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Lindsey Graham has long been a poster child for RINOs (Republicans in name only), but he’s taken it to a whole new level now with his recent attacks on Rand Paul following his incredible 13-hour filibuster.

The South Carolina Senator, joined by GOP failure John McCain, made some of the worst points imaginable in his bizarre opposition to Senator Rand Paul. For Glenn, this was the line in the sand for Lindsey Graham — there is no excuse for a conservative state like South Carolina to have a progressive like Graham in office. Today on radio, caller Kevin, from Columbia, SC, shared Glenn’s anti-Graham sentiment…and help the guys develop a few ideas on how they can turn this progressive nightmare into a conservative dreamland.

Glenn, who described Graham as a “complete embarrassment” to the state of South Carolina, offered any honest, conservative individual who will run against Lindsey and seat behind the microphone.

“I’m going to offer the ability to anyone willing to run against Graham to be on this program,” he said.

One of the only qualifications? You can’t be insane.

Glenn’s other option? Buy a house in South Carolina and give it to Allen West so that he can take Graham’s seat.

Glenn pointed out that if they pull of their master plan, South Carolina will be the first state to have two African-American Senators, both conservative.

“I’m willing to write the check for the damn house,” Glenn said.

“Anyone should be able to beat Lindsey Graham.”

  • Anonymous

    I thought you quit the GOP Glenn? How does Graham matter to you?

    • landofaahs

      It’s probably above your IQ but if you don’t have a third party alternative and are stuck with the choices of democrat and republican, then you want the ability to have a representative closer to your point of view.  Please feel free to read this as many times as you need to in order to attain comprehension.

      • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        Land – ‘critten’ is a perfect example of an Obama-follower who is willfully blind and ignorant, the true ‘no-information’ voter who will never look past party rhetoric and ideology to see what is truth.

        • Anonymous

          Dude, you spit a bunch of crazy shit about communists all the time, what the fuck would you know?

          • Anonymous

            Ah, hello pot, kettle calling…

            Do you believe everything they tell you, well obviously you do, look what you voted for, twice even, WOW, some people never learn. Hey hows the future looking? 

            Like the idea of paying high taxes, waiting inline for government controlled decision that affect you to come from people that don’t give a damn about you and get paid, money forced to be given by you, to not help you?

            Proud member of the communist party are you? Do you even know what Communism is, its history and where it always ends up? No of course not, that would involve effort and thought, and that of course is too hard.

            No, you are a tool, and the funny thing is, you like being a tool and are too ignorant to the fact, so much so that you draw attention to yourself saying, “Look at me I’m a tool”.

        • landofaahs

          He’s an atheist who is afraid to debate. I posed the question; What was the first thing to exist and how did it get here? He would not even attempt to answer because he knows he will be taken to the intellectual woodshed. We call that a coward from where I come from. But he exposes himself for the idiot he is everytime he runs.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, believe me, there is nothing I want more than a third party alternative!

        • landofaahs

          You’d like the vote split of course so more democrats would get into office. It’s the only reason Clinton got in because Perot took away votes from Bush.
          By the way, you never did answer my question. What was the first thing to exist and how did it get here? I’m still waiting.

        • tobias

           1 why do you always revert to critten (uneducated low life type)
           2 Can you explain the platform of the 3rd party you would so much prefer ? All of us could then maybe like to form an opinion on said third party and maybe just maybe help it, please help us.(sarcasm off)                                             

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U&feature=youtu.be Sam Fisher

      I sorry but unemployment rate has been jumping up and down moron since you god was reelected. How are over 20 million underemployed a good thing and seeing how these stupid rates don’t even count the people that cannot collect unemployment checks is not an accurate on true unemployment which is 18.8% in what universe is that good numb nuts?

    • Anonymous

      Better warn Espinoza De.  He just invested 40% of his massive intraday stock trading gains in gold.  What do your statistics say about the number of people dropping out of the work force?  Is that going up or down?  Also, please tell me what your stats are regarding food stamp and other welfare subsidies?  Increasing or decreasing?  Thanks

    • greywolfrs

      You are a complete idiot, critter. As the Federal Reserve continues to print and monetize the debt, the house of cards IS going to come crumbling down. I can you are not bright enough to see the writing on the wall, imagine that.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Progressives and the Democratic party have overextended themselves in their mad grab for absolute power; it is the greatest opportunity in some time for the CONSERVATIVES – Not RINO’s – who care for the Constitution, freedom, limited government and are responsible to the people to topple them once and for all.

    As we are seeing the end of the old Republican party, we are seeing the end of the Democratic party and the powerful Progressives as well. 

    To all of you who voted for Obama and his Socialist/Communist allies; elections have true consequences, and you have sewn the seeds of your own destruction. The harvest is soon to be at hand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/espinoza.de.5 Espinoza De

      Yawn. I just made a fortune in stock market surge today, invested 40% in Gold, 40% in real estate and rest in foreign accounts giving me 9% interest rate. All this while you were being a social service prophet on this site warning people about collapse of this world. lol. Those people who cannot control their own future are the ones most predicting the world future. LOL

      • Anonymous

        I have a taco stand for sale near the Texas border.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

        I’ve got a bridge to….some(?) where to sell….

        (I mean, even nowhere is a SOMEwhere, right?) 

      • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

        Biotech stocks have been great for me,  Just good old fashined American ingenuity, screw all this “sky is falling” rhetoric these Beck stooges slurp up, these people are all missing the boat.

        • Anonymous

          Moms calling little willy, better get back in the basement! Biotech, ahh haa, LOL thats a good one, haa haa…

      • Anonymous

        Yawn, yeah right. What you really meant was you change the light bulb in the basement of your mom’s house where you reside, but it’s okay because you have a liberal arts degree, are 35 yrs old and owe $150K in school loans.

        The numbers you give would not make you squat at current market trends… LOL! Nice try, wow that’s a hoot! ROFL  

    • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

      I’m having a hard time seeing how you came to the conclusion the Democratic Party or the Republican Party is “comng to the end”. You sound like the typical type of deranged individual we need to boot out of the GOP, muddled headed thinkers like you are runing for the rest of us with your illogixal ranting. I don’t know what “harvest” you envision, and I haven’t seen too many “Socialst Communists” running for office, you really should get some help with what looks like some pretty severe mental problems.

      • Anonymous

        Common you are a leftist, everything you write is leftist dribble. You voted for dumbo, twice, admit it everyone here knows it!

        ” …I haven’t seen too many “Socialst Communists” running for office…” So you admit then you have seen them! Good then you openly admit they are out there, so why the denial?

      • Anonymous

        Lindsay, is that you?

  • Anonymous

    for some reason, Graham looks like an older woman with a short haircut. While Rand Paul was filibustering, wasn’t this guy having an expensive dinner with the president? Both him and McCain should shut up. It seems that any Republican who gets close to McCain, or acts in a way to threaten his status as old guard, should cover their ass.  

  • Anonymous

    The GOP needs a damn good house cleaning. And I can’t think of a better individual to start with than Lindsey Graham. 

    Graham, McCain, the Bushes, et. el. need to saddle up and all ride off together to that retirement pasture somewhere beyond the hill far, far away and out of earshot and public view……

    • jen

      Actually, McCain is the lead and has seniority in the gop/dnc party over Graham.  While Graham should go, having McCain go is far more powerful to tea partiers.  That would also kill 2 birds with one stone having McCain out bec then Graham’s power would be automatically reduced.  McCain is the leader of gop over Graham.

      Not sure why Beck is not criticizing McCain over Graham.  If you want to pick one person in congress gop to go after, it would clearly be McCain.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t disagree with you, Jen. McCain or even Boehner would make good targets. And what I should have said in my comment was target the entire GOP leadership because they all need to go. But, you’re right, if I had to pick one of the two, either McCain or Graham, then I, too, would choose to target McCain. Thanks for pointing that out.

        • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

          It makes more sense to me if you would just get the hell out of the Republican Party.

          • Anonymous

            Go away troll, your kind is the problem, not just here but through out history. Why are all you communist the same, stupid, lying, ignorant?

          • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

            ^ exhibit  one of what I am talking abiout, anyone who disagrees with you must be a “communist”. Well, the real truth is, you don’t have any real ability to take part in a political discussion because intelllectually, you are,  well, a lightweight. So you resort to this stupid name calling where there is comies everywhere, and they are all against you I suppose. Get some help.

          • Anonymous

            “^ exhibit  one of what I am talking abiout, anyone who disagrees with you must be a “communist”. Well, the real truth is, you don’t have any real ability to take part in a political discussion because intelllectually, you are,  well, a lightweight. So you resort to this stupid name calling where there is comies everywhere, and they are all against you I suppose. Get some help.”

            Brilliant discussion, name calling and personal attacks. Hello pot, kettle calling?
            There a commies everywhere, if you can’t see that it is because you choose not too, not because they are not there. Ignorance is not an excuse, why is it so hard for you to see and understand? Do you know what communism is? If so then you know it is in abundance in this country today, if you don’t know look it up. 

            I don’t need help, I see quite well and clearly thank you. You seem to have a problem admitting what is happening, it is called denial, a form of mental instability. Do seek some help…

    • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

      The real thing that needs to go in the GOP, and I agree with Karl Rove on this, is the far right tea party nuts who talk about rape and witches and make us lose every election. If you are looking for a real embarassment, I’d start with Michele Bachmann and Herman Cain, they make us look like fools. What really needs to eb done is to drive the tea party kooks out of the GOP into their own party, and I am glad to see Glenn Beck leading the way on this.

      • Anonymous

        Here is the thing, the real embarrassment is the democrat party and those ignorant souls that follow and support them. They voted for Obama, not once but twice! The lot of them is ignorant beyond words. 

        They run around causing problems and making arguments without facts and based on nothing. They create false narratives that no one has an issue with to demonize their opponents and their followers are so ignorant they actually fall for it!

        To say they are ignorant is an understatement, for that I apologize. They are idealistic of their arguments, and follow with ignorant abandon. They proudly show to all their ignorance not realizing it does not reflect them in a positive light.

        It is a wonder to see so many following Obama, it shows just how ignorant leftist are, they cannot see what is in front of them, what is being done to them.

  • Anonymous

    Sen. Graham is a huge supporter of the MOX fuel plant in SC where the costs have skyrocketed from 2 billion to 7 BILLION OF YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

    In addition, no power plants even want to use the fuel so it could be an entire waste of money.

    Plus, a French company is making money off it!


    And Glenn Beck, why aren’t you covering Japan’s crisis and how it’s affecting the global world?

    Read this report:

    “Initial health consequences of Fukushima catastrophe are now scientifically verifiable”


    • Anonymous

      Here’s another report on the MOX plant:

      “MOX Madness:  A Year Late and a Few Billion Short, DOE Releases Utterly Inadequate 2012 Plutonium Fuel “Report”

      A Year Late and a Few Billion Short, DOE Releases Utterly Inadequate 2012 Plutonium Fuel “Report”

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ff8jDkOHp3U&feature=youtu.be Sam Fisher

    It is time to kick the Lindsey Graham trash out to the curb. 

    • greywolfrs

      Amen, brother.

  • crazy betty

    how do we get term limits?

    • Sargonarhes

       Talk to PA. Senator Pat Toomey, he’s been working on legislation for that purpose. But he needs more support. Get your Senator to help Toomey.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shawn-Remington/100000171984284 Shawn Remington

        And Representative Reid Ribble  (Wisconsin), also working on it.

        • Sargonarhes

           Excellent, we need more people to get behind Toomey and Ribble. It’s going to be a hard fight because so few career politicians would vote themselves out of a job. Maybe find a way for Ribble and Toomey to get it on a ballot vote, let the public make that call.

    • frank thecrank

      I  would rather repeal the 17th amendment

      • Sargonarhes

         That would be a good idea as well. As a reminder to every one the 17th amendment  established direct election of  Senators by popular vote. Before it Senators were appointed by the state’s Governor to represent the state, not the people. It was clearly never intended to be elected by popular vote like the House of Representatives.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Glenn does find a way to get one of his crazy tea baggers to upset Graham in order for a superior Democrat to properly represent the people.

    • Anonymous

      People in the media don’t seem to recognize Beck’s role in destroying the Republican Party.

      Keep up your efforts. They are appreciated by some, if not those addicted to Beck’ fake tears.

      • jen

        So you think McCain/Graham (who behave almost like twins with mccain being the bigger bully) are good for gop?

        And McCain’s comment today on calling ‘wacko kids’ to paul, cruz, and amash to be good for the republican party?  You must be a bill o’reilly fan.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey, it’s Vicki Tiffany, I see you are still being a coward and posting as “guest.”

    • Anonymous

       Superior Democrat? Mutually exclusive terminology. I haven’t voted for a Democrat since Hubert Humphrey and Mike Dukakis. You just keep thinking that way, though.

    • greywolfrs

      I hope you do get that lobotomy, it would raise your IQ by about 90 points.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Edward-Kapler/1195981168 John Edward Kapler

    They do allow Gay marriage in Iowa so I don’t know what is holding back Lindsey and McCain! Unless, its deciding on whose last name is to be on the marriage certificate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/william.vining.3 William Vining

      My guess is you never served in uniform, if you did you would not shame yourself by smearing a great American hero like John McCain, who gave more to this country than you ever did.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.lineman Joe Lineman

    just hearing lindsey grahams voice is enough to make me want to choke him til his eyes blow out…he lost his man card a looooooong time ago 

  • Anonymous

    I have NO problem with what Rand Paul did on the floor with his filibuster. This administration has taken many liberties were the constitution is concern and they surcomvent other branches of government. I think it is important to rein in this administration or any other flexing their muscles. I am glad he got an answer from the WH on the drone situation. If stipulations are not put in place, and the government does go after Americans on our own soil, after the fact is to late. Get the rules established now, so there is not questions later, Is it hightly unlikely our government would go after an American citizens on American soil, but the government needs guidlines, no matter what party is in the WH.This split in the GOP is damaging to the party, start blending ideas and quit nit picking each other apart or the GOP will suffer. We need to be inclusive and expand our bases. I am not talking about compromising our vulues, but this rush to discredit Rand Paul is unnessessary and highly destructive for the people out there that agree with his desision to fillibuster and get this administration to give us an answer on anything. Next I think they should fillibuster to get answers on Bengazi.

    • Anonymous

      And BTW, I don’t agree with all of Rand Pauls political views, but he was right on getting this administration to admit that congress has authority to intervene on these decisions.

  • Anonymous

    Operation Stop Beck.

    Oh, that’s right: mission accomplished. 

    • greywolfrs

      Another dunce heard from.

      • http://www.theconservativepush.webs.com/ SoThere

        Gadamer_Too is Vicky.

    • Anonymous

      Watch SoThere so lie. Want proof that SoThere is a liar?

      Gadamer_Too is NOT “Vicky.” Phucking childish moron! No wonder Beck can get away with his absurd claims and bold-faced lies. His audience is made up of childish morons and deceivers…like Beck himself.

  • debrollin

    Frankly, We were ashamed of Graham and McCains actions to critisize Rand Paul’s right to speak the truth and filibuster. Standing up for the American people is honorable, and exposing the disastrous policy of taking out American citizens using Drones, without lawyer, trial, jury or due process is not in agreement with the Constitution or the rights of citizens, heck even the terrorists get a trial.  Compare this with Syria’s Assad, Morsi’s Egypt, or Bashir’s Sudan, very similar.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paul.redman.940 Paul Redman

    I don’t know why we moved away from States selecting their Senators, as opposed to being elected by popular vote. 

    The House is for the people’s say, the Senate for the State, and the President for us all. 

    Why did we change States selecting their Senators? 

  • Anonymous

    I’ll even give money to whomever challenges him- Republican or Democrat.  He has got to go. 

  • Anonymous

    If Beck fulfills his mission, the Republican Party will join the Whigs in the ashcan of history.

    Extremists want tea party types, but most Americans want effective government. Watch Beck help the Democrats win election after election after election.

    Thanks Glenn Beck. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz REALLY appreciates your efforts.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, getting pretty tired of Lindsey’s PSEUDO-PATRIOTIC WHINING; same thing goes for McCAIN. They BLEW IT by dumping on Ron Paul and Ted Cruz instead of supporting them.


    BY THE WAY, whatever happened to the BENGHAZI investigation? Inquiring minds really want to know.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RUAUABT3YDBMCQM3PPEBW4HNWM Sonia

    Dream Team: Tim Scott & Allen West!  I see Jim DeMint smiling now! 
    I live in Hanahan, SC- I would walk door to door from now until the election to
    get Mr. West in.  He is honorable, faithful, and most importantly CONSERVATIVE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jarrod.c.murdock Jarrod Cicero Murdock

    Yes, it says a lot about Lindsey Graham when you note that the Democrat who ran against him  in 2008 was far more conservative than ol’ Lindsey. But because he had a “D” by his name, he couldn’t win. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.ruff.9 George Ruff

    Dear Glenn,

    As a lifelong SC conservative and 5th district resident, I’ve voted against Mr. Spratt at every election. Finally we were able to replace him with Mick Mulvaney, but only after Spratt provided bogus figures to get Obamacare passed, while failing to produce a budget for 3 years – his primary responsibility as budget committee chairman.

    I thank you for helping us in our effort to get rid of the “progressive” Graham. For most of my life I watched as Hollings  voted against Thurmond, thus nullifying SC’s conservative contribution to the nation’s health and well-being. Now I watch as Graham votes against DeMint, and now Scott. Graham does vote the right way over 70% of the time, but when he goes left, it scares me.

    Have a Blessed day,


  • DefeatLindseyGraham.org

    I’ve responded to Glenn’s call and have formed a Defeat Lindsey Graham SuperPAC here in South Carolina. Please help us out! http://www.DefeatLindseyGraham.org

  • pat conroy2

    They are putting up several candidates here in south carolina in order to split the vote so graham can get back on the ballot.

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