Katie Fisher, sister of The B.S. of A.‘s Matt Fisher, used to send her brother cookies every week for the entire four years he was in college. Katie was killed in 2010 in a car accident, but her brother Matt and some of his friends are making sure her kindness and love lives on. To honor Katie’s memory, they have declared that March 12th is “Katie Fisher Day”, a day to express your love for the people close to you by doing what Katie did: send them cookies.

KatieFisherDay.org explains:

Katie Fisher was a treasure to everyone who knew her: a brilliant engineer, a beautiful dancer, and a wonderful daughter, sister, and friend.

Among other wonderful things she did in her life, she baked cookies for her brother every single week for the four years he was away at college.

She never missed an opportunity to make her loved ones feel more loved.

In the summer of 2010, Katie was killed in a car accident. She was 24.

So, in an attempt to honor her memory and to show each other some measure of the love that Katie showed to us, we’ve decided to try and encourage people to be a little bit more wonderful to each other.

March 12th was Katie’s birthday. We declare it “Katie Fisher Day”. Our goal is to get everyone in the world to follow Katie’s example, and send some cookies to someone they love.

Not only would Katie get a kick out of project like this, but she would be the first one to break out the mixing bowl. And for a brief moment, we’ll all experience her wonderfulness one more time.

The Katie Fisher Day website has also included a bunch of recipes to get anyone interested in participating started. You can read those HERE