Glenn Beck’s heartfelt goodbye to Hugo Chavez

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The Glenn Beck Program paid Hugo Chavez his due today, going over all the accomplishments the dictator achieved. From the rise in murder to the rise in his weight and wealth, Glenn covers all the wonderful ‘achievements’ that left Venezuela with runaway inflation and food shortages.

The segment was full of red berets and fake tears, as each host took their time to mock the deceased Communist dictator. First to the stage was Pat Gray, who focused on the wonder that was the healthcare system under Hugo Chavez.

“It is fitting that after making the Venezuelan healthcare system the envy of the entire planet Hugo Chavez refused to utilize it leaving more space available for the people he loved and he left a lot of space. The specialist kidney unit in Caracas has been completely empty for nearly a year. No one is there. Not a single patient. Doctors have been turning patients away ever since the hospital’s water treatment plant broke down months ago,” Pat said. “Fortunately Hugo, whom we just lost, made no one with kidney failure had to put up with a hospital with less than stellar water treatment.”

“Hugo after being diagnosed with pelvic cancer left his country repeatedly for the slightly less topnotch yet still amazing stellar medicine of Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Yet because of his commitment to global warming he refused to fly to Cuba one more time for treatment. If he just gotten one more treatment from Cuba he’d still be alive today and so would the hopes of millions in Venezuela.”

Stu then turned the floor over to Glenn, who delivered a wamrm, heartfelt…and mocking eulogy of the deceased communist leader.

“Venezuela, no the world, has lost a great leader, has lost a great dictator and fabulous strongman. Hugo Chavez’s fourteen year of reign of wonderful socialism and heavy-handed oppression came to an end earlier this week.”

“When Hugo came to power only 77% of the Venezuela’s economy was based on oil. Today it’s up to a robust 96% of the economy.In just 14 short years Hugo Chavez was able to rid Venezuela of nearly every industry other than state run oil. This as we all know allowed people more free time to relax.”

“Hugo seized control over the military, the judiciary, the Congress, the banking system, the aluminum industry, cement, gold, iron, farming, transportation, electricity and food production. Also the electoral council and the media. That way those who used to work in those industries would no longer have to worry at night about those responsibilities. He was able to free Venezuela from the plague of private investment which dropped 43%.”

“To reflect the changes he was making in the economy he renamed the currency, and changed it from the bolívar to the bolívar fuerte meaning the strong bolívar with the strength that the Venezuelan economy their currency only dropped 66% in value. And inflation is a mere 23% right now. But friends gathered here today think about this: had Hugo not renamed the currency can you imagine how far its value could have dropped if he wouldn’t have told everybody that it was a strong bolívar?”

“Imagine like our beloved President inherited a whopping $34 billion in debt, and he faced some head winds, but he turned that $34 billion in debt into $150 billion in debt. Which again sounds like our President can do a little better.”

“Chavez’s policies have allowed the poor more touch with their families by getting away from their electrical devices and he’s accomplished this by bringing power outages and rolling blackouts to all the cities in all of the hinterlands of Venezuela. Through uncontrolled spending, ex-appropriations, price controls, monetary expansion and other beautiful tenets of socialism, Hugo helped his people do more with less.”

“Sure there have been shortages of basic goods and water rationing and blackouts. And despite nearly $1 trillion in oil revenue the nation is on the verge of collapse which will bring the opportunity for the Venezuelan people to be even closer. More togetherness for the people that he loved so dearly.”

“Through his corruption an ineptitude, Hugo was was able to oversee a massive in caress in the murder rate from 25 per 1,000 to 45.1 per 100,000 in 2011. He nearly doubled the murder rate, thus helping Venezuelans get in touch with how life is precious is. Now they don’t take a single minute, a single stroll in the park, sending their kids off to school for granted. It might be the last stroll they ever take.”

“While the rate of serious poverty in the country didn’t go down as much as it did in some of surrounding Latin American countries that practice capitalism, Chavez lowered his rate through redistribution of wealth – taking from the evil rich, confiscating their land and possessions and giving it to others. He stopped all the irritating debates about his policy by seizing control or simply shutting down the media. That’s allowed his people just to relax, slow down and enjoy some of that salsa.”

“Finally Hugo Chavez was able to warn his people about the threat. The threat that not only they face but every citizen of every country in all of mankind. He was able to warn his people from the threat from Jews. Letting Venezuelans know about the Jewish influence over the banks and allowed him to take possession of those banks during his election campaign. Against an opposition candidate, he warned his people ‘Don’t let yourself be poisoned by the wandering Jews.’ Good advice, Hugo.”

“Speaking of election Hugo took the suspense out of them by rigging them in his favor. That way his people never had to worry about losing him until today. Sadly now all of us who loved Hugo Chavez now we’ve lost him. Death was just one thing Hugo couldn’t rig, couldn’t repossess, couldn’t redistribute.”

“They’ve lost their beloved Hugo, and now so have we.”

  • mudslide

    What’s the saying in Venezuela –

    “The bolivar stops here”?

  • David Lee Hoffman Jr

    could have done without the whimpering

  • crazy betty

    burning in hell now.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I wonder how he (Chavez) liked the reunion with Hussein, Quaddafi, UBL and other such dictators of the world?

      • Steve Foster

        When was UBL a dictator?

  • Steve Foster

    I used to respect you Glenn……….. Good bye dick head

    • Michael Williamson

      What changed?  You liked the old, left-wing Beck better?

      • mudslide

        Anyone that ‘claims’ to have respected GB before knows his style and position in politics and therefore should not be surprised at his musings – which basically means he didn’t respect, or follow him, in the first place.

        Just a cry-baby looking for attention….nothing more.

  • Anonymous

    you forgot the comma:

    Dick Head

    • Melissa Banowski Anger

      Oh snap!!  Nice play!  

  • Sam Fisher

    Well he is gone no doubt is going to be replace with a bigger dictator.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      Based on history, I have to say it is a fair probability of it occurring; from what I have heard and seen on some foreign news services soon after Chavez left the world to see God, the leader of his bodyguard and some key militia and enforcer personnel loyal to Chavez ‘suffered heart attacks.’

      Wonder how many, if it is true, were induced by lead-poisoning to the head?

  • Evan Fillon

    it makes me uncomfortable to watch somebody who fancies himself a christian voice giggling and mocking a man’s death. This is anathema to peace and freedom.  

    • Josh Corrington

      Then feel “uncomfortable” as it is your freedom to do so, personally I think the air is a little fresher with one less communist scum bag breathing it.

    • David Hamm

       I get uncomfortable when someone is acting so self  righteous over a piece of trash like  Hugo .

    • Anonymous

      Or, is Glenn mocking the idiots who are busy canonizing him while ignoring all the harm he did to his own people?

    • Nanette Gray

       You have no IDEA what you are talking about! YOU better read the Bible a little more!

  • Steve Foster

    Nothing really changed I guess but Hugo is dad now.  Get over it and find something else to cry over.  There is no need to beat a dead dog.

  • Anonymous

    How dare you mock Chavez….in his prime he was a great boxer and a great humanitarian, or something like that….I’ll bet Jesus and Michael will need to pull up a chair cuz God only has 2 hands to sit on. As a dick-tator he gave us the best gas, and taught many people to cuss in spanish as they snuck into Texas, Az, NM, and Chavezfornia. I just wish  he could have died painlessly (like his victims) in his sleep….(30 years ago). The world will never forget you and POTUS the clown has one less demon to hug. Tears in heaven for ya Huge-O.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn the sarcasm was overboard, and here is the nutshell eulogy for Chavez…

    He is now room-temperature and impersonating Lenin. May he now understand what it means to face God on His great throne of judgement all will stand before in their time.

    Chavez was a tyrant, despot and a true threat to the world; good riddance and Thanks be to God.

    • beeks …

       And, thank God that he, chavez, is warmer too,,

    • Draxx

      Off of the main point, doesn’t Jeffey Remind You of Benny Hill a little in that beret?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here is a hard truth – Chavez is dead, no one will miss him who loves God and freedom. 

    The ‘brave and valiant Socialist’ Chavez cried for his last breath “Don’t let me die…” and thus he died as all men do.

    • Anonymous

      He probably said that because he got a glimpse of where he’s going…..

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    My memorial saying for Chavez:

    Goodbye and good riddance, save a space for Soros.

  • Alice Hawkins

    brilliant !!! loved it ….hahahhahaha

  • Anonymous

    Below is a brief bio of who these multi millionaires & dictator supporters like Michael Moore, Bill Delahunt-D-MA, Jesse Jackson, or  Sean Penn are supporting.
    Hugo Chavez can be considered a Fascist .
    Dictator by decree , Hugo Chavez, nationalized business or property he wanted , Chavez’s personal army ‘chavistas’ were violent (sometimes fatal) towards the political opposition or just people they did not like, socialized society , very anti-semitic & anti-catholic (he wanted to reorganized the church & Chavez said that ‘jews own all the world’s wealth’ (which is what the german socialist ruler 30s-40s said), many opposition activists were jailed or are still missing, Chavez nationalized most media outlets ,etc, etc..
    Chavez had a growing military & was a close military ally of Ahamdinejad’s Iran. Hugo Chavez supported Bashir (Bashir was accused of genocide in Darfar).

    • Anonymous

      Altho he said that the Jews own all the wealth,yet he managed to set aside $billions for himself,and finance his corpse embalment in perpetuity.Perhaps he borrowed this money from the banks,and now they will collect at the judgement seat.
      “It’s appointed for[all]men to die,and after that “The judgement”,oddly enough by a son of a Jewish mother and stepfather.Hmmm,I wonder how he will plead.He should try find a jewish lawyer.I’m sure there may be a lot of lawyers in Hades.

    • beeks …

       And our beloved liberals  like Ob. too,,

  • Anonymous

    Note:  Some people are now saying that the political opposition party (gop) can get more hispanic voters because of the support that some in the ruling political party (dnc) have shown to South America’s fascist ruler (Hugo Chavez)  because of the ardent oppresion Chavez caused.

    • Robert Allocca

       You forgot the Dirtbag Joe Kennedy, you know Call JoeForOil. Hopefully all the above join Hugo real soon, really soon.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute is this Chaves’s Eulogy? It sounds strangely like a recitation of the Obama accomplishments. 

    • Anonymous

      Wow, hate commenting using more hate – how American. If this was a recitation for Obama, no wonder there was no mention of Bush – who has that long???

      • Robert P

        I don’t detect much “hate” here towards Chavez…just the DISRESPECT that he so richly deserves.  You want hate?  Go read a liberal blog.

        • Ron Miller

          There is no truth here, just a lack of respect

          • Eric Haulenbeek

            Wah… boo-hoo!

          • Mickey Garcia

            Only a liberal would respect our enemy and hate our former president Bush what a bunch of cowards

          • hardboil

            How can you say there is no truth there?  The facts speak for themselves.  Chavez amassed a billionaire’s fortune by destroying and confiscating private property, trampling civil rights and personal liberty, and simultaneously tanking the economy.  He basically stole the country, and got away with it by blinding the population from his monumental hypocricy.  His life is indefensible, sorry.   

        • ThorsteinVeblen2012

          Hugo Chavez was democratically elected. He worked for the interests of the Venezuelan people not the few at the top.

          Glenn works for the few at the top here not the American people. Of course he’s going to call him a dictator. That’s how he earns his money.

          Beck has created a little pond of thinking that you like swimming in even if the water is stagnant.

          • hardboil

            “Democratically” elected?  Do you really believe that?  How can you say he “worked” for the people while he amassed a fortune for himself worth billions?  Glenn works for himself… not for “the few at the top”.   Beck’s “little pond” was created by the founders of this nation.  We will continue to swim in it until the socialists have succeeded in draining it.  Then Hell will surely follow.

      • beeks …

         If the truth looks like hate to you, then where is the fault?
        Oh, sorry,  truth is not ” conveinient to the left.

    • beeks …

        Yep, but OB is just getting started,,

  • Anonymous

    CITGO will probably put out a fatwah on you Glen but I am sure you will handle it.   Castro is probably thinking about how fortunate he is to outlive Huggy considering he had all his medical done by the french, who can trust a cuban hospital?  I’mahdinerplate, the islamic intolerant, claimed that his buddy communist, godless Huggy had gone to meet with Jesus.  I just want to know how that kook would know that stuff?
    I am sure Huggy is in a corner all to himself down below and asking the big red guy w/horns to turn down the damn heat…..I wonder how that’s working out for him?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL!  Can’t wait to hear the eulogies for the buckin’ fastards that are running America into the ground. 

  • earl angus

    THERE IS a special place in Heaven for the people like Hugo , Adolph, Po Pot , Ho Chi Min, Obama, its called HELL.  I Do think they will save a spot for more.

  • Terry Sallada

    Don’t forget to save space in Hell for the leader of Iran . . . .

  • Dylan Massey

    Apparently some people have missed the point.   Chavez isn’t a man to be mourned.  If you can’t truly realize that then you need to examine your head.  The point of this was to satire certain groups of people’s sadness at the passing of this evil dictator.  The man was a sad excuse for a leader and only desired to inflate his own personality cult, social status, and power.  He stood on the backs of his people professing populist bull****, to rally them to his side only to keep them poor and destitute.  This is the fallacy of socialism, it is an inherently flawed system that only serves those in power, propped up by “promises” to the people.  This man rubbed elbows with the mad-man Ahmadenijad and courted his Revolutionary Guard.  And people actually mourn and celebrate this man…?!

    The cold fact of reality is that some people are better off dead, and the world is better without them…sad, but no less true.  With Chavez gone, perhaps now Venezuela can move towards some remnant of a representative government and a thriving middle class…there is actual hope for the people of Venezuela at this point.  I pray it doesn’t get squandered..

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry, Sean Penhead will take over.

  • Gary Gunder

    Sounds like what’s going on here under our new regime 

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.  I wish it was television.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry Glen, Obama will be bringing all those policies, power, control, here to America very soon. Total Govt / People control, by one man. Makes me want to cry too….

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance of a petty dictator, and a governmental idol for obama and too many of the democrat party as well. If obama is allowed to hang around Washington long enough, the USA too, will feel the essence, and smell the sulphurous fumes of the petty dictator.

  • mudslide

    I’m not as worried about the negative comments of this despot as I am the ones that continue leg-hump him even after he’s dead and gone.

    That says more about them than it does Shovez….

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Hell got just a little more crowded this week, Goodbye Chavez!

  • Jason

    Very Funny tribute to Hugo. Someone should send a card to Danny Glover for “sorry for your loss”

  • Gregg

    We ALL know the truth about Chavez.  So, why does our media portray him so positively?

    • John

      Because our media is a communist supporting machine. Is their any part of that you don’t see clearly. What do you think Ovomit is doing to us right now. Do really believe he won the election? George Soros owns the machines and democrats did the counting where ever they could get away with it.

  • Rob Kuhnemund

    You preach as a caring religious man, yet you laugh and display joy at the death of another man.  You and I may not care for his beliefs and actions, but that gives you no right to carry on like an ass poking fun at his “achievements” in the way you did.  There is good in all of us, you chose only to exploit what you thought was bad. Are you going to pick on his family next?  Some christian you are. 

    • Sargonarhes

       Sarcasm is lost on the likes of you.
      BTW you couldn’t say these things to Chaves face without being arrested and thrown in jail.

      • Zooropa Fly

        Exactly, and Sarcasm is the comedy of brain dead idiots.

        • Sargonarhes

          Sarcasm which is also used extensively by left wing comedians and excused. Making your argument invalid. Would you like to try again?

          • Zooropa Fly

            Well they’d be likewise. Nothing invalid. You seem to presume I have some kind of left wing affiliation ? And that I would approve of ‘left wing’ sarcasm selectively ?  I have no wmd’s either…

          • Sargonarhes

             Sauce for the goose. It’s not my fault if you don’t like it, no matter whatever your political persuasion.

    • Lydia Miller

       I agree with you. As much evil as Chavez did, I deserve the lake of fire as much as he, and he is most probably down there right now, which is nothing to rejoice about. I like a lot of what Glenn Beck does and says, but this is deplorable on many levels. I only pray that Glenn and his friends come to realize this soon.

  • Chimple Man

    A little over-the-top.  He wasn’t that fat.

    • Jerry Sutton

       The fat is an inside joke Glenn uses about himself along with Pat and Stu.  If you weren’t a listener you wouldn’t know it. 
      This  was about the moron’s who love the Communist life style of destroying man’s liberty and killing him for the good of the masses.

  • J Nelson

    The Lord can take us at his own will and pleasure…!

    • hankthetank

       So the lord took one, how long will it be ,before he takes ALL the others,I can’t wait for him to take the one we have!!!!!!!.

  • Anonymous

    So they’re going to pickle him and put him on permenant display because even the worms didn’t want him.

  • Dale Hogue

    I feel sad for Hugo.  He died so that the world would know that all people die sooner or later.  My only wish is that our own beloved leader gets the opportunity to be judged by his peers in a way that will allow all mankind and womankind to know what can be accomplished by those ignorant fools who voted for the likes of Fidel, Hugo, Adolf and Hussein.  That these ignorant nincompoops lived during the same century will be noted by historians who tend to love, respect and totally adore small minded dictators who don’t have a clue about governing fairly that type of liberal government that they purpose by don’t fully understand.  It’s sad that more than 50% of the American voters don’t know a hole in the ground from the hole in their heads when it comes to picking their beloved leaders.  Hugo Chavez died and the world will remember that he, also, was a very foolish person just like Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin and Fidel Castro and our own insane Hussein.  Just saying!

  • Janet Bernasconi

    LOLOL! Glenn this was truly the best Eulogy I have ever heard. The red berets were a nice touch too..lolol!!!
    Let’s hope that Castro, Kim Jong Un and the idiot from Iran will vanish too. Oh and let’s add Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Bye Bye Hugo… question —–did someone write your bio to the boiler plate of Obummer’s BIO?   EEEEK   I am have a nightmare in broad daylight.

  • Linda

    Burn Hugo, Burn ! Way to go Glenn !

  • Rob Kuhnemund

     Sarcastic Eulogies don’t impress me.  It’s easy to pick on dead guys.

    It would suffice to say that Venezuela may now have a chance to restructure it’s governing body to benefit the people.

  • Steve Ertzberger

    We have obummer now ojoy he is in competition & running close if not passing him now in just 4years…

  • Chris Burleson

    Glenn Beck, you rock!

  • John Nissen

    It’s so freaking scary that so many in the drive by media promote and pimp any form of communism. People in communist countries are laughing at us actually leaning to a communist state. It really All boils down to this… do people support a goverment that controls its people, or a goverment that is controlled by the people. I Mr Penn so loved the little midget dictator, why dosn’t he live there? Since  its all so utopia like and all!!

  • Anonymous

    So, has Obama cancelled his trip to Israel to attend his BFF funeral? The people I have spoken to here are not fans of, as they call him, “the king”.

  • mcknife

    Let him rot along with all the other rats

  • linda


  • MaX

    Ahahaha! OMG! My cheeks hurt!  Make it stop!   LMMFAO!

  • Anonymous

    But what of the funeral of Joseph Smith?  After all he led so many astray.  How much would you mock that fool?

  • Mary Elizabeth Danuser

    Chavez,Wasn’t a person to look up at.Only reason he was aloowed to remain in power 14 years is,he killed anyone that got in his way.Liz

  • Take 2

    The George Washington types hate you and want to stop all the free stuff.   

    We are learning in America how Communist and or 1930’s Nazi dogma took over though well orchestrated propaganda that fools poor out of work disgruntled by offering free food free health care free birth control etc.,  Obama cries out to LOVE ME…or else

  • Peggy Joseph

    Glenn, you were too kind………this pig doesn’t deserve a sarcastic eulogy, I hope the sob cried like a baby, all tyrants go out in a slobbering,blubbering mass, much like you know who will do….karma is a real bitch.

  • suz

    such a touching tribute

    and yet

    i don’t feel a thing.

  • Paul Pratt

    A touching and richly deserved eulogy… let us hope that he can be joined in his final resting place by his friend Soros sometime soon…. very soon.

  • debrollin

    Very Good points made by Glenn.  The question is for all of us, what kind of a legacy do we want to leave for the future generations? Have we done everything we can to help people? Arrogance and Power do not make a good ruler.  A ruler reflects his true heart in his policies.

  • Innocent, Virgin Divine

    Don’t cry for me Venezuela…..

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, where is your fundamental respect for human life, you´ve talked so many times about?
    Without a question Chavez was a controversial person, and most certainly no democrat. But he was popular throughout big parts of the population, as well. However, he is dead now, so leave him alone.

    • smiley

       he was only popular with fools that he used, like Obama’s useful idiots who voted for him.

  • Jeanne Houghton

    Can we have a share on facebook option for this Eulogy

  • Jorge Villafranca

    Save this script and video.  You’ll probably be able to subsitute and voice over Barack Obama for Hugo Chavez in 2020 after his third term!!!

  • Anonymous

    I liked the pictures of all those loathsome actors that loved this guy and the reminders of his destruction of civil rights, the press, the freedoms and all that used to be of the Venezualen economy.  I appreciate the pointing out of his radical anti-semitism and most of all that our Presidente is so, so much like Hugo Chavez.  My first thought was what Snowleopard wrote but a little more grass, which I will clean up here ” Good riddance to bad rubbish.”  The world is a better place without him and his ilk.

  • Dawn Brayton

    Truly sad. Now President Obama won’t be getting any more books he won’t be able to read since he doesn’t know Spanish. His interest in wanting the language is shot to all heck and back. He could always read translations of the boks his BFF gave him about Venezuala but it really won’t be the same. (Sob, sob, sniffle) All joking aside, did you hear Chavez’s body wil be on going on tour througout the country and then be part of a permenant exhibit about Venezalan history? How very taxidermic of the museum directors. Totally strange.

  • Moshe Machuca

    Dear Glenn, 

    For the first time you’ve disappointed me. As much as I did not like Chavez mocking his death is not becoming of someone like you. 
    I hope you never do that again to anyone no matter who he is. 

    • smiley

      I disagree, Glens eulogy was spot on and worth every revelation of Hugo’s life.  Not a life to celebrate, I’d say, and good riddance because he was so determined to crush anyone who cherished freedom.  You must not have been able to bask in his economy.

    • John Henry

      Hey Moshe, you can go join Chavez … you stupid twit .. do you not realize what a monster he was. I am glad they are putting his body on display forever in Caracas .. that means that some someday I may have the opportunity to go there and piss on the glass case that holds his fat ugly body.

  • smiley

    Maybe the next medical problem that occurs with Nancy Pelosi we would do well to allow her to be treated by Hugo’s medical team.  After all, it is a mirror of Obamacare down the road. :)

  • Rafael Lafuente

    all that whining is really annoying.. seriously you lost a good chance to say a proper good bye to the dictator

  • Antonio Sosa

    Beck neglected to express “eternal gratitude” to Chavez from Nicaraguans, Bolivians, Ecuadorians, etc. for helping Castro spread the cancer of “socialismo del siglo XXI” (communism) in their respective countries, for increasing corruption and poverty, for involving them in the drug war against the U.S., for spreading Islam in their countries as a way to harm the U.S., and for mentoring Obama. Because of “socialismo del siglo XXI,” many Latin Americans left their countries and came to the U.S. only to find that there’s a Chavez-like dictator in the White House!

    • Mark

      How has he increased poverty? You are as moronic and ignorant as Beck.

      World Bank Statistics 

      Extreme poverty in Venezuela 1999- 23.4 % 2011 – 8.5% 

  • Richard Joseph Stephan

    SUPERB G.B.  😉

  • Anonymous

    While it was a little bit of overkill, Glenn and his guys nailed it! Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Jessie Jackson can all move to Venezuela and we’ll never miss them. They’d last about one day – if they last that long. You can already see the signs beginning here – wanting control of the media and the government taking over everything. Why don’t people in this country wake up! I wish the people of Venezuela had a chance to speak out- then we would get the truth and it might shut these morons up who are acting as tho the world lost a good man. Are you freaking kidding me?? He was a murdering, fanatical dictator. What is wrong with Hollywood? They are delusional. They  probably would have liked Hitler too if they had been around then….May God have mercy on his soul!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this should be considered for a “Best Documentary” oscar in next year’s awards…


  • Anonymous

     The irony of how moronic this statement was – is when you have to span back almost some 75yrs to pick out dictators (and 1 not) to make a point, that’s pretty weak. Even moreso, when you feel you have to take someone who is Democratically elected as Pres Obama was, and use his middle name to insert a racial & ethnic undertone, that shows how low of a human being one must become to get his point across… which can only mean, we must invest more in EDUCATION if we want Americans to at least ‘sound’ more educated. Alas, at this point, this is a clear case where they do not. Chaves was a complicated man with many faults, much like our own Pres Bush. Both men truly believed what they were doing, at least one of them did it for the people, and not war machines & corporations.

    There’s an argument for & against Chavez – too bad low informed people didn’t bring it. Lol – using someone’s middle name to make a racial & political statement.

    How weak.

  • Anonymous

     Complete idiocy. Oh wait – ur the guy clinging to his guns b/c the Kenyan Socialist Party of Hawaii is coming to take them away… righhhhttt.

    Listening to idiots, make me wanna cry too….. sigh.

  • Mark

    Mr Beck you are a vile, moronic scumbag and the type of fat stupid American that gives your country a bad name. You have lied throughout this hate filled piece of nonsense.
    Hugo Chavez was a great man and achieved great things, please people don’t listen to this and look deeper. Chavez was the most democratically elected leader on earth! Venezuela’s growth over the last tens years is 47.4%, Unemployment 7.7% and literacy 100% all better than the US. He built subsidised supermarkets to feed the poor and now 98% of Venezuelan’s eat 3 means a day. He built hundreds of thousands of homes for people and eliminated child homelessness. Caring about people and not the rich is a good thing, Jesus would be a Socialist. Wake up America!
    Mr Beck sometimes your nasty lies and made up “facts” can be funny and we laugh at you, but now you’re trashing a dead man who dedicated his life to others. are you proud of yourself?

    • Whosit

      You are out of your mind. How can anyone be as blind as you to what’s actually happening.  “A great man?,  Are you kidding me!  The man was a control freakin’ dictator.

      • Mark

        How he is a dictator? He was elected repeatedly by the Venezuelan people in free and fair elections, as observed by your own Jimmy Carter. 
        Research the facts of his regime and don’t listen to Beck, if he’s so bad why is he so loved in his homeland? 

  • Anonymous

    Did Chavez ever pay his cocaine dealer with a blow job blumpkin? No? So he’s not like Glenn Beck at all

  • Joseph Kelsall

    What a feckless, useless dastard, Glenn Beck is. This imbecile has done a disservice to the American People that Chavez gave heating oil to. Enjoy it Americans, it confirms everything we ever thought of your mongrel nation.

  • Denis George Miller

    to correct this for oblama all you have to do is add the increase in pension funds available as sooo many bad guys are gettting done in by the drones over our cities.

  • Ryan Quin

    Chavez wasn’t a dictator, or a communist…wtf you guys are retarded.

  • Whosit

    Where’s Sean Penn?

  • Whosit

    Where’s Sean Penn?

  • Whosit

    Where is Sean Penn??

  • Mark

    The Real Truth Beck you massive Twat and note these are sourced, we calls these facts based on truth. Not racist or ideological rhetoric

    Venezuela – key indicators
    Indicator19992009201020112012Sources: World Bank, UNHCR, Reuters, OPEC, EIA, IMF, UNODC and INE

    Population, total 1999- 23,867,000  2011 -29,278,000 
    GDP per capita (current US$) 1999- $4,105  2011 – $10,810 
    Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) 1999- 14.5% 2011 – 7.6%   
    Mortality rate, infant (per 1,000 live births) 1999- 20  2011- 13 
    Population (% of total declared) Extreme poverty-second half 1999- 23.4%  2011 – 8.5%
    OPEC Net Oil Export Revenues, Nominal (billion $) 1999- 14.4  2011- 60

    Not bad eh?

    • nutt

      Oh, Mark – coming along here with all those pesky ‘fact’ things – come on, you’re bringing down the grave-dancing partaaayyyy! Glenn says what he says is the truth, why should anybody bother to go and find out the real truth? Glenn’s truth is far easier and doesn’t in any way contradict what I want to believe – why bother thinking any other way?

  • Endgame

    Heartfelt? Lol!

  • Richard Grimes

    At least Hugo cared about the people. Without his humanitarian work in the United States in providing fuel for the winter, 170 million people would have died. How dare Glenn Beck poke fun at a man who Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone and one of the Kennedys love with all their heart. When will these hater learn that to spread the wealth is the type of “social justice” that personsified Hugo’s agenda for all.

  • mspatdev

    This is us and our future. SOCIALISM. They are in the same boat, to bad Obammy doesn’t die. I hope Biden couldn’t do any worse.

  • Anonymous

    A silly, loud mouthed, megalomanic who spent years exploiting the ignorant masses…generating countless absurd conspiracy theories about the American government…
    till he got fired from Fox News. 

    RIP to Chavez as well. 

  • Jerry Sutton

     Bravo Glenn.  Go to hell you Communist bastards who worship Satan.  You, who want to take but never give.  You who hate the God who created you.  You who make your own rules with no moral values and nothing is wrong.  Liar’s,and deceivers just as your father Satan is.  Who else use’s the term “ignorant masses?”  Your condescending remarks, show your true feeling’s about individuals, other than yourself.  You and your friends are so much smarter and will determine who will live and die.  edtoohey it  appears you are speaking of yourself except for the Fox New’s bit. in your comment.

  • Zooropa Fly

    Listen folks, what Chavez was resisting was nwo occupation. He was a hero for the real free world. Likewise Ahmedin.., Assad, the late Colonel, Hussain… What they are / were resisting is the potential for global governance, currency, policing, justice. Forget caps, commy, left, right blah blah… smoke and mirrors.

  • Bucky Lee

    Man.  You guys are awesome.  Wearing gay berets and mocking a dead guy.  Way to go.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    evry  body   will   die   :]     ,what  he  did   [bad  and  good]   he  will   bring   go  home   to   god   :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]    will  help   go  more   easy  ,important   is   smell   [:]   ]   from  his   family   :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    may   tommorow   i   am   will   die   too    :]   ,is   secret  god    :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]     may   be   munit  late      :

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]      i  see   littel   what   he  did  ,big  wish   his   family   will   do   for  have   a  live  being  right   person     amin.       do     right  thing    and   pray   for  him     at    there    amin     :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    pray   for  ,god  for  give  him apologize   for  all   wrong  /mistake   he  do   in  this  eart   than   receive  good   he   did     amin   :]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]    is     finish   achance  for   him   :]      :[      how   about   me?   how   about  you?    :          

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]     a  girl  is  verry   bad   aghost,a  girl   is   the  door   heaven .  only   she   own  self  decide what   want   being  what  girl  :                ,

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    verry   bad  a  girl   will   do  anything  for  have  what   she   want,the   one   a  girl  will   always   remind   you   to  god   street  ,always   remind  you  to   be  right  live

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    a verry   bad   aghost   like   use   agirl,couse   a  girl   is  beatifull   :]   easy   blain  many   eyes,blain   many   weak   people    :                          :[                        :] 

  • Anonymous

    Yes Hugo Chavez was a dictator. he also worshipped the same god as you Glenn.  This message could have been the more powerful without the props and such, how about  talking about alternative leadership in Venezuela that could undo what Chavez did, way more constructive. Mocking the dead isn’t a very Christian trait is it.  Your ego is getting the best of you,

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :]        ask   about   bad   aghost  barack  obama   and  bad  girl   michele  obama  is  better    ,he   take   yours    .  but   stupid   ,you   with   bad   a  ghost  barack  obama   :      ?         :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :[     no  body   see   the  true   :[    no   body   yet   can  work   at  there    :[,not  yet   take  back    :[     :[      :[       all   people   forget  own  country   :[                             until      this    bad     :     my   god    :[

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Ron Miller

    Glenn Beck is an ass . Very Poor resect for a World leader. Chavez was a Hero to his people

    • Anonymous

      Stalin and Hitler were world leaders and heroes to their people dickhead. Just like Obama is to you no doubt!

  • Oliver Cooke

    Glenn Beck, I Salute You! 

  • Oliver Cooke

    Glenn Beck, I salute you!

  • Paul Redman

    This was awesome, and totally in order. All the critics can go fly a kite! 

    The man was a fascist dictator, punished his people, and the world can breathe a sigh as 1 less thug is in power. 

    Now if only we could fix Iran and North Korea…

    • Zooropa Fly

      If only someone would fix the US you mean. Lowest Common in all the World’s ill’s. I tried flying my kite but it got taken out by a drone.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Thank you Glenn for bringing us such a loving tribute to a very sensitive and fat dictator.  Your humility can be felt right through my internet provider’s servers… right through the keys on my laptop.  Mystical, huh?  We have all been so blessed, and just maybe a wee little bit disgusted with the life of this wonderful and fat man!  “Long live King Hugo… may he live in the ground forever!”

    • Zooropa Fly

      “fat” !  Is that really the best you can do, and from a Yank !!   Couldn’t make it up.  And btw you’re NO Christian.

  • JuanPablo Redon

    Pretty damn disrespectfull, lets see if these assholes have the dignity to laugh in front of Chavez’s daughter. Yes a terrible president, but still deserves respect. He did make it possible for many low income citizens to go to university.

    Shouldn’t George Bush deserve the same disrespect after taking USA to a false war? Lets see how they react to that.

  • John Cassity

    CITGO stations rules thanks who supposts Venezuela

  • SomewhereOutThere

    It was funny on radio – but even more hilarious on video@! Thanks so much. Goodbye HUGE-O Chavez, we will miss you…. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Glenn stepped outside the bounds of Christians limits mocking a death of whomever it was.  He could have expressed his dislike of the man and his activities but to carry or in a mocking fashion was, in my opinion, was a little too much.  Ignoring the death of such a terrible person would have sent a greater message.

    • Zooropa Fly

      The man’s (GB) never lived within them !

  • Juliet Maeck

    Glen I can say I like you, you have charisma but you speak before you think, and no matter what your views are about Hugo Chavez or your enemies, you as a Christian are call to love and bless your enemies or those you don’t like…Glen this is so low to go on public TV and ridicule and mock someone who is deceased and gone, have some respect and human dignity! Glen it is wrong. Think about it Glen, think…and think and reconsider and realise its wrong you could have express your opinion without mockery. You’re not little children! Don’t act like one!

  • Juliet Maeck

    Glen I can say I like you, you have charisma but you speak before you think, and no matter what your views are about Hugo Chavez or your enemies, you as a Christian are call to love and bless your enemies or those you don’t like…Glen this is so low to go on public TV and ridicule and mock someone who is deceased and gone, have some respect and human dignity! Glen it is wrong. Think about it Glen, think…and think and reconsider and realise its wrong you could have express your opinion without mockery. You’re not little children! Don’t act like one!

  • Mary Williams

    Amazing how communist dictators believe and practice the exact same things that Adolph Hitler and President Obama do.

  • Edwin Joshua

    Maybe he GB forgot reduction in poverty, improvement in education, reduction in infant mortality, improvement in health care no one living on the streets etc..  What the heck this is America here only profit counts.

  • Anonymous

    you spent all this effort making fun of a dead man, then a few weeks later your dog dies and you cried like a little bitch on air for hours!!!!  karma…..

  • Anonymous

    You forgot to mention that Chavez fashion sense was 2nd only to Kim Jong-il

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