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Just when you thought New York City’s nanny state could not get any more ridiculous, Mayor (or is it emperor?) Michael Bloomberg has announced a new public health initiative (a.k.a. a way to further strip New Yorkers of their freedoms). This time, he is going after your headphones.

“Now we didn’t get to the new thing that the Mayor McFascist wants to put together for you,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I think it’s really good. He’s concerned about your hearing. And he says the ear buds that you might wear now are too loud.”

The New York Post reported “health officials are planning a social-media campaign to warn young people about the risk of losing their hearing from listening to music at high volume on personal MP3 players.” The program will cost upwards of $250,000 and “will target teens and young adults… using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.”

Nancy Clark, assistant commissioner of environmental-disease prevention at the New York City Health Department, told the Post, “With public and private support, a public-education campaign is being developed to raise awareness about safe use of personal music players… and risks of loud and long listening.”

He’s going to spend a lot of taxpayer money,” Glenn said. “Sure you’re in Iowa or Washington state saying, ‘that’s why I don’t live in New York.’ No, your money is going to New York City so Bloomberg can put together a nice little package to save the ears of New Yorkers because apparently they’re too stupid to turn down the volume themselves.”

Under the guise of improving the quality-of-life in New York City, Nanny Bloomberg has banned salt, trans-fats, smoking, bottle-feeding infants, guns, soda, and Styrofoam, so naturally it is time to regulate what you listen to and how you listen to it.

“He’s going to try first to educate,” Glenn said. “But if that doesn’t work, which I don’t know, [New Yorkers] are too stupid to figure out the coffee and the soda with the pizza, so do you think they will figure the volume out? He’s going to have to be regulating the ear buds – what can be sold, and what should be worn, and how loud things can get.”

“If you’re against that, it’s most likely it’s just because you’re an extremist,” Glenn concluded, “because [Bloomberg] knows better.”