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Sen. Rand Paul gave his first interview since ending his nearly 13 hour filibuster to Glenn Beck and TheBlaze. You can read the full transcript from the interview below:

GLENN: A man who is I believe going to be the logical choice for president of the United States because he is reasonable, polite, and a ‑‑ I believe in a teaching mode right now, teaching the American people, not throwing around firebombs, not calling anybody names but speaking about principles, and the principles are those basic human rights that we all know naturally we’re born with. One that he spoke about last night, the right to live and to have a trial and to have a warrant, not just be killed, gunned down in the streets, or in this case killed by a drone because this president or any president says, “Yeah, take him out.” Here in the United States he held his filibuster last night and his first interview, Rand Paul, welcome, sir.

RAND PAUL: Good morning, Glenn. I was thinking about you. About four or five hours into it I was thinking, gosh, Glenn Beck can sit and talk for four or five hours every day, but it’s really not that easy to talk for that long.

GLENN: I can go to the bathroom.

RAND PAUL: And you get commercial breaks.

GLENN: I know. I was a little disappointed, quite honestly, Senator. I mean, you’re a doctor. Did you ‑‑ did you think about giving yourself a catheter at any point? I know you’re an eye doctor, but ‑‑

RAND PAUL: Yeah. Well, see, the thing is I did think about it. I put them in before and I really decided against it.

GLENN: (Laughing.)


GLENN: Tell me what your ‑‑ tell me what your thoughts were last night on who joined you, who didn’t join you, the success that you had or where you felt it fell short.

RAND PAUL: Well, you know, I was pretty amazed by the outpouring of support just up here. I mean, we probably had 15 congressmen come over to the Senate floor, and congressmen are allowed to come to the Senate floor but not allowed to speak or to come forward. I’ve never seen that happen before. And they came spontaneously. Nobody called them. They just showed up. And so one by one 15 people came in through the door which is ‑‑ you know, that to me is pretty amazing because we’ve all got, you know, busy careers and speaking engagements, and for 15 people to show up in support from the other House was amazing. And then really most of the senators came spontaneously too. We called one or two that do a lot with us to help us early on and then ‑‑ but gradually I’m not sure how many we had, but I’ll bet you we had 15 finally show up to be supportive.

And the interesting thing is we may not be all be on the same page on drone strikes here, there and hither and yon, but on American soil we came together and said, you know what? We’re not going to do targeted strikes of people not engaged in combat in America.

GLENN: Explain this to people because I know I have friends who I will talk to about this story this weekend and they will say to me, “The president is not going to do that.” I mean, that’s pretty much what Eric Holder was hoping people would buy into when he didn’t ‑‑ wouldn’t deny that it’s unconstitutional or, you know, he was sitting there and I think he was just hoping that people would say, “Well, they’re reasonable and so they will never do that.”

RAND PAUL: Well, you know, I just recite back to them the Federalist Paper by Madison when he says, you know, if government were comprised of angels, we wouldn’t need rules. And so I try to make it less about President Obama and more about what if someday we elect someone who wouldn’t ‑‑ who would abuse this power. And I think when you make it in those generic terms, people can be concerned with it. And it’s dangerous anytime you use an example of Hitler because everybody thinks you’re overexaggerating. But Hitler was elected democratically. So democracies can make mistakes and that’s why you want the rule of law to restrain them and not let them do that. And it’s really an important principle, and it’s difficult sometimes for people because I want to kill terrorists too, and I think if you’re in a battlefield fighting us, you don’t get due process. You don’t get lawyers. You can be killed. If you attack us in a plane, all of those things can be rejected with any kind of lethal force. But I’m concerned about people who are sitting and eating in a diner and you might think they’re associated with terrorism because they’ve sent an e‑mail to somebody. But really that needs to be adjudicated in the courts. And even many other people made the point that if you’re sitting eating in a diner in America and you really are a terrorist, we probably get a lot more information out of you by capturing you and going ahead and interrogating you than we would by killing you.

GLENN: I can’t think of any reason, any reason with perhaps the idea that you know, you have a live shot of somebody wiring up the Empire State building and there happens to be no police officers, no FBI, strangely the only thing you have ‑‑ because he’s going for the red button and pushing it ‑‑ possibly at that time but not, not for any other reason can I think of.

RAND PAUL: Right. And if those instances there’s really not any disagreement. Like Eric Holder brings up, you know, planes attacking the Twin Towers like they did on 9/11.

GLENN: Right.

RAND PAUL: Or attacking on Pearl Harbor. Those are attacks that obviously are repulsed but see, those aren’t even targeted drone attacks. We might use drones but that’s not what we’re talking about when we’re talking about targeted drone attacks to individuals. And none of us really are arguing against repulsing any attack or anybody anywhere near a bomb. I mean, if you’re just carrying a bomb into a building, I think you can be, you know, you’re bringing lethal force. You don’t even have to have your finger on the button. You can eliminate someone who’s carrying a bomb, carrying a weapon. You know, there’s all kinds of things that can be done.

GLENN: Hang on a second. We found out yesterday through a Freedom of Information Act that the drones from the Department of Homeland Security can see if you are carrying a gun in day or night with their new drones.

RAND PAUL: Yeah, I’m not going after people necessarily caring a rifle around. That would be half of the South, and myself included. So ‑‑ and half of my staff. So now I am not talking about that but I am talking about if you’ve been investigating a group and obviously you see them going into the World Trade Center basement with a bomb, you know, lethal force can be used at many stages and always has been. Same with police. Police use lethal force all the time. If someone’s robbing a liquor store, you don’t get a warrant and you call out “stop” and if they don’t stop, you get shot if you’ve got a weapon and you’re a threat to people.

So but what’s interesting is the president wants to answer the question we are not asking: Can you use lethal force when someone is imminently using lethal force. And the reason we worry about this is his drone strike program overseas, he says that you have to be an imminent threat but you don’t have to be immediate. So if that standard’s going to be used in the United States, we’re concerned that that could be somebody sitting in a diner.

GLENN: The ‑‑ Van Jones came out and supported you.

RAND PAUL: Hey, we got Code Pink too.

GLENN: I know. I’m not sure I believe either of them but I’ll ‑‑ you know, that’s fine if ‑‑ I mean, I don’t know why all of a sudden the Bill of Rights means something.

RAND PAUL: Here’s the thing, Glenn: This is an issue that does get people who believe in liberty on the left and right, and there are people who do have consistent, sincere beliefs. Like Ron Wyden I think’s a good man. I don’t agree with him on most economic liberty issues, but on civil liberties he and I have a lot of agreement.

The other thing about this is if we’re ever to grow as a party, the Republican Party to grow, we need to interest young people who are interested in civil liberties who may not be quite with us on the economic issues yet.

GLENN: No, no, no, no. Hang on just a second.

RAND PAUL: As they get holder, they come towards us.

GLENN: Yeah, I’m not talking about economic issues. When somebody is an avowed Communist, you know, then I don’t understand your civil liberties thing. However, we can disagree on a lot of things and that’s why I’ve been saying I really, truly believe ‑‑ and this is why I think you are the guy that could make the impact that will take us away from these two parties, you are the guy who could hold up the Bill of Rights and say, “Look, we can disagree on economic issues. We can disagree on a lot of stuff. But these, these ten ideas we should have no disagreement on. These ten ideas are what keeps the individual to be able to disagree with each other. And that’s important.

RAND PAUL: Well, and that’s sort of the point we were trying to make yesterday is that, you know, Eric Holder has said that the Fifth Amendment they are trying to apply in the Oval Office when they talk about drone strikes. That’s debatable overseas because I think a lot of areas overseas in war you don’t necessarily get the Fifth Amendment anyway. But the problem is they now say that these drone strikes are not ruling them out in America, but the Fifth Amendment being discussed privately as part of some kind of PowerPoint presentation in the Oval Office isn’t really what most people conceive of when they think of due process and a jury and an accusation. So really what’s applicable overseas in a drone program and some of us might debate and we might actually accept a lot of what goes on overseas, we can’t accept that at home because it’s different when we’re talking about people who we think might be associated with terrorism. There really needs to be an accusation. There needs to be an adjudication of whether you really are or aren’t. You need to be able to stand up and say, “No, no, I didn’t really mean what I sent in that e‑mail” and there needs to be some discussion.

GLENN: There needs to be a trial.

RAND PAUL: Exactly.

GLENN: There’s no reason why the FBI cannot go and arrest that person and have a trial. No man, no man should ever be in the position of judge, jury and executioner, ever.

RAND PAUL: Well, and see, this went on with the indefinite detention, too. See, about a year ago they passed legislation that allows them to detain citizens without a trial, and you can actually, an American can be sent to Guantanamo Bay from here without a trial. And the president at that time said, “Well, I have no intention of doing that,” but he signed the legislation. Which is sort of what he’s saying now: Trust me, I’m a good man, you can trust me, I will not kill Americans who are sitting in a restaurant. And, you know, I want to take him at his word, but intent isn’t really what I’m looking for. And so I mentioned several times yesterday the oath of office says “I will protect, preserve and defend the Constitution.” It doesn’t say “I intend to when it’s convenient.”

STU: Senator, there has been some criticism over your filibuster last night including apparently from Lindsey Graham saying the idea that we’re going to ‑‑

GLENN: Wear it as a badge of honor.

STU: The idea that we’re going to use a drone to kill a citizen in a cafe in America is ridiculous.

RAND PAUL: Well, I agree it’s a ridiculous idea but then why wouldn’t the president say he won’t.

PAT: That’s exactly right.

GLENN: That’s really it.

PAT: That’s exactly why you do it.

STU: Here’s another from the Wall Street Journal editorial: Calm down, Senator, meaning you.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh.

STU: Mr. Holder is right. This is supposedly a conservative paper. Even if he doesn’t explain the law very well, the U.S. Government cannot randomly target American citizens on U.S. soil or anywhere else. What it can do under the laws of war is target an enemy combatant anywhere at any time including on U.S. soil.

RAND PAUL: Yeah, here’s the problem, this idea of laws of war. And I agree with some of this aspect of laws of war. If you’re in Afghanistan or if you’re in a battle zone, you get no due process. You don’t get a lawyer, you don’t get Miranda rights. You get killed. If you are shooting American soldiers, we can use drones, bombs, we have no limit to what kind of force we will use against you.

The difference is, is that if you bring ‑‑ if you say America’s part of the battlefield and you want the laws of war to apply over here, just describing someone as an enemy combatant ‑‑ see, a year or two ago, they described people who are pro life, people who are for strong immigration and strong secure borders, people who believe in third parties. I think Glenn Beck was on the list, Ron Paul was on the list. They described these people as potential terrorists and they sent out a statement to all the police in Missouri.

GLENN: Yeah.

RAND PAUL: So we have to be concerned about just saying someone’s a dangerous person or enemy combatant, you have to prove that. You can’t just accuse someone and then they get killed.

GLENN: Yeah. The Southern Poverty Law Center just came out with a new study. Shows that these, quote, patriot groups are a danger and pose a terrorist threat, an increasing terrorist threat. That’s their language. So you’ve got to be really careful.

One last question, Senator, and we’ll let you go: Are you going to vote for Brennan?

RAND PAUL: We’re hoping to get an announcement from the White House this morning, and I don’t intend to. We’re trying to get a statement this morning that confirms that they are not going to target com ‑‑ not going to target Americans who are not engaged in combat in America for targeted killing. And my argument really still is mainly with that ‑‑ with the idea, not the person. I’m concerned, though, that Brennan really, it’s been like pulling teeth to get him to say he’ll support the Constitution and so my inclination is still to vote, you know, not letting end debate if I don’t get the information. If I get the information, you know, you and I have had this discussion before. My opinion a lot of times has been to give deference even to people I disagree with, but I won’t vote for him on any of the votes if I don’t get information from the White House saying they are going to adhere to the Constitution. I hate doing that. ‑‑

GLENN: Senator ‑‑

RAND PAUL: I know I lost a little bit there, but ‑‑

GLENN: You’re not ‑‑ at least you’re clear, you’re not waffling, you’re not saying the popular thing, and I appreciate that. We just disagree on this. I think the man is a real danger to the United States, and putting him into that position is really quite dangerous. But I respect you.

RAND PAUL: I think you’re right and, you know, the question always is, is what rises to that level. I think the constitutional question and the idea of killing citizens obviously rises to that level. The question is I’m still leaving somewhat of an opening in the sense that I want to get an honest answer from the White House. We’re using the leverage of holding up the vote, and I can make them stay here through Saturday, and they hate to work on weekends. So we’ll see what happens and hopefully they’ll agree to give us a statement saying they’re going to support the Constitution.

GLENN: Senator, thank you very much. And very proud of the stand you made yesterday. Very proud the way you handled it, and I’m just, I’m glad you’re in Washington, sir. Thank you.

RAND PAUL: Thanks, Glenn.

GLENN: God bless.

More in a second. Our sponsor this half hour is Carbonite. I’m not sure how he ‑‑ we have to discuss next hour, I’m not sure what he just said.

STU: This is a positive day for Rand Paul though.

GLENN: It is, very.

STU: I don’t agree with that stance. I agree with Mike Lee’s stance, but still.

  • Anonymous

    Dr Carson and Rand Paul for President and VP

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Very true, we need real Americans who will put the people ahead of themselves.

      • mspatdev

        What a great duo. Pres. Carson and a very like able V.P. Rand Paul.  Amen, Amen to all. 


      What a strong duo

      • Warren Huff

        The problem is if Paul was to be elected as President the Globalist Elites (illuminati) would have him killed by the CIA! Get it people we are hopelessly fucked and until we take down the Elite dirtbags directly we are going to lose America and the world and you know what its probably already to late as they have infiltrated not just our government but the world governments and have 90% control now through the United Nations! obama is nothing but a redcoat pretending to be our president as he lies 100% of the time as he stabs America and its people in the back. Haven’t you people done your research (obama’s bloodline goes back to the royal dumbass family just like the Bush’s) The sheeple better wake up fast or its all over and the Georgia Guidstones will come to be true and the Elites will have killed all but half a billion souls (thats 13 out of 14 of us if you dont know how to subtract)! obama should have been impeached in 2011 over the Libya attacks why havent you senators started the proceedings to impeach this maggot 2 years ago? NO EXCUSES DO YOUR JOB OR GET OUT OF GOVERNMENT PUNK! Example the no balls idiots like, mcCain and Graham. I’m just sickened to the core we have such rejects in office Fucking hopeless! Peace

        • Warren Huff

          Almost forgot, Great job Rand Paul you are the greatest Senator the American people have right now hands down and you have my utmost respect and I will gladly stand behind you to try and take back the pipedream known as America!

          • mspatdev

            Amen, Amen to you Warren Huff.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you , GB….

    GB is running on all cylinders, and I really, really appreciate GB embracing Rand Paul and warmly supporting his efforts to defend the Constitution. I know Rand Paul isn’t perfect. Many of my hard-core libertarian-type friends lampoon Rand for his ideological departure from his purely libertarian father, Ron Paul. Yes, I understand that some believe that Rand is not half the man who Ron is, I get it, OK?  

    Personally, I’m a minarchist who believes voluntaryism would be the working philosophy of a perfect world; as such, I clearly see the flaws of Rand Paul, e.g., supporting Shitt Romney during the Republican convention. Yes, I get it, OK? I understand that all of you purist libertarians who have highly refined consciences can point out Rand’s imperfections and I understand the concept of not voting for the lesser of two evils.

    The bottom line for me is this: I’m throwing my support behind Rand and GB because if the situation gets any worse than it is then there is a very real possibility of a shooting war breaking out in the form of an American civil war. The last thing I want to do is get out my AR-15 and start shooting in order to defend myself, my friends and my family; therefore, Rand Paul, as imperfect as he is, is the best choice to avert an all out shooting war. Really, I think it’s that dire; therefore, I would ask all libertarians who eschew Rand to reconsider and give Rand a chance, or at least, focus your sharp criticism on the real enemy i.e., Obama, H. Clinton and all the rest of the hard-core collectivists who will delight in droning you to death……

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I hope we can bring the changes that are needed to the nation peacefully; it can be done with enough people working to make it happen. 

      Unfortunately I do not see Obama and many of the progressives ever surrendering their power and positions; they have become an established class of rulers and such people often refuse to go peacefully into retirement or leave after being fired.

      Right now, I put the odds of an Obama-started civil war at about 1: 3

      • Anonymous

        “Right now, I put the odds of an Obama-started civil war at about 1: 3″

        Yes, the situation is deteriorating to the point where people are going to be forced into falling back on the Second Amendment. How in the hell did we let this happen? 

        In the classic history of Nazi Germany, They Thought They Were Free, Milton Mayer writes :

        “What happened here was the gradual habituation of the people, little by little, to being governed by surprise; to receiving decisions deliberated in secret; to believing that the situation was so complicated that the government had to act on information which the people could not understand, or so dangerous that, even if the people could not understand it, it could not be released because of national security. And their sense of identification with Hitler, their trust in him, made it easier to widen this gap and reassured those who would otherwise have worried about it”. ( credit to Washington’s blog)

        History, as Mark Twain noted, is “rhyming”. What is being built right inside of America is a neo-hitlerian-military-police state. The weapons and tactics of war are going to be used on the American people if people don’t wake up and put a stop to it. So I say again, if you don’t support Rand Paul for whatever reason then at least support him for his effort to raise awareness on whatever issues upon which we all can agree e.g. The Bill of Rights……….. 

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I like Rand Paul after the filibuster he undertook last night; he is potential VP or President material indeed assuming he does not succumb to the curse of DC and join the progressives.

    • Gloria Murphy

      That will NEVER happen.  Keep in Mind his Father’s Outlook/The Man not only has Courage, he has Integrity!

  • Anonymous

    THe most amazing part is that the folks that are the most upset with Rand Paul right now are the base of the republican party.  A few democrats help Rand Paul out with the filibuster and even praised Mr. Paul for using Senate rules properly to launch a filibuster.

    You couldn’t make this up, It shows how messed up politics has gotten in this country.

  • Soulphoenix

    You mean there’s hope that we’ll eventually have a President who isn’t gutless and heartless and actually has some real-world common sense?

    • Anonymous

       And a very sick mental case….

      • Wayne Bennett

        who are you talking about Maryann?

        • Anonymous

          The president of this country.

      • Wayne Bennett

        If your talking about Rand as being a “sick mental case” I’m afraid you are incorrect in your assesment of the man and his mission. Let me explain a few things about how America is supposed to work and then we can have a conversation about who should be running the government.

        • Anonymous

          No I am not talking about Rand. I appreciate his filibuster very much. I do not like his stand on Amnesty, they need to go home.

    • Bruce A. Frank

       Nah, that’s just too much to expect! ;-D

  • Elizabeth Bracy

    When I saw Rand Paul filibustering, my first thought was “YES! Someone has finally decided to fight these Marxist jerks!” Voting for Hagel threw me for a loop, but I can see that Rand Paul is choosing his battles, and choosing wisely. What I loved about this filibuster is that is crossed party lines and was something that I think most can agree on, not to be killed by a flying robot in the sky. Even Van Jones(!!) said Rand is a hero on civil liberties. I also got the impression that it was a heck of a start for Rand Paul 2016. There may be hope for this country yet.

    • Anonymous

       Remember our elections are now bogus and crooked…Make voter ID the law before the next one in 2014. Hopefully Obama will be arrested and stand trial for Benghazi before then….That is the right thing to happen and happen now.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t hold your breath, but keep fighting the good fight. Write McCain and Graham. Let them know how off base they are. Be respectful, but succinct. they owe Rand Paul an apology

        • Anonymous

          Both of them are hopeless. I have written to McCain until I will write him no more. From the first letter, he stated that he did what HE thought best. He always has and always will…He is daddy’s little not measuring up boy who has been rebellious to the core….Has he ever needed to make a living??? He is not a hero. Graham thinks Obama should have all rights over us….They are hopeless. McCain is through but Graham must be removed….as do many others. Two of them are black women.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing he has to fight Sen. Graham and Sen. McCain instead. 

  • Anonymous

    Where is this right wing threat?  Where are there potential terrorists on American soil that the FBI doesn’t already have surveillance on them?  Why can’t we just have unarmed drones with some kind of a tear gas canister so that you can temporarily disable an armed madman until the FBI can swoop in and arrest a guy then put him in jail?  He can wake up the next day and have a full trial with due process of law.  Holder’s memo basically has no safeguard against Obama for when he has a bad day.  The current Socialist/Democratic party will smear and discredit anyone in the most libelous terms and nobody seems to care.  A drone could kill an unarmed person and we could all find out about it, and guess what, HALF OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY WON’T EVEN CARE!  They will justify it as being a part of the “greater good.”  

  • Sam Fisher

    I hope he does run for president sure would beat the hell out of our last choice and actually win.

  • Stephan JackofClubz Bruno

    Rand Paul: Did I dooz goodz Mr. Beckz?

    Glenn Beck: That’ll do Pig. That’ll do. 

    • Anonymous

      Stephan Jack of Clubz Bruno: “Did I get the party line right Miz Pelosi?  Miz Huffington?  Your royal Obamanation?”

      Obama, Pelosi and Co.:  “Shut up Bruno.  You aren’t allowed to think, only do as we say.  And free speech is gone under our rule.  Now go back to work, drone!”

  • Anonymous

    I just voted to IMPEACH bho. You need a place there that says IMPEACH the lying sob.

    • Mo

      Impeach him?  He needs a good ball dragging if he had any.

  • Russ J

    I, for one, hope to have the privilege of voting for Mr. Paul in 2016.  It’s time someone in the Republican Party has the anatomical parts to stand up to the White House and the old guard of the party.  Thank you Mr. Paul

    • Anonymous

       First get rid of Karl Rove….

  • Mo

    Rand Paul is the unique to the Senate.  He’s the only Republican qualified to wear a pair of  the Duluth Trading Company’s new BIG BOY “Ball Room Jeans.”  

    Kudo’s to all that backed him up in his journey.

  • Anonymous

    What is Political Freedom!  It is Freedom from Political Control over the people. The  2nd Amendment argument was that Millions of Citizen’s would gather to form a Citizen’s Militia to fight a bad government’s army to protect and defend Freedom and Liberty and the US Constitution.

  • David Johnson

    Our nation is under attack, our Constittution is under attack.
    Obama has expanded this attack but Wilson, T. Roosevelt and FDR, G. W. Bush and his father set the table.
    Creating Homeland Security and the TSA and George Walker Bush for his famous remark”a new world order.
    Big government cannot exist with our Constitution, because of the 5th and 10 amendment.
    The document is by its very content is a limitation on the size of government and rather than setting out our freedoms it was designed to limit government intrusion into our lives and our commerace.
    The Bill of Rights is there for emphasis to specify each limit of powers and them saying those powers not specifically granted to the government were granted to the states and the people.
    The Courts have moved from umpire to legislative creation, The Presidency has become as a devine right king and Congress has become a lap dog of ass kissing princes.
    Ron Paul, Lee, Rubio have become the Paul Revere warning of the coming Dictatorship unless we act now to stop this madness.
    We need to remove the power of the presidency and the courts with the power of th purse.

    • Gary Anderson


  • Anonymous

    I appreciate what Rand Paul did. We need more to take a stand like that, for us. I do not appreciate his stand on Amnesty…No amnesty ever…Send them home and close all borders. Make this country tight and contained…

  • Eugene Lubben

    Rand   Paul   is  the  man  ,,  we  need  60  more  just  like  him  ,,,,,,,,

  • Al C

    Rand Paul is what we need in Washington, but I would really like to see him get a little angry and pissed off.

  • Anonymous

    WTG Senator Paul for standing up for our Constitution. I am not
    a bit surprised at the comments that came forth from the mouths of the
    sleaziest progressive senators mccain and graham, they need to move to a
    private life that won’t adversely effect the American people .   

  • Guest
    • Anonymous

      Eric Holder, is that you?

  • Guest
  • Gary Anderson

    Happily, we have a Rand Paul in the Senate. Sadly, we have too few Rand Paul’s.

  • Nellie Bunch

    I support Rand Paul.  I don’t understand Senators McCain & Graham not supporting
    Senator Paul who makes more sense than either one of them.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe finally the young people, entertainment industry people and others who have ridiculed Republicans will see that we are no longer the establishment.  Those who want to buck the establishment and not side with “The Man” will realize that Rand Paul can be the leader they are looking for. 

  • Ross Rowell

    Ok, I get all the sycophantic worship of Rand Paul and he does deserve credit for demonstrating that right now he is the #1 congressman out of 535. I give him credit for that, nothing taken away, But here’s the rub…. Rand Paul argued against the gubmint having the ability to kill Americans with drones on American soil. That’s good, but there is a flip side to taking this tack. By following this course there is a tacit acceptance of having +/-30,000 drones on American soil surveilling American citizens, so by agreeing that they won’t kill us with them we are also tacitly accepting that we will allow them to surveil us. It’s a trick…Get it?  Glenn Beck once wrote a book called the Overton Window where the idea is that if the gubmint wants a new policy in place, what they do is ask for much more than they actually want with the idea that when the dust settles they can negotiate and back it off to something less than they asked for which is all they really wanted in the first place. It’s a lot like asking $3,500 for your used car because you are really willing to accept $3,000, but want to leave room for negotiation so the buyer “perceives” that he is getting a deal. Here’s the Wiki for the Overton Window: That’s my opinion. Does anyone agree with me?

    • Guest

      You don’t even know that Paul is a Senator. Why would anyone agree with anyone so profoundly ignorant?

      Glenn Beck’s followers appear to be more ignorant than he is.

      • Ross Rowell

        I’ve seen your shtick before. You warrant no further comment….Toodaloo

  • Political Pundit aka Paul Ryan

    what a hoot… neighbor said to me, she;s has it with those goobs,,, seeing cruz, rubio and paul, the 3 stoogies of tomorrows gop

  • John Crawford

    I guess all gun owners will be targeted with drones and killed. obama is getting all of his pawns in place for war on the citizens.IT all makes sence to me and and all the other ilegal laws that he has put in place to tear us down and leave us defenceless.somthing is very wrong in this country we are being transformed into a 3rd world country wake up people.

  • alberto

    pat and stu are the reasons I cannot watch GBTV…

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad that Glenn Beck is finally coming over to the bright side with the Pauls. I realize that the stumbling block between today’s mainstream NeoCon Republicans and Ron Paul is Israel and Ron Paul’s non-exclusionary stance toward Israel in his foreign policy. However, maintaining this obsession with Israel on religious grounds disguised as political grounds will truly destroy the R party as we knew it. It’s not intended to be a religious faction.. it’s a political party. 

    Let’s see how Rand Paul’s efforts are rewarded when he touches this issue.

  • Anonymous

    Well don’t get too excited yet everyone, he still hasn’t voted yet and Rand did vote for Hagel in the end. You know I like his stance too but one must walk the walk as well as talk the talk and Rand is bouncing where he should not have been. I’m skeptical and Glenn said the word – “communist”, Rand said “yea” that’s it. When they acknowledge that word then we may have some hope. They all are still dismissing it. Van Jones into civil liberites? LOLOLOLOL, guys come on now. This is a trick.

  • Anonymous

    I just wrote Senators Graham and McCain a letter that stated in my opinion both of them owe Rand Paul and the American people an apology. I also asked them to rate the level of their failures to stop Harry Reid’s multi-year obstructionism. I ended by asking them why they haven’t questioned the DHS purchases of billions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition when practice rounds are lighter grain cheap steel jacketed. Not premium ammo. And I included a challenge to question the DHS purchase of 2700 light armored military vehicles. Neither of these RINO’s utter a peep, but Graham rails against Brennan to get the truth on Benghazi. End result of the leadership by these two senior bulls in the GOP? Reid hasn’t produced a budget in four years, we don’t know anything more on Fast and Furious, we don’t have the truth on Benghazi, and now we have Hagel and Brennan. Two wholly unqualified, incompetent individuals in key positions related to the security of our nation. So, it takes Rand Paul to man up and force the most corrupt Attorney General in the history of the country to give a clear answer on his normal attacks on the constitution. And what do these two do? Attack him. 
    Note to everyone on this site: It takes about 5 mins to write a letter and stick it on their contact form. If you don’t, you don’t care. Let the RINO’s know Paul is right, they are wrong. 

  • Anonymous

    I can see some democrats coming over to support Rand Paul, especially in defence of the constitution. It is absolutely horrible that a president takes an oath of office to defend the constitution and then signs all kinds of executive orders as if there was NO constitution. That alone is enough material for a trial of the hypocrite.

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    I sure hope his dad is proud of him.Hes sone what many in DC say they’ll do,but don’t.Liz

  • Take 2

    Rand, Hitler ‘initially’ stayed in the grey area ‘publicly’ to get elected and while in office (elected) orchestrated the liquidation of Germany’s financial strength via ‘Congressional Bills’ i.e. Billions hidden in Utopian Health Care, and Infrastructure Bills/funds (that never were completed.) 

    Hitler crossed the line using the Executive Order – ‘Enabling Act’ once acquiring his Infrastructure Bank via Congressional Bills for Roads and Bridges(for jobs), soon after telling his form of Congress to go home.

    Keep in mind that TODAY there remains Trillions hidden in numerous Congressional Bills and an Executive Order (Infrastructure) Bank has been tucked away in the Jobs Bill and Highways Bill.

    In Dreams from My Father it is very clear but still you need understanding of the underling of Communist/Nazi via use of Marxist probabilities and add Barry Dunhams Adult actions, attempting to repeat 1930’s Third Reich Take Over of a Republic is going on.

    It must feel odd calling out an American President caught red handed Taking Over a Republic same or similar to a Mad Man in 1930’s Germany.  Truth hurts…ya know.

  • Joseph Maloney

    What about AG Holder charge against HSBC?  Big oil, and Big Banks, yet the administration singles out  BP, and HSBC.  Obama’s colonialism?  As Glenn reported on early in nther Obama presidency.  

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dr. Paul. You are one of only a few who deserve any respect at all.
    Having said that, I feel it is important to point out some of his comments with which I still have questions.  First, our Declaration of Independence acknowledges that We the People have the right, not granted by government, to “alter or abolish” the government when it becomes destructive of the ends for which it was instituted. This may require force of arms so if the government can kill civilians who take up arms against the government to alter or abolish it in a lawful manner, what protection is there in that?
    Next, people continue to use the word “democracy” when referring to the USA. We are not nor have we ever been a democracy.  We were intended to be a Constitutional Republic, though the government has pretty much destroyed most of that and is intent on destroying what little is left.  My point is a Senator, who is standing up for our Constitution, should know better.
    Still, all in all, well done Dr. Paul. If only we have 534 more just like you we might survive another 200 years.

  • dgdenton

    Rand Paul has taken a stand at least.  This is refreshing.  My adult grandchildren will be very pleased as am I.

  • Anonymous

    We should have more moral men who will stand on their principals.  I am very disgusted with the old Republican bullies, kinda looks like the Dems.  I say get them all out and get some new young blood in.

  • Anonymous

    and the soap goes on, each actor doing their parts, watch your favorite version on any of the co-ordinated brainwashers, ‘As the Beast gets Closer’, if you miss a show just attend Sunday for the condensed version by your local ‘hirling’/tax exempt prostute

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Rand Paul.

  • Shane

    People like Rand Paul, because like his father, you know that he means what he says. He is a rising star in the GOP.

  • Carolyn Chehardy

    Rand Paul for President!!!~~~~~      It’s so early but I sure hope he runs and he wins! 
    God, our Country would be saved if this man were president….~~~

    I also like Ted Cruz! 

    PAUL/CRUZ  TICKET for  2016! ~~~~~

  • Anonymous

    Then there is this guy in Pahrump, Nevada who claims he has built an EMP CANNON about the size of a 55 gallon Barrel. Supposedly it can be powered by a 3500 Watt Generator connected to an old transformer giving it an effective  range of about 10 to 15 miles depending on its focal point.

    Accordingly, the biggest drawback to it’s activation is the possibility of taking down Commercial flights as well as drones and other military aircraft. 

  • Chris Burleson

    Glenn Beck for president!
    Rand Paul for V.P.!

  • Anonymous

    You know, after Rand Paul gave that filabuster speech, I would be watching out for those GOP

     people who attended obama’s dinner… I would not be surprised if all those peole who huddled

     together with obama try to attack him in force…

    Please follow what those indiviuals do in the furture especially linsey ~~ no spine“ graham

    and that old coot… McCain…

    these guys have been there long enough..

    it is time that there states support a two true AMERICANS, Rand Paul and  Dr. Carson…

     My Country may stilll have a chance with the likes of these two ‘BRAVE’ Americans…

  • Anonymous

  • PT2738

    I second 1Angus motion.  Ben Carson and Rand Paul love this country and our people, which is more than I can say for “That Man”

  • Anonymous

    Great article in the Guardian on this

    Three Democratic myths used to demean the Paul filibuster

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