school administrators is to register all straws and do DNA testing on the spitballs.

    OMG! What about rubber bands and paper clips?

  • Greg Williams

    Has this teacher been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats?  Has (s)he been put on the “no fly list” yet?   If not, why not.  Telling the child they could be arrested when there was no crime, that’s terroristic threat. I am waiting to hear about the lawsuit being filed on the behalf of this little girl.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2DB3C3EADN47A5LFN7HZHOYY6Y Ken

    In the early 1900’s, shortly after the passage of the compulsory education act, the second most evil President in US history mandated that schools accepting public money teach temperence.  President Roosevelt was in favor of temperence because he was an arrogant racist and after all only blacks, mexicans, wap’s and mick’s were lured by the evils of alcohol.  A generation later, young voters who had been indoctrinated in the government schools, that only the morally baankrupt use alcohol, voted to pass the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.  So have no fear good citizens, the government will do it’s damnedest to indoctinate our children that guns are evil and only the government needs them. In a generation from now I would be willing to bet that some progressive/communist will propose an amendment to the constitution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Elizabeth-Danuser/698607027 Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Are we this kind of sociey where kids can’t have any kind of childhood without it being mistaken,or judged?Sure glad this didn’t happen when I was a small thing.Liz 

  • Anonymous

    After hearing a few reporters admit feeling pressure from the Obammunist’s, do you think the obvious bias in the slipstream media is totally voluntary? I wonder how long ago media figures have been feeling it was in their best interest to spin things to the Left, even to the point of being obvious about it? I could be wrong. I sure hope I am. Now excuse me while I go throw up.

  • Anonymous

    I read the real story about this.
    Wow, Glenn Beck is a wonderful fiction writer.
    Yes, she was reprimanded for having a paper gun, but the rest is complete fiction.
    I would call Glenn Beck a liar, but that is a little too repetitious and obvious.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WYSRTF3CA2JFZRAPRQDHXGUIGM Dasco

      Seriously, where is the real story? I’d like to read it myself.

    • Anonymous

      Hello……………EVERY single report out there about this says the same thing…exactly what Beck is saying here.  Go somewhere else, Government Troll.

      • Anonymous

        You need to slay yourself. Glenn seems to be complaining about 5th graders teasing a 5th grader, you people are pathetic.

  • kerijay

    Some Americans are stupid plus most of congress. Kerry and wife’s “Second Nature” transformation of education in 1993. “Humans are guided by a whole set of beliefs and values, and those
    come from culture, from religion, from social, economic, and political
    structure. We need to change all of those.” That is brainwashing kids into communism.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ACCGSQRVRUIF33CPWDGRONUGKE Julia

    This is absolutely ridiculous! Kids can’t even PLAY anymore without being punished!!! 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DYQNFE4FGIMTMVC6AEDPO3B7GM bel

    …and all logic and reasoning goes out the window. wow It didn’t even look like a gun! It looked like a piece of paper with a corner torn off, like a lot of papers we have here, in our home, because we tear off corners to write down info we need at the time. So I guess that would mean we have a huge arsenal here, and are producing more guns every time we go to write a note. So, what kind of ammo would all of our paper guns take, anyway? Spitwads, maybe? sheesh. 

  • Sam

    That teacher should be fired for threatening a child.

  • Anonymous

    Although occasionally there are good ones, increasingly teachers are proving themselves to be exceedingly untrusworthy. Who better to push a liberal agenda on young people than teachers. It is scary, but the moves that liberals make are methodical, and diligent. They know that if they want to change society, they will have to mold young minds, and that is why we are seeing more and more liberal teachers. Sure parents can try to raise their children with conservative values, only to send their kids to school, and have these values undone by the school system. Teach children that guns are bad, and gays should be able to marry, and repeat it long enough, and those same young people’s opinions will be molded by teachers.

    Now is a time when parents must redouble their efforts at insuring that their values are the ones that their children believe, and follow. When parents hear of something inappropriate stated or done by a teacher, it is imperative that they address this, and in written form. When something is put in writing, there is no doubt that it was conveyed, and schools don’t like to have a paper trail from parents, regarding complaints. When there is a complaint, and it is in writing, it has to be addressed in one form or another. If it is simply verbal, individuals can say that you never expressed concerns.

    When a child is in public school, remember they are being taught by agents of the government. Sure, these people have all of the bells and whistles on their resumes, but that means diddly. They may have a masters degree, but completely lack common sense. Parents need to understand that as well. If a parent does not have formal education, and believes that those who occupy the positions of teacher, are smarter, they may be quite surprised to find that this simply is not the case. An I.Q. test measures a person’s intelligence, or their ability to cope with change. An I.Q. score is rarely changed at all, from having undergone an extensive and advanced education. What this means is that there are many many parents who far exceed the inlelligence levels of school teachers, and yet are lacking in credentials.  Credentials are often the first thing that teachers throw in your face; the implication being that they are smarter and better qualiifed than the parent to mold the mind of a young person. This is arrogance that is only exceeded by that of the politician. In fact, teaches are many times merely agents of politicians, and their agendas. Not withstanding credentials or intelligence, it is parents who are absolutely primary in the lives of a children. What we are now seeing is schools acting “in loco parentis.” Or in lieu of a parent. This is absolutely unacceptable.

    Parents should never be afraid of pissing off teachers. When a kid comes home with a book called Captain Underpants, the following day a parent should have a letter written to a teacher that they don’t want their kids reading books about adult freakshows named captain underpants, running around in their underwear. When a teacher denies a child the right to use the restroom, the parent should be in a meeting with the teacher and principal ASAP! Parents need to take charge of their children’s education. They are paying for it and need to make sure that the school system never forgets this.

    This little girl needs advocates, and fast. She needs her parents, caretakers, and family in full support. She needs her parents and their attorneys to take this school system to task, as a matter of principle. Congratulations to Glenn Beck, for bring this story to light!          

  • Anonymous

    This is despicable. These schools are absolutely so beyond out of touch that they have become fully functional as apparatchiks of the liberal agenda. Imagine them trying to explain how they are the “kinder, gentler” approach to teaching. A male administrator threatens a student, physically intimidating her, threatening her, and yet, he says that the student was an immediate threat. I wonder how that jackass would react in a situation that most approaches how that little girl felt. If he were stripped naked, physically threatened, threatened with imprisonment for his beliefs and his peers were invited to critique his “shortcomings” while calling him creative names. That is the only equivalent that I can think of since there is no chance that someone could be found that outsizes him and holds such threatening authority to the degree that he did over this little girl. So far as I’m concerned, this moron should NEVER be allowed around children. He may think that he has carte blanche to exorcize whatever demons have haunted his sick mind throughout his life due to what happened in Connecticut, but he should be made to pay, at the very least, the ultimate loss of his position and never allowed near children again. The district that hired this evil man should be litigated into oblivion. Who would care if their doors were closed and never reopened? Those children would be far better off. The truly sick, pathetic part of this is that this administrator included other children in some perverted group punishment attempt. If this were to happen in my children’s school district, it not only would have been that man’s last day at work, he would have needed protection or would have needed to leave the area as his safety would have been forfeit. I usually don’t condone vigilante action, but I wouldn’t waste a single moment feeling sorry for him.

  • http://twitter.com/NSResponder John C. Randolph

    As I’ve said far too many times before, anyone who can’t tell the difference between a weapon a child’s toy is too goddamned stupid to be trusted to babysit, let alone hold a job  as a teacher.

  • Anonymous

    Okay where is the “real story”  which of the hundreds online should we read?

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

    “called a murderer by her peers”, Glenn? You mean like, other 5th graders? How exactly is that “the left”? You border on the ridiculous. No, I take that back, you are ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      William, those kids would not have been able act in that manner, if staff had not lent tacit approval.

      We now have kindergarteners receiving sex education, and teachers educating children about a wide variety of topics that should be reserved for parents/caretakers. This is indicative of some significant, and substantive changes in the way that government views itself, in relation to the governed.


    • Anonymous

      You are the ridiculous one –  since when is it o.k. to give little girls condoms and the Anti Baby pill and all that ??  this is what this damn goverment is doing – when it should be taking care of governing – and that asshole of kerry just gives away another 250 million to EGYPT   f…… you!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Glenn’s ridiculous to state that school administrators encouraging this girl’s fellow students to ostracize her for possessing a paper gun? You really have no clue do you? The administrators not only attacked this girl, physically intimidated her, they then made it known throughout the school that she had committed this terrible act. It’s time to stop the hysteria in the name of indoctrination. If you have children, would you be all right with the treatment afforded this little girl if she were yours? Would it be acceptable to you that the principal stood over your daughter, screaming, physically intimidating her and threatening to have her arrested and locked away? Or would you simply say, “What’s the big deal? I totally get why they would do this.”? If this is actually the case, then it’s YOU that has the problem, not Glenn and not the parents of this little girl, who are justifiably furious. Try thinking it through, moron. This little girl’s peers were not being called leftists, it was the ADMINISTRATORS who encouraged this behavior, did not STOP the behavior and used small children to ostracize the little girl who are the leftists. Seriously, it’s that difficult for you to comprehend?

  • Anonymous

    The more I think about this story, the more I think that this is how the “gun control debate” will continue. They know that they will not be able to get much done now, so they will start on the next generation. By the time they actually get guns from the American people, they will be considered uncool, useless, anti-social, and unimportant. By the time they get guns from the American people, people won’t even want or own guns. This little girl is one of the first casualties in the evolving tactics of the gun/people control movement presently underway….

    • Anonymous

      They can try, but on this one issue, they are going to have he fight of their lives. This is one hot button issue that is not simply being abdicated by parents as unimportant. Those who fear tyranny and who own weapons (over 300,000,000 in the hands of 1/3 that number) will not tolerate this teaching and indoctrination of their own children, regardless of party, race or creed. The American Teachers Union and leftists will be successful on wrenching the hearts of children from the parents on other issues, but this is one fight that is far less assured of success than gay marriage, race and social issues. There are simply too many people who are committed to fight to the death for the right to defend ourselves. The reason so many leftists are invested in these issues is not because they know or care about guns; it is because they want to see governmental nannying from birth to death.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.clayton1 Jeff Clayton

    Welcome to the U.S.A.! We stand silent as these progressive freaks say and do anything they can and want to label normal people with vile lies!

  • Anonymous

    At the Oscars, I noticed a group of recipients, point their golden man at the crowd.  This looked very much like guns with their long slim appearance.  I think we should ban them as a suggestive gesture.

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