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Lindsey Graham has long been a poster child for RINOs (Republicans in name only), but he’s taken it to a whole new level now with his recent attacks on Rand Paul following his incredible 13-hour filibuster.

The South Carolina Senator, joined by GOP failure John McCain, made some of the worst points imaginable in his bizarre opposition to Senator Rand Paul. For Glenn, this was the line in the sand for Lindsey Graham — there is no excuse for a conservative state like South Carolina to have a progressive like Graham in office. Today on radio, caller Kevin, from Columbia, SC, shared Glenn’s anti-Graham sentiment…and help the guys develop a few ideas on how they can turn this progressive nightmare into a conservative dreamland.

Glenn, who described Graham as a “complete embarrassment” to the state of South Carolina, offered any honest, conservative individual who will run against Lindsey and seat behind the microphone.

“I’m going to offer the ability to anyone willing to run against Graham to be on this program,” he said.

One of the only qualifications? You can’t be insane.

Glenn’s other option? Buy a house in South Carolina and give it to Allen West so that he can take Graham’s seat.

Glenn pointed out that if they pull of their master plan, South Carolina will be the first state to have two African-American Senators, both conservative.

“I’m willing to write the check for the damn house,” Glenn said.

“Anyone should be able to beat Lindsey Graham.”