Why are our teachers telling our kids to be afraid of guns?

Tonight on The Glenn Beck Program, Glenn focused on some of the insane stories making headlines in the news. A kid suspended from school for making a gun out of a pastry. Another teen suspended for wrestling away a loaded weapon from another student. Why are these the lessons being taught to our kids? Why are our students being taught to be terrified of guns and to sit down and wait for first responders when faced with a real threat? Glenn looks at the insanity permeating schools today in a monologue that should leave parents taking a hard look in the mirror and wondering how much longer they’ll allow this indoctrination to go on.

  • Anonymous

    strawberry flavored pop tarts ARE a crime!

    • Anonymous

      I looooovvveee the raspberry flavor.  It’s a crime not to eat pop tarts.

    • 11BRAVO3V

      I’m sure they are…aren’t they restricted under Mooochelles war on child obesity? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.foley.5473 Sharon Foley

    How do I sighn up to post comments on my page it never lets me comment.  I wote about a 20 line comment but it said I have to put in my credit card # first? hopefully its still there when I get back to my page.

  • gadogs00

     Stupid is as Stupid does………. Public schools have failed as like our Government…..

  • Natalie Sezov

    I homeschool.  Problem solved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

    Take one or two stories,  claim it’s some sort of proof of something, the Glenn Beck way….

    • http://www.facebook.com/shinco2 Lydia Miller

       This kind of thing has been happening frequently ever since the Sandy Hook shootings happened. He’s only reporting on two stories in this video, but he’s reported on others in the past. He’s not simply using these stories in the video as proof.

    • Anonymous

      It’s proof that good behavior is being discouraged as a matter of public policy.

  • Jason Kimbrough

    I do take offense to being lumped into this ridiculousness.  I am a public school teacher and would never do something like this.  You have ot take a look at where this is happening, what area of the country.  Probably some liberal over the top state.  Not every public school teacher is stupid enough to believe that a pop tart is a dangerous weapon.  How about taking the blame to the top of the public school system instead of always pointing at the teachers.  The people at the top are clueless when it comes to how we should be teaching our kids.  Test, test, test….that is their answer for how to get back on top.  How about teaching our kids to think and actually take the knowledge they learn to do something instead of just take a test.  Quit lumping all teachers together just because some idiots do stupid things in the guise of being a teacher or an administrator.

    • Anonymous

      You take pride in your work as a teacher.  Thank you for being that way.  It’s evident in the way you’ve stood up for yourself here.  What subject do you teach?  What is the state of the school district that you work for?  Have you heard any instances of your colleagues having to pander to scholastic policy at the expense of their own moral fiber?  If not then you work in an excellent school district.  I will take it at face value that you aren’t one of the bad ones.  I believe you.  Keep up the good work.

    • http://www.facebook.com/tim.michaelis1 Tim Michaelis

      Can’t Speak For You But It Happens All The Time In Ohio.Kids Getting Suspended For Drawing A Gun Using There Fingers Like A Gun At Recess. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Mann-LaDuke/100002566825517 Lisa Mann LaDuke

       I live in Alabama and the principal at my son’s school was brought here from South Carolina–he threw my son out of school because of a conversation he had with another student about video games and said to this other kid “you know what I like to do–I like to kill people” my son has no access to any guns, he does not watch any violent movies and has not played any kind of video game since he was in the first grade–my son is 12 now–this happened 2 days after meeting with the principal and his teachers–where I asked them for the third year in a row not to pass my son if he did not do his classwork or homework–the principal looked me in the eye and refused to fail my son if his TEST SCORES were high enough–I said that my son was not being taught a good work ethic. I am now HOMESCHOOLING BOTH  of my children.

    • Anonymous

      How can you take offence if you are not one of the idiots? / socialist / libetard / revisionists / propaganda machines for the up and coming slave owners and the teacher union.

  • eagle77

    Because a culture of fear makes people easier to control and takes away their individuality and spirit. The student who disarmed the student on the bus is a hero, and a very short time ago would be receiving medals from the local police department, mayor, perhaps even from the President, but we all know that’s not going to happen. I pray that the treatment thus far does not dampen his spirit and great courage.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure Obama’s next step is to regulate home-schooling.  He will attempt to slowly phase it out and make it illegal.  This is very frightening stuff.  What will these kids be like 10 or 15 years from now?  This isn’t a joke at all.  The people that will be in power within a few short years will be able to hurt average citizens with impunity.  It’s because there will be absolutely no oversight of degenerate behavior.  It would be a good idea to get with like minded people very soon.  Keep your powder dry and keep an ample cache.

  • Bonnie Somer

    so the obama doctrine and brainwashing can start earlier and earlier a school in TX had girls in burquas OMG if i were their parent they’d b out of there.  this is horrid where r we the people?

  • http://twitter.com/nutts2020 nutt

    “Another teen suspended for wrestling away a loaded weapon from another student” Now you’re repeating a lie, Glenn.  He was suspended for not telling the truth to deputies.  Which is pretty serious, considering how serious the situation was, surely?

    But keep repeating the lie, Glenn – it’s not as though people are taking your advice and questioning what you tell them.  They believe you tell them The Truth – after all, you tell them that you’re telling them The Truth.  All you’re delivering is The Truth (According to Glenn Beck) – which is an edited and altered version of the actual truth.

    Pants on fire, Glenn.

    • Trent Satterfield

      LEE COUNTY, Fla. – A Fort Meyers teen was suspended from school after wrestling a loaded gun from another student.
      The incident happened Tuesday when the Cypress Lake High School teen was riding a school bus home from school.
      Authorities said a football player got into an argument with another player who pulled out a .22-caliber revolver.
      The 16-year-old jumped out of his seat and wrestled the gun from the player, investigators said.
      The principal suspended the teen because he was involved in the incident and refused to cooperate.
      The boy’s mother told reporters her son did not want to cooperate because he was afraid.
      She said her son does not want to be identified in fear of his safety.
      Witnesses told police that if he’d not taken the gun from the player someone would have been shot.
      The teen was allowed to return to class on Monday.
      The 15-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm on school property and assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.
      Stay with Local 6 for more on this story.
      Copyright 2013 by ClickOrlando.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistrib

      Not what happened at all liberal above is the newspaper account of the incident.

      • http://twitter.com/nutts2020 nutt

        “According to the district here’s what they did wrong. They didn’t tell deputies the truth about what happened on board that bus late Tuesday afternoon and they refused to cooperate”  from the abc link Glenn cited.

        “The principal suspended the teen because he was involved in the incident and refused to cooperate”  from the above article.

        Nowhere is the kid suspended for his brave action, but his unwillingness to cooperate with authorities investigating the event.  Now, do you think it’s A Good Thing to block an investigation into why a schoolkid ended up drawing a loaded gun on a classmate during an argument?

  • http://www.facebook.com/hokeintarms.firearms April Hoke

    Well a total ban on guns is hard to get passed right now but if you teach the children guns are evil and people who have them are bad then in 15-20 years when those kids grow up and vote an all out ban will be much more likely to pass.

    • americanathlete

       Schools in small towns where just about everybody hunts and everybody owns a gun will never go for it.

    • Anonymous

      Gun control will never work because evil does not adhere to the laws of the land. Look a Chicago, 500 murders a year with guns with the strictist gun laws in America. The gun is not evil, but the person murdering “IS”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1192470925 Joe Kaminski

    Non-violence is NOT working!  These people will continue to act like the insane idiots they are because so far they have gotten away with it and feel safe.  You want to change the way the schools operate, INSTILL THE FEAR OF GOD IN THE SCHOOL STAFF!  It is time to band together and let the school systems know, LOUD AND CLEAR, that there will be dire consequences for THEM if they continue to act like idiots.  Suspending a kid over a pop-tart?  The teacher, principal, and superintendent that were involved should have suffered a response that made them lock themselves in their homes, afraid to leave.  Same for the idiots in Florida that suspended the kid for disarming a criminal.  Same for the idiots that suspended a little girl for bringing in her hello kitty BUBBLE GUN!  Non-violence does not work people, at least not the kind you are using.  These people need to feel threatened.  They have yet to be threatened, but the time has come.  Not everyone can afford to pull their kids out of public schools, so if you MUST keep them in public schools, it’s time to MAN UP!  Be a PARENT!  Get involved with your school system.  Go to board meetings.  Make your voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR!  Make sure these morons know that you have ZERO TOLERANCE for stupidity.  They want to use their zero tolerance policies for justifying their stupidity, make it damn clear that your zero tolerance policy for their stupidity can result in severe consequences for THEM.

  • 11BRAVO3V

    Eric Holder gave this little speech in 1995.


     It sounds like he’s talking about inner city kids, or gang members, but lets face it he never meant it to be that focused. He is torn from the same cloth a “that guy.” An ardent marxist I’m sure. Progressives have been in control of the education system since Carter, regardless of who has been President and this has been part of their agenda since the 90’s. Establishing the Department of Education was the biggest mistake we ever made. It need s to be abolished and education needs to be relinquished back to the local level. 

  • CarnactheMagnificent

    I vaguely recall growing up to gun crazed nuts like Davy Crockett, Daniel Boon, and apparently a large gang called minute men, where men waved guns at each other in places like Lexington and Concord – about some crazy story about rebelling against an oppressive government. COME ON!!!

  • ttowntraveler

    I heard it put very well recently, it’s called “The Wussification of America”…and it’s a purposeful and intentional idea to make this and future generations of America’s youth fearful of any kind of weapon, fighting, self-defense, and therefore more MANAGEABLE!  I’m 65 years old, and when I was in school if there was a problem with a student being a ‘bully’, you defended yourself, or you got your friends to help you ‘take care of the problem’.  If it was at school, you could tell a teacher or principal, but ‘sticking up for yourself’ was encouraged as a good first approach. Working THROUGH a problem, not fighting, but resolution.  If it was a physical bully, you were not punished for defending yourself.  Adults intervened if there was a big problem.  Now we have a nation of ‘bully-proofing’ everything, including kids’ computers.  Take them away, if it’s a problem, unplug, forbid, take them away for Heaven’s sake! Where are people’s backbones?? Put some muscle back into the school and forbid parents from filing suit against schools for discipline when kids get into trouble.  Let kids resolve their problems with some help.. and stop this “I’ve been bullied so I can kill whoever”, or I’m bullied poor me.  Give the child the ability and the COURAGE to stand their ground and be proud of who they are!  It won’t start when they are in high school!  Don’t start the wussification at 3 and expect them to change at 13!! It won’t happen.  I’m a female, and both my parents wanted me to be a strong, independent woman who would NEVER allow herself to be a victim.  I was taught to shoot, hunt, fish, camp, and survive. I was also given ballet and tap lessons and taken to church from the time I was born! I raised my sons and daughter by the same rules, and proud to say my grandchildren are being raised that way too!  NO ONE should be raised a VICTIM, but we’re allowing it to happen in our Federally controlled schools!!

  • http://youtu.be/R7MC2wu49Cw Sam Fisher

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order.” – Adolf Hitler,
    I say we do not go the road of Hitler.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000112411373 Ken Pardun

    This story is upsetting, and for the legitimate reasons discussed below but I cannot believe I am the only one finding myself having a craving for Poptarts now.

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