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The left is in full fledged freak out mode over the coming sequestration apocalypse NOW. Only government would be alarmed at trimming a $3.6 trillion budget by 2% or less. It’s absolute nonsense!

“Stu and Pat just came in and things are really, really bad here at the Mercury broadcast center,” Glenn said. “If you have power, you’re probably one of the very few that have any power.”

He was, of course, mocking the politicians and media figures freaking out over what amounts to minimal cuts to spending.

“It’s grotesque what’s going on. And they are trying to convince you ‑‑ and I’m not even going to get ‑‑ we should not be mad. We should not discuss this in a serious way because it is laughable. It is 2%. It is like you’re going to the grocery store and you grab all the milk and meat and everything else that you need and then you’re standing at the checkout counter, and you grab some gum and maybe a People magazine and, you know, you buy the Inquirer and you buy some candy or whatever your kids are… that’s the stuff that they are asking to cut.”

“We’re not asking you to cut the milk and meat,” he explained. “And we’re not even ‑‑ we’re not even taking away the candy bars or the People magazine. The gum, can you not have the gum?”

“You were promised that you could this year get two packs of gum and we’re asking you to buy 1 1/2 packs of gum. It’s an increase from last, from last year. They still have, out of all the money that they ran the federal government last year, they still have all that. This is a 2% cut in the increase. It’s obscene. And the media is lying to you. And we have to mock it because the only thing worthy of this is mockery. It’s laughter. I can’t believe people are having serious conversations and writing serious articles about this.”