Sequestration Apocalypse NOW

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The left is in full fledged freak out mode over the coming sequestration apocalypse NOW. Only government would be alarmed at trimming a $3.6 trillion budget by 2% or less. It’s absolute nonsense!

“Stu and Pat just came in and things are really, really bad here at the Mercury broadcast center,” Glenn said. “If you have power, you’re probably one of the very few that have any power.”

He was, of course, mocking the politicians and media figures freaking out over what amounts to minimal cuts to spending.

“It’s grotesque what’s going on. And they are trying to convince you ‑‑ and I’m not even going to get ‑‑ we should not be mad. We should not discuss this in a serious way because it is laughable. It is 2%. It is like you’re going to the grocery store and you grab all the milk and meat and everything else that you need and then you’re standing at the checkout counter, and you grab some gum and maybe a People magazine and, you know, you buy the Inquirer and you buy some candy or whatever your kids are… that’s the stuff that they are asking to cut.”

“We’re not asking you to cut the milk and meat,” he explained. “And we’re not even ‑‑ we’re not even taking away the candy bars or the People magazine. The gum, can you not have the gum?”

“You were promised that you could this year get two packs of gum and we’re asking you to buy 1 1/2 packs of gum. It’s an increase from last, from last year. They still have, out of all the money that they ran the federal government last year, they still have all that. This is a 2% cut in the increase. It’s obscene. And the media is lying to you. And we have to mock it because the only thing worthy of this is mockery. It’s laughter. I can’t believe people are having serious conversations and writing serious articles about this.”

  • Sam Fisher

    My god there are zombies outside of my house! Damn you congress!

  • Sam Fisher

    This just in Al Gore blames sequester on global warming. 

    • mspatdev

      What a big laugh that is. How stupid can he be?

  • Sam Fisher

    Glenn you should make a shirt that says I lived through the sequester of 2013.

  • Draxx

    Man I got kicked out of my Gov’t Housing, Lost my Food Stamps, No More Mail Deliveries, Electricity was also Reduced by 2% and Nothing In the House Works (at least we got kicked out so there is no worries there), Wow I don’t see any Police Officers, Firemen, or Teachers because of the Sequester, and they are State paid workers… what can I do????????

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Draxx – don’t be shocked in the least if Obama has democratic mayors and governors use the ‘sequestration excuse’ to lay off firemen, teachers and police, release criminals and much more and then ‘blame the Republicans…’ in the days to come.

      Look at DHS releasing hundreds of prisoners BEFORE the sequestration even came close. And this was on orders of Obama, orders that he can be impeached for.

      • Max_80919

         The GOP needs to grow at least 1 vertebrae to even consider Impeachment proceedings, and then if they did, the Senate wouldn’t even debate it. The GOP would be slammed as racist, and the left would get so much political capital it wouldn’t be funny. Really very sad.

      • Draxx

        Actually snowleopard, I am expecting Obummer to do exactly that…

        I have a friend in Alaska that is Police Officer and over a year ago they were told to stop busting people for Drugs, Prostitution, Burglary, and Theft!  When I asked him why did they ask the Police to do that, he responded, “So that crime would Increase to the point of the Citizens Not Caring Who’s Door They Kicked In Stop The Crimes!  This way even good citizens can be dealt with without a Negative Public Opinion…”  He also stated that he was so against this practice, but he is already a Police Officer and considered on the Right Side of Law, and to Refuse would put him and his family at great risk.  He mentioned moving but his concern was that things won’t necessarily be any better in other places!

        Now, I believe that Obummer was not looking for Police to take control of those places but Inact Military Emergency Law (Martial Law), and use the Armed Forces to do the task (and that way Federal Law would Supercede the State Laws).

        • Michael Snodgrass

          What a bunch of bull. There is enough truth to impeach obama  without idiots like you spreading liberal lies to bastardise the system.Individual police officers wont put up with crap like this. Speaking from experience!

          • Draxx

            Believe What You Want To, I KNOW What I Heard And We Discussed It In Depth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t want any of it to be true, but it is…

          • Draxx

            Actually AHOLE, You might live in a decent place BUT not everybody has that luxury!!!  And if you think that Police Departments Cannot Become Corrupt, Then You Are Full Of It Yourself…It doesn’t always matter to those in power and control if All the Lemmings Follow Them because enough other idiots will, and thus creating peer pressure, downright intimidation, and/or leaving the force because of too much personal conflict.  It must be nice living in your Liberal World of Non-Realities, but unfortunately many of us choose to stay in the Real World…

        • mspatdev

          Actually, this is the U.N. law as Obammy wants to rule the world. I heard today that he said that he wasn’t a “dictator but the Pres.”. He is a big dictator. He has planned on this since 2008 and before, to put his UN forces into law. UN Supercede’s everything.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here we have heard the constant shrill cry of the left “Doom is now upon us, it is the end and the fault of the treasonous Republicans…”

    No apocalypse is at hand; just another chain of lies from the left and the leftist media to try and cover up their massive failures, and the uttermost failure of Obama. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    New t-shirt slogans for Glenn’s line of shirts…

    Apocalypse 2013: What happened, it never showed up?

    Apocalypse 2013: Obama denied, Obama lied, Obama went home and cried.

    Apocalypse 2013: The year of Obama being impeached and tried for his crimes!

    Apocalypse 2013: The people have awakened!

    Apocalypse 2013: Obama lied, Russia denied (him entry and political asylum after he fled)

    • Anonymous

      You need to come up with 2 more slogans so I can buy a new shirt for every day of the week!  Get on it snow leopard haha!  Love it.

  • Max_80919

    I can just see it: a cart going up and down your neighborhood street, with a guy clanking a gong and yelling “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!” 

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    Can’t anyone (besides us) see what a joke of a president we have? He is still campaigning and holding rallies, telling Congress to ‘get it together’. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the president is leader of the country, right? For the love of all that is good and righteous, WHY CAN’T HE LEAD?

    • Anonymous

      I have one thing to add, when is he going to realize that the campaign season is over?!

      • Elizabeth Bracy

        Bert, It’s the only thing he knows how to do! (With a teleprompter, you can’t take that away)

    • KC

      It’s like he has changed the way the country functions, No budget for over four years, he doesn’t get security briefings, he uses executive orders instead of the old way of going through congress. blames everyone but himself and the Liberal state run media goes right along. Our ambassador to Libya and several others were murdered and he never even took any responsibility. he watched that go down live in real time. I wonder what we will look like at the end of his second term…

      • Elizabeth Bracy

        KC you are absolutely right. I have really lost my faith in the American people. Him and his cronies continue to tell bald-faced lies and get away with it. I’ve had it with the GOP, too. Tell the crazy libs to pound sand. I also wonder about the end of this term. I was in on a live chat with Gary Johnson and he said it’s inevitable that the economy or dollar will collapse if this spending continues. I think people will be jolted in 2014 as the taxes/fees/’penalties’ from Obamacare kick in. I only wish I could say it would be moderately satisying to say TOLD YOU SO.  

    • mspatdev

      He doesn’t know how. He is an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    The voting machines went out, so I guess Obama has to stay Pres…leader of this shit hole.  I don’t like calling him President.

    • Diane Thompson

      I don’t call him President — it is either Odummer or Obummer, or my favorite, Nobama!  LOL  He has done nothing to deserve my respect!

      • mspatdev

        Amen, Amen to that. I just call him Obammy.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Evil O’Dumbo has never been my president!

  • Anonymous

    RUN…RUN…..  ..  HERE COMES THE N-GR    ……    RUN ,,,  RUN   …..  HERE COMES THE N-GR     ,,,,,,    RUN ,…RUN  ….  HERE COMES  THE N-GR     ……………..  FOR 5 LONG YEARS NOW       …..   RUN   …  RUN……

  • Anonymous

    Today is the first day of the rest of your sequester, and the cuts are already coming—undocumented immigrants released from detention, furloughs on military bases, agencies scrambling to determine whom they won’t be serving and what they won’t be doing. The optimistic take on all this is that in a country where people regularly shout at their members of Congress, “Tell the government to keep its hands off my Medicare!”, this could be an education. Start cutting back government services, and citizens will come to an understanding of some of the good things government does for them. Then that in turn will make the next crisis less likely, since the public won’t stand for it.Then Glenn Beck will shit himself again.

    • mspatdev

      Obammy needs to quit giving our money to the mid-eastern countries. The more money he gives to them, the more and more they expect from us. Obammy needs to take care of the USA and not all of the other countries in the world. They have taken care of themselves for all these thousands of years. WE DO NOT NEED TO KEEP GIVING THEM MONEY. If they want to fight each other, so be it, they have for many years. Obammy where is OUR MONEY?

    • Anonymous

      Do you know the meaning of the word “insolvency?”  As labor unions have increased in power and influence, they have inflated the salaries and pensions of government workers to the point that the public, with unemployment steadily just shy of 8%, cannot afford to support them.  In my home state of Wisconsin, when someone tried to rectify the situation, he got some of the worst backlash in US gubernatorial history.  Hypothetically, even if the unemployment were 100% Bush’s fault, you still have to adapt to it.  Increasing payment for the public sector, when the private sector is weak will lead to what we have now, same goes for raising taxes during a recession, bad idea.  We won’t get much of a sequester here anyways, Obama and Bernanke will set up more quantitative easing which will kill the only positive thing about the economy right now, that being low inflation rates of late.  
      Next let’s address Obamacare (aka Obamatax).  Why would Republicans, or anyone in congress agree to sidestepping the commerce clause?  That’s because the Constitution doesn’t matter to the current Administration.  That was the reason they’ve (the Republicans that is) never supported it, never should have been expected to, and never will.  The Democrats knew this ahead of time, at least the ones who weren’t brain dead.  But oh wait, the Republicans hold the purse strings because they control the House and of course they won’t vote to fund something they’ve been against all along (another thing EVERYBODY knew ahead of time).  So Obama promised universal health care without having the money to pay for it, so borrow it from Medicare, which is directly funded by those of us who pay income tax, the majority of whom are not okay with Obamatax.  
      Next, although many taxpayers are opposed to abortion, Planned Parenthood continues to be federally funded, then there’s the Sandra Fluke thing.  Then there is gay marriage which, well even if you are for it, one thing you can’t refute is that here is a new class of people who get to check the “married” box when they fill out their W4s.  This is fiscally irresponsible.
      So what you have here are a bunch of convoluted and impractical practices put in place by the current Administration that Republicans are opposed to, and these things are rammed down their throats. Then they are chastised for not supporting them and blamed for the real reason for an imminent sequester, which is irresponsible spending.  But the debt doesn’t matter right?  We don’t have a spending problem the Left says, we have a revenue problem.  But when you do nothing to increase revenue and everything to increase spending, what besides a sequester did you eventually think would happen?
      So who’s fault is all this again?  You tell me.

  • frank marks

    how did the stupid   get into control     save America     find some real leaders

  • KC

    For the life of me I cannot understand how anyone can believe a word Obama says. It’s obvious to me that he is out to destroy our country, and he is doing a pretty good job of it. He has went from blaming president Bush to blaming the Republicans, all because of his lack of leadership, my God he hasn’t had a budget in four years, every aspect of running this country has been changed to something I cant even describe, Like the state of the Union address, hell he couldn’t get up there and tell people about the state of our union, It Sucks! so he just mouthed a bunch of BS and everyone applauds. The way I see it is he doesn’t have any plan’s to better anyone’s situation unless it’s to fulfill a bigger goal of economic destruction.  How can we pay off our debt by taxation when over half of the population doesn’t even pay taxes. His goal must be to bankrupt this country. God help us…..

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        Please name one thing, just one single solitary thing that is actually patently false that Glenn has said, and prove that it is actually false, with no spin, find the quote presented in it’s full context and not out of context, and cite the source that correctly refutes him.  I’m sure you can’t find any such instance or you would have posted it by now.

  • Mark Brooks

    They need more Balls in Congress! All I see is a bunch of Wimps drawing a large paycheck! Thats all they know! It’s time for them to go! All of the Congress, Senate and Obamas goons! 


  • Bill Walz

    170 Mil job OMG not only are we losing all the job they were we had to add 40 Mil job to take them away

  • Draxx

    Actually AHOLE, You might live in a decent place BUT not everybody has that luxury!!!  And if you think that Police Departments Cannot Become Corrupt, Then You Are Full Of It Yourself…

    It doesn’t always matter to those in power and control if All the Lemmings Follow Them because enough other idiots will, and thus creating peer pressure, downright intimidation, and/or leaving the force because of too much personal conflict.  It must be nice living in your Liberal World of Non-Realities, but unfortunately many of us choose to stay in the Real World…

  • Harold Mac


  • Take 2

     President Astrix 2009 – ^

     ‘^  The birther’s… a far Left wig of the Party of George Washington found vetting evidence that distinguished  any excuse that President Astrix completed 50 State Voter application’s-as to the Law of all American’s free rights to Liberty $ justice to all. Meaning, east, African born and raised Islamist i.e. citizen of Indonesia, Barry Dunham et al was removed from office and all actions during his term in office reversed.  A small row boat was granted for some odd 50 czars and a nice long lasting rope for transformation of settlement. IN the end…

    Lollypops Pet Monkeys and gum trees or trees with gum were handed out to avoid an Apocalypse so HUGE agenda 21 could not breach.      

    New News… President Sarah Palin visited President Astrix at sing sing for a prayer meeting in both Russian and English today.   She brought a Neighbor Mr Putin to go over prior secrete plans with President Astrix. 

  • Kimberly Jones

    Next thing you know Obama will veto/omit or something he invents to change the 22nd amendment so he can stay in office for another 4 years, after his 8.  It isn’t too far fetched, just think about it….

  • Jim Haire

    Glenn, idea for your next T-shirt — “I SURVIVED THE ZOMBIE SEQUESTRATION!!” 

  • Jim Haire

    Or, “I can’t stand to be sequeSTRATED! ..I didn’t have that much to begin with!!”  :)

  • Anonymous

    lets see if I get it right……..

    lets assume I spend last year 10 000 and this year due to inflation and all I project that I have to spend 1 000 more than last year, now out of those 1 000 I have to cut 2% ,which comes down to 20 ,

    OMG the world will end ,how am I suppose to go on and function !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad the sequest happen maybe our pres. both houses will get acts together
    and actually give us a balance budget.

  • Kimberly

    Military spending goes along with the federal fiscal year (starting in October).  All contracts must be paid up front and in full.  If you alter the contract within that fiscal year then you pay huge penalties.  Everything else is the operating budget.  Units right now are seeing cuts in their operating budgets.  This sequester does affect military readiness, especially for this fiscal year. 

    Here’s the part that is confusing to me and I haven’t seen anyone ask:  if the federal government is actually spending more this year than last, but some are having to cut, then where is the money? It’s like my husband coming to me and saying, “We are going to make more money than last year, but we’re going to have to cut groceries, gas, etc. in our budget.”  My response would be, “Oh yeah, what ARE you spending the money on, then?”  That’s my point.  The money is being spent, just not as much on the military, etc. So where is the money being spent? Where are they funneling it to?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you wouldn’t think the sequester is very funny if you were elderly and needed a therapy that medicare won’t pay anymore or you were a soldier in Afghanistan and you weren’t provided the support you needed.  McCain sure disagrees with you.  Sticking with your grocery analogy, sure, some people will only have to put a portion of their groceries back, but if you’re starting with a portion, putting anything back is going to leave some people hungry.  The sequester is a reflection of an uncompromising Congress.  Republican message is all over the place on this issue.  Just as it did in the last election, this will backfire on Republicans in the next election, especially if the sequester remains until then.

  • Rex Stevenson

    Listen up America! This fight isn’t about Sequester, Gun Control, the Keystone Pipeline, Gay Marriage, Immigration Reform or Black Entitlement. That’s all “smoke and mirrors” designed to distract us from Obama’s real agenda … the complete destruction of America.

    Immigration Reform: Obama doesn’t give a damn about Latinos or the Democratic Party which, for him, is simply a platform to be used and then discarded with yesterday’s garbage. But he knows that these same illegal aliens will continue to be a drain upon our financial resources and create a potentially explosive rift between citizens and illegals.

    Keystone Pipeline: There is no reason to delay an environmentally-friendly Canadian pipeline that will make us less dependent upon Arab oil … no reason for increased gas, heating, and food costs.

    Gay Marriage: Obama doesn’t give a damn about gays and lesbians, but they have money and their votes count. And by supporting gay marriage and gays in the military, Obama is attacking traditional American family values and religious beliefs as well as weakening our military cohesiveness and readiness, thus undermining our national resolve.

    Black Entitlement: Obama is neither an African-American nor a Christian. He is a Kenyan by birth, raised as a Shiite Muslim, and his entire family and Luo tribe are all Muslims. He didn’t grow up in a ghetto in inner-city America, he was pampered, and his only memory of drive-by shootings is what he has read in books. But he knows that blacks will vote for him simply because he pretends to be one of them, and when he’s finished destroying our country their usefulness will be over.

    Gun Control: The 2nd Amendment to our Constitution guarantees American citizens the right to keep and bear arms, and no one individual has the legal authority to challenge this right. But Obama wants our guns so we will unable to protect our family, homes, and our country should the need arise. If Obama wants to stop gun-related murders and crime, he can start by going after the well-armed street gangs in our larger metro areas such as Chicago, Detroit, NYC, and Atlanta. Los Angeles alone has an estimated 100,000 black and Latino gang members, each of whom carries an illegal, unregistered firearm, and yet Obama is intent upon disarming law-abiding citizens so only the criminals will have guns.

    Sequester: First, let’s not forget that Obama, not the Republican Congress, is “the father of sequester.” Second, the $85 Billion sequester package will not have the catastrophic consequences falsely claimed by Obama. Last year alone, the Obama administration paid out more than $483 Billion in benefits to illegal aliens, paying for their housing, education, food, and medical expenses. Nor is this about tax cuts or increases. No, sequester is about spending. Obama spent $6 Trillion during his first 4 years in office and nearly bankrupted our government, so Congress closed his bank account and Obama is frustrated and angry … and now he’s trying to shift the blame (as usual) on Congress hoping that the American people will vote in a Democratic Congress in 2014, thus giving him full dictatorial powers. Which brings us to his real agenda.

    Two years ago, Obama told Russian president Putin that he would have more flexibility after his re-election … flexibility to disarm our country! It’s called “Nuclear Zero,” and Obama fully intends to dismantle our nuclear deterrent … bombers, submarines, and land-based ICBMs … leaving us defenseless against our enemies. Obama believes, as written in his Columbia University thesis, that the USA no longer needs a nuclear deterrent in this peaceful world of ours and that enemies like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will follow our lead and disarm themselves. This is national suicide! And if the Democrats gain control of Congress in 2014 and Obama uses that power to disarm our country, cities and towns across America will be reduced to radioactive rubble by 2016.

  • Guest

    Watch the economy slow down. Beck admits he doesn’t know s$%t about how the economy works, and he’s proving it by supporting this stupid austerity. Growth will suffer; people will suffer.

    Glenn Beck and the tea party don’t give a crap because Beck is sooooo “Christian.”

    By “Christian,” I mean angry, selfish prick…just as Jesus intended.

  • Tara

    While 2% may not seem like a lot to some, average folks who do not have a family member who is currently serving in the military, I would like to enlighten you exactly on what 2% means to me, my family, and my neighbors here halfway around the world on a U.S. military base in northern Japan where my spouse serves his country.  2% to us means that our children are going to have one less day of school each week.  Ordinarily that would not matter to folks in the U.S., who have a choice of educational opportunities, but here in Japan that leaves nearly every family with very few options for securing the education of their children.  2% means that our DECA/Commissary, which is already open only 6 days a week will soon only be open 5 days a week.  Sure there are grocery stores outside the gates, but the prices are not controlled, so fewer days open at the commissary will equal spending more on groceries- while that may not seem too bad, you might think, since service members receive COLA (cost of living allowance), oh yes, but that was already reduced back at the beginning of the year.  Civilian employees are losing jobs left and right and numerous services are being cut here; all directly accredited to the Sequestration.  Please do not assume that 2% is a measly little ‘pack of gum.’   We are talking about families who have chosen to serve their nation, already sacrificing a great deal (my husband is currently deployed to a location that he cannot even disclose to me), and now I read an article that tries to downplay the severity of the sequestration- if you think that these severe cuts to the military are not important, you are sadly ill informed on your military history.  Yes, these cuts may not affect every American’s pocketbooks, but I tell you this- every American’s safety is directly affected as our military is being dismantled right before our eyes.

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