Tell your provider WHY you want TheBlaze added to your lineup on Twitter!

Last week, thanks to your overwhelming support, we caught the attention of cable and satellite providers across America. You called, you emailed, and you made your voice heard across social media that you want TheBlaze added to your channel line up.

In just two days, you spent over 105,565 minutes on calls to cable operators requesting TheBlaze. That’s over 1700 hours of calls — amazing.

And we’re just getting started.

We have to keep the pressure on. Last week you took over the Facebook pages of TV providers with countless messages sending a powerful message in the number of you who want to see a network that shares your values on cable. The week we have to keep that pressure on.

The social networks are important because you have exposure to an infinite number of eyes across the globe. This week we’re expanding to the Get TheBlaze campaign to Twitter.

It’s time for your cable or satellite provider to know, not just that you want TheBlaze, but WHY you want TheBlaze.

This morning, we need you to get on Twitter and tweet a message or a picture to your cable provider telling them WHY you want TheBlaze added to your lineup using #IWantTheBlazeBecause.

Find your cable or satellite provider’s Twitter handle in the list below. Write your message telling them WHY you want TheBlaze on this sheet of paper and tweet your picture to your provider using #IWantTheBlazeBecause.

We’ll be featuring some of the best pictures and messages here on and on Let’s get #IWantTheBlazeBecause trending!

AT&T Uverse
Verizion FiOS
Time Warner Cable
Bright House
Cable Vision
Media Cable
Cable ONE
Service Electric
Mid Contentent
Buckeye Cable
Blueridge TV

Need a few ideas about what you want your message to look like? Here’s an example from our friends over at The B.S. of A.:

Print out a sign to put your message on HERE and start sending your messages!

And please, keep calling 1.800.996.2529 or go to

  • Anonymous

    Because I don’t want to switch to Dish Network just to watch it. 

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Did Beck hire Jim Messina? 

  • Sam Fisher

    I hope this works. 

  • landofaahs

    I got rid of the sat. dish a year ago, so I don’t fund algizzzzeeerrrraaaaa.  I never watched it much anyway.

  • Bucky Lee

    I want The Blaze because I am self loathing.

  • Bucky Lee

    I don’t pay one thin dime to watch TV but if I did and my provider put The Blaze on it I would cancel immediately.

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