When you’re a kid you do a lot of stuff that might get you into trouble, but do you believe that making a “pop-tart gun” is one of them?

Don’t know what a Pop-Tart gun is? Well, it’s when you eat a Pop-Tart until it’s in an “L” shape and then you hold the short end. So if you really, really use your imagination it looks like a small, fruity gun.

“We have a second grader, another student has been suspended for something that represents a gun but isn’t anything like a gun. Josh Welch, second grader at Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland suspended for two days because his teacher thought he shaped the strawberry prebaked toaster pastry into something resembling a gun,” Glenn said.

“Welch, an arty kid, reportedly been diagnosed with ADD said his goal was to turn it into a mountain, but it didn’t really materialize,” he continued.

“The father said this was insane.”

Glenn couldn’t agree with Welch’s father more.

“So when are you going to, A, pull your kids out of school or, B, stop calling this insanity? And start calling it what it is: Indoctrination. They are indoctrinating our children to be terrified against guns,” Glenn said.

Glenn suggested that one of the reasons kids can’t read has to be because the teachers are imbeciles.

“How do you like that one, teacher’s union? If you can’t get your teachers to not be afraid of a ‑‑ of a Pop‑Tart, if your teachers are so ridiculously out of control that toaster pastries are a reason to be suspended, your teachers are imbeciles and they should not be anywhere near children. And I don’t know how you argue that,” Glenn said.

Glenn said there were clear differences between a kid bringing a toy gun that looks real and just making a fake gun with their fingers or with some random objects.

“When are we as a public going to say enough? When? When? Does it happen? When? Can we all be together on this one?” he asked.